morning presentations

Morning Presentations

Influence of Water Depth and Hydrodynamics on Habitat and Facies Distribution in a Tropical, Mixed Carbonate-Siliciclastic Lagoon, Little Laughlands, Jamaica
O. A. Wilkerson, A. Husinec
Petrographic Examination of Three Forks Formation Reservoir Lithofacies: Implications for Porosity Development
A. Adeyilola, S. H. Nordeng
Paragenesis of Silicified Corals: Evidence From Petrography and Silicon Isotopic Analyses
C. G. Moreira Nobrega de Andrade
Paleoenvironmental Indicators of Lower Aptian Organic-Rich Sediments Associated with OAE1a in the Cuchia Section, Basque-Cantabrian, Northern Spain
C. Herdocia, F. J-M. Maurrasse
Demise of OM-Rich Facies and Changing Environmental Conditions Associated with the End of Carbon Isotope Segment C5 Of OAE1a, South-Central Spanish Pyrenees
J. Socorro, F. J-M. Maurrasse
Assessing Regional Thermal Maturity of the Agrio Formation Through Basin Modeling of the Neuquén Basin, Argentina
C. A. Valery, L. P. Birgenheier, M. D. Greb
Developing Basin Subsidence Model through Utilization of MATLAB Programming
N. U. M. K. Chowdhury
Sedimentology, Chemofacies, and Stratigraphic Architecture of the Lower Cretaceous Burro Canyon Formation, Ninemile Hill- Unaweep Canyon, Colorado
H. Morgan, M. J. Pranter, R. Cole
Influence of Structural and Tectonic Evolution on the Petroleum System(s) Development Within the Pletmos Basin, Offshore South Africa: Implications for Hydrocarbon Prospectivity
F. A. Agbor, S. Mhlambi, N. Achu Teumahji, W. A. Sonibare, T. K. Chatterjee, J. M. van Bever Donker
Influence of the Early Paleozoic Structures on the Permian Strata, Midland Basin: Insights From Multi-Attribute Seismic Analysis
M. Scipione, S. Verma
New Insights of the Cenozoic Transtensional Fault System in the Sichuan Basin and its Petroleum Significance
N. Su
Hydrocarbon Implications of the Ultra-Deep Kink-Band Folds in the Northern Longmen Shan, Sichuan Basin
H. Liang, Q. Ran, G. Di, S. Han, M. Zeng
Initiation of Extensional Tectonics in East-Central Arkansas: Thermochronology of Igneous Intrusions Surrounding the Mississippi Embayment
S. Walker, M. Wielicki, I. Cemen
The Role of Deep-Seated Half-Grabens in the Evolution of the Northern Tian Shan Fold-and-Thrust Belt and Its Implications to Exploration, Northwest China
D. Ma
Tectonic Evolution of Andaman Basin with Special Reference to Hydrocarbon Potential
S. Yadav, D. K. Sinha
The Pre-Break-Up Position of the Falkland Plateau Within Gondwana — Insights from Deformable Plate Modelling
R. M. Stanca, D. A. Paton, D. M. Hodgson, D. McCarthy, E. Mortimer, P. Markwick
Progressive Deformation in the Arbuckle and Wichita Mountains: Implications for Exploration in the Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma
K. J. Smart, D. A. Ferrill, B. G. Rysak
A New 3-D Structural Model and Characterization of Basement-Rooted Faults of the Delaware Basin and Central Basin Platform for Application in Understanding Recent Seismicity
E. A. Horne, P. H. Hennings, C. K. Zahm
The Growth and Linkage of Boundary Faults with Different Strikes in Nanpu Sag, Bohai Bay Basin, Eastern China
S. Sun
Egyptian Red Sea, A New Exploratory Approach in an Unexplored and Promising Basin
S. Villarroel, S. Tewari, K. Broadbent, A. Eid, H. Diab, O. Schenk, R. Ysaccis, M. El-Toukhy, A. Mostafa
Predicting the Distribution of Subsurface Sedimentary Facies Using Deep Convolutional Progressive Generative Adversarial Network (Progressive GAN)
S. Song, T. Mukerji, J. Hou
A Novel Workflow for Estimating Missing Well Log Using Machine Learning Methods
F. Tian, W. Dong
Can Machine Learning Help Predict Channel Stacking Patterns in Deep-Water Systems?
