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Armed with knowledge and precision, the AAPG Geo Heroes alongside a network of like-minded geoscience professionals, discover and protect energy resources on both land and sea. Overcoming obstacles, our geosciences community works together to find and deliver the energy services that increase the quality of life. Be the hero that leads the world to new energy frontiers and join the team of Geo Heroes at ACE 2020 Online.

The postponed AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition (ACE) is now all online, 29 September–1 October, and on-demand through the end of the year so you can view the content anytime, anywhere, and from any device.

The new dynamic digital platform is easy to navigate giving you access to all the great science, networking, and technology to help you stay on the cutting edge of petroleum geoscience. Feel the power of connecting with a global community of geoscience leaders to exchange ideas, formulate strategies, and solve problems of challenges in today’s environment.

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Attend one of the most prestigious events for the geosciences knowledge exchange now completely online. ACE 2020 Online provides nearly instant access to hundreds of top-notch papers, posters and entertainment, and activities with the click of a mouse. Register now and experience the newest evolution of AAPG’s flagship event.

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We encourage you – as a current or potential exhibitor – to participate in ACE 2020 Online. The new digital platform let’s you connect with a global audience of geoscientists allowing you to showcase your products and services for an extended engagement. Book your virtual exhibit space today and reach potential customers during the live event dates and through the end of the year.

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Choose the optimal sponsorship level to drive your success. Be the first brand your target thinks of when making a buying decision by investing in an aggressive brand strategy that paves the way for your sales team. Secure your sponsorship and build your brand awareness by aligning with over a century of science, networking, and technology.

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Explore What’s New at ACE 2020

The ACE 2020 Online technical program is on track to be the most comprehensive in AAPG's history. The program will feature new topics and new content offering a more integrated and dynamic geoscience exchange.

What's New at ACE 2020

Concurrent Technical Sessions

Traditionally the Annual Convention and Exhibition’s technical program has included eight concurrent sessions. The integration of seven new sessions gives the attendees more opportunity to learn and collaborate. An additional 150+ interactive presentations will be supplementing the program offering over 1,000 chances to explore new insights, science, and technology.

Interactive Panel Sessions

These newly integrated panel sessions will feature five-minute presentations from each speaker followed by a 20-minute moderated discussion between panelists regarding the session at hand and ending with an audience participation Q&A using the chat box feature.

Tackle the Issues

The experts will make you think in these 15-minute presentations by change agents who have a story to tell. The sessions will not be moderated and will conclude with an interactive audience Q&A using the chat box feature.

Special Country Sessions

Regional integration is one of the key objectives of ACE 2020. The Special Country Sessions are intended to provide participants with a synopsis on what is currently happening in the oil industry in Angola, Argentina, Colombia, Greenland, Mozambique, Peru, and Senegal. Presenters will outline the key trends, challenges, and emerging plays in each of these countries. Discussions will not only revolve around the geological potential of the key countries but also the overall political and economic outlooks that will impact business decisions and exploration strategies. These panels will have the participation of key industry players from each invited country.



  • The technical presentations were of very high quality with good, easy to read illustrations.

    ACE 2019 Attendee Survey Response
  • Great conference overall.

    ACE 2019 Attendee Survey Response
  • Great location; good meeting spaces; high technical quality.

    ACE 2019 Attendee Survey Response
  • The sessions were very interesting and learned new things from them.

    ACE 2019 Attendee Survey Response
  • International exhibits were especially helpful.

    ACE 2019 Attendee Survey Response
  • Exhibition and technical presentations were excellent.

    ACE 2019 Attendee Survey Response
  • Very impressed by my first ACE.

    ACE 2019 Attendee Survey Response
  • Excellent attention and the variety of topics were very good.

    ACE 2019 Attendee Survey Response
  • We obtained very solid business leads, which made the whole conference worth it.

    ACE 2019 Attendee Survey Response
  • Best ACE yet!

    ACE 2019 Attendee Survey Response
  • Always an excellent opportunity to network and to liaise with business colleagues.

    ACE 2019 Attendee Survey Response
  • Very well organized and managed. It was so easy to go about and gain knowledge.

    ACE 2019 Attendee Survey Response

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Showcase your latest innovations, solutions, and services to the industry’s elite. We make it easy to place your brand in the minds of geoscientists and connect you to your target audience.

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