morning presentations

Morning Presentations

Compaction Modelling of the Las Vegas Basin: Implications for Fluid Extraction-Related Subsidence and Fault Development
S. Abdelhaleem, W. J. Taylor, C. M. dePolo
Understanding Autogenic Channel Clustering and A/S Ratios in Fluvial Sandstones of the Ericson Sandstone: Implications for Predictability and Reservoir Architecture
S. M. Hudson, C. Jolley, B. Steeves, A. Bertoch, A. Trevino, J. Klimek
Seismic Stratigraphy of a Lacustrine Deep-Water Basin - Songliao Basin, China
H. W. Posamentier, L. Huaqing
A Database-Informed Investigation of the Signature of Environmental Change in the Aeolian Sedimentary Record
N. P. Mountney, G. I. E. Cosgrove, L. Colombera, N. Yan
Aeolian Architecture: Characterization and Impact with Examples from the EGoM Norphlet
C. Hern, M. Hartemink, W. Morrison, M. W. Knuth, A. Tawde, L. Li, M. Jaminski, E. Cavallerano
Integrated Reservoir Characterization and Modeling of the Aeolian Norphlet Reservoir at Ballymore, Deep-Water Gulf of Mexico
L. M. Murray, A. M. Turner, R. P. Grimm, R. Kaplan, D. J. Keele, F. J. Laugier, J. D. Thompson, T. D. Williams
Sedimentological Assessment of the Norphlet Linear Eolian Dune Reservoirs of Mobile Bay, Eastern Gulf of Mexico, USA
R. P. Grimm
Sorting or Salt Walls? Investigating the Controls on Ancient Fluvial Transport Conditions Using Detrital Zircon Geochronology and Paleohydraulics: Permian Cutler Group, Paradox Basin, Utah and Colorado
C. P. Findlay III, N. D. Perez, R. C. Ewing
Reservoir Quality Prediction in the Zechstein-2-Carbonate Reservoir, Northwest Germany
J. Schoenherr, V. Lueders, M. Hallenberger, L. Reuning, C. J. Strohmenger
Early Diagenesis of Near-Surface Carbonates: How Complicated Can It Be? A Case Study from the Eocene Rus Formation, Qatar
B. H. Ryan, S. E. Kaczmarek, J. M. Rivers
On the Origin of Calcite Microcrystal Textures That Host Limestone Microporosity
M. Hashim, S. E. Kaczmarek
Trace Element Incorporation During Dolomitization: New Insights from Laboratory Experiments
S. E. Kaczmarek, J. C. Laya
Salinity Reflux Dolomitization: The Missing Evidence in Qatar
J. M. Rivers, R. Yousif, S. E. Kaczmarek
Brazil’s Pre-Salt Lacustrine Reservoirs: Modeling Early Mineral Precipitation
W. L. Esch, T. Simo, R. P. Sekti, J. R. Sitgreaves
Middle Permian Coarse-Crystalline Dolostone Reservoirs in the Northwest Sichuan Basin (Southwest China): Their Formation and Evolution
L. Pan, A. Hu
Characterization of a Massive Dolomitization System Near Carbonate Platform Margins: Insights from Integrated 3-D Geological and Diagenetic Modeling
P. Lu, Y. Xu, W. Tan, D. Z. Tang
Burial Diagenesis and Carbonate Reservoir Quality
J. W. Bishop, C. R. Miller, M. Frazer
Pore Pressure Regional Model and Related Sweet Spots Prediction for an Unconventional Play Through a Basin Modelling Approach
G. De Prisco, O. Lauvrak, M. Berger
Origin of Quartz Cementation and Implications for the Upper Paleozoic Tight Sandstone Reservoirs, Northern Ordos Basin, China: Evidences from Petrology, Geochemistry and Numerical Modeling
Y. Jia, B. Ma
Formation of Zoned Ankerite in Gravity-Flow Sandstones in the Linnan Sag, Bohai Bay Basin, Eastern China: Evidence of Episodic Fluid Flow Revealed from In-Situ Trace Elemental Analysis
