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Monday Morning Poster Presentations

A Proposed Microfossil Reliability Index and a Test Using Mid-Cretaceous Calcareous Nannofossil Data
S. Chin, D. K. Watkins
Effects of Convergent, Radial-Gliding “Corner" Geometry on Petroleum Charge, Port Isabel Passive-Margin Foldbelt, Northwestern Gulf of Mexico
M. Bugti, P. Mann
Geochemical and Isotope Data Aided Remote Sensing Interpretations of Surficial Mineralogical Heterogeneities as Possible Late Diagenetic Indicators of Microseepage in Garza, Texas
U. Okyay, S. D. Khan
Influence of Pre-existing Weakness on Normal Fault Growth: Implications From Discrete Element Modeling
C. Deng, R. Gawthorpe, H. Fossen, E. Finch*
Pressure Prediction in a Complex Setting Based on Field Data and Geomechanical Modeling: Mad Dog Field, Gulf of Mexico
L. P. Lockhart, P. B. Flemings, M. Nikolinakou, M. Heidari
Linking Shallow-Marine Process Regime and Slope/Basin Architecture Within the Barrow Group (Northern Carnarvon Basin, Australia): Insights From Quantitative 3-D Seismic Geomorphology
V. Paumard, J. Bourget, T. Payenberg, B. Ainsworth, S. Lang, H. W. Posamentier, A. George
Holistic Evaluation of Basal Stress Evolution in Sinuous Submarine Channel Levee Systems: Towards Process-Based Forward Stratigraphic Modelling
R. W. Kelly, R. Dorrell, A. D. Burns, W. D. McCaffrey
Assessing Novel Chemostratigraphic Correlation Tools in Carbonate Reservoir Rocks: A Mississippian Limestone Case Study
J. Steinmann, N. Riedinger, B. Brunner, G. Grammer
Quantification and 3-D Modeling of Architectural Variability and Controls in a Permian Carbonate Ramp, Last Chance Canyon, NM
P. Tesch, M. C. Pope, B. Reece
New Insights Into Falling-Stage Delta Complexes Using Virtual Outcrop Analysis: Three-Dimensional Data From the Turonian Ferron Sandstone of Southern Utah
C. J. Horton, C. R. Fielding
Similarities and Differences Between the Late Cretaceous Fan Complex and the Overlying Neogene Amazon Cone in the Foz do Amazonas Basin, Northern Brazil – Implications for Future Hydrocarbon Exploration
L. Torrado, P. Mann
Detailed Characterization of a Complete, New Woodford Shale Section in the Ardmore Basin of Oklahoma: The Case for a New Type Section?
H. A. Galvis-Portilla, D. M. Becerra-Rondon, R. Slatt
Applications of Structure-From-Motion Photogrammetry for Interpreting Inclined Heterolithic Strata of the Lower Cretaceous McMurray Formation, Steepbank River, NE Alberta, Canada
D. Hayes, M. Gingras, M. Ranger
Spatial Scaling of Normal Faults, A-Bomb Canyon, Buckskin Mountains, Arizona
T. H. Hundley, R. Marrett
Lithofacies, Diagenesis, and Reservoir Quality Evaluation of Wolfcamp Unconventional Succession in the Midland Basin, West Texas
H. Zhang, Q. Fu, X. Janson, L. Liu, Z. Wang, M. Yang
Quantifying Reservoir Complexity in a Tight Oil Play by Integrating Detailed Facies Analysis With Stratigraphic Architecture Analysis From a Digital Outcrop Model
N. M. LaFontaine, M. H. Hofmann
GTMORA: A GIS Toolset for Geometric and Topological Analysis of Sandbody and Fracture Networks From Modern and Outcrop Reservoir Analogs
B. Nyberg, C. Nixon, C. H. Eide
Quantitative Outcrop Characterization of Incised Valley Fill Combining UAV-Based Photogrammetry and Traditional Geologic Field Methods
C. Meirovitz, L. Stright, C. Johnson
