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Author Presentation/Display Location of Core
Ayranci, Korhan Multidisciplinary Integration of Sedimentology, Ichnology, Stratigraphy and Geomechanics in Two Major Devonian Shale Plays in Canada; The Horn River Group and Duvernay Formation British Columbia
Bann, Kerrie Depositional Facies of the Lower Spirit River Formation – Wilrich Member, Alberta Deep Basin. Alberta
Booker, Simone Marine Tongues in the lower Charlie Lake Formation, Kobes-Altares region, northeastern British Columbia British Columbia
Botterill, Scott Facies Architecture and Permeability Variation in a Wave-Influenced Delta: Central Deposit, Peace River Oil Sands, Alberta Alberta
Brinkerhoff, Riley The Bakken-Three Forks Petroleum System in the Northern Williston Basin as Displayed by the Douts 4-7 Core, Burke County, North Dakota, USA North Dakota
Couples, Gary Digital Rock Approaches for Extending Core Materials into Time/Space/Process Dimensions TBA
Cronkwright, David Controls on Hydrocarbon Accumulation and Production in the Bakken Formation: Integrating High Resolution Core Analysis with the Sedimentological and Stratigraphic Attributes Saskatchewan
Currie, Carolyn Lower Cretaceous Wilrich Member: Back to the Basics — Core-Based Reservoir Evaluation Alberta
Davies, Graham Slip faces and Cleavage in the Montney and Other Unconventional Reservoirs in the WCSB: Structural, Geomechanical and Drilling/Fracking Implications Alberta
Dunham, John Paleogeographic Controls on Oil and Water Production from Vuggy Dolomites of the Slave Point Formation (Middle Devonian), Shown by 35 Years of Production Data from Slave Field, Lubicon Lake, Alberta Alberta
Eggie, Lauren Sedimentology and Reservoir Characterization of the Mississippian Pekisko Formation, Hawk Hills Area, Northern Alberta Alberta
Grey, Karen Stratigraphically-Constrained Variations in Poroelastic Properties in the Pembina Cardium Halo Tight Oil Play: Facies, Fractures and Fundamentals Alberta
Hildred, Gemma 1001 Applications of Inorganic Geochemical Data: The Montney Edition TBA
Ishutov, Sergey Testing 3-D Printed Rock Copies in the Lab: Advantages and Limitations N/A
Knopp, Stefan Muddy Coastlines and Tidal Bays: Late Jurassic to Early Cretaceous Foreland Basin Deposition in West-Central Alberta Alberta
Lake, John A New Model Suggesting Deepening Upwards Succession in the Midale Beds (Carbonates, Mississippian) in the Williston Basin of Southeast Saskatchewan Saskatchewan
Lamb, Malcolm Integrating Core, Log, Production and Outcrop Observation and Analysis to Evaluate the Petroleum Potential of the Second White Speckled Shales Alberta
Mathison, Ed The Early Albian, McLaren Formation, North Cactus Lake Reservoir: Fluvial to Tide Dominated Estuarine Valley Fill Saskatchewan
Meloche, John How Deep Is Shallow? An Alternative Deep-Water Depositional Facies Interpretation for Sandy Heterolithic Strata of the Turonian Cardium Formation, Alberta, Canada Alberta
Molinares-Blanco, Carlos Woodford Shale (Unconventional Resource) Core from the Arkoma Basin, Oklahoma: Litho/Sequence Stratigraphy, Palynology, Chemostratigraphy, Hardness, and Organic Geochemistry Oklahoma
Moslow, Thomas Sedimentary Facies, Petrology, Conodont Biostratigraphy and Reservoir Quality of a Continuous (395m) Full Diameter Core of the Lower Triassic Montney Fm., Northeastern British Columbia British Columbia
Osadetz, Kirk CaMI’s Countess well (10-22-17-16W4): The Upper Cretaceous Succession at a Unique Subsurface Laboratory and Technology Demonstration Site in Newell County, Alberta Alberta
Percy, Emma Identification of Unconventional Reservoir “Sweet Spots” Using Conventional Methods: Stratal Architecture and Facies Distribution of the Colorado Group Shale, West-Central Alberta Alberta
Phillips, Allan Reusable Reservoirs: Natural Gas and Liquid Hydrocarbon Storage Pools of Southwestern Ontario Ontario
Ranger, Mike The Character of Embayment Reservoirs in the Athabasca Oil Sands Alberta
Rock, Luc Quest CCS Project: World’s 1st Full-Scale Commercial Application of CCS at an Oil Sands Operation Alberta
Rojas Aldana, Camilo Beyond The Limits Of The Pembina Oil Field – Cardium Formation Reservoir, Brazeau Area: A Study Of The Geological Characteristics Of A Highly Heterogeneous Rock Formation. Permeability, Geochemistry, Cementation, Diagenesis, Pdpk, Xrf, Xrd And E-Fe-Sem Analyses. Alberta
Rott, Cornelius Reservoir Quality of a Diagenetically Altered Shallow Marine Carbonate Interval in the Permian Zechstein (Ca2), East Germany — Implications for Porosity Prediction Using Seismic Inversion Data  Germany
Sadownyk, Rob Mezardere Slope Fan Exploration Model, Thrace Basin, Turkey: Integration of Core, Outcrop, Seismic and Well Log Data Turkey
Schroeder, Rick Abandoned Channel Characterization at Surmont and Implications for SAGD Development of the McMurray Formation Alberta
Schultz, Sarah Subsurface Analysis of Falling Stage and Lowstand Deposits of the Lower Cretaceous (Albian) Viking Formation at the Joarcam Field, Central Alberta, Canada Alberta
Sonnenberg, Steve The Giant Continuous Oil Accumulation in the Bakken Petroleum System, U.S. Williston Basin  North Dakota
Soule, Gregory Unconventional Resources in Turbidite Sands of the Recôncavo Basin, Onshore Brazil: Core to Seismic Interpretation Brazil
Stoakes, Franklin Stratal Architecture of a Fine-grained Carbonate Play: The Regional Swan Hills Platform in West Central Alberta Alberta
Turner, Bryan The Use of Chemostratigraphy to Refine Ambiguous Sequence Stratigraphic Correlations in Marine Mudrocks. An Example from the Woodford Shale, Oklahoma Oklahoma
Yang, Chengyu Possible Occurrences of Transition Zones and Residual Oil Zones Below Oil-Water Contacts in Mature Oil Fields, Southeast Saskatchewan Saskatchewan
Zonneveld, John-Paul The Montney-Doig Boundary and the ‘Anisian Wedge’: New Information on an Old Problem British Columbia