T. Yang, Y. Cao, K. Liu, J. Tian
Chemical Characteristics of Formation Water and Implications for Hydrocarbon Accumulation in Buried-Hill of Shulu Sag, Bohai Bay Basin, China
C. Cai, N. Qiu, N. Liu, Z. Li
Passive Margin Dynamics
K. R. McClay, N. Scarselli, B. Mohamed
Multiphase Mesozoic Extension and Sediment Response on the Northwest Shelf of Australia
C. F. Elders, S. Morón, S. Zahirovic
Geological Evolution and the Impact on Future Exploration Potential, Offshore West Africa from North Gabon to the Namibe Basin, Southern Angola
L. Fullarton, H. Ladegaard, K. McDermott, P. Bellingham, B. W. Horn, N. Hurst*
Insights Into the Crustal Structure and the Remaining Petroleum Potential of Offshore Ghana from Regional Seismic Interpretation and Quantitative Basin Modeling
N. Hurst, P. Bellingham, K. McDermott, B. W. Horn
Tectonic Evolution of the Brazilian Salt Basins: Models for the Development of the Campos and Santos Basins
G. D. Karner, P. Figueredo, C. A. Johnson, M. Lawson, J. McHarge, J. Shoffner, J. Sitgreaves, J. Stewart, A. Tikku, A. Tudoran
Crustal Structure and its Control on the Petroleum Systems and on Giants/Super-Giant Fields/Prospects in the Pre-Salt of the Santos and Campos Basins
P. V. Zalan, E. J. Newman, M. Saunders
A Conjugate View of the Austral South Atlantic: What Can We Learn from Putting the Basins Back Together?
P. Bellingham, K. R. Reuber, J. L. Pindell, N. Hurst, K. McDermott, B. W. Horn
Constraints on the Mesozoic Evolution of the Gulf of Mexico from Seismic Interpretation of Basement, the Pre-Salt Section, and Autochthonous Salt
J. L. Pindell, A. Hartwig, E. Haire, B. W. Horn
New Observations and Interpretation of the Caribbean Crustal Character Revealed
K. R. Reuber, J. L. Pindell, A. Goswami, M. Friday, C. Campbell, B. W. Horn
Critical Minerals for Energy Storage: Lessons From Lithium and Electromobility
E. S. Hersh
Global Critical Metal Resources: Current and Future Scenarios and Implications for the Energy Sector
S. M. Jowitt
The Critical Mineral Supply Chain: Evolution and Revolution as New Battery Technologies Emerge
E. N. Wilson, J. Edmondson, P. Johnson
Graphite: The Other Energy Carbon
J. R. Edmondson
Nickel is a Critical Material for Lithium Ion Batteries
M. Jarvis
Sources of Rare Earth Elements in the U.S. and the World
M. D. Campbell, R. W. Gregory, S. S. Sibray, J. L. Conca
Using Redundant Infrastructure and Depleted Reservoirs in the North Sea to Transition to a Hydrogen Economy in the United Kingdom
G. Falcone, R. Harrison
Critical Minerals, the Petroleum Geoscientist and the Wider Application of Hydrocarbon Exploration and Development Techniques and Business Practices
L. A. Ross, D. Beckett
Introducing the Re-Os-Hg Trio — A Powerful New Combination for Source Rock Characterization and Predicting Hg Levels in Oils
H. J. Stein, J. L. Hannah, S. V. Georgiev, V. Goswami, A. Zimmerman, G. Yang
Improving Thermal Models Using a New Approach to Constrain Paleo Geothermal Gradients and Paleo Water/Rock Ratios with the Geochemical Record of Recrystallized Carbonates
C. M. John, M. Gusarevitch, C. Veillard, R. Parrish, S. Krevor
Geochemical Interpretation on Clumped and Position-Specific Isotopes in Natural Gas
