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monday oral presentations

Monday Morning Oral Presentations

Unconventional Hydrocarbon Potential of the Weald Basin, Southern England, United Kingdom
F. Palci, A. Fraser, M. Carles, M. Neumaier, S. Sanderson, R. Wallace
Comparing the Potential Bowland Shale Play (Pennine Basin, United Kingdom) to the Established Barnett Shale Play (Fort Worth Basin, U.S.A.): A Geochemical and Palynological Analysis of Mississippian (Carboniferous) Mudstones
J. A. Hennissen, E. Hough, C. Vane, V. Moss-Hayes, M. H. Stephenson
Periplatform Ooze Within the Vaca Muerta Formation, Neuquén Basin, Argentina
L. RodriguezBlanco, G. Eberli, R. J. Weger, M. Tenaglia, L. Rueda
High Resolution Sequence Stratigraphic Framework of the Middle Tithonian – Lower Valanginian Interval (Vaca Muerta-Quintuco Formations), Neuquén Basin, Argentina
G. Godino, D. Giunta*, L. Smith, J. L. Massaferro
Thebes Formation Unconventional Resource Assessment, Gulf of Suez, Egypt
Z. Elsisi, W. K. Kassem, T. Levi, A. Agam
Shale Gas in Western Ukraine – Hype Versus Hard Facts
W. Nachtmann, R. Sachsenhofer, S. Kozytskyy, Y. Nesplak
A Comparison of Najmah Kerogen Adsorption and Desorption Gas Characteristics With North American Source Rocks
J. D. Rao, Q. Dashti, S. AlAshwak, N. Neog, A. Mutairi, D. Hume, G. Salter, C. Hall, A. Kumar, A. W. Britton
Pore Connectivity Characterization of the Wufeng and Longmaxi Shales From Sichuan Basin, China Using Wood’s Metal Intrusion and High-Resolution 2-D and 3-D Imaging
L. Yu, K. Liu, M. Fan, F. Bao
Effect of Lithofacies on Gas Storage Capacity of Marine and Continental Shales in the Sichuan Basin, China
L. Chen, Z. Jiang, K. Liu
Basin Strategies – Supers, Mini, and More
P. Stark, B. Fryklund
How Super Basins and Shale Plays May Evolve
S. W. Tinker
A Tale of Two Superbasins: Comparing Basin Geometry and Petroleum Systems in the Northern Gulf of Mexico and the West Texas (Permian) Basins
T. E. Ewing
Basins and Petroleum Systems of the Middle East
S. Al-Hajri
Enhancing Sedimentary and Structural Features With Seismic Attribute Extraction Methods: Case Studies From Shallow and Deep Water 3-D Seismic
C. R. Sheya, M. Vögele, C. Asmar, M. Fallah, N. Khaled, C. RosalesRodriguez
New Drilling Results Based on 3-D Seismic Interpretation in the Red Wing Creek Meteorite Impact Field, Williston Basin, Western North Dakota
D. Behringer, B. Herber, P. Weimer, R. Bouroullec, R. Barton
Three-Dimensional Seismic Reconstruction of the Anisotropic Tectonic Stress for Cap-Rock Integrity in the Athabasca Oil Sands, Alberta, Canada
D. A. Talinga, C. C. Dumitrescu, G. Larson
Effective Seismic Workflow to Improve Carbonate Drilling Efficiency
F. Xue
Coherence Attribute Applications on Seismic Data in Various Guises
S. Chopra, K. Marfurt
Prediction of Residual Oil Saturation by Using the Ratio of Amplitude Attributes of Time-Lapse Seismic Data
M. Li, W. Zhang
Seismic Characterization of Natural Fractures in the Buda Limestone of Zavala County, Texas
A. Smirnov, C. L. Liner
Discrete Frequency Ant Tracking: Method and Application
D. Sun, W. Zhao
Xenoconformities in the Green River Formation
A. R. Carroll, M. E. Smith
A Deterministic Model for Outcrop to Subsurface Wireline Log Correlation, Eocene Green River Formation, Eastern Uinta Basin, Colorado and Utah
J. E. Peacock, J. Sarg
Characteristics of Sandy Hyperpycnite Deposits on the Shallow, Southern Margin of Eocene Lake Uinta, the Green River Formation of Northeastern Utah
R. Brinkerhoff, K. Woolf
Fluvial Depositional Variability in the Douglas Creek and Parachute Creek Members, Green River Formation, Uinta Basin, Utah
R. D. Gall, L. Birgenheier, M. VandenBerg
Microbialite Investigations of the Douglas Creek Member of the Green River Formation (Eocene), Evacuation Creek Area, Uinta Basin, Utah, U.S.A.