N. F. R. Vento, L. Stright, S. M. Hubbard, B. W. Romans
Application of a Naive Bayesian Model in Predicting Fault Seal
W. Qiaochu, C. Dongxia, W. Yu, W. Fuwei
A Convolutional Neural Network for Vuggy Facies Classification from Borehole Images
J. Jiang, D. McAlpin, C. Xu, R. Xu, S. James, W. Li
GAN-Based Multipoint Geostatistical Inversion Method and Application
P. Xie, J. Hou
Enhancement of 3-D Fault Interpretation from Seismic Data Using a Post-Stack Seismic Data Conditioning and Artificial Neural Network Approach in Cai36 3-D Prospect of the Junggar Basin, China
L. Cui, K. Wu, J. Ji
Neural Networks and the Markov Chain Approach for Facies Analysis and Prediction from Well Logs in the Precipice-Evergreen Succession, Surat Basin-Implications for CO2 Storage
J. He, D. L. C. Andrew
Fault Characterization Using Convolutional Neural Networks in Alaska's North Slope
R. Sabbagh, X. Wu, M. Shuster, O. Duffy, M. A. Wartes, S. Sawyer, Q. Azmat, D. Prusak
A Comparative Study on Visual Tools for Analogs
E. Vital Brazil, V. Segura, A. Fucs, J. Jansen
Automated Well Log Conditioning for Petrophysical Interpretation
M. Yenugu, R. Roundtree
Breaking Open the Bakken: A Data Analytical Approach
E. J. MacDonald
Unsupervised Segmentation of Rock MicroCT Scans Using Deep Learning
F. Bordignon, G. Formighieri, E. Burgel, B. B. Rodrigues
Grain Segmentation and Region Mask Generation in Digital Rock Images Using Convolutional Neural Networks
R. Pelapur, A. Aghaei, C. Burt, B. Bohara
Object Detection in SEM Images Using Convolutional Neural Networks: Application on Pyrite Framboid Size-Distribution in Fine-Grained Sediments
A. Davletshin, L. Tingwei Ko, K. Milliken, P. Periwal, W. Song
Teaching Students the Intersection Between Geosciences and Computers in an Interdisciplinary Reservoir Characterization and Modeling Course
L. Stright, S. M. Hudson
Does Crustal Architecture Variability in Rifted Margins Influence Heat Flow and Maturation?
