100 Years of Science
Fueling 100 Years of Prosperity

Sunday Afternoon Oral Presentations

Introductory Remarks
Petroleum Exploration Potential in North America c. 1859
R. P. Sorenson
The AAPG Century – Giant Fields Through the Decades
R. K. Merrill, C. A. Sternbach
Practical Tools, the Beginnings of Professional Practice, and the Founding of AAPG: 1900-1917
J. McDonald
Wallace E. Pratt: An Amazing Figure of 20th Century American Life and a True Petroleum Geologist
D. M. Jurick, G. R. Keller
Lewis G. Weeks and the “Oil Habitat” Paradigm in Petroleum Geology
R. Sorkhabi
Three Women Provide the Profound Exploration Technology Breakthrough of the 1920s
R. Gries
Macroseeps and Microseeps: A History of Unconventional Approach to Exploration Since the Start of the Petroleum Age
S. A. Tedesco
A View on the Past, Present, and Future Use of Paleoclimate Modeling in Hydrocarbon Exploration
M. I. Ross