morning presentations

Morning Presentations

Correlation of Organic Carbon Deposition in the Monterey Formation to Miocene Climatic Events Based on an Integrated Multi-Discipline Age Model
G. H. Blake
Sequence Stratigraphy, Facies Architecture, and Petroleum Potential of the Roseneath-Epsilon-Murteree Gas Plays in the Cooper Basin, Australia
F. Guo, P. J. McCabe, Z. Feng, C. Wu, X. Lyu
Re-Evaluation of Lower Jurassic Reservoirs in the Northern North Sea Provide a New Depositional Model and 900 Re-Orientation of the Feeder-System: Impact on Reservoir Distributions
A. Folkestad, R. J. Steel
Plio-Pleistocene Upper Slope Deposition in the Columbus Basin, Trinidad
N. Khan, K. Ramdin
New Plays in the Himalayan Foreland Revealed by Kinematic Forward Modeling and Structural Restoration: An Example from the Ratana Field, Potwar Plateau, Northern Pakistan
K. Shoaib, N. Eichelberger*, S. M. Tobias, Z. Zafar, S. D. Burley
Contrasting Deformation Mechanisms within Porous and Tight Carbonates: Field Examples and Insights on Reservoir Properties
P. Pace, R. Di Cuia, A. Riva, E. Battara, S. Borello, P. Ferretto
The Large but Unrecognized Potential in Ordovician Carbonate Plays in North Texas and South Oklahoma
D. R. Paddock, F. Xue, V. Sudhakar
An Integrated Approach to Tackle the Challenges in Characterizing and Modeling Fractured Tight Carbonate Reservoirs of Old Oil Discoveries
P. Pace, R. Di Cuia, J. Treen
Analysis of Oil Samples from the Cholula Discovery in the Salinas Basin, Mexico — Implications for Deep Structuration and Migration History
C. Farley, F. Mosca, D. A. Stanbrook, A. M. Seitchik
A Characterization of the Smackover Source Rock in the Deep-Water Gulf of Mexico and Derived Parameters for Petroleum Systems Modeling
B. T. Kirkland, J. H. Brand, L-C. Kuo
Geochemical Correlation of Late Mississippian-Sourced Crude Oils from the Western USA
J. B. Curtis, J. E. Zumberge, J. A. Zumberge
The First Reoccurrence of a Jurassic Seep Onshore Jamaica
R. U. V. Thompson, D. Boutoutaou, S. Cherry, D. Gold, B. Richardson, H. Thompson
Moment Tensor Inversion of Low Magnitude Earthquakes in the Delaware Basin
F. Kavoura, G-C. D. Huang, P. Li, A. Savvaidis
Is Magnitude the Parameter of Choice for Induced Seismicity Regulations?
A. Savvaidis, P-F. Roux, F. Kavoura
Fault Reactivation in Response to Saltwater Disposal and Hydrocarbon Production: Site-Specific Geomechanical Models of Seismic Sequences in the Dallas-Fort Worth Basin
P. Eichhubl, M. Haddad, Z. Fan
Integration of Induced Seismicity with Subsurface Fault Interpretations at the Illinois Basin — Decatur Project
S. C. Williams-Stroud, H. E. Leetaru, L. Eisner, F. Stanek
Spatial Point Pattern Analysis of Induced Seismicity and Injection Activity in the Dallas-Fort Worth Region
Y. Xiao, M. J. Pyrcz, R. Gao, P. H. Hennings, A. Savvaidis, J-P. Nicot
Wide-Area UAV Aeromagnetic Surveys to Detect Orphaned Oil and Gas Wells
A. Nikulin, T. De Smet, N. Romanzo, A. Puliaiev
Flood Mitigation Approaches Using Drone Photogrammetry
G. S. Adcock, M. Allison
Modeling Hormesis in Rhizoremediation of Petroleum Contaminated Sites
M. O. Eze, S. C. George, G. C. Hose
Looming Crisis for Humanity Not Oil but Water: The Indian Example
N. Kumar
Seismic Analysis with Wavelets and Deep Learning
S. Rao, A. Mishra
Automated Fault Detection from 3-D Seismic Using Artificial Intelligence — Practical Application and Examples from the Gulf of Mexico and North Slope Alaska
A. H. Pomroy, Z. D. Wolfe
Seismic Attribute Optimization for Deep-Water Facies Classification in SOM Analysis
K. La Marca Molina, H. Bedle
Seismic Determination of Dolomitization and Associated Reservoir Quality Using Supervised Machine Learning Techniques: Lower-Middle Permian Carbonates of the Midland Basin
A. B. Caf, J. D. Pigott
Low Saturation Gas Reservoir Discrimination Using Self-Organizing Maps, Deep Water Gulf of Mexico
J. Chenin, H. Bedle
Predictive Analytics, Undetected Oil Fields, and Einstein: A Unified Field Theory?