D. Cupertino, M. VandenBerg, S. Awramik, P. Buchheim, C. Frantz, R. Biaggi, T. C. Chidsey
Multiscale Characterization of a Microbialite-Rich Lacustrine Reservoir of the Green River Formation (Eocene, U.S.A.)
R. Deschamps, Y. Hamon, M. Adelinet, K. Labat, C. Bailly, J. Mengus, J. Terrier
Osmium Isotope Stratigraphy and Radiogenic Age Determinations of the Green River Formation in Utah, U.S.A.
J. T. Pietras, D. Selby, A. Dennett
Multi-Isotope Geochemistry of the Eocene Elko Formation, Northeastern Nevada
A. Canada, E. Cassel, M. E. Smith
Heavy Metal Oil Shale From the Upper Green River Formation, Uinta Basin, Utah
D. Keighley, A. Ani
Capturing Reservoir Heterogeneity in Reservoir Models – How Much is Enough?
W. S. Meddaugh
Surface-Based Reservoir Modeling: Generating Realistic Sedimentologic Heterogeneity for Reservoir Modeling and Simulation
C. Jacquemyn, G. Hampson, M. D. Jackson
Capturing Multi-Scale Geologic Heterogeneity With Logical Rules in Sketch-Based Reservoir Modeling
M. P. Rood, C. Jacquemyn, M. D. Jackson, G. Hampson, F. Carvalho, C. CodaMarques, J. MachadoSilva, M. CostaSousa, Z. Zhang, S. Geiger
Resampling From Reservoir Analog Models
H. Yang, M. Pyrcz*, J. Covault, N. Hawie
Relating Deposition Process to Reservoir Behavior Using Computational Stratigraphy to Define Complex Hierarchical Scales of Reservoir Heterogeneity Within River-Dominated Delta Deposits
B. J. Willis, T. Sun
Geocellular Modeling of Fluvial Meander-Belt Reservoirs: A Rule-Based Method Conditioned on Seismically Imaged Geometries
L. Colombera, N. Yan, T. McCormick-Cox, N. P. Mountney
Basin-Scale Static Models for Unconventional Resource Plays, Examples From Permian Midland and Delaware Basins
T. Gladczenko, J. Hardt, M. Houston, R. Mays, M. Lessenger
Geobody Detection and Multi-Point Statistical Facies Modeling – An Integrated Seismic Approach for Modeling Deepwater GOM Intra-slope Turbidites
F. Evans, S. Greenhalgh, B. Payne, M. Murat, D. Rice
Integrated Static-Dynamic Reservoir Modeling of a Deep-Water West African Reservoir Utilizing an Efficient Decision-Based Workflow
A. Dufournet, M. Miley, J. Villa, J. Pan, M. Bentley
Induced Seismicity in Oklahoma: An Update
J. Boak, K. Murray, J. Walter
The Role of Pressure Diffusion in U.S. Midcontinent Seismicity
E. Ansari, T. S. Bidgoli, A. Hollenbach
Investigating the Link Between Brine Disposal Practices and Induced Seismicity in Kansas and Oklahoma
A. Hollenbach, T. S. Bidgoli, E. Ansari, G. Bohling
Potential for Induced Seismicity Near Conductive Faults: Examples From Fashing (Edwards) Field and Newark East (Barnett) Field
T. W. Reynolds
Development of a Deterministic Seismicity Potential Assessment of the Fort Worth Basin
P. Hennings, J. Osmond, R. Dommisse, J. Nicot
Microseismic Monitoring of a Vaca Muerta Hydraulic Stimulation: Evidence of a Subseismic Fault (Re)activation
P. Roux, D. Kolos*, D. E. Curia
Investigating the Complexity of Reservoir Response to Hydraulic Fracturing Through the Lens of Microseismic Collective Behaviour Characterization
E. P. Ardakani, T. Urbancic, A. Baig, D. Cannon
Regional Induced Seismicity Collaborative: Integrating Research Approaches in the Southern Midcontinent
M. H. Young, J. Boak, R. Mandel, N. Dunbar, M. Timmons, R. Miller
An Integrated Approach to Understanding Different Geotechnical Zones Using High Resolution Microseismicity in Deep Underground Mines, South Africa
S. Mngadi, R. Durrheim, M. Manzi, H. Ogasawara
Application of Diamondoids for Correlation of Very Mature Oil and Oil-Mixtures
J. M. Moldowan, J. E. Dahl, D. M. Jarvie, D. D. Walker, H. Akbar, I. Yurchenko
Advanced Biomarker and Diamondoid Correlations Identify Sources of Mixed and Altered Petroleum Charges in New Exploration Plays Across the Alaska North Slope
P. Jarboe, J. Moldowan, S. M. Barbanti, J. E. Dahl, P. G. Lillis, D. W. Houseknecht
Noble Gas, Hydrocarbon and Water Geochemistry of Groundwater in the Northern Appalachian Basin: Insights on the Mechanisms and Pathways for Hydrocarbon-Rich Brine Migration
R. Kreuzer, T. Darrah, G. Mitra, R. J. Poreda
Characterization of Rocky Mountain Paleozoic Oils – Not the Usual Suspects!