M. Gouiza, D. A. Paton, P. J. Markwick
Assessing the Potential of Different Formulations to Quantify the Error on Facies Data for the Calibration of Stratigraphic Forward Models
D. Granjeon, V. Gervais, P. Rasolofosaon
Thermal Evolution Modeling of Mesoproterozoic Source Rocks in Ordos Region
G. Tian, Y. Minghui, J. Chen
Coupled Stratigraphic, Diagenetic and Basin Modelling for an Ultra-Deep Petroleum System Analysis: A Case Study from the Tarim Basin, China
J. Liu, K. Liu, L. Yang, P. Yang, L. Yu, K. Zhai
Before the Basin Model: Utilizing Formation Tops and Production Profiles to Understand the Effects of Burial History on Hydrocarbon Production
T. Cross, K. Sathaye, K. Darnell, D. Niederhut
Integrated Stratigraphic and Thermal/Burial Modeling of the Levant Basin (East-Mediterranean Region): Implications on Thermogenic and Biogenic Petroleum Systems Assessment
F. H. Nader, N. G. Hawie, S. A. Bou Daher, N. Maurand
The Effects of Reactant Surface Area and Mineralogy on Dolomite Stoichiometry
K. G. Rose, S. E. Kaczmarek
Influence of Early Diagenetic Chert in the Formation of Mechanical Heterogeneities in a Laminated Limestone Reservoir Analog
G. M. Silva Ramos, A. F. Lima de Araújo, M. Alencar, O. J. Filho, J. A. Barbosa, J. G. de Oliveira Topan, J. G. de Oliveira Topan, V. H. Neumann, A. C. Dantas Antonino, A. P. Bruno
Ultra-Deep Mesozoic Subsalt Carbonate Exploration Targets: Long Island Bahamas and Dead Sea Israel- Implications From Successes
S. A. Epstein, A. Spector, D. Clark
Classification and Logging Identification of Diagenetic Facies of a Cretaceous Carbonates Formation in Southern Iraq: Implication for Reservoir Quality Prediction
K. Shi, H. Zheng, H. Liu, B. Liu, Z. Tian, R. Guo
Evolution of Diagenetic Geochemical System With Implication for Pre-Salt Dolostone Reservoir Quality of the Lower Ordovician Majiagou Formation in Central Ordos Basin, China
M. Liu
Sediment Routing and Provenance of Shallow to Deep Marine Sandstones in the Late Paleozoic Oquirrh Basin, Utah
A. Jones, D. M. Sturmer, T. S. Bidgoli
Petrographic Study of the Middle Devonian Portwood Member of the New Albany Shale: Implications for Depositional Processes and Paleoenvironment Interpretations
X. Shao, J. Schieber
Simulation of Stratal Architecture in Deep Marine Minibasins: Making it Realistic is Easy — Making it Exactly Right is Not
D. N. Christie, F. Peel, E. J. Sumner, G. Apps, S. Stanbrook
Onshore Structural Movement Revealed through the Presence of Volcaniclastic Deposition Offshore — Cholula-1EXP, Miocene Salinas del Istmo Basin, Mexico
D. A. S. Stanbrook, N. Capuzzo, C. R. Farley, M. A. Durcanin, A. M. Seitchik
Volcaniclastics from Igneous Provinces with Coincident Arc Volcanism Create Hydrocarbon Source Rocks
D. Parker
Inherited Tectonics — Control on Late Devonian Deposition in the Williston Basin
M. H. Hofmann, S. A. Edwards
Cretaceous Napo U and Napo T Sandstone Channels Accommodation Space Created by Tectonism and Erosion; Exploration and Development Implications on Western Ecuadorian Oriente Basin
F. A. Ramirez
Potential Cretaceous Petroleum Systems of the Northern Onshore and Offshore Basins of Jamaica
G. H. Blake, R. Thompson, B. Richardson, H. Thompson
The Deep-Water Deposits Evolved Under the Uplift of The Himalayan in Offshore Myanmar
X. Xu, D. Shao, H. Ma, Y. Zhang, L. Ding, H. Sun
Mixed Siliciclastic-Carbonate Deposition in Response to the Strike-Slip Reversal in the Eocene Laizhouwan Sag, Bohai Bay Basin, Eastern China