Multi-Scale Analysis of Fluvial Architecture and Facies of the Burro Canyon-Dakota Formations Using UAV-Based Outcrop Photogrammetry and Modeling – Implications for Reservoir Performance, Escalante Canyon, Piceance Basin, Colorado
S. A. Obermeier, M. J. Pranter, Z. A. Reza, R. Cole
Pore Fabric Characterization in Sandstones Using Magnetic Anisotropy Methods
J. Parés, D. Anastasio, L. Miguens, C. Saiz
Triassic Palynology of the Central North Sea: Correlation and Environmental Reconstruction of a Fluvial System
R. D. Burgess
Process Ichnology of the Anisian Wedge, Montney Formation: Size-Diversity Trends and Feeding-Strategy Distributions of Ichnofossils Within a Post-Extinction Environment
C. M. Furlong, M. Gingras, J. Zonneveld
Understanding the Pennsylvanian Age Granite Wash Play Fairway Through Log and Core Data: Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma and Texas, USA
J. Koch, T. P. Bulling*, K. Whitaker, S. Maloney, K. Koepke
Mudstone Depositional Processes of the Cretaceous Colorado Group Shale, West-Central Alberta, Canada
E. Percy, P. K. Pedersen
Predicting Facies Distribution Within a Fluvial System in the Subsurface: Triassic of the Central North Sea
E. Gray, A. Hartley, J. Howell
Detailed Reservoir Characterization by Integrating Core, 3-D CT Scan and Borehole Imaging Datasets
A. Neal, M. Cyprych, B. Serrano-Suarez
Seismic, Borehole Image Log, Core and Chemostratigraphic Interpretations of the Permo-Carboniferous Unayzah Formation, Central Saudi Arabia: An Integrated Technique for Siliciclastic Reservoir Correlation
S. Haq, N. Craigie, M. KhalidA, Y. Hu, M. Soua
Predicting 3-D Connectivity From Core and Seismic: An Example From Outcropping Deep-Water Slope Channels
L. Stright, A. Jackson, S. J. Southern, C. Meirovitz, B. Romans, S. Hubbard
Using RMS Amplitudes Derived From Synthetic Forward Seismic Models of Channelized Deep-Water Slope Deposits to Inform Stratigraphic Interpretation, Tres Pasos Formation, Magallanes Basin, Chile
A. Nielson, L. Stright, S. Hubbard, B. Romans
Predictive Models for Basin Scale Alluvial Architecture: Paleocene-Eocene Bighorn Basin, Wyoming
A. Owen, A. Hartley, A. Ebinghaus, M. Santos, G. Weissmann
Incised Valley Fill Reservoirs, From Outcrop Analogue to Subsurface Interpretations (Upper Carboniferous, Kentucky, USA)
A. LeCotonnec, D. Ventra, A. Moscariello, F. Lafont, E. Braccini
Cyclicity, Dune Migration and Wind Velocity in Lower Permian Eolian Strata, Manitou Springs, Colorado
J. D. Pike, D. E. Sweet
Along-Strike Architectural and Sedimentologic Variation of a Distributive Fluvial System, Cretaceous Straight Cliffs Formation, Utah
A. R. Koch, C. Johnson, L. Stright
Global River Discharge Analyses: Impact of Variable Precipitation in the Context of Different Climate Zones
M. Hansford, P. Plink-Bjorklund, E. Jones
Documenting an Ancient Large Fluvial Fan System: A Comparison to Modern Examples and Current Facies Models
E. Jones, P. Plink-Bjorklund
Prediction of Fluvial Point-Bar Form, Internal Architecture and Heterogeneity From Outcrop and Morphometric Analysis of Meander Bends
C. E. Russell, N. P. Mountney, D. Hodgson, L. Colombera, R. Thomas, G. Nichols
Facies Variability and Stratal Architecture of a Large-Scale Mississippi River Point Bar, False River, Louisiana
E. D. Olson, P. D. Clift, J. M. Lorenzo, A. Lechnowskyj, E. Buhyoff, D. Babin, A. Barbato
Shallow Seismic Reflection Images of Modern Point Bar Deposits, False River, Louisiana