D. Xia, Y. Gao
Nanotech Tagging for Cuttings Depth Identification
M. Antoniv, S. S. Zhu, H. Ow, M. Poitzsch*, N. Al-Jabri, A. Marsala
Enhanced Stratigraphic Correlations in Shales Sequences Using Extract DNA from Endolithic Microorganisms, Quebec, Canada
C. Lazar, J-S. Marcil*, J. Meyer, J-. C. Gagnon
Improved Risk Assessment to Predict High CO2 Volumes in Hydrocarbon Reservoirs: From Fluid Inclusion to Seismic-Scale Interpretation
J. Schoenherr, V. Lüders, L. Reuning
Origin of Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen, and Hydrocarbons in Upper Cretaceous Pab Sandstone Tight-Gas Reservoirs, Middle Indus Basin, Pakistan: Noble Gas and Stable Isotopic Evidence for Crustal and Magmatic Components
C. D. Laughrey, M. Makos, M. Gorniak, I. ul Wahab, M. Shifaat Alum, I. Noor, R. Naeem Kahn
A Kinetic Modeling Approach to H2S Risk Assessment in the Pre-Salt Reservoirs in the Santos Basin
I. Souza, G. Ellis, L. F. Coutinho, A. Ferreira, R. Diaz, A. L. Albuquerque
Determination of CO2 Baseline Concentrations in Shallow Marine Sediments in the US Deep-Water Gulf of Mexico
J. McBee, B. B. Bernard, M. Gaskins
Migration Simulation in Heterogeneous Clastic Carrier Beds and a New Perspective in Petroleum Geology
X. Luo, L. Zhang, L. Zhang, Y. Lei, W. Yang, M. Cheng, H. Shi, B. Cao
Geochemical Characteristics and Pool-Forming Model of Pre-Salt Oilfields with High CO2 Content in Santos Basin, Brazil
W. Hongping
The Generation and Accumulation of Biogenic Gas in the Rakhine Basin, Northeast Bay of Bengal
H. Ma, D. Liangbo, Y. Zhang, D. Shao, Y. Liu, X. Xu
Geochemical Constraint on the Petroleum Migration in the Shunbei Block in the Tarim Basin
X. Bao
The Diachronous Sequence
J. M. Holbrook, A. van Yperen, J. P. Bhattacharya, A. D. Miall
Addressing the Temporal and Spatial Variability of Shelf-Margin Depositional Systems at Different Stratigraphic Orders Using Quantitative 3-D Seismic Stratigraphy
V. Paumard, J. Bourget, T. Payenberg, R. B. Ainsworth, A. D. George, S. C. Lang
Integrating Field and Subsurface Analyses with Numerical Models to Reduce Uncertainty in Stratigraphic Architecture Predictions of Rift Basin-Fills
B. Barrett, D. M. Hodgson, R. Collier, R. Dorrell, R. L. Gawthorpe, T. M. Cullen
Kinematic Cyclostratigraphy: An Example from the Ridge Basin, Southern California
M. D. Sullivan, K. D. Ehman
Temporal and Lateral Variability in Permian Shelf to Basin Systems of the Permian Basin
C. Kerans, W. L. Fisher, R. D. Dommisse
Sedimentologic and Sequence-Stratigraphic Characterization of Salt-Related Basins and Megaflaps at the Aulet and Adons Diapirs, Spanish Pyrenees
C. E. Gannaway Dalton, K. A. Giles, J. A. Munoz, M. G. Rowan
Recent Progress in Autostratigraphy: Autogenic Grade in the Context of Shelf Growth
T. Muto, J. Wang
Lessons Learned from Regional Coupled Landscape and Stratigraphic Forward Models on the Role of Dynamic Topography in the Evolution of Drainage and Depositional Patterns and its Implication on the Last 40 Ma Evolution of South Africa
C. A. Mallard, T. Salles, X. Ding
Sequence Stratigraphy of Late Paleozoic Cyclothems; A Signal of Sediment Undersupply, Large-Magnitude Sea-Level Changes and Low Accommodation
C. R. Fielding