L. Wang, H. Yang, G. Qian, W. Shi, W. Su
Application of Tectonostratigraphic Analysis in Frontier Basins — A Case Study from Kirthar Foldbelt, Pakistan
M. Z. Khan, M. R. Khan, M. O. A. Baig
New Insight Into the Late Cretaceous Deformation and Sytectonic Sedimentation in the Songliao Basin, Northeastern China: Implications for Basin Evolution on the Pacific Northwest Continental Margin
Z. Feng, D. Gao, S. Zhang, Z. Feng, T. Duan
Evaluation of the Pacific Margin of Central America: Insight from Regional 2-D Seismic Interpretation
A. Goswami, J. L. Pindell, B. W. Horn
Interaction Between Sea-Level Changes and Depositional Tectonics: Implications for Hydrocarbon Prospectivity in the Western Coastal Swamp Depobelt, Niger Delta Basin, Nigeria
O. B. Ogbe, J. Osokpor
Quantifying Heterogeneity Preserved in Inverted Seismic Data: Implications for Reservoir Prediction and Geostatistical Modeling
T. R. Langenkamp, L. Stright, H. Bedle, S. M. Hubbard, B. Romans
Mechanical Stratigraphy of Mississippian Strata, STACK Trend, Eastern Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma
J. J. Tellez, M. J. Pranter, C. Sondergeld, R. Chandra, J. Fu, H. Ham, C. T. McLain
Tectonic Setting, Structure, and Hydrocarbon Potential of Pre-Salt, Mesozoic Rift Basins in the Northeastern Gulf of Mexico
M. Storey, P. Mann, M. Liu
Origin of Supra-Salt Syndepositional Folds within the Jurassic Morrison Formation, Big Gypsum Valley, Colorado
A. Soltero, R. Langford, K. Giles
Offshore El Salvador: The First Interpretation of a Unique 2-D Seismic Dataset and Implications for a Working Petroleum System in a Forearc Basin Setting
A. N. Branda, B. D. Trudgill
Evolution Characteristics of Transtensional Faults and their Impacts on Hydrocarbon Migration and Accumulation: A Case Study from the Huimin Depression, Bohai Bay Basin, Eastern China
F. Wang, D. Chen, Q. Wang
Pore Network and Gas Adsorption Potential Evolution of a Marine Shale During Organic Matter Maturation
Y. Wang, Q. Hu, L. Liu
Structure, Stratigraphy, and Recent Hydrocarbon Indicators in the Grenada and Tobago Basins, Southeastern Caribbean Sea
J. F. Miller, P. Mann, J. Masy, R. Sorley
Identifying and Assessing Autogenic Cycles in Alluvial Stratigraphy
K. D. Phillips, B. Z. Foreman, K. Straub, W. Clyde, W. B. Ward
Statistical Shape Characterization of Fluvial Sand Bodies and Implications for Reservoir Models
M. Franzel, S. Jones, M. Allen, K. McCaffrey, I. Jermyn
Understanding Shallow Marine Clastic Reservoir Heterogeneity from Modern Analogs Resolved by GPR and Drone Imagery
P. Duff, A. Freeze
Evolution of Abnormal Pressure in Paleogene Es3 formation of the Huimin Depression, Bohai Bay Basin, China
W. Qiaochu, C. Dongxia, W. Fuwei, S. Xuebin
Modern Sedimentation and Sediment Distribution in the Gulf of Mexico
J. Decker, P. S. van Heiningen, N. Kaymakci, P. A. Zippi, P. A. Teas, D. L. Orange
A Classification Scheme for Turbidite Fan Systems in Deep-Lacustrine Basins: Examples from the North Falkland Basin
T. J. H. Dodd, D. J. McCarthy, S. M. Clarke, D. J. R. Jones, G. E. Plenderleith, T. A. Randles
Simplified Turbidity Current Process Models as Tools in Deep-Water Exploration, Appraisal, and Development
J. Eggenhuisen
Deep-Water Slope Channels in Supply-Dominant Clinoform Systems, Comparing the Jurassic Neuquén Basin and the Cretaceous Washakie Basin