J. M. Lorenzo, P. D. Clift, M. Morrison, E. Olson, N. Benton, A. Gostic, B. Odom
Whither the PETM? Testing Predictive Models for Climatically-Triggered Fluvial Sheet Sand Progradation in a Rapidly Subsiding Basin
A. F. Wroblewski, B. Gulas-Wroblewski
The Potential of Fluvial Crevasse Splays as (Secondary) Reservoirs
K. A. vanToorenenburg, M. E. Donselaar, G. Weltje
Facies Associations of Humid Terminal Splays in the Distal DFS Model and Implications for Reservoir Connectivity: A Case Study of the Raton Formation
R. J. Horner, G. McGregor, J. Holbrook
Humid Terminal Splays as Sand-Sheet Reservoirs: A First Look at the Modern, Andean Foreland, and a New Look at the Ancient, Raton Basin
G. McGregor, R. J. Horner, J. Holbrook
Integration of Surface Seismic, Microseismic, and Production Logs to Characterize Lacustrine Shale Plays in Upper Triassic Yanchang Formation, Ordos Basin, China
X. Wang, W. Wang*, H. Zeng, L. Zhang, Q. Liang, C. Jiang, Q. Zhao
Investigation of Time-Lapse 4-D Seismic Attributes Across Discrete Frequencies to Monitor CO2-EOR in a Thin Carbonate Reservoir
A. W. Krehel, A. Raef, R. Miller, M. Totten
Repeatability Evaluation of the Time-Lapse Technology Using Ultra-Stable Seismic Source
J. Kasahara, K. AlDamegh, G. Al-Anezi, Y. Hasada, K. Murase, A. Kamimura, O. Fujimoto, H. Ohnuma
Comprehensive Analysis the Casing Deformation in Shale Gas Reservoir Modification by Seismic and Microseismic Technology
S. He, B. Zeng, X. Yang, G. Wei, W. Liu, T. Liu
Developing a Rock Physics Template for Improved Seismic Mapping of New Zealand Coaly Source Rocks
S. W. Brennan, L. Adam, L. J. Strachan, R. Sykes, D. Mohnhoff
Petrophysical Signatures of Fluid Injection in Mudstones and Shales
H. Vora, B. Dugan
Prediction of Lithologies and Reservoir Quality Using Well Logs in Wolfbone Play in the Delaware Basin, West Texas
Z. Wang, H. Zhang, M. Pan, Y. Shi, Y. Dong
Analysis of Brittleness in Mudstone Caprock Using Conventional Well Logs: A Case Study from Northern Margin of Qaidam Basin
Y. Gong, W. Hua, Y. Detian, Z. Shiyu
Modeling Elastic Properties Changes and Overpressure Generation Due to Smectite to Illite Transformation in the Thunder Horse Mini-Basin, Mississippi Canyon, Gulf of Mexico
W. H. AlKawai, T. Mukerji, S. Graham, A. H. Scheirer
A New Method for Predicting Pore Pressure in Shale Gas Reservoir
C. Xu, J. Sun, X. Dong, J. Chen
Rock Quality Prediction Using Crossplots and Seismic Lithology Inversion: An Example of XIN Field, Eastern Niger Delta Basin
C. G. Okeugo, K. M. Onuoha*, A. C. Ekwe, C. P. Dim
Geologically Driven Joint Inversion of Gravity, Seismic and Well Data: A Step Forward in Understanding of Geological Structure and Reducing E&P Risks
O. Petrovskyy, T. Fedchenko
Mapping of Basement Through Magnetic Depth Estimation Along Regional Lines, Southeastern Mexico
E. E. Barrios, A. Tamez, M. A. Imaz
Re-Evaluation of Organic Matter Deposition of Central Atlantic Black Shales
L. Gao, N. D. Rodriguez, B. J. Katz
Evaluation of High Quality Source Rocks in Saline Environment of Continental Rift Basin: A Case Study in Laizhouwan Depression, Offshore Bohai Bay Basin, China
H. Cui, C. Xu, Q. Wang, F. Wang, H. Lu
Middle Triassic Source Potential and Lateral Variation in Organic Facies, Southwestern Barents Sea and Svalbard
T. Abay, D. A. Karlsen, J. H. Pedersen, S. Olaussen
