Tuesday All Day Poster Presentations

Petrophysical Characterization of the Upper Cretaceous Second White Specks Alloformation, Willesden Green Area, Alberta: An Updated Workflow for Anisotropic Fine-Grained Reservoirs
K. Marion, B. Cheadle
The Effect of Tides on Deltaic Morphology and Stratigraphy in River-Dominated Conditions
V. M. Rossi, W. Kim, M. R. Hiatt, P. Passalacqua, D. Edmonds, J. LevaLópez, C. Olariu, R. Steel, N. Geleynse
Active Microplate Boundaries Associated With the Southward Offshore Extension of the East African Rift System and the Distribution of Offshore Hydrocarbon Discoveries in East Africa
Z. S. Martindale
Source Rock and Geochemistry of the Central Atlantic Margins: Geochemical Characterization of Lower Jurassic Organic-Rich Facies Offshore Ireland
C. A. Carlisle, R. Silva, G. Wach
Physical Modeling of a Prograding Delta on a Mobile Substrate
E. Jung, W. Kim
Influence of Sedimentary Fabric on Fracture Characteristics of Two Thick Shoreface Deposits of the Lower Cretaceous Moosebar Formation, West Central Alberta
J. K. Sie, P. K. Pedersen
Temporal Variation in U-Pb Geochronology of the Norphlet Formation in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico, Mobile Bay: Connection Between Sediment Provenance and Reservoir Quality
S. W. Gomes, A. Weislogel, D. M. Robinson, D. Barbeau
Digital Outcrop Model of the Eagle Ford Group, Lozier Canyon, West Texas
D. Davis, J. C. Laya, M. C. Pope, B. Hart, A. D. Donovan
Natural Fractures Within the Souris Valley Marker Bed ‘B’, Lodgepole Formation, Southern Saskatchewan, Canada
S. L. Bend, S. Johnson*
Unraveling Fluvial Complexity Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Structure-From-Motion Photogrammetry: An Example From the Salt Wash Member of the Morrison Formation, East-Central Utah
J. T. Chesley, C. Heinze, A. Leier
Miocene Ash Beds in The Central Gulf of Mexico: Case Study and Analysis
M. A. Gutierrez, J. I. Guzman, D. Sawyer
Experimental Investigation of Lithology Variations on Shale Gas Generation and Retention From Immature Shales Maturation Under Anhydrous Gold-Tube Pyrolysis
D. Shao, T. Zhang
Seismic Modeling of Petrophysical and Stratal Complexity of Isolated Carbonate Platforms
A. M. Duarte, S. R. Herbst, H. A. Eltom, E. C. Rankey
Ground-Based Hyperspectral Remote Sensing and Terrestrial Laser Scanning of the Eagle Ford Formation
L. Sun, S. Khan, D. Hauser, C. Glennie
Basin-Scale Mineral and Fluid Processes at a Mississippian Platform Margin
C. J. Breislin, C. Hollis, J. Marshall, A. Juerges, V. Banks, J. Riding
Nano-Scale Pore Structure Evolution of Middle Devonian Organic-Rich Black Shale Through Thermal Maturation
L. Song, T. Carr
Petroleum System Analysis of the Poorly Devoloped Chagan Sag in Yingen-Ejinaqi, Northern China
Z. Niu, G. Liu, D. Guo, P. Wang, Z. Cao, K. Zhang
Distinct Growth Phases of an Upper Cambrian Microbial Reef Complex; Depositional Environment Indicators (James River, Mason County, Texas)
H. H. Hopson, P. Khanna, J. M. Proctor, A. W. Droxler, D. J. Lehrmann, P. Harris
Uppermost Pleistocene Coralgal Reefs and Upper Cambrian Microbial Bioherms: Morphologies and Sea Level-Induced Evolution
P. Khanna, A. Droxler, D. J. Lehrmann, J. Nittrouer, P. Harris
Insights to a complex Mesozoic sedimentary system: 2D and 3D seismic imaging coupled with petrophysical data from deep wells, the Scotian Basin, Nova Scotia (Canada)
J. Wong, R. Silva, G. Wach
Eolian Reservoir Models: A Study of the Heterogeneity and Reservoir Characterization of the Red Head Sandstone, Five Islands, Nova Scotia.