Y. Gan, R. J. Steel, C. Olariu, F. N. de Almeida Junior, C. R. Carvajal
The Sedimentary Characteristics and Formation Mechanism of Deep-Water Channels in Yinggehai and Qiongdongnan Basins, South China Sea
C. Fan, J. Xu
Sequence Stratigraphy and Exploration Potential of the Upper Cretaceous-Miocene Sections, Deep Water Morondava Basin, Western Madagascar
L. Haas, P. Weimer, G. Tari, K. Hannke, H. Raharisolofo, S. Rahajarivelo
Image-Based Pore Structure Characterization and Pore-Scale Fluid Flow Simulation of Eocene Beach-Bar Sandstones in the Western Slope of Dongying Depression, Eastern China
Y. Wang, S. Yang, Y. Zhang, Y. Lu
Sequence Stratigraphy and Depositional Environment of Kopili Sediments of Upper Assam South Block, India: Evaluating the Relationship with Diagenetic Events
D. Bhuyan, B. M. Hazarika, L. Phor, J. K. Basumatary
Characteristics and Formation Mechanisms of High-Quality Clastic Reservoirs Below 7,000 Meters
Q. Zeng, T. Mo
Morphology of Clastic Braided Stream Deposits and its Implication for Field Development Strategy
C. Jia, J. Guo, D. He
Resolving Sedimentary Features in a Lower Miocene Clastic Reservoir, Jeanerette Field, Louisiana
G. Leiceaga, C. Puryear, K. Rimaila

afternoon presentations

Afternoon Presentations

Proximal to Distal Changes of Thin Lacustrine Deltas in the Ancient and Modern
J. H. Gearon, C. Olariu, R. J. Steel
Fluvial Systems and their Contributions to the Stratigraphic Architecture in Modern Continental Rift Settings: Santa Fe Formation, Española Basin, New Mexico, USA
L. T. Welcome, L. J. Wood, R. L. Gawthorpe
The Po River Basin and Northwestern Adriatic Coast, Italy as a Modern Analog to the Star Point/Blackhawk/Castlgate Sequence of the Book Cliffs Region, U.S.A.
W. W. Little
Analogs to Fluvial Reservoirs: What Factors are Important?
N. P. Mountney, L. Colombera
Growth of Fluvial Point Bars by Expansion, Translation and Rotation: Role in Governing Facies Architecture and Heterogeneity
N. P. Mountney, N. Yan, L. Colombera
Onshore Deep Tuscaloosa Sample Analysis and Well Log Correlations to Support Undiscovered Gas Assessment in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico Region
M. Merrill, W. Craddock, J. Self-Trail
Lithostratigraphic and Chemostratigraphic Interpretations of Alluvial and Lacustrine Environments of the Green River Basin in Southwest Wyoming, USA
J. A. Novello, J. T. Pietras
Genetic Model of Hyperpycnal Flow Deposits in a Lacustrine Rift Basin: Shahejie Formation, Jiyang Depression, Eastern China
T. Yang, Y. Cao, K. Liu, J. Tian
The Elemental Geochemical Method for Distinguishing the Fluvial Facies and Shallow Water Delta in the Southeast of Bohai Bay
C. Feng, Q. Wang
The Sediment Characteristics, Influencing Factors and Favorable Reservoir Distribution of Braided Delta Under Different Slope Gradients: An Example from KL10 Oil Field in Bohai Bay Basin
L. Cui
Structural Styles in the Wichita Uplift and Anadarko Basin, Southern Oklahoma
M. J. Turko, S. Mitra
Oil and Gas in Fractured Crystalline Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks: Global Overview and Examples from Texas
M. W. Shuster, C. K. Zahm, P. H. Hennings
Mapping the Crustal Architecture of the Earth: Examples from Transform Margins
P. J. Markwick, D. A. Paton
Structural Evolution of Offshore Mozambique with a Focus on the Davie Fracture Zone — Insights Into Transform Margins
