2014 ACE Announcement
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HGS “Night at the Paleontology Museum”

Featuring Robert T. Bakker


Date: Tuesday, 8 April
Time: 6:30 p.m.–10:30 p.m.
Location: Morian Hall of Paleontology, Houston Museum of Natural Science
Fee: Professionals $65, Students $35
Includes: Dine among the Dinos, IMAX Theater talk, transportation to/from the
George R. Brown Convention Center
Limit: 400 people


Enjoy Houston’s new world class paleontology museum— an exhibit of fossil dinosaurs, reptiles and mammals that will amaze you. The Morian Hall of Paleontology features over 60 huge fossil displays and 30 action-posed dinosaurs. You can see a real T. rex skeleton featuring the best preserved and most complete hands and feet of any T. rex ever found. See a uniquely, well-preserved Triceratops“mummified” with preserved skin, plus fossil dinosaur eggs and a prehistoric safari that includes the grand saga of human evolution.

The Tuesday night festivities will include a special lecture by Robert T. Bakker, ground breaking science author of The Dinosaur Heresies and authority on dinosaur evolution. Bakker is a world-famous lecturer, consultant and advisor to the movie Jurassic Park. There will be guided tours volunteer experts inside the exhibits, plus time to meet Dr. Bakker and ask questions.


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