J. E. Zumberge, J. B. Curtis*, S. W. Brown
A Multiproxy Geochemical Approach to Unraveling Hydrocarbon Charge History of the Triassic Shublik Formation of Arctic Alaska
I. Yurchenko, J. Moldowan, K. E. Peters, L. B. Magoon, S. Graham
Applications of Multivariate Curve Resolution to the Interpretation of Geochemical and Mineralogical Data Relevant to Petroleum Systems
J. Birdwell
Fluid Inclusions of Multi-Source Hydrocarbon Accumulation in Cambrian Dolomite Buried Hill and Its Significance for History of Hydrocarbon Accumulation: An Insight From Yaha Oilfield, Tarim Basin
Q. Fang, H. Zhang, S. Fan
Integrated Approach to Decipher Reservoir Fluids Processes and Monitor Production in the Tornado Development, Gulf of Mexico
A. Stankiewicz, S. Mehay*, E. Mahmoodaghdam, J. Cassidy, B. Bennett, J. Nighswander, T. Wilkinson, B. Winkelman
Fracturing Fluid and Rock: Best Friends or Sworn Enemies – Nano-Scale Chemical Reactions During Hydraulic Fracturing
D. P. Cercone, J. Bargar, A. Jew
Finding Additional Oil Volumes by Structural Analysis, Section Balancing and 3-D Restorations in the Upper Magdalena Basin, Colombia
D. R. Richards, C. Ceballos, A. Salamanca, J. W. Granath
Lateral Variations in Compressional Structural Geometries Along an Active Plate Margin; The Assam-Arakan Fold-Thrust Belt of Northeast India
D. D. Schelling
High Fidelity Record of Orogenic Exhumation and Basin Subsidence Patterns Through Integrated Isotopic Analysis: Cacheuta Basin, South-Central Andes
J. Mahoney, J. Suriano, D. Kimbrough, J. Mescua, L. Giambiagi, E. Buelow, B. Burton, J. Metcalf
Late Cretaceous-Paleogene Foreland Basin Development in the Subandean Zone and Oriente Basin of Ecuador: Provenance, Geochronological and Structural Insights
E. G. Gutierrez, B. K. Horton, C. Vallejo, L. J. Jackson, S. George
Structural Wedge Model and the Antelope Uplift, West-Side of the San Joaquin Basin, California: The Possibility of Additional Large Hydrocarbon Traps
T. L. Davis
Beating the Bit – Using 2-D Structural Cross Sections to Drive Rapid Development of Highly Deformed Monterey in the Elk Hills Field, California
C. Marshall, J. Namson
Laramide Deformation and Flexural Effects in the Upper Cretaceous: A Basin in Transition
K. W. Rudolph, J. Saylor
“Thin-Skinned” and “Thick-Skinned” Structural Control on the Evolution of a Foreland Basin Petroleum System – Cabuyarito and Medina Anticlines, Eastern Cordillera Llanos Foothills, Colombia
I. K. Hafiz, J. Kellogg, E. Saeid, Z. Albesher
Effects of Fault Throw and Mechanical Stratigraphy on Fault Architecture in the Lenghu Fold-Thrust Belt, Qaidam Basin, NE Tibet
Y. Pei, K. Wu, D. Paton, R. Knipe, L. Xie

supplemental content

Monday Afternoon Oral Presentations

Formulation of Appraisal Strategy and Process Workflow for Testing the Deep Unconventional Oxfordian-Callovian Age Reservoir of North Kuwait: A Case Study
Q. Dashti, V. Kidambi, E. Quint
Deducing Processes of Shale Deposition, Erosion, and Transport From Textural Attributes and Insights From Experimental Studies: Observations From the Middle Velkerri Member of the Beetaloo Basin, Northern Australia
J. Schieber, S. Menpes, M. Archer, R. Johns
Experimental Study of Hydraulic-Mechanical Coupling for Shale Under CO2 Migration
Y. Wang, J. Ji, X. Wang, M. Li, T. Wong