afternoon presentations

Afternoon Presentations

Sediment Routing System Integration — A Fundamental Control of Rift Basin Geomorphology and Tectono-Stratigraphy Related to Variations in Accommodation and Sediment Supply
R. L. Gawthorpe, A. Geurts, P. Cowie, A. Whittaker
Sediment Routing System Integration — A Fundamental Control of Rift Basin Geomorphology and Tectono-Stratigraphy Related to Variations in Accommodation and Sediment Supply
R. L. Gawthorpe, A. Geurts, P. Cowie, A. Whittaker
Unlocking the Hydrocarbon Potential of the Frontier Deep-Water Foz do Amazonas Basin, Northern Brazil
L. Torrado, L. C. Carvajal-Arenas, P. Mann
Tectonostratigraphic Evolution, Paleogeography and Hydrocarbon Plays of the Nuussuaq Basin: An Outcrop Analog to the Huge Frontier Petroleum Basins Offshore West Greenland
G. Dam, M. Sønderholm
Paleogeographic Reconstruction and Provenance of Oxfordian Aeolian Sandstone Reservoirs in Mexico Offshore Areas; Comparison to the Norphlet Aeolian System of the Northern Gulf of Mexico
J. W. Snedden, D. Stockli, I. Norton
Cretaceous Climate Transitions Along the Northwest African Margin: Implications for Source-to-Sink Systems and Reservoir Distribution
J. Smith, B. Gréselle, A. Davies
Takutu Basin Rift as a Conduit for Continent-Interior Drainage Into the Guyana Basin
R. E. Webster, K. Nibbelink, D. Boyce
The Distal MSGBC Basin, Northwest Africa — Insights Into Provenance, Sediment Routing and Depositional Mechanisms from Modern River Sand, Outcrop and Core
C. S. Pierce, S. Schneider, A. Morton, F. Hyden, S. Vincent
Testing the Sequence Stratigraphic Paradigm of Deep-Marine Sedimentation Along an Ancient Upper-Slope to Basin-Floor Transect, Neoproterozoic Windermere Supergroup, Western Canada
B. Arnott
Cenozoic Drainage Evolution of Northeast South America: Major Provenance for the Guyanan-Surinam Margin Basins
P. S. van Heiningen
Subsalt Hydrocarbon Potential Mesozoic Synrift and Post-Rift Rocks: New York, New Jersey, and U.S. East Coast Offshore
S. A. Epstein, D. Clark
Applications of Vertical Migration Data in Petroleum Geochemical Exploration
G. K. Rice
Evaluating Long Distance Migration of Pennsylvanian Oils in Western Kansas from the Woodford Shale Using Pyrrolic Nitrogen Compounds
B. L. Tamborello, R. P. Philp
Hydrocarbon Prospectivity of Offshore El Salvador and Guatemala
T. Phillips
Migration Loss, Lag and Fractionation: Implications for Fluid Properties and Charge Risk
Z. He, A. Murray
Insights from Structural Restoration and Petroleum Systems Modeling to Unravel Charge Mechanism: A Case Study from the Walker Ridge Area, Gulf of Mexico
S. K. Mukherjee, E. J. Ekstrand, J. M. Jaminski
Hydrocarbon Storage Space, Migration History and Driving Force of the Daanzhai Member of Jurassic in Sichuan Basin
Z. Pang, S. Tao, Q. Zhang
Petroleum Systems of the Nigerian Sector of WCARS: Insights from Field and Subsurface Data
A. Suleiman, A. D. Bomai, S. D. Moses, M. Zanna, M. Kaumi
Quantifying Elevated GOR and Excess Gas in Unconventional Carrier Bed Plays — Case Study from STACK/SCOOP, Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma
C. Symcox, R. P. Philp
Deconvoluting Mixed Petroleum and the Effect of Oil and Gas-Condensate Mixtures on Identifying Petroleum Systems
