General Chair John W. Robinson North Ranch Resources
General Vice Chair James J. Emme Endeavour International Corp.
Technical Program Chair Donna Anderson EOG Resources
Sponsorship Chair F. X. O'Keefe Tracker Resource Development, LLC
DEG Vice Chair Douglas C. Peters TUVERA Exploration Inc.
DPA Vice Chair Steve Goolsby Vecta Oil and Gas, Ltd.
EMD Vice Chair Jeff Aldrich MHA Petroleum Services
PSGD Vice Chair Peter Hennings ConocoPhillips
SEPM Vice Chair Robert Cluff The Discovery Group, Inc.
Exhibits Chair Steve Leeds Sirius XGC
AAPG Oral Sessions Chair Katie Joe McDonough KJM Consulting LLC
AAPG Poster Sessions Chair Jane Estes-Jackson McElvain Energy, Inc.
Core Poster Display Co-Chair Jack Beuthin Weatherford Laboratories
Core Poster Display Co-Chair Marshall Deacon Noble Energy, Inc.
Short Course Chair Mary Carr Colorado School of Mines
SEPM Short Course Representative Robert Cluff The Discovery Group, Inc.
Field Trip Chair Mark Longman QEP Resources, Inc.
SEPM Field Trip Representative Ryan Sharma The Discovery Group, Inc.
AAPG Matson Award & Braunstein Award Chair Larry Rasmussen Whiting Petroleum Corporation
DEG Awards Vice Chair N. J. (Anne) Fix Bechtel National, Inc.
Teacher Program Chair Jerry Cuzella Consulting Geologist
Student Volunteer Chair Cat Campbell Robert L. Bayless, Producer LLC
Young Professionals Chair Nick Nelson Samson
SEPM fundraising Chair Howard Harper SEPM
Guest Program Co-Chair Jay Oakes Whiting Petroleum Corporation
Guest Program Co-Chair Jenny McKay