D. A. Kemmer, M. Turner-Williams
Integrating Petrophysics, Seismic Attributes, and Machine Learning for Shale Facies Identification and Prediction
J. C. Palmer, L. R. Goggin, A. Halpert, C. Skelt, L. Bandura, H. Liu
Supporting the Training of Physics Informed Neural Networks for Seismic Inversion Using Provenance
R. Souza, A. Codas, A. Nogueira Junior, J. Almeida, M. P. Quiñones, L. Azevedo, R. Thiago, E. Soares, M. Costalonga Cardoso, L. Martins
Tailoring Completions to Geology: A Machine-Learning Driven Approach
K. Sathaye, T. Cross, D. Niederhut, K. Darnell

afternoon presentations

Afternoon Presentations

Are “Lowstand Deltas” Truly Deposited as Lowstand Systems Tracts?
W. Lin, J. P. Bhattacharya
Embedding Mesoscale Delta Dynamics within a Macroscale Mass Balance Framework
P. Wooldridge, R. Duller, R. Jerrett, K. Straub, R. Dutt, B. Q. Wells, C. Griffin
Characteristics and Origin of Fine-Grained Composite Particles (Aggregates) in the Cenomanian Dunvegan Prodelta “Mudstones” — Implications for Depositional Processes and Reservoir Quality
Z. Li, J. Schieber, P. K. Pedersen
Computational Stratigraphy Untangling the Interplay Between Allogenic and Autogenic Controls in Sedimentary Systems
T. Sun, B. J. Willis
The Influence of Backwater Morphodynamics on Spatial Variability in Fluvial-Deltaic Reservoir Quality
C. Wu, J. A. Nittrouer, A. J. Moodie, T. Y. Dong, K. Dunne, H. Ma
The Importance of Sedimentology and Stratigraphy of Bayhead Deltas in Understanding Low Gradient Paralic Systems: Paleocene Lower Wilcox Group, Gulf of Mexico
M. I. Olariu
The Importance of Sedimentology and Stratigraphy of Bayhead Deltas in Understanding Low Gradient Paralic Systems: Paleocene Lower Wilcox Group, Gulf of Mexico
M. I. Olariu
Sequence Stratigraphic Framework of the Wara Formation, Wafra Field, Partitioned Zone of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait
S. Esmeray-Senlet, K. D. Ehman, P. H. Wilkinson
Quantification of Grain Coatings in Sandstone Reservoirs
D. Charlaftis, S. Jones, P. Dyer, K. Dobson, S. Acikalin, M. Osborne
How Important is Microquartz Cement for Reservoir Properties?
R. Weibel, M. T. Nielsen, J. Therkelsen, F. C. Jakobsen, M. Bjerager, F. Mørk, A. Mathiesen, J. Hovikoski, P. Johannessen, K. Dybkjær
Assisted Chronostratigraphic Multi-Well Correlation Using Facies, Distality and Depositional Slopes
P. Baville, M. Apel, C. Carpentier, G. Caumon, S. Hoth, D. Knaust, C. Antoine
Core to Log Integration in Alaska's North Slope Nanushuk Formation Using High Resolution Petrophysical Profiling
R. Ahmadov, S. Carhart, K. Johnson, L. Louis, G. Boitnott
Norphlet Reservoir Degradation by Salt Plugging: The Vile Beast Within the Berry
C. Onubogu, T. Rives, E. Pernarcic
Geothermal Gradients in the Deep-Water Gulf of Mexico and their Relationship to Overpressure: Garden Banks, Green Canyon, Keathley Canyon, and Walker Ridge
S. L. Cornelius, P. A. Emmet
Analog-Based Reservoir Quality Prediction of Cretaceous to Miocene Sandstones in the US Gulf of Mexico (GoM): Impact of Provenance, Burial, Thermal Anomalies, and Depositional Facies
A. Ozkan, H. Coumont, I. S. Espejo, M. M. Jaminski, C. I. Macaulay, N. Auchter, M. A. Chapin, A. Getsinger
Controls on Reservoir Quality and Rock Property Trends in the Mungaroo Formation, Carnarvon Basin, Australia
S. Menacherry
“MAMMA” — Basin Mastery in a Regional Petroleum Systems Analysis of Sub-Saharan Africa
M. Barroso-Coelho, G. C. Smagghe, V. Delhaye-Prat, I. Billeaud, R. Eschard, J. B. Floodpage*, G. Rimmele, B. Ray
Total Organic Carbon Content Prediction From Well Logs via Artificial Neural Network Models