K. E. Peters, A. Murray
Optimizing Formation Stabilizers to Improve Fluid-Rock Interactions in Unconventional Reservoirs
D. Benoit, K. Henkel Holan, N. Do, A. Recio III
Isotopic and Geochemical Evidence for the Freshening of Shale-Gas Produced Waters through Time Due to Water Vapor Condensation, Northeastern Pennsylvania, USA
L. J. Molofsky, A. S. Wylie, T. Wagner, J. A. Connor, M. Engle
Redox Sensitive Clay Minerals: Implications for Wettability Changes and Fines Migration During Enhanced Oil Recovery
C. Vasilopanagos
The Effect of Dissolved CO2 on Oil Wettability Measured at High Pressures and Temperatures
A. White, A. Jaiswal, M. Dixon, S. Laurén, E. Järvihaavisto, J. Korpela
The Sulfur Isotopic Signature of the Sulfide Phases (H2S and Pyrite) in the Western Canada Montney Unconventional Reservoir: Their Genetic Relationship
M. H. Liseroudi, O. H. Ardakani, P. K. Pedersen, H. Sanei, R. A. Stern, J. M. Wood
Emplacement and Biodegradation of Oil in Fractured Basement: The ‘Coal’ Deposit in Moinian Gneiss at Castle Leod, Ross-Shire
M. U. Baba, J. Parnell, S. Bowden
Deciphering the Effect of Saturating Fluid Salinity and Compaction on the Electrical Conductivity of Inorganic Shale
J. Krushin
Controls on Shale-Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid Physicochemical Interactions: Implications on Hydrocarbon Production and Contaminant Release
S. Sharma, V. Agrawal, B. Ferguson, S. Donmoyer, A. Hakala, M. Stuckman
Towards Improved Geological Realism Into 3-D Reconstructions of Fracture Network Geometry From Digital Outcrop Models
T. D. Seers, A. Corradetti
Using Forward Modelling Geomechanics for Driving Generation of Reservoir Scale Discrete Fracture Network Models
M. G. Cottrell, P. R. La Pointe, D. T. Roberts, G. J. Richards, J. Cain
The Physics of Fluid Flow in Fractured-Rocks
G. D. Couples
Modelling Deformation and Stress to Assess Reservoir Potential in Fractured Carbonates: Cesar Rancheria Basin, Colombia
F. Marks, M. Valcarcel, A. Vaughan, D. Ramos, A. Garcia, A. Buitrago, J. E. Mesa Salamanca
Real-time Identification of Fracturing and Fluid Movement in the Lab: FMCW Radar as a Fracture and Fluid Detector
H. Lewis, J. Blanche, G. D. Couples, J. Buckman, D. Flynn, A. Tengattini, N. Lenoir
Deformation Bands as Fluid Pathways in Outcrops of Lajas Formation Tight Gas Sandstone, Neuquén Basin, Argentina
E. Ukar, R. G. Lopez, J. F. W. Gale, L. Ciancio, S. Elliott
Constraining Permeability Evolution During and After Natural Fracturing in Overpressured Shales: Implications on Basin-Scale Stress and Pore Pressure
L. Chaipornkaew, M. Kacewicz, P. Lovely
Improved Fracture Characterization Through Customized Workflows Leading to Optimal Well Placement and Perforation Strategy in Developing Deep Tight Carbonate Reservoirs — A Kuwait Case Study
C. Pattnaik, V. K. Kidambi, R. Narhari Srinivasa, N. H. A. Al-Ajmi, A. M. Al-Anzi, C. Staffelbach, J. Barbe
Influence of Multi-Scale Fractures on Tight Oil Production in Tight Oil Sandstones of the Upper Triassic Yanchang Formation in the Southwest Ordos Basin, China
W. Lyu, L. Zeng, H. Chen, R. Li
Pressure Coring a Gulf of Mexico Deep-Water Turbidite Gas Hydrate Reservoir: The UT-GOM2-1 Hydrate Pressure Coring Expedition
