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What is the Future of the Upstream Business?

Plenary Session

Monday, 8 June 2020, 8:00 a.m.–9:25 a.m.  |  Houston, Texas

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This session will address key strategic themes facing the upstream industry and their business implications including; investors, global energy supply, new exploration areas, and competition. Energy is a key driver in this economic success story. The industry has continued to provide fuel and power in an accessible and affordable fashion ultimately changing people’s lives for the better. Cleaner cooking fuels, reliable lighting, refrigeration, and motorized transportation are some of these enablers. Reducing costs of energy production and reducing the impacts of energy use on the environment are other factors facing industry. Technology is key—it is the foundation for meeting the challenges we face. More than any single factor, technology will shape our energy future. It has enabled us to help eradicate peak oil, capture efficiencies, and create value. Through free markets and strong partnerships, we can harness the technology potential and rise to the challenge and shape a future that meets our shared aspirations.

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Decio Oddone, Director, ANP Brazil


What is the Future of the Upstream Business?
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