K. Martyns-Yellowe, D. O'Connor, G. Wach
Formation and Evolution of Strandplain Grainstones and Facies Variability Along the Leeward Margin of West Caicos, BWI
N. Danger, C. Kerans, S. Bachtel, C. Zahm
An Integrated Chemostratigraphic and Magnetic Study of the Wolfcamp Formation, Midland Basin, Texas: What Can These Tools Tell Us About Sequence Stratigraphy and Fabric Anisotropy?
G. Heij, B. W. Turner, R. D. Elmore
TOC Prediction Analysis of Utica-Point Pleasant Formations in the Appalachian Basin
G. Wang, A. Shahkarami*, J. Bruno
Hyperspectral Core Imaging: Spanning the Gap From Plug to Log to Reservoir Scale
J. A. Bellian, B. Martini, L. Canter, R. Carey, D. Katz, P. Rodrigues, J. Curnow, M. Jung, M. Guisinger
Advancement of Hydraulic Fracturing Optimization Shows Promising Economics in Tight Bakken Formation
Y. Li, H. Pu*
Simultaneous Measurement of Elastic and Electrical Anisotropy of Shales Under Elevated Pressure: A Preliminary Study
L. Ou, Q. Niu, M. Prasad, J. Quirein, N. Mekic, J. Hou, M. E. Far, M. Gu
Understanding the Implications of Changes in Shale Geomechanical Properties With Fracturing Fluid
R. Keshavarzi, R. Chalaturnyk, A. A. Moghadam
Feasibility Study of CO2 Enhanced Shale Gas Recovery
B. Kong
Inorganic Geochemistry as Technique to Preliminary Assessment of Shale Plays in Cretaceous Source Rocks in the Eastern Cordillera Basin, Colombia
H. A. RiveraRosado, L. K. SanchezCaballero, N. S. SuárezNieto, A. PiraguaAlarcón
Ultrasonic Vertical Transverse Isotropy in High TOC Mudstones From the Vaca Muerta Formation, Argentina
R. J. Weger, M. Tenaglia, P. Swart, G. Eberli
Mapping Duvernay Mineralogy: From Core to Log to Field
L. Song, D. Rees, R. Kukulski, M. Donovan
Core-Scale Modelling of Permeability on Highly Bioturbated Tight-Oil Samples, Burrow Pathways and Connectivity in the Cardium Formation, Pembina Field
N. A. Solano, M. Soroush, F. F. Krause, C. R. Clarkson
Applying Rock Physics Towards Seismic Characterization: Case Study From an Unconventional Resource, Neuquén Basin, Argentina
T. Santana, R. J. Weger, S. Gandi, A. D’Odorico, A. P. KautyianZiyisyian
Pitfalls in Geological Mapping Within Unconventional Plays
R. Brinkerhoff
A Hierarchical Classification Scheme for the Sedimentary Architecture of Fluvial Crevasse-Splay Deposits
C. Burns, N. P. Mountney, D. Hodgson, L. Colombera
Toward a Higher Resolution Understanding of Coarse Grain Fluvial Point Bars as Resolved by GPR
P. D. Duff
Prediction of Fluvial Point-Bar Internal Architecture and Heterogeneity From Outcrop and System-Independent Morphometric Analysis of Meander Bends
C. E. Russell, N. P. Mountney, D. Hodgson, L. Colombera
Numerical Model for Prediction of Internal Stratigraphic Architecture and Heterogeneity in Tidally Influenced Fluvial Point-Bar Deposits
N. Yan, N. P. Mountney, R. Dorrell, L. Colombera
Origin and Scaling of Surfaces and Heterogeneity in a Fragmentary Point Bar From 3-D Architectural-Element Analysis, Late Cretaceous Dinosaur Park Formation Within Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta, Canada
A. Torres, M. Palmer, J. Holbrook, P. Durkin, S. M. Hubbard
Modelling and Characterization of a Fluvial Low Net-to-Gross Reservoir: The Case Study of a Mature Oil Field for EOR in the Bajo Barreal Formation, Golfo San Jorge Basin, Argentina