Relationship Between Canister Desorption Behavior and Composition of Upper Paleozoic Shales in the Ordos Basin, NW China
F. Xiong, M. Amooie, M. Soltanian, Z. Jiang, J. Moortgat
Applied Petroleum Source Rock Evaluation and High-Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy for Unconventional Reservoirs in La Luna Formation (Cenomanian – Santonian) Northwest Maracaibo Basin, Venezuela
A. LiboriusParada, R. P. Philp, R. Slatt
Integrated Sedimentology and Sequence Stratigraphy Using Well Cuttings in the Upper Jurassic–Lower Cretaceous Quintuco-Vaca Muerta System, Neuquen Basin, Argentina
L. Smith, G. Godino
Assessing Unconventional Resource Potential of the Mesoproterozoic Roper Group, Beetaloo Sub-Basin Region, Australia
T. Ruble, D. Revie, E. Roberts, E. Barcelona, N. Gupta, B. Hankins, C. Smith, C. Edgoose
New Insights Into the Exploration Prospects of the Central and Northern Karoo Basin, South Africa
B. Richards, L. Taylor, R. Levey, P. J. Mulligan
Microseismic Monitoring: A Tool for Evaluating Hydraulically-Induced Fracture Network Complexity in Various Geological Settings
J. LeCalvez, S. Hanson-Hedgecock, C. Fredd, M. Williams
Unlocking the Secrets of Zama – The Discovery of a Giant Oil Field in the Shallow Waters of the Sureste Basin, Mexico
J. Parker
Brazilian Pre-Salt Province: History of Success and a Promising Future
M. F. deMoraes, L. dePaula, J. A. Gil
Nanushuk Formation Discoveries Confirm World-Class Exploration Potential in a Newly Proven Stratigraphic Play, Alaska North Slope
P. L. Decker
Case Study of a Large Conventional Oil Pool Discovery in a Mature Basin: The Upper Mannville of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin
R. Pinckston
Revitalizing Seismic Facies Analysis
H. Zeng
New Offshore Exploration Opportunities Within the Salina Del Istmo Basin, Mexico
F. Snyder, R. Ysaccis
Brazil Pre-Salt: Role of Seismic Technology in Full Cycle Hydrocarbon Maturation Process
A. Zarkhidze, J. Hernandez*, R. Ysaccis, L. Mulisheva, M. El-Toukhy
Observations on Structural Styles in the Northern GOM (Flextrend Area)
W. Beck, M. ElHariri, A. M. Mast, H. D. Lebit
Integration of Passive-Source Methods in Shell’s Exploration of Albania’s Fold-Thrust Belt
D. L. Kirschner, E. McAllister, C. Davies, X. Campman, B. Duijndam, J. Li
High Resolution Shallow Crustal Imaging Using Passive Seismic Dense Arrays
F. Lin, K. M. Ward
Seismic Evidence for Subsurface Sediment Remobilization and Fluid Flow Systems in Vema Dome Area of Vøring Basin, Offshore Mid Norway
O. Owolabi, M. Huuse
Enhancing Subsurface Imaging and Reservoir Characterization in the Marcellus Through Advanced Reprocessing of Wide Azimuth 3-D Seismic
J. Zhu, C. Perll, T. Coulman
Perdido Reimaging: Overview of Model Building and Imaging Challenges and Solutions
K. Glaccum, S. Chen
The Source-to-Sink Evolution of the Central Lake Malawi (Nyasa) Rift, East Africa and Implications for Deep-Water Lacustrine Reservoirs
C. A. Scholz, D. Shillington
Integrated Stratigraphy of the ~1.2 Ma Lake Malawi (East Africa) Scientific Drill Core 1B: Exploring New Evidence for Transitions in Lake-Basin Type
M. McGlue, G. Ellis, S. Ivory, A. Cohen
Distribution of Synrift Lacustrine Source Rocks and Reservoirs in Continental Rift Basins
R. C. Shoup