Environmental Conditions of Deposition, Origin, and Relative Maturity of Organic Matter in Uppermost Barremian - Lowest Aptian Limestones of the Eastern Prada Quarry Section, Organyà Basin, South-Central Pyrenees, Spain
J. Llaguno, F. J. Maurrasse
Kerogen Kinetics of the Red River Formation, Williston Basin, North Dakota
K. J. Peterson, S. Wheeling, S. Nordeng
Confined Pyrolysis Study on Hydrocarbon Generation Kinetics, Residual Solid and Hydrocarbon Yield of Lacustrine Shale Source Rocks in Bozhong Depression, Offshore Bohai Bay Basin, China
J. Wang, L. Tian, C. Xu, X. Du, Q. Wang, H. Cui
Geochemistry, Origin, and Accumulation of Petroleum in the Eocene Wenchang Formation Reservoirs in Pearl River Mouth Basin, South China Sea: A Case Study of HZ25-7 Oil Field
J. Peng, X. Pang, X. Ma, H. Shi
Characteristics and Origin of Crude Oils in Dawanqi Oilfield, Kuqa Depression of NW China
H. Ji, G. Huang, S. Li, X. Chen
Geochemical Characterization, Depositional Environment, and Controlling Factors of ?-Carotene—A Case Study of Jimsar Depression, Junggar Basin of China
X. Ding, M. Zha, Y. Su, C. Gao, J. Qu, R. Lai
The Geochemical Characteristics of the Eocene Oils From the Rolling Anticline Belt of Chaheji in Baxian Sag, Bohai Bay Basin and Their Origins Analysis
X. Chen, H. Zou
Geochemistry and Organic Petrography of Aptian-Albian Source Rocks in the Araripe Basin, Northeastern Brazil
K. Goldberg, J. O. Menezes, M. B. Gonzalez
Acritarchs in the Silurian Qusaiba Shale and Related Biomarkers: Implication for Identifying Paleozoic Hydrocarbon Charge
I. AlAtwah, D. Jacobi
The Origin of Heavy Oil in Sanhecun Oilfield, Jiyang Depression, East China
C. Gao, Y. Li, M. Zha*, J. Qu, X. Ding
The Origin of Shallow Gas in Dongying Depression, Bohai Bay Basin, East China: Implication for Shallow Petroleum Exploration
Y. Li, M. Zha, C. Gao, J. Qu, X. Ding
The Impacts of Trap-to-Kitchen Axial Orientation and Natural Gas Sweeping on Migration Efficiency: A Multi-Field Case Study From the West of Shetlands (United Kingdom)
M. Everett, A. M. Fordham
A Comprehensive Geochemical Studies by Using Pyrolysis Analysis and Migration Pathway Map on Evaluating Source Rock Potential in Talang Akar Formation, Jambi Sub-Basin, South Sumatra
I. H. Faruqi, R. Amir, M. Nashir, W. B. Raharjo
Hydrocarbon Migration and Accumulation of the Suqiao Buried-Hill Zone in Wen’an Slope, Jizhong Subbasin, Bohai Bay Basin
N. Liu, N. Qiu, J. Chang, F. Shen, X. Ma, T. Jin, Q. Feng
Influence of High-Variable Geothermal Background on Hydrocarbon Generation and Expulsion: A Case Study in Baiyun Sag of Pearl River Mouth Basin, Deepwater Northern South China Sea
X. Xu, S. Xu, W. Shi, L. Chen
Pressure Evolution in Buried-Hill Reservoirs of Wen'an Slope, Jizhong Subbasin, Bohai Bay Basin
F. Shen, N. Qiu, J. Chang, N. Liu, X. Ma, D. Xiong
Overpressures and Their Significance in Offshore Bohai Bay Basin, China
X. Wang, S. J. Jones, S. He, Q. Liu, C. Cheng
Exceptional Hydrocarbon Source Rock of the Conventional (Albian) Kharita Formation Reservoir in Matruh Basin, Northern Western Desert of Egypt
S. S. Tahoun, A. Deaf, T. Gentzis, H. Carvajal
Thermal Evolution and Maturation of Sinian and Cambrian Source Rocks in the Central Area of Sichuan Basin, Southwest China
Q. Xu, N. Qiu, W. Liu
The Effect of Redox Conditions on Carbon Isotopes of Hydrocarbons During Hydrous Pyrolysis
