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ACE 2021 - 26 September – 1 October

Denver, Colorado

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Tracy Thompson Exhibition/Sponsorship Sales Tracy Thompson +1 918 560 9414

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Tamra Campbell Sales Coordinator Tamra Campbell +1 918 560 9434

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Why sponsor ACE 2021?

Use ACE to help spotlight your brand and connect with the global geoscience community. Sponsoring a scientific event like ACE shows your commitment to advancing the geosciences and reinvesting into growing the exploration industry.

  • Drive Traffic – Maximize your booth investment by driving traffic with a host of options before or during the show.
  • First In Mind – Good marketers understand the advantage of being first in mind. Be the first brand your target thinks of when making a buying decision by investing in an aggressive brand strategy that paves the way for your sales team.
  • Build Your Future – For over 100 years, AAPG has developed the scientists and the science that have driven energy exploration. Your sponsorship allows AAPG to continue this critical mission building a positive future for the entire energy sector.

Benefits of Sponsoring ACE

  • Support the next generation of geoscientists
  • Increase your company’s brand awareness and visibility
  • Enhance that total conference experience
  • Gain an international exposure
  • Capitalize on unique branding opportunities


Sponsorship Levels

Opportunities for every budget, sponsorship levels allow you the chance to select the best fit for your company.

Your total dollar commitment determines your sponsorship level and benefits.

Company logo with hyperlink on event website
Company logo with hyperlink on scrolling banner on ACE home page      
Company logo in the Technical Program at a Glance
(Commitment by: April 5, 2021)
Company logo in Program Book (Commitment by: 19 April 2021)
Company logo on PowerPoint slides in Technical Session rooms
Company logo on PowerPoint slides in Opening Session & Awards Ceremony      
Company logo listed on Mobile Event App
On-site Signage
Complimentary full-convention registrations Two (2) One (1)        
Invitations to the President’s Reception at ACE Five (5) Three (3) Two (2)      
Advertisement in Program Book (Commitment by: 19 April 2021) Full Page Half Page Quarter


Sponsorship Items

Select specific sponsorship items that align with the marketing goals of your business.

Aisle Signage / $25,000 Exclusive SOLD

All-Convention Luncheon Speaker Support / $20,000 Co-Sponsor

Audio Visual / $25,000 Exclusive / $10,000 Co-Sponsor (3 of 3 Available)

Career Center / $5,000 Exclusive / $1,500 Co-Sponsor (4 of 4 Available)

Delegate Bags / $35,000 Exclusive / $15,000 Co-Sponsor (3 of 3 Available)

Delegate Notepads / $15,000 Co-Sponsor (1 of 2 Available)

Digital Abstracts / $25,000 Exclusive / $15,000 Co-Sponsor (2 of 2 Available)

Directional Signage / $15,000 Exclusive

End-of-Day Reception Bar / $7,500 Exclusive / $2,000 Co-Sponsor (10 of 10 Available)

General Fund

  • All contributions accepted

Icebreaker Bar / $10,000 Exclusive / $2,500 Co-Sponsor (5 of 5 Available)

Lanyard / $20,000 Exclusive SOLD

Poster Sessions Signage / $7,500

Program Book / $25,000 Exclusive

Refreshment Break / $5,000 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)

Registration / $35,000 Exclusive SOLD

Technical Program at a Glance / $7,500 Co-Sponsor (9 of 10 Available)

Technical Program Speaker Center / $7,500 Co-Sponsor

Technical Program Speaker Kit / $7,500 Co-Sponsor

Technical Session Signage / $7,500 Co-Sponsor (2 of 3 Available)

Wi-Fi Hot Spots and Charging Stations / $25,000 Exclusive / $15,000 Co-Sponsor (2 of 2 Available)

  • per Station

Student and Young Professional Focused

AAPG Student Chapter YouTube Competition / $6,500 Exclusive / $10,000 Co-Sponsor SOLD

Best Papers for Oral and Presentations Student Awards / $16,000 Exclusive SOLD

Outstanding Student Chapter Awards / $10,000 Exclusive

Student and Faculty Lounge / $35,000 Exclusive / $15,000 Co-Sponsor SOLD

Student Participation in Field Trips and Short Courses

  • Contributions $500+

Student Reception / $40,000 Exclusive

Student Volunteers / $12,500 Exclusive / $5,000 Co-Sponsor (3 of 3 Available)

Young Professional Field Trip / $10,000 Exclusive / $3,500 Co-Sponsor (4 of 4 Available)

Young Professionals Meet and Greet / $10,000 Exclusive

Young Professionals Reception / $10,000 Co-Sponsor (2 of 3 Available)

Division and Society Sponsorships

All contributions to divisions and societies are accepted for their general funds and/or their respective activities such as Field Trips, Short Courses, Luncheons, Award Dinners and Receptions, Student Support and Social Events.

Division of Environmental Geosciences (DEG)

  • The Division of Environmental Geosciences’ activities offer a forum for the intersection of geosciences and the environment. All contributions accepted.

Division of Professional Affairs (DPA)

  • The Division of Professional Affairs’ activities appeal to those interested in ethics, professionalism and related topics. All contributions accepted.

Energy Minerals Division (EMD)

  • The Energy Minerals Division showcases activities on various energy resources and issues of the 21st century. All contributions accepted.

Petroleum Structure & Geomechanics Division (PSGD)[STATUS]

  • Driven by keen interest in geomechanics and supported by an established foundation in structural geology and tectonics, the amalgamated discipline of petroleum structural geology and geomechanics is one of the fastest growing disciplines in petroleum geos
  • cience. All contributions accepted.

AAPG Women's Network (AAPGWN)

  • The goal of AAPGWN is to promote professional women in Earth sciences. Its mission includes interacting with women in Earth science, their male peers and employers, educational institutions and professional societies. All contributions accepted.

SEPM (Society for Sedimentary Geology)

  • Sponsorship of any of the SEPM events will help fulfill SEPM’s mission of supporting the application and dissemination of the science of sedimentary geology. SEPM sponsors will be acknowledged on the SEPM website, on signage at the SEPM booth and event.
  • s and in the Sedimentary Record. All contributions accepted.


Spotlight Your Brand!

Secure your sponsor items for an optimal mix to drive your success. Not only will you be exposing your brand to expert geoscientist, but you will also be contributing to the advancement of our energy sector and the revitalization of overall exploration.

How to Secure

  1. Select the sponsored items that are the best fit for your company.
  2. Complete and return the sponsorship commitment form along with your company logo. (Logo needs to be a vector .eps file)