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ACE2017 SEPM-AAPG Research Symposium pflist


Introductory Remarks
The Whys and Wherefores of Geochemistry and Basin Modeling From Exploration to Production
R. Patience, F. Baur
Source Rocks in the Caribbean Plate
L. M. Bernardo, C. Bartolini
Carotenoid-Derived Biomarkers as Geochemical Tools for Petroleum Exploration and Paleoreconstruction
R. E. Summons, D. Rocher, C. Barrie, K. French, J. E. Zumberge
A Comparative Study of the Primary Geological and Geochemical Controls on Coal-Sourced Natural Gas Accumulations in the US and China
G. S. Ellis, D. Xia, J. Dai, Y. Ni, J. Mi, G. Hu, S. Greb, C. Eble, J. Hower, M. McGlue
Refreshment Break
Geochemistry and Origin of Formation Waters From the Lower Eagle Ford Shale, South Central Texas
M. Engle, C. Doolan, M. S. Varonka, W. H. Orem, P. B. McMahon, S. L. Ray
Guidelines for Kinetic Input to Basin and Petroleum System Models
K. E. Peters, A. K. Burnham, C. C. Walters, O. Schenk
San Andres Play in the Northwest Shelf: A New Insight on Its Petroleum Systems From Oil Geochemistry
L. M. Rodriguez, C. Gong
Unravelling Complex Petroleum Filling History of Great White Field by 4-D Integrated Petroleum Systems Approach
S. K. Sahoo, L. Dzou, A. Hospedales, A. S. Afifi, D. Dailey, H. Jin, L. Becker, T. Lapinski, D. Steinhoff, G. Ritter, T. Jia, G. Pfau
Petroleum Systems Modelling of the Perth Basin, Western Australia
K. A. Ghori


Introductory Remarks
Refreshment Break

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