Y. Yang, Z. Wan, P. Luo, A. G. Bhullar
Using Past Fluid Composition to Investigate Present-Day Fluid Distribution: A Combined Fluid Inclusion and Petroleum System Modeling Approach
S. Mehay, J-C. Chao, D. Hall, J. C. Hidalgo, M. Marin, A. Bartha
Kinetics of Hydrocarbon Generation from the Marine Ordovician Goldwyer Formation Canning Basin, Western Australia
L. M. Johnson, R. Rezaee, G. C. Smith, N. Mahlstedt, A. Kadkhodaie, H. Yu
Geochemistry of the Cretaceous Mowry Shale in the Wind River Basin, Wyoming
K. French, J. E. Birdwell, P. G. Lillis
1-D and 2-D Modelling of the Parnaíba Basin: A Case Study of a Prolific Atypical Petroleum System
F. S. de Miranda, F. B. Aragao, A. L. S. Vettorazzi, T. G. M. de Souza, D. Michelon, H. A. Lopes, S. Planke, D. Schmid, I. Karthik, D. A. Jerram
Examination of Downward Hydrocarbon Charge within the Bakken — Three Forks Petroleum System, Williston Basin, North America
T. O. Nesheim
The Contributions of Albert W. Bally to the Knowledge of Fold and Thrust Belts
J. F. Flinch
Sedimentological and Structural Controls on the Pennsylvanian Spiro Sandstone Gas Reservoirs in the Arkoma Foreland Basin, Oklahoma
I. Cemen
A Listric Model of the Naga Thrust and Fold Belt, Assam, India
B. B. Hawkins, P. Jaiswal, J. C. Pashin, C. M. Burberry, R. Dasguta
Growth of Thrust Fault Arrays in Space and Time: An Example from the Deep-Water Niger Delta Gravitational System
M. Pizzi, L. Lonergan*, A. C. Whittaker, M. J. Mayall
Inversion Tectonics: Overrated in Exploration and Underreported in Production?
G. C. Tari, Z. Schleder
Thin-Skinned Extensional Salt Tectonics: From Bally’s Salt Rollers to Collapsed Diapirs to the Albian Gap of Brazil
M. G. Rowan
Structural Styles of Fold and Thrust Belts Reactivating Passive Margins Involving Salt
J. A. Munoz, P. Granado, P. Strauss, K. Pelz, E. Roca, O. Ferrer, E. Wilson, P. Santolaria Otin
Forward Tectonic Modeling of Newfoundland and its Conjugate Margins: A New Approach to Exploration in Deep Water Basins
R. C. Whittaker, B. Ady
Influence of Pre-Rift Orogenic Activity on Syn-Rift and Post-Rift Development: Evidence From the Passive Margin of Eastern North America
M. O. Withjack, M. L. Malinconico, M. Durcanin
Modeling Geomechanical Response to Commercial-Scale Carbon Storage in the Mt. Simon Storage Complex, Central Illinois
O. Babarinde, S. C. Williams-Stroud, R. Okwen, L. Swager, S. Whittaker
Sealing Capacity Analysis of the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale at Kemper County Energy Facility in Mississippi for CO2 Sequestration
M. Achang, J. C. Pashin, M. Radonjic
CO2 Distribution Prediction Using Machine Learning Based Proxy Model in Geological Carbon Sequestration
Z. Zhong, A. Sun
South Atlantic Offshore Geologic Assessment for Carbon Storage in the Southeastern United States Based on Rock Physics and Seismic Analyses
C. C. Knapp, J. H. Knapp, K. Almutairi, A. Bean, J. Ollmann
Comparing CO2 Injection Practices to Low-Salinity and High-Salinity Wastewater Injection Practices Into Deep Saline Aquifers in Kansas
E. Ansari, Y. I. Holubnyak, F. J. Hasiuk, J. Hollenbach
Potential Formation Damage: An Integrated Reservoir Characterization Study of the Naturally Fractured Carbonate Middle Duperow Formation at the Kevin Dome, Montana
M. C. Nguyen, M. Dejam, Y. Zhang, D. W. Bowen, M. Fazelalavi, P. H. Stauffer
Structural and Stratigraphic Characterization of X Field Niger Delta: Implication for Carbon Capture and Sequestration
M. Yahaya-Shiru, O. Igwe, T. Omeru, S. Obafemi
Geologic Risk Characterization of a Carbon Storage Complex, an Illinois Basin Example