The Brown Shale Formation: Lacustrine Deposit in the Central Sumatra Basin (Indonesia)
R. Brito, R. Slatt
The Rarity of Bifurcation in Shallow Lake Deltas: Implications for Reservoirs and Overall Delta Processes
J. Holbrook, T. Howe
Wave-Dominated Clastic Coasts in Lakes
M. Schuster, A. Nutz, J. Ghienne, F. Bouchette
Distribution and Relationships of Traces, Sedimentary Facies, and Physicochemical Conditions in Lake Eyre (Australia) and Lake Tanganyika (East Africa), and Their Comparison to Marine Systems: Implications for Ichnofacies, Paleoenvironmental, and Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis
S. T. Hasiotis, M. Reilly, J. McPherson, S. Lang
A Sequence Stratigraphic Perspective on the Murray Formation, a Martian Mudstone Succession in Gale Crater, Mars
J. Schieber, K. Bohacs, Z. Yawar, M. Minitti, R. Williams, M. Team
Rapid Inundation of Gale Crater, Mars, by an Expanding Ocean
E. Heydari, T. J. Parker, F. J. CalefIII, J. F. Schroeder, J. VanBeek, S. Rowland, A. G. Fairen
The Stratigraphic Evolution of a Migrating Submarine Channel System in a Tectonically-Confined Basin: Driving Factors and Implications for Reservoir Prediction – The Gorgoglione Flysch Formation, Southern Italy
C. I. Casciano, M. Patacci, C. DiCelma, S. Longhitano, M. Tropeano, W. D. McCaffrey
Submarine-Channel Pathways and Reservoir Architecture in Response to Sedimentation and Salt-Related Structural Deformation
J. Covault, C. Ceyhan, M. Hudec, Z. Sylvester, W. Fisher, D. Dunlap
Carbonate Channel-Levee Systems Influenced by Mass-Transport Complexes, Browse Basin, Western Australia
D. Dunlap, X. Janson, C. SanchezPhelps, J. Covault
Influence of Structural Styles on the Architecture, Stacking Patterns, and Evolution of Deepwater Systems: Insights From the Colombian-Caribbean Margin
A. Ortiz-Karpf, J. Naranjo, P. A. GalindoAmaya, J. C. Llinas
Persistent Sediment Entry Points to Deep-Marine Slope Systems: Stratigraphic Relationships and Up-Dip Pinch-Outs of a Coarse-Grained Slope System overlying Carbonates
I. Kane, A. D. McArthur, D. M. Hodgson
Interaction of Multiple Deepwater Sediment Pathways With Evolving Seafloor Topography: Implications for Intra-Slope Reservoir Architecture, With Examples From the East Coast Basin of New Zealand
A. D. McArthur, W. D. McCaffrey
Channel and Lobe Interaction With Basin Floor Topography in Deep Water Rift Basins – Plio-Pleistocene Syn-Rift of the Corinth Rift, Greece
M. Muravchik, G. A. Henstra, G. T. Eliassen, R. Gawthorpe, M. Leeder, H. Kranis, E. Skourtsos, J. Andrews
Surficial (Topography) Matters: Channel to Lobe Transition Zone (CLTZ’s) Morphodynamics as a First Order Control on Submarine Lobe Sedimentation Patterns
M. Tilston, J. T. Eggenhuisen, Y. Spychala, F. Pohl
The Interplay of Channel-Levee Systems and Mass-Transport Complexes in the Pliocene-Quaternary Rakhine Basin, Offshore Myanmar
D. Shao, F. Lyu, F. Guozhang, H. Ma, H. Wang, L. Ding, J. Covault
Controls of Depositional Facies Patterns on a Modern Carbonate Platform: Guidelines for Stratigraphic Correlations in Ancient Systems
P. M. Harris, S. J. Purkis, G. Cavalcante
Hydrodynamic Control of Whitings and Mud Production on Great Bahama Bank
S. J. Purkis, G. Cavalcante, L. Rothla, P. M. Harris, A. Oehlert, P. Swart