P. B. Flemings, S. C. Phillips, K. P. Meazell, M. Santra, R. Boswell, Y. Fang, K. You, C. Thomas, T. S. Collett
High Concentration Methane Hydrate in a Silt Reservoir from the Deep-Water Gulf of Mexico
S. C. Phillips, P. B. Flemings, M. Holland, P. Schultheiss, W. Waite, J. Jang, E. Petrou, H. Hammon
Grain Size, TOC, and TS in Gas Hydrate Bearing Turbidite Facies at Green Canyon Site 955, Gulf of Mexico
J. E. Johnson, D. R. MacLeod, D. L. Divins, S. C. Phillips
Petrophysical Properties of Hydrate-Bearing Siltstone from UT-GOM2-1 Pressure Cores
Y. Fang, P. Flemings, S. C. Phillips, H. Daigle, K. You
Gas Hydrate in a Fault-Compartmentalized Anticline and the Role of Seal, Green Canyon, Abyssal Northern Gulf of Mexico
M. Santra, K. You, L. L. Summa, P. Flemings
Impact of Coupled Free Gas Flow and Microbial Methanogenesis on the Formation and Evolution of Concentrated Hydrate Deposits
K. You, M. Santra, L. L. Summa, P. Flemings
Thermal-Hydraulic-Chemical-Mechanical Coupled Behavior of Hydrate-Bearing Sediments: Pore Scale Investigations and Implications
L. Lei, Y. Seol
Quantifying Gas Hydrate Deposits and Implications for Petroleum Systems and Secondary Target and Seal Assessment in Large Biogenic Gas Plays
D. R. McConnell
The Occurrence and Distribution of Gas Hydrate Controlled by Mixed and Superposed Gas Sources in the Pearl River Mouth Basin, South China Sea
M. He, Y. Li, J. Li
Environmental and Microbial Controls on Lake Chemistry and Dolomitization in the Green River Formation (Eocene), Uinta Basin, Utah
M. Pommer, R. F. Sarg, F. McFarlin
Counterintuitive Relationship Between Grain Size and Organic Matter Distributions — Integration of Sedimentology and Organic Petrology
E. L. Percy, P. K. Pedersen
A Multi-Proxy Paleoenvironmental Analysis During Deposition of the Mahogany Oil Shale Zone of the Parachute Creek Member, Green River Formation, Utah
A. L. Elson, M. Rohrssen, J. Marshall, J. Whiteside
Interplay of Eustasy and Tectonics on High-Frequency Sequence Development and Facies Distribution in the Marcellus Shale of the Northern Appalachian Basin, USA
L. B. Smith
Outcrop Analog for Reservoir Facies Architectures of an Albian Reef Margin — El Doctor Platform, Central Mexico
A. Eljalafi, C. Kerans
A New Architectural Framework for the Early Cretaceous Sligo/Pettet Formation of East Texas
K. E. Hattori, R. G. Loucks, W. A. Ambrose
Seismic Geomorphology of Lower Cretaceous Margin and Slope, Viosca Knoll, Offshore GOM
X. Janson, C. K. Zahm, D. B. Dunlap
Spatial Heterogeneity in Lacustrine and Marine Carbonates of the Yacorite Formation, (Salta Group), Argentina
M. Mutti, W. Schmidt, C. Galli, M. Vallati, G. Winterleitner
Core and Outcrop Calibration of Upper Cambrian Microbial Textures
H. H. Hopson, A. W. Droxler*, P. M. Harris
Grow Yourself a Source Rock — Insights from Flume Studies on Benthic Microbial Mats as Primary Producers in Carbonaceous Shales of the Proterozoic
J. Schieber, Z. Yawar
Understanding Mass Transport Processes during Geochemical Characterization of Unconventional Plays
D. Xia, C. Gong, L. Rodriguez
Computational Stratigraphy (Compstrat) in Tight Rocks: Building Numerical Relationships of Interbedded Sand and Mud Through Flume Experiments