H. E. Leetaru, S. C. Williams-Stroud, J. McBride, C. Korose
Estimating the CO2 Saturation Changes Using Machine Learning Based on Time-Lapse Seismic Data
Z. Zhong
Seismic Impedance Inversion Using Kirchhoff Migration Offset Gathers and Common Reflection Angle Migration Gathers: A South Texas Case Study
E. M. Menyoli
A New Thin Bedded Reservoir Prediction Method Based on Geological Seismic Conditioning and Waveform Indicated Inversion and Its Application in the Yingmaili Gas Field, Tarim Basin
C. Xiangfei, L. Yonglei, Z. Chenggang, L. Zhenzhou, L. Haifeng, C. Xin, X. Jiang, L. Songyuan, Z. Jun
Application of Dominant Frequency Band Reconstruction Inversion Technology in the Prediction of Oil-Bearing Reservoirs under Coal-Bearing Strata
F. Li, X. Guo, B. Wang, X. Zhang, X. Yin, Y. Cao
Addressing Some Artifacts in PP-PS Registration Prior to Performing Joint Impedance Inversion
S. Chopra, R. K. Sharma
Biot-Gassmann Fluid Term Extraction Based on PP-PS Joint Inversion
Q. Q. Ma
Geological Modeling of Internal Interlayers of a Braided River Reservoir Based on Pre-stack Seismic Inversion
X. Ye, C. Huo, P. Wang, J. Xu, J. Li
Pre-Stack Inversion of A New Lithological Identification Factor for Paleogene Reservoir Prediction
X. Xie, Z. Zhang, Q. Zhu, Y. Chuai, D. Zhao
Fine Prediction of Thin Dolomite Using Multi-Wave Joint Inversion
H. Wang, K. Chen, J. Gao, G. Di, X. Guo
South Atlantic Offshore Geologic Assessment for Carbon Storage in the Southeastern United States: Rock Physics and Seismic Analyses
C. C. Knapp, K. Almutairi, J. Ollmann, A. Bean
Managing Data Quality and Trustworthiness Across Different Organizations
P. E. Neri, R. Philo
Strategic Saltwater Disposal Performance Assessments are Improved with Quality Assurance of Texas Regulatory Data
C. R. Lemons
Building the Brazilian Geochemical Database
B. R. Rodrigues, C. J. M. de Souza
An Integrated Approach Using Seismic, Well Logs and Cores for Predicting the Depositional Architecture in Jurassic Reservoirs, South Mangyshlak Basin, Western Kazakhstan
M. Morosini, J. D. Sanchez Mendoza, R. Iltukov, M. Mukushev
Data Integration for Engineered Completion Design in the Marcellus Shale
L. Li, P. Kavousi, B. Li, B. Carney, T. R. Carr
Well Log Uncertainty Analysis and Pre-Drill Information Studies with Geostatistics and Data Analytics for Unconventional Resources
W. Liu, J. J. Salazar, D. M. Ooi, D. Derenthal, M. J. Pyrcz
Prior Well Depletion or Interwell Spacing? Isolating the Causes of Spacing Degradation in the Williston Basin
K. Sathaye, K. Darnell, T. Cross, D. Niederhut
Advanced Horizontal Well Correlation Method for the Dynamic Update of Subsurface Layers While Geosteering
A. M. Almaskeen, S. S. Ali
Integrated Geostatistical Approach for Trend Modeling of Log Property Derivatives in the Permian Basin
J. J. Salazar, W. Liu, D. M. Ooi, D. Derenthal, M. J. Pyrcz
Understanding the Depositional Character of Lunar Ice
D. E. Wyatt
Technical and Economic Restraints on Resource Development on the Moon, Mars, and the Asteroids
W. A. Ambrose, B. L. Cutright, D. K. Beike, D. J. Rich
Milankovic Cycles on Mars and the Impact on Economic Exploration
M. A. Brzostowski
X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis of the Justiss LA Central IPNH No. 2 Well-Core from LaSalle Parish, Louisiana
F. Frederick, G. Kinsland, M. Rahmatian
Repurposing Hydrocarbon Wells for Geothermal Use in the United Kingdom
G. Falcone, R. Westaway, S. M. Watson, A. Al Lawati
The Characteristics of a Helium-Rich Natural Gas Reservoir in the Guanzhong Basin, China
M. Dong, Z. Wang, H. Dong, L. Ma, L. Zhang
