2014 ACE Announcement
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Special Events

AAPG/AAPG Foundation Imperial Barrel Award (IBA) Ceremony

Date: Sunday, 6 April
Time: 3:00 p.m.–3:45 p.m.
Location: Grand Ballroom
Fee:Included with registration


Here’s your chance to be part of an event that in two short years has become the talk of the AAPG annual convention. Once again, the winners of this year’s international AAPG/AAPG Foundation Imperial Barrel Award competition will be open for all to attend — giving you a chance to experience the excitement yourself. It’s loud. It’s colorful. It’s exciting — and once you’ve seen it, it’s unforgettable. It’s a great way to start your 2014 ACE experience. The live announcement of the winning teams for this year’s IBA competition will take place in the Grand Ballroom just prior to the Opening Session and Awards Ceremony.

The AAPG/AAPG Foundation IBA program is an annual competition in evaluating prospective basins featuring teams of the top geoscience graduate students in the world all of whom have qualified for the finals by first winning IBA Region and Section competitions. The fast-moving, exciting presentation will include an introduction of the IBA program, of all of the teams and recognition of the many generous sponsors who make the program possible. It all leads to the grand finale — the announcement of this year’s winners.

Come help us celebrate the accomplishments of these hard-working students. See which teams win scholarship funds for their geosciences departments and applaud the school that leaves Houston with the title of IBA Champion.

Opening Session and Awards Ceremony

Date: Sunday, 6 April
Time: 4:00 p.m.–5:00 p.m.
Location: Grand Ballroom
Fee: Included with registration


Make plans now to arrive early and stay late for an event that will start your ACE experience with a burst of excitement, pageantry and colorful multi-media displays. The opening session of this year’s AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition will reflect the history and potential of the Association, the profession and the industry as we return to Houston, the “oil capital of the world”, for a record 13th time. This year’s opening session will start mere minutes after, and on the same stage as, the IBA awards ceremony allowing for a dazzling pre-show display of videos and multi-media that showcase both Houston and AAPG.

General Chair Steven H. Brachman will then serve as the master of ceremonies for the quick-moving ceremony, offering an official welcome to ACE 2014 and a thoughtful reminder of Houston’s importance to our profession. He’ll be joined by AAPG President Lee Krystinik who will deliver a presidential address that speaks to the challenges and implications of the technology revolution for our industry, the United States and the entire world over the next 30 years — including its impact on AAPG’s commitment to geology, technology and professionalism in our association’s second century.

The highlight of it all will be the annual awards ceremony featuring AAPG Vice President-Sections Thomas E. Ewing at the podium when the best of AAPG will be honored in a fast-moving, colorful and entertaining awards ceremony.


Those to be honored are:

Sidney Powers Memorial Award
Ernest A. Mancini

Michel T. Halbouty Outstanding Leadership Award
Peter R. Rose

Honorary Member Award
John M. Armentrout
István (Steve) Bérczi
Donald D. Clarke
Martin D. Hewitt
James S. McGhay

Norman H. Foster Outstanding Explorer Award
Orion Lea Skinner

Robert R. Berg for Outstanding Research Award
Kevin M. Bohacs
Robert G. Loucks

Distinguished Service Award
Hussain Al-Otaibi
Donna S. Anderson
William Bosworth
Peter Burri
Michael R. Canich
David Richard Cook
Mark Cooper
Bret J. Fossum
Steven M. Goolsby

Grover E. Murray Memorial Distinguished Educator Award
Joseph A. Cartwright
Gregor P. Eberli
Charles Kerans
Donald R. Lowe

Public Service Award
John B. Curtis

Pioneer Award
Vincent Matthews, III
Thomas Luman Thompson

Wallace E. Pratt Memorial Award
(Presented to honor and reward the authors of the best AAPG BULLETIN article published each calendar year)
Sonja Spasojevic and Michael Gurnis

Robert H. Dott, Sr. Memorial Award
(Presented to honor and reward the author/editor of the best special publication dealing with geology published by the Association)
John A. Breyer

J. C. “Cam” Sproule Memorial Award
(Presented to recognize and reward younger authors of papers applicable to petroleum geology)
Joseph M. English

John W. Shelton Search and
Discovery Award

(Presented to honor and reward the author(s) of the best contribution to the Search and Discovery website in the past year)
Neil K. Basu, Gervasio J. Barzola, Hector Bello, Paul R. Clarke and Oswaldo E. Viloria

George C. Matson Award
(Presented to honor and reward the best oral presentation at the 2013
AAPG Annual Convention & Exhibition in Pittsburgh)
Stephen G. Holtkamp
Co-authors: Brian Currie and Michael R. Brudzinski

Jules Braunstein Memorial Award
(Presented to honor and reward the best poster presentation at the 2013
AAPG Annual Convention & Exhibition in Pittsburgh)
Satinder Chopra and Ritesh Kumar Sharma

Gabriel Dengo Memorial Award
(Presented to honor and reward the best oral presentation at the 2013
AAPG International Conference & Exhibition in Cartagena, Colombia)
Irene Arango

Ziad Beydoun Memorial Award
(Presented to honor and reward the best poster presentation at the 2013
AAPG International Conference & Exhibition in Cartagena, Colombia)
Jaime O. Castillo, Victor Castro, Alfredo Ramirez, Carlos Mora,
Paola Blanco and Claudia Ceballos

Geosciences in the Media Award
Switch Energy Project
Scott D. Sampson

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