K. Hubbard, D. A. Paton*, A. Intawong, M. Gouiza, E. Mortimer, K. Rodriguez
Influence of Graphite on Strain in a Gently Dipping Fault Zone
E. S. Petrie, B. Burton, P. Link
The Use of Reconstruction Techniques and Approaches to Validating a Seismically Based Structural Interpretation: A Case History in the Extensional Realm
J. W. Granath, O. Merey, I. Cemen
Fault Zone Structural Styles: Examples from Outcrop from Macro to Micro-Scale
R. K. Davies, D. Povey, R. Knipe, H. Lickorish, V. O'Connor
Unravelling the Implications of Structural Controls on Mechanical Stratigraphy and Strong Stress Anisotropy; Designing of Customized Solutions for Well Placement as Part of Field Development Kuwait Case Study
V. K. Kidambi, C. Pattnaik, N. S. Rao, N. Al-Ajmi, M. Y. M. Al-Dousiri, D. G. Rao
Integration of Geological and Geomechanical Characteristics and their Control on Natural Fractures Distribution in the Qusaiba Shale, Rub’ Al-Khali Basin, Saudi Arabia
A. Mustafa, A. Abdulraheem, M. O. Abouelresh
Coupling of Thrusting and Shale Detachment within the Thrust-Related Intraslope Minibasins: New Insights Into Gravity-Driven Structural Styles in the Deep-Water Niger Delta
J. Zhang, S. Wu
Geophysical Imaging of Precambrian Crust Beneath Illinois Basin Driven by Carbon Capture and Storage
J. McBride, H. E. Leetaru, R. W. Keach
Assessment of Water Management and Costs on CO2 Geologic Storage Operations in Saline-Bearing Formations
A. Wendt, E. Basista, C. Y. Shih, S. Lin, T. C. Grant*
Assessing the Potential for Subsea CO2 Storage in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico
D. J. Hills, J. Koster, M. Redden
Offshore CO2 Storage Assessment for the Southeastern U.S.: Regional Setting of Mesozoic Reservoirs
J. H. Knapp, C. C. Knapp, D. Almayahi, K. F. Almutairi, J. Ollmann
An Integrated Seal Analysis for CO2 Sequestration in Southwest Kansas
J. Meng, Y. I. Holubnyak, J. Hollenbach, F. J. Hasiuk
Geophysical, Geomechanical, and Computed Tomography Characterization of Potential Reservoirs and Seals for Carbon Storage, Offshore Southeastern U.S.
A. Bean, D. Almayahi, C. Knapp
New Insights into the Cenozoic Architecture Along the Flextrend of the Northern Gulf of Mexico
S. Tierrablanca, J. Tilton, W. J. Beck, H. D. Lebit
Application of Multi-Component Well-to-Surface Joint Exploration Technology in Sichuan Area
H. Yang, Y. Zhao, Q. Zhou, D. Chen, D. Wang
Time-Lapse Crosswell Seismic Survey: Detecting Various Geobodies
C. Kolb, J. Le Calvez
3-D Amplitude vs. Offset Analysis for Gas Hydrate Identification in the Northern Gulf of Mexico: MC 118 (Woolsey Mound)
G. Astekin, C. C. Knapp, J. H. Knapp, S. Alam
Understanding Elastic Properties of Viola Carbonates: Integrated Analyses of Well Logs, Geochemical Data, and Ultrasonic Velocities of Productive Facies in Southwestern Kansas.
V. Cimino, A. Raef, W. K. Hagood, G. Shodunke, M. W. Totten
Karst Features in 3-D Seismic Data: Testing Extraction Workflows
A. Riva, P. Pace, A. Ricciato, E. Battara
Impact of Pore Types and Mineralogical Composition on Seismic Wave Velocity of Khuff Carbonates, Central Saudi Arabia
M. Salih, J. J. G. Reijmer, A. El-Husseiny, J. Dvorkin, K. A. Al-Ramadan
Contact Stiffness in Gas-Bearing Shales Estimated from Velocity Measurements Under Pressure
M. Li, Z. Wei, Z. Chen, Q. Huang, J. Xiao, C. Chen, Y. Sun
Thin Reservoir Characterization in Daqing Saertu Oilfield Using OVT Imaging Data
J. QI, Y. QI, Y. Wang, H. Li, H. Zhou