Q. Fu, X. Chen, C. Chang, W. Hu, Q. Liu, Q. Meng
Geochemical Evidence of a Large Shift in Redox Conditions and Long Term-Deep Burial Oxidation by Radiolysis Associated with Elevated Organic-Matter Content and Gamma-Ray Intensity in the Paleozoic New Albany Shale, USA
M. A. Alrowaie, M. A. Haluska, L. M. Pratt
South Caribbean Petroleum Systems: An Updated Overview
D. S. Sanabria, V. O. Ramirez*
Surface Geochemical Exploration After 100 Years: Lessons Learned and What More Must Be Done
D. Schumacher
Nature and Origin of Dry Natural Gas in the Middle Indus Basin, Pakistan
A. S. Kornacki, N. Ahmad, S. Sharif
Formation Pressure Correction to Enhance the Prediction of the OWC in a Normal Pressure Reservoir
Q. Geng, S. Yanchun, J. Zhang, Z. Zhang, J. Zhen, X. Liu
Sand Bodies Connectivity Analysis Utilizing Measured Pore Pressure in Normal Pressure, Offshore Bohai Bay Basin, China
Q. Geng, C. Xu, C. Niu, B. Yang, H. Yang, J. Zhen
Harnessing Lightning in the Hunt for Hydrocarbons
L. J. Berent, H. R. Nelson
The Use of Iodine Surface Geochemistry Integrated With Seismic and Subsurface Geology to Find Conventional Reservoirs in the Mid-Continent USA
S. A. Tedesco
Impact of Pore Pressure Estimation Uncertainty on Well Design and Execution: An Example From Deepwater West Africa
R. Sarker, M. Kumar, B. A. Couzens-Schultz, R. Staples, P. Nair, A. Purkayastha, F. Strijbos
Characteristics of Overpressure Units in a Fault-Block Oilfield with Lacustrine Dolomite Reservoirs in Tanggu Area, Bohaiwan Basin
G. Yao, L. Li, Y. Yao
Genesis and Hierarchy Analysis of Mud-Rich Units Within Braided Fluvial Reservoir: A Case Study From the Orinoco Heavy Oil Belt, Venezuela
S. Chen, C. Lin, C. Dong, L. Ren, J. Li
Exploration Research to Evaluation – A New Way of Working
S. Meynard, K. Lukats
Geological Challenges in the Development of a Colombian Waterflood Using Horizontal Wells
A. R. Mora, C. Rodriguez, J. Pinilla, E. Quiroga, M. Cardozo
Drilling a Downdip Location: Effect on Updip and Downdip Resource Estimates and Commercial Chance
M. Schneider, D. M. Cook
Hyperspectral Imaging Technology Development and Application; Implications for Thin-Bedded Reservoir Characterization
T. Kosanke, S. E. Perry, R. Lopez
The Application of Geo-Microbial Hydrocarbon Detection and “4G” Comprehensive Research of Progressive Exploration in the Gudong Area, Shengli Oilfield
R. Xu, C. Guan, Y. Zhang, H. Mei, D. Hitzman
Fracture Characterization and Prediction in Unconventional Carbonate Reservoirs of the “Mississippian Limestone”, North-Central Oklahoma, USA
Y. Wang, T. Thompson, G. Grammer
The Light and Dark Side of Eagle Ford Shale Oil: Extrapolating Data Rich Wells to a Field Scale Model
C. Miller, E. Rylander, M. Koley, D. Paddock
Linking Sequence Stratigraphy and Rock Mechanics for the Unconventional Permian Tight Oil Play in the Delaware Basin: A Hierarchical Tool for Predicting Fracture Barriers and Stimulation Zones
S. J. Prochnow
Assessment of Undiscovered Continuous Oil Resources in the Wolfcamp Shale of the Midland Basin, West Texas
S. Gaswirth
Detecting and Quantifying Kerogen, Bitumen, and Organic Porosity From SEM Images
J. Walls, A. Grader, T. Hintzman
Comprehensive Unconventional Reservoir Characterization of the Woodford Shale in Parts of Garfield and Kingfisher Counties, Oklahoma
J. Zhang, R. Slatt