R. E. Lehu, G. Pedersen, D. Ancheta, A. Saccomano, G. Vocaturo, A. Limeres, F. D'Andrea, C. Bernhardt, D. Astesiano, D. Perez, A. Thompson, A. Moscariello
New Insights Into the Cretaceous Rayoso Formation: A Regional Overview of a Large Fluvial Fan and Implications for Reservoir Prediction
P. Barros, H. J. Campos, G. Pedersen, P. Plink-Bjorklund, A. Moscariello, E. Morettini
Fluvial Sandbody Connectivity: Observations From High Resolution 3-D Seismic of Dynamic Channel Fill Abandonment in the North Malay Basin
R. Zhai, J. D. Pigott, K. L. Pigott
Autogenic and Allogenic Fluvial-lacustrine Interactions: Revisiting Sunnyside Delta Interval, Green River Formation (Eocene), Uinta Basin, Utah
J. Wang, P. Plink-Bjorklund
Controlling Factors and Mechanisms in the Formation of a Muddy-Normal Point Bar: A 3-D Architectural-Element Analysis of a Heterolithic Point Bar in Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta, Canada
S. Johnston, J. Holbrook, B. Warwick
Evolution of Fluvial Meander Belt Deposits With Implications for the Completeness of the Stratigraphic Record
P. Durkin, J. Holbrook, S. M. Hubbard, R. Boyd
Wet Avulsion Sequences in the Cretaceous-Paleogene Raton Formation, Colorado
R. J. Horner, J. Holbrook
3-D Geomorphology of Pleistocene Fluvial Systems in the Northern Shelf of the South China Sea: Implications for the Mid-Pleistocene Climate Transition
H. Zhuo, Y. Wang, H. Shi, M. He, W. Chen, Y. Wang
Linking Vertical Grain Size Sorting in Turbidity Currents to Grain Size Distribution of Submarine Channel Deposits
J. deLeeuw, J. Eggenhuisen, F. Pohl, M. Cartigny
Variation in Depositional Pattern of Experimental Turbidity Currents Going Through a Break-of-Slope as a Function of Their Efficiency
F. Pohl, J. Eggenhuisen, J. deLeeuw, M. Cartigny, F. Tóth, N. Hermidas
Bypass Dominated Slope Channel Complexes Exhibit Progradational Channel Fill Style, Eocene Forearc Basin, California
K. Ono, P. Plink-Bjorklund
Seismic Characteristics of Large-Scale Sand Injectites in Baiyun Sag, Pear River Mouth Basin, South China Sea
C. Zhang, R. Zhu, B. Yang, S. Li, S. Zhang, J. Du, H. Shi
The Control of Terminal Splay Sedimentation on Depositional Patterns and Stratigraphic Evolution in Avulsion Dominated, Deep-Marine Basin-Floor Systems
V. Terlaky, B. Arnott
Lateral and Vertical Changes in Deep Marine Levee Deposits — Where Intuition and Geological Reality Diverge: Neoproterozoic Isaac Formation, Windermere Supergroup, B.C., Canada
A. Bergen, B. Arnott
Depositional Character, Distribution and Significance of Hybrid Event Beds: Springar Formation, NW Vøring Basin, Norwegian Sea
S. J. Southern, I. Kane, M. Warchol, K. Porten, W. D. McCaffrey
Complex Depositional History of a Sinuous, Conglomeratic Submarine Slope Channel
G. Bozetti, I. Kane, B. Kneller
Using Synthetic Seismic Models of Channelized Deepwater Slope Deposits to Inform Stratigraphic Interpretation and Reservoir Modeling
A. Nielson, L. Stright, S. M. Hubbard, B. Romans
Reservoir Architecture of Deep Marine Deposits in a Rift Basin: An Outcrop Study From East Greenland
G. A. Henstra, A. Rotevatn, S. Grundvåg, I. Midtkandal, T. BergKristensen
Multi-Pulsed Turbidity Currents — Flow Dynamics and Geological Implications
V. Ho, R. Dorrell, G. Keevil, A. Burns, W. D. McCaffrey*