Diverse and Spatially Extensive Microbial Mat and Ooid Sand Depositional System, Little Ambergris Cay, Turks and Caicos Islands
J. Grotzinger, M. Gomes, U. F. Lingappa, N. Stein, E. Trower, J. Alleon, A. M. Bahniuk, M. Cantine, H. Grotzinger, K. Metcalfe, D. K. Morris, S. O'Reilly, E. Orzechowski, D. Quinn, C. Sanders, E. Sibert, J. Strauss, M. Tarika, M. Thorpe, W. Fischer, A. Knoll
Late Guadalupian Evolution of the Delaware Basin: Insights From Stable Isotope and Trace Element Geochemistry
B. P. Smith, C. Kerans
3-D Reconstruction of Clinoform Geometries Using Drone-Based Photogrammetry, Upper San Andres Formation, Last Chance Canyon, New Mexico
P. Tesch, J. Markello, M. Pope, R. Reece
Reef Complex Development During Lowstand in Mixed Carbonate/Siliciclastic Systems – Seismic Evidence From the Browse Basin, Australia
V. Abreu, D. Dunlap
Depositional Sequences and Relative Sea-Level Change in Jamaica Determined by Biostratigraphic Data
D. P. Gold, J. P. Fenton, M. Bent, D. Kay, M. Norman, N. Nembhard, H. Thompson
Seismic Morphology of a Late Paleozoic Isolated Carbonate Platform: Karachaganak Field, Republic of Kazakhstan
J. A. Parker, J. Bishop, S. Bachtel
Early Post-Salt Differential Topography and Its Impact on Source Rock and Shallow-Water Carbonate Facies Distributions: Examples From the Jurassic of the North Atlantic and the Southern Gulf of Mexico
N. Ettinger, R. Forkner*
Petroleum System Evaluation, Mexican Perdido Fold Belt
G. Murillo-Muñeton, A. España-Pinto, J. Rosales-Rodriguez, R. Castro-Govea, R. Torres, M. Bernabe, S. Ortega-Lucach, J. Mendez
Pore Pressure Prediction From Basin Simulation of Heat and Fluid Flow: Application to a Realistic Earth Model in the Gulf of Mexico
F. Medellin, M. Fehler, N. Louni, J. Laigle
Structural Restoration and 2-D Basin Modeling in Fold and Thrust Belts – A Case Study From Western Newfoundland
M. Schwangler, N. Harris, J. Waldron
Fundamental Pressure Controls in Unconventional Petroleum Systems
T. Matava, D. Jacobi, J. Sheremata
Thermal Maturation Considerations and the Significance of Phytoclasts in the Upper Member of the Lodgepole Formation in the North-Western Williston Basin
M. Dighans, M. K. Zobaa
Thermal Maturity Modeling of Organic-Rich Mudrocks in the Delaware Basin Using Raman Spectroscopy of Carbonaceous Material
T. A. Manos, N. Perez
Predicting API in Basin Modeling: New Kinetic Models
F. Baur, S. Banerjee, D. Barber, J. Little, D. Goff
Integrating Basic and Advanced Mud Gas Analysis With Classical Formation Evaluation for Enhanced Compartmental Characterization
J. Kaiser, N. Ritzmann, T. Haldorsen, S. Wessling
Variations in Organic Content of the Kolje Formation in the Western Barents Sea: A Stochastic Modelling Approach
K. J. Zieba, M. Felix
Methodology for Capacity Estimation for Waste Disposal and Carbon Management
Y. Holubnyak, T. Birdie, T. S. Bidgoli, J. Hollenbach
U.S. DOE’s Economic Tools to Assess the Cost of CO2 Capture, Utilization, Storage and Transportation (CCUS)
T. C. Grant, D. Morgan, D. Remson, A. Guinan, C. Shih, S. Lin, D. Vikara
A Study of Multiphase Flow in CO2-EOR: Impacts of Three-Phase Relative Permeability and Hysteresis Models
W. Jia, B. McPherson, F. Pan, Z. Dai, N. Moodie, T. Xiao
Leveraging a Legacy Sample and Data Collection for Carbon Storage Resource Assessment
M. A. KunleDare, P. P. McLaughlin