2014 ACE Announcement
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Field Trips

Pre-Convention Field Trips at a Glance

1 Thursday, 3 April, 8:00 AM– Saturday, 5 April, 6:00 PM Basinal to Local Scale Stratigraphy and Facies Architecture of the Jackfork Group Turbidites, Arkansas (AAPG) CANCELED
2 Thursday, 3 April, 3:00 PM– Sunday, 6 April, 6:00 PM Microbial Carbonates in the Upper Cambrian of Central Texas (SEPM) SOLD OUT
3 Thursday, 3 April, 6:30 AM– Sunday, 6 April, 12:00 PM Eagle Ford Unconventional Reservoir Field Seminar (SEPM) SOLD OUT
4 Friday, 4 April 8:00 AM–7:00 PM Quaternary Depositional Systems of the East Texas Coast and Shelf: Analogs for Ancient Deposits (AAPG Student  Chapter/SEPM) SOLD OUT
5 Saturday, 5 April 8:30 AM–6:00 PM Inside NASA Space Center Houston (AAPG Astrogeology Committee/EMD) SOLD OUT

Post-ConventionField Trips at a Glance

6 Thursday, 10 April 8:00AM–6:00 PM Spindletop Salt Dome (HGS)
7 Thursday, 10 April, 7:30 AM–Saturday, 12 April, 5:30 PM Sedimentology, Stratigraphy, Chemostratigraphy and Geochronology of the Eagle Ford and Related Upper Cretaceous Systems: Models for Understanding Subsurface Reservoirs (SEPM) CANCELED
8 Thursday, 10 April, 8:00 AM–Saturday, 12 April, 7:00 PM Stratigraphic, Structural and Diagenetic Model of Mixed Clastic-Carbonate
Strata of Guadalupian Capitan Shelf Margin
9 Thursday, 10 April, 8:00 AM–Saturday, 12 April, 5:00 PM Unconventional Petroleum Systems: A Geologic Transect Across Colorado (EMD) SOLD OUT
10 Thursday, 10 April, early AM–Tuesday, 15 April, late PM Central Belize Mixed Margin: Long-Lived Isolated Carbonate Platforms, Young
Barrier Reef on Siliciclastics and Atolls on Karst

Important notes

  • Field trips are limited in size and are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis and must be accompanied by full payment.
  • If you do not plan on attending the convention, a $30 enrollment fee will be added to the field trip fee. This fee may be applied toward registration if you decide to attend the convention at a later date.
  • A wait list is automatically created if a field trip sells out. The AAPG Convention Department will notify you if space becomes available.
  • Before purchasing non-refundable airline tickets, confirm that the trip will take place, as trips may be canceled if undersubscribed.
  • Please register well before 24 February 2014. Field trip cancellation due to low enrollment will be considered at this time. No refunds will be allowed on field trips after this date.
  • We will continue to take registrations for field trips not canceled, either until they are sold out or closed.
  • It is important that you note your gender when registering for hotel room assignments.
  • Prior to the field trip you will receive an itinerary with details of meeting points, transportation with the trip, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of hotels and trip leaders, etc.
  • Proper clothing and supplies are needed for the outdoors (hat, windbreaker, sturdy footwear and rucksack).
  • Depending on location, temperatures can range from 55 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit with or without rain. Participants are advised to check local weather forecasts for latest updates.
  • Insect repellant and sun protection (sunscreen and hats) are recommended.
  • Neither AAPG, the sponsoring organizations nor field trip leaders and their employers maintain insurance covering illness or injury for individuals.


There are a limited number of discounted registrations available for students on a first-come, first-served basis. If a discounted space is still available, it will show up during the online registration process. If discounted spots are no longer available, you may register at the full fee; if we are able to add additional discounted spots we will refund the difference at that time.

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