Surface Geochemical Exploration Surveys for Helium and Uranium Deposits
D. M. Seneshen
Recognizing Uranium Source Rocks in the Sedimentary Environment
S. S. Sibray, D. R. Hallum, M. D. Campbell
Quantitative Comparative Sedimentology - Value Added for a Refined Interpretation
P. M. Harris, S. J. Purkis
Evolution of a Modern Ooid Sand Island South Joulter Cay, Great Bahama Bank
J. C. Laya, P. M. Harris, M. Frazer
The Divergent Evolution of Tropical vs. Subtropical Carbonate Platforms is Related to Their Winter Waters
S. J. Purkis, A. Oehlert, H. Hunter, P. Swart, P. M. Harris*
Upper Slope Detailed Modern Reef Morphologies: Unique Archive of a Well-Established High Amplitude Sea Level Transgression, Lighthouse and Central Barrier Reefs (Belize)
T. Baykut, A. W. Droxler, A. Moodie, J. Nittrouer, J. Johnson, D. Parsons
Jurassic to Cretaceous Carbonate Margins in the Guyanas Basin: Integrating Regional Well and Seismic Facies to Generate Basin-Wide EOD Maps
M. Lee, M. Thomas, A. Belopolsky, J. Trude, T. Grow
Storm Beds (Tempestites) Outcrop Analog From the Late Jurassic Jubaila Formation and Basal Arab Formation, Saudi Arabia
M. I. Fallatah, C. Kerans
Replacing Conventional Brittleness Indices Determination with New Attributes Employing True Hydrofracturing Mechanism
R. K. Sharma, S. Chopra*
Fracture Development in Unconventional Reservoirs and Its Role in Hydrocarbon Migration and Expulsion
I. S. Abu-Mahfouz, J. A. Cartwright, V. C. Vahrenkamp, T. W. Patzek, R. Littke
Experimental Test of a Rock Physics Model for Unconventional Reservoirs
J. Dvorkin, J. Walls*
A New Approach for Characterizing Rock Closure Stress From Borehole Images; Honoring the High-Resolution Mechanical Facies of Unconventional Reservoirs
E. G. Haddad, A. S. Wray
Mitigating Kerogen Polymeric Characteristics in Unconventional Operations
K. L. Hull, Y. N. Abousleiman
Identifying Sweet Spots and Landing Zones in Organic-Rich Mudstone Reservoirs through Assessment of Compositional and Geomechanical Heterogeneity: A New Well Log-Based Method
M. Venieri, P. K. Pedersen, D. W. Eaton
Assessment Development Plans of Hydraulic Fracturing in Bakken Oil Wells Using Integral Approach
A. Ellafi, H. Jabbari
Unconventionals Acoustic Velocities: Model Development from Acoustic Microscope Measurements
A. Simone, L. Hathon, M. Myers
An Innovative Machine Learning Approach to Unconventional Production Prediction
S. J. Prochnow, Y. Lin, M. C. Jones, M. J. Richey, P. K. Papazis
Predicting Production Metrics for Unconventional Shale Reservoirs
C. P. Ross
Multi-Disciplinary Evaluation of Horizontal Logging While Tripping (LWT) Data From the Viking Formation, Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin
J. Beal
A New Theoretical Approach to Estimating Pore Pressure for Gas-In-Place Calculations in the Marcellus Shale, Appalachian Basin, USA
D. R. Blood, S. D. McCallum, J. Jalali
Ground Based Hyperspectral Imaging and Geochemical Analysis of the Woodford Shale Oklahoma
E. N. Adigwe
Palynofacies for Reservoir Evaluation: Methodology and Applications for Unconventional Plays
K. Ruckwied, B. W. Driskill
Upscaling Heterogeneous Shale Porosity from Nanometer- to Millimetre-Scale in 3-D
L. Ma, K. G. Taylor*, P. Lee, P. J. Dowey, A-L. Fauchille, J. Mecklenburgh, E. Rutter
Shale Gas Petrophysical Properties From Imbibition Experiments
C. Palencia, L. Hathon, M. Myers
Gas-Water Relative Permeability: Direct Measurements and Implications for Water and Gas Production
S. Peng
Depositional and Diagenetic Controls on Reservoir Quality in Source-Rock Reservoirs: An Eagle Ford Example
B. S. Hart, J. Schieber, Z. Yawar