3-D Petrogeological Modeling of the Bakken Tight Oil Play, Southeastern Saskatchewan, Canada: Adoption of Conventional Workflows to Unconventional Reservoirs
S. C. Iwuoha, P. K. Pedersen
Hiatuses in the Eagle Ford Unconventional Resource Play, Recognizing Them and Determining How They Form
M. C. Pope, A. D. Donovan, M. Tice, R. A. Conte, M. P. Wehner, E. Peavey, T. Staerker
Assessing Controls of the Woodford Shale Rock Strength at the Bed Scale, Ardmore Basin, Oklahoma
D. M. Becerra-Rondon, H. A. Galvis-Portilla, R. Slatt
Geochemistry and Mineralogy of the Eocene Green River Formation Petroleum System, Uinta Basin, Utah
J. E. Birdwell, M. D. VandenBerg, R. C. Johnson
Facies Characterization of the Wolfcamp B and Lower Spraberry Intervals in the Midland Basin: Implications for Reservoir Quality and Distribution
R. D. Wilson, J. D. Chitale, P. Montgomery
Proposed Stratigraphic Correlation Framework, Wolfcamp, Delaware Basin, West Texas
M. L. VanDerLoop
Identification of Potential Sweet-Spots by Integrated Analysis of Core Samples and Conventional Wireline Logs in the Barnett Shale Play
N. Gupta, S. Kiv, S. Verma, D. Devegowda
3-D Multi-Scale Lithofacies Models of the Upper and Lower Bakken Shale Members of the Williston Basin in North Dakota, USA
S. Bhattacharya, T. Carr
Connectivity of the Oriskany Sandstone with the Marcellus Shale; Effects on Shale Gas Operations in North Central Pennsylvania
E. V. Glick, A. Douds, D. Bain
Heterogeneous Physical and Mechanical Properties Relative to Composition, Porosity, and Diagenesis in Siliceous Mudstones of the Upper Monterey Formation, Belridge Oilfied, San Joaquin Basin, California
R. M. Weller, R. J. Behl
Raman Spectroscopy of Organic Material in Shales: Identifying Suitable Laser Wavelength for Raman Spectra Excitation, Relationship to Thermal Maturity, Mechanical Properties, and Organic Matter Type Interpreted From SEM Images
Z. Liu, M. Myers, L. Hathon
Softening of Organic Matter in Shales During Heating Measured With Atomic Force Microscopy
S. Emmanuel, M. Eliyahu, R. Day-Stirrat, R. Hofmann, C. Macaulay
Depositional, Mineralogical, and Maturity Controls on Pore Types, Size, and Distribution in Mudstones
L. T. Ko, S. C. Ruppel, R. G. Loucks, T. Zhang, P. Hackley, D. Shao
Energy Storage Fracturing Based on Slick-Water System in Tight Oil Reservoirs
Y. Hu, Z. Chen, K. Chen, W. Liu*
A Petrophysical Model to Distinguish Water-Wet and Oil-Wet Fractions of Unconventional Reservoir Systems Using Triple-Combo Log Suites
M. Holmes, A. M. Holmes, D. I. Holmes
How Does the Pore-Throat Size Control the Reservoir Quality and Oiliness of Tight Sandstones?
K. Xi, Y. Cao, J. Jahren
Variation in Particle Size on the Determination of Permeability in Crushed Shale Samples
M. Achang
Numerical Modeling of Adsorption and Roughness Effects on Gas Transport in Shale Using the Lattice Boltzmann Method
Y. Zeng
Isotopic Biogeochemistry of Lipids and Organic Matter in Deep Subsurface Sediments of the Marcellus Shale
R. Akondi, S. Sharma, R. Trexler, P. Mouser, S. Pfiffner, V. Agrawal, A. Warrier
Multiple Approaches to Pore Structure Characterization of Self-Sourced Shales
Y. Zhang, T. Barber, Q. Hu
Can Fecal Pellets in Unconventional Resource Shales Generate Hydrocarbons?
E. J. Torres, R. Slatt, P. Philp, T. Wang, H. L. Rodriguez
Silica Diagenesis in Mudstones and the Impact on Consolidation and Brittle Deformation
A. Eakin, J. Reece