Evolution From Confined to Relatively Unconfined Strata in a Distal Slope Setting, Magallanes Basin, Chilean Patagonia
S. Jancuska, B. Romans, N. C. Auchter, S. M. Hubbard, L. Stright
Continental-Marine Correlations and Climate Signals in the Palaeogene Foreland of the South Pyrenees, Spain
L. Honegger, S. Castelltort, J. Clark, T. Adatte, C. Puigdefábregas, M. Dykstra, A. Fildani, J. Spangenberg
High-Resolution Geochemistry and Petrography of a Miocene Succession From the Central Argentinian Foreland (Mendoza Province, Argentina): A Compositional Approach to Deciphering Forcing Factors
G. Hunger, D. Ventra, A. Moscariello
Lower Miocene Sediment Dispersal Pathway From Onshore to Offshore, Gulf of Mexico: Insight From Detrital Zircon Geochronology
J. Xu, J. W. Snedden, D. F. Stockli, C. Fulthorpe
Controls on Sediment Distribution From Source-to-Sink in an Active Extensional Setting: The Sperchios Rift, Central Greece
S. Pechlivanidou, P. Cowie, R. Gawthorpe, A. Whittaker
Mitigating Early Cretaceous Reservoir Risk Along the Offshore Morocco Passive Margin Through Analysis of the Coastal Delivery Systems Exposed in the Agadir-Essaouira Basin
T. L. Luber, J. Redfern, L. Bulot, A. Arantegui, R. Charton, G. Bertotti
Application of Large-N Detailed Max Depositional Age (MDA) Calculation to Determine Sedimentary Rates of a Deepwater Conduit
D. Coutts, S. M. Hubbard, W. Matthews, H. Bain, B. Guest
The Falkland Plateau Basin Linked Shelf to Deepwater Depositional Systems — Controlling Mechanisms, Stratigraphic Packaging and Petroleum Potential
C. M. Fraticelli, Y. Yusri, S. Miller, S. Salamoff, D. J. Yezerski, J. A. Mercer, J. Reece, J. Bova, J. Gomez
Sedimentation in Structurally-Confined Narrow Basins: Toward the Identification of Uncommon Depositional Systems
S. G. Longhitano, C. I. Casciano, D. Chiarella, L. Sabato, M. Tropeano
Regional Correlation of Facies Within the Haynesville Formation From Onshore Alabama: Analysis and Implications for Provenance and Paleo-Structure
C. W. Essex, D. M. Robinson, A. Weislogel, D. Barbeau
Paleo-Orinoco Shelf-Margin Growth — Process Regimes and Delta Evolution
S. Chen, R. Steel, C. Olariu
Reconstruction of Sediment Provenance and Pathway From Source-to-Sink: Example of the Tremp-Graus-Ainsa Basins, Southern Pyrenean Foreland Basin, Spain
M. Perret, B. Segvic, S. Castelltort, C. Puigdefabregas, A. Moscariello, J. Clark, A. Fildani, M. Dykstra
Changes in Eocene Sediment Supply to the Northern Gulf Coast and Implications for Petroleum Systems
W. Craddock, J. L. Coleman, M. L. Buursink, C. B. Enomoto, C. A. Doolan, A. R. Kylander-Clark
Intrastratal Dedolomite and Secondary Gypsum in the Prairie Evaporite Formation of Northeastern Alberta: Diagenesis in a Carbonate-Sulphate System
T. E. Hauck, H. Corlett, M. Grobe
Diagenetic Pathways in Heterozoan Carbonates
T. D. Frank
Can Diagenesis Restart After Hydrocarbon Emplacement? An Example From the Mauddud Formation, Kuwait
S. M. Behbehani, C. Hollis
A Diagenetic Origin for d18O Variability on the Margins of the Great Bahama Bank, Insights From Clumped Isotopes
P. T. Staudigel, P. Swart, H. Elderfield
Assessing and Calibrating the ATR-FTIR and CL-EDX Approaches as Carbonate Reservoir Characterization Tools and for Diagenetic Applications
D. Henry, C. M. John*, J. Watson, C. Jacquemyn
