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All events will be held at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center unless otherwise noted.

AAPG Center Exhibit Hall 3/4A, Booth 1629
AAPG Information Registration Area, Main Lobby
AAPG Volunteer Check-In Room 212
AAPG/SEPM Student Reception Grand Hyatt San Antonio, Lone Star Ballroom D/E/F
All-Alumni Reception Grand Hyatt San Antonio, Lone Star Ballroom A
All-Convention Luncheon Hemisfair Ballroom 2/3
Business Center Near Main Lobby Entrance
Career Center Room 006 A
DEG/EMD Luncheon Room 006 B/C/D
DPA Luncheon Room 006 B/C/D
End-of-Day Receptions Exhibit Hall 3/4A
Exhibition Exhibit Hall 3/4A
Exhibitor Sales Office and Rebooking Lounge Exhibit Hall 3/4A
Guest Hospitality Suite Grand Hyatt San Antonio, Bowie B
Wi-Fi Hot Spot Exhibit Hall 3/4A, Booth 1319
Icebreaker Reception Exhibit Hall 3/4A
Imperial Barrel Award (IBA) Ceremony Hemisfair Ballroom 2/3
Imperial Barrel Award (IBA) Competition Room 213
International Pavilion Exhibit Hall 3/4A
Judges Room Room 212
Luggage Check Main Lobby
Medical Services / First Aid Behind Escalators in Exhibit Hall 3
Mother’s Room Near Park View Registration
Opening Session and Awards Ceremony Hemisfair Ballroom 2/3
Oral Sessions Hemisfair Ballroom 1, Rooms 213, 214 A, 214 B/C, 214 D, 217 A, 217 B/C, 217 D
Media Lounge/Center Exhibit Hall 3/4A, Booth 1219
Poster Sessions Exhibit Hall 3/4A
Refreshment Breaks Exhibit Hall 3/4A
Registration Main Lobby
SEPM Business Meeting/Luncheon Room 007 A/B/C
SEPM President’s Reception and Awards Ceremony Marriott Riverwalk, Alamo Ballroom Salons D/E/F
SEPM Research Groups Marriott Riverwalk various rooms
Speaker Service Center Room 212
Student Career Seminar Grand Hyatt San Antonio, Lone Star Ballroom B
Student and Faculty Lounge Exhibit Hall 3/4A, Booth 1449
Young Professionals Meet & Greet Tower View Registration