General Chair Paul MacKay Shale Petroleum
General Vice Chair Jen Russel-Houston Osum
Technical Program Co-Chair Laurie Bellman Canadian Discovery
Technical Program Co-Chair Ryan Mohr Nexen
Sponsorship Co-Chair Hutch Jobe SM Energy
Sponsorship Co-Chair Ron Larson RPS Group
SEPM Fundraising Howard Harper SEPM
Field Trips Chair Jon Noad
Short Courses Chair Alexis Anastas Nexen
SEPM Vice Co-Chair Murray Gingras University of Alberta
SEPM Vice Co-Chair Tom Moslow Moslow Geoscience Consulting
SEPM Vice Co-Chair Brian Zaitlin Zaitlin Geoconsulting Ltd.
SEPM Short Courses Chair Luis Buatois University of Saskatchewan
SEPM Field Trips Chair J. P. Zonneveld University of Alberta
DEG Vice Chair Jeff Aldrich MHA Petroleum Consultants
DPA Vice Co-Chair Mike Canich Trimont Energy
DPA Vice Co-Chair Bill Haskett Decision Strategies
EMD Vice Chair Sharleen Overland Alberta Energy Regulator
PSGD Vice Chair Peter Hennings ConocoPhillips
CSPG Core Conference Co-Chair Jim Barclay ConocoPhillips
CSPG Core Conference Co-Chair Ray Geuder ConocoPhillips
Student Volunteer Co-Chair Alison Essery Tangle Creek Energy
Student Volunteer Co-Chair Garret Quinn Osum
Judging Chair Astrid Arts Cenovus Energy
SEPM Awards Vice Chair Jean Hsieh
Teachers Program Chair Mona Enachescu Cavalier Energy
Guest Program Chair Michelle Clements The City of Calgary
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