Evaluation of Mercury Intrusion and Capillary Pressure Results: Development of a New Methodological Approach for Analyzing Carbonates
C. Manche, S. E. Kaczmarek
Genesis and Morphology of Intracrystalline Nanopores and Mineral Micro Inclusion Hosted in Burial Dolomite Crystals: Application of Broad ION Beam-Scanning Electron Microscope (BIB-SEM)
B. J. Olanipekun
Lacustrine Lithofacies, Depositional Processes and Diagenesis of the Uteland Butte Member, Uinta Basin
K. Logan, R. Sarg
A Quantitative Study of the Creation of Secondary Porosity in Carbonate Reservoirs by Dolomitization and Mesogenetic Dissolution
Y. Chen, B. J. Katz
Paleogeography, Burial History, Porosity Development and 35 Years of Production History From the Middle Devonian Slave Point Formation at Slave Field, Near the Peach River Arch, Alberta
J. B. Dunham, N. Watts
Geometries and Origin of Young Dolomite in an Isolated Carbonate Platform, Bonaire, Southern Caribbean
J. C. Laya, F. Whitaker, J. Sulaica, T. Gabellone, M. Tucker
Foram Farming: Calibration of the Foraminiferal Paleo-Thermometer to Estimate Deep-Time Glacioeustasy
D. Jennings, F. Hasiuk
Chemostratigraphic and Tephrochronologic Record of Cenomanian-Turonian Eagle Ford, South Texas, USA
M. Nieto, H. Rowe
Understanding the Geological Basis of the Iowa Pore Index
M. F. AhmadRidzuan, F. J. Hasiuk, R. Dawson
Carbonate Stratigraphy and Organic Matter Preservation Within the Scotian Margin, Offshore Nova Scotia
T. J. Campbell, R. Silva, G. Wach
Porosity Distribution in the Carbonate Sequence Stratigraphy Framework: A Case Study from Platform Margin in Lianglitag Formation of Upper Ordovician, Tazhong Area, Tarim Basin, NW China
Q. Haizhou, W. Zhenyu, P. Wenqing, Z. Yunfeng, Z. Zhenghong, W. Xi
Integrating Probabilistic Neural Networks and Generalized Boosted Regression Modelling for Lithofacies Classifications and Formation Permeability Estimation
W. J. Al-Mudhafar
Integrated Fieldwide Optimization of Wellbore and Hydraulic Fracture Placement in Shale Gas Reservoirs
T. Plaksina
The Cardium Formation Production and Injection Database. Gas to Oil Ratios, Production Forecasting and GOR Risk Assessment
C. A. RojasAldana, F. F. Krause, R. O. Meyer
Data Mining Methodologies to Reduce the Uncertainty of Reservoir Selection
J. Fei, J. Yarus, R. Chambers
Uncertainty Analysis in Geological Surface Modeling
M. Babakhani
The Impact of Thermal Maturity and Burial on the Pore Size Distribution and Matrix Permeability of Organic-Rich Mudrocks of the Duvernay Formation, Alberta
E. Munson, R. Bustin
A Multiscale Method for Characterizing Shales by Downscaling and Upscaling Statistically Sampled Datasets From Multiple Imaging Modalities
S. Bhattiprolu, A. Steinbach, B. Tordoff
NMR Cryoporometry: An Alternate Non-Destructive Technique for the Measurement of Pore Size Distribution in Shales (Presented by W. Sassi)
M. Fleury, E. Kohler
Multi-Scale Investigation of Shale Using an Integrated SEM and Machine Learning Approach
T. Cavanaugh
Evolution of Pores in Organic-Rich Shales During Thermal Maturation
H. Tian, S. Zhang, K. Liu, S. Liu, L. Gao
Micro to Nano-Scale Characterization of the Late Jurassic-Early Cretaceous Vaca Muerta Formation, Neuquén Basin, Argentina
E. HernandezBilbao, J. D. Humphrey
The Role of Organics on the Sorption Capacity of Paleozoic Shales From Upper Yangtze Region, China
S. Wang, Z. Song
Flow Behavior of Water Through Nanopores of Unconventional Reservoirs: Confinement and Slip Effects
K. Wu, Z. Chen, X. Li
Gas Transport Through Nanopores of Shale Gas Reservoirs: Coupling Pore Diffusion and Surface Diffusion
K. Wu, Z. Chen, X. Li
Potentially Conductive Grain Boundary Channels in Fracture Cements of Low Permeability Rocks
E. Wright, C. J. Landry, P. Eichhubl
Effects of Oil and Water on Mudrock Pore Size Distribution and Pore-Scale Fluid Distribution
T. Zhang, X. Wang, X. Sun, K. L. Milliken, S. C. Ruppel, D. Enriquez
Reassessment of the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Fluid Typing Methods in Shale
M. Mehana, I. El-Monier
Liquid Dropout In Gas Condensate Reservoirs: A Pore Scale Approach
S. Etemad, K. Apostolos, H. Hossein
In-Situ Stress Field in the Athebasca Oil Sands Deposit and its Overburden Formations, Northeastern Alberta, Canada
B. Xu, Y. Yuan
The Discontinuity Layout Optimization Technique for SAGD Caprock Integrity Analysis
S. Yao, J. Xiong, R. Chalaturnyk
Non-Saline Water Use and Oilsands Development, Past, Present and Future
A. Lemay, A. Honarvar
An Integrated Study of Core and Well Log Data to Characterize Oil Sands in a Research Wellbore at Kearl Mine
P. Guo, S. Zheng, M. Nicholis*
Understanding the Impact of Geology on Steam Chamber Growth and Production Performance of SAGD: A Case Study of Orion Project, Alberta
Z. Wang
Rock Properties From Well Logs Using Implicit Predictive Modeling Technique to Reduce Massive Coring Operations in Oil-Sand Mining
S. Ye, C. Dicaprio*
Study on the Efficiency of Radio-Frequency Electromagnetic Field for Heat Treatment of Heavy Oil and Bitumen
L. Kovaleva, A. Musin, V. Kireev
Statistically Improved Resistivity and Density Estimation From Multicomponent Seismic Data: Case Study From the Lower Cretaceous McMurray Formation, Athabasca Oil Sands
F. Mayer, C. C. Dumitrescu*, G. Cain
Regional Subsurface Mapping of the Clearwater Formation, Lower Cretaceous, Northeast Alberta
B. Hathway
The Hartselle Sandstone, Alabama’s Oil Sands Resource
C. H. Hooks, D. J. Hills, M. R. McIntyre-Redden
Architecture and Sequence Stratigraphic Framework of the Oil Sands at the Hangingstone SAGD Project, Alberta, Canada
T. Tsuji, S. Watanabe
Forecasting Oil Sands Development Using a Granular Operator and Phase-Level Approach
M. Oberstoetter
Application of Hyperspectral Imaging for the Detection of Coal in Oil Sand Drill Core
P. Hauf, B. Rivard, R. Stancliffe, M. Speta
Medium-scale tidally influenced meandering fluvial deposits of the middle McMurray Formation, Hangingstone SAGD project, Alberta, Canada
S. Watanabe, T. Tsuji
Sedimentology of the Upper Cretaceous Basal Foremost and Medicine Hat Formations in Newell County, Alberta: Implications for a Carbon Capture and Sequestration Monitoring Program
B. Montgomery, P. K. Pedersen, D. C. Lawton, K. G. Osadetz
Fracking: Minimizing the Risk
S. Murray
The Mississippian Thick Cypress Sandstone: A Nonconventional CO2-EOR Target in the Illinois Basin
N. D. Webb
Geologic Architecture of the High Plains Aquifer, Northeastern Texas Panhandle: Implications for Implementation of Surface and Airborne Monitoring Techniques
J. Meng, J. C. Pashin
Treatment of Grey Water Using Jordanina Natural Zeolites