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Wednesday Morning Oral Presentations

Shale Gas Dominates U.S. Gas Resources: Results From 2016 Assessment of the Future Gas Supply by the Potential Gas Committee
A. V. Milkov
Provenance Analysis of Permian (Guadalupian) Deposits: Implications for Sediment Routing and Stratal Geometry, Delaware Basin, TX
G. M. Soto-Kerans, X. Janson, D. F. Stockli, J. Covault
A Comprehensive Bakken Sequence Stratigraphic Model for the Williston Basin
P. K. Pedersen, D. Cronkwright
Quantifying Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic Pore Networks of the Bakken Shale
Y. Zhang, Q. Hu, T. Baerber
Innovative Data Science Approach at Unconventional Pay Characterization and Production Prediction: Identifying Key Production Drivers in the Permian Basin Unconventional Plays
S. J. Prochnow, M. Richey, Y. Lin
Sequence Stratigraphy and Environments of Deposition for the Springer Shale at Carter-Knox Field, Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma
A. Roark, B. Horton, D. Tripathy
Fine-Scale Geochemical Evaluation of a 350-ft. Long, Complete Stratigraphic Section of the Woodford Shale, Oklahoma U.S.A.
R. P. Philp, E. J. Torres-Parada, H. A. GalvisPortilla, D. Becerra, R. Slatt
Utica-Point Pleasant Shale Structural Modeling in Carroll and Harrison County, Ohio
G. Wang, G. Zheng, J. Shank, Q. He
A Continuous Mineralogical Record of an Eagle Ford Group Core and Related Formations in South Texas Using Hyperspectral Imaging
A. Alnahwi, T. Kosanke, R. G. Loucks
Reproducing Spatial Anisotropy and Connectivity of Aeolian Systems Using Virtual Outcrops, Multiple Point Statistics and Forward-Based Process Geometrical Methods
J. Mullins, C. S. Pierce, J. A. Howell, S. J. Buckley
Complex Architecture in a Low Accommodation Eolian System Stack – Lateral Translation Versus Bedform Climb?
C. S. Pierce, J. A. Howell*, H. Rieke
Application of System Scale Fluvial Models to the Basin Scale
A. Owen, A. Hartley, A. Ebinghaus, G. Weissmann, M. Santos
The Role of Discharge Variability in the Formation and Preservation of Alluvial Sediment Bodies
C. Fielding, J. Alexander, J. Allen
Triassic North American Paleodrainage Networks and Sediment Dispersal of the Chinle Formation: A Quantitative Approach Utilizing Detrital Zircons
K. F. Umbarger, M. Blum
Accommodation – Not a Significant Control on Riverine Stratigraphy?
P. Plink-Bjorklund, E. Jones, M. Belobraydic
Progradational Successions of Distributive Fluvial Systems Affected by Eustatic Forcing: New Model From the Carboniferous Upper Breathitt Group (Kentucky, U.S.A.)
D. Ventra, A. Moscariello, R. Jerrett, S. Flint
A “Big Data” Approach for Studying Modern Alluvial and Delta Plain Channels and Channel Belts
B. K. Vakarelov
Fluvial Stratigraphy at the Shoreline Interface
G. Nichols
Giant Canyons and Chute Pools in Deep-Sea Carbonate Environment (Bahamas)
T. Mulder, H. Gillet, V. Hanquiez, E. Ducassou, K. Fauquembergue, A. Recouvreur, N. Fabregas, M. Principaud, J. Reijmer, G. Conesa, A. Droxler, T. Cavailhes, J. LeGoff, J. Ragusa, S. Bashah, S. Bujan, D. Blank, L. Guiastrennec, J. Borgomano, C. Seibert
Morphometric Analysis of Plunge Pools and Sediment Wave Fields Along the Slopes of Great Bahama Bank
J. Schnyder, G. Eberli, C. Betzler, M. Wunsch, S. Lindhorst, T. Mulder, E. Ducassou
Carbonate Shelf to Basin Architecture and Slope Seismic Geomorphology, Lower Miocene, Browse Basin, Northwest Shelf of Australia
X. Janson, D. Dunlap, L. Zeng, C. SanchezPhelps, J. Covault
Carbonate Platform Slopes: The Importance of Contour Currents
C. Betzler, G. Eberli
Quantification of Architectural Variability and Controls in an Upper Oligocene to Lower Miocene Carbonate Ramp, Browse Basin, Australia
P. Tesch, R. Reece, J. Markello, M. Pope
Revisited Play Concept for Distally-Steepened Carbonate Ramps: The Relevance of Sediment Density Flows in the Stratigraphic Record
A. Moscariello, D. Pinto, M. Agate
Facies Architecture and Evolution of a Cretaceous, Tectonically-Controlled, Carbonate Slope From Western Sicily (Italy)
P. DiStefano, V. Randazzo, M. Cacciatore, S. Todaro
Large-Scale Carbonate Slope Gravity Failures: From Stratigraphic Evolution to Numerical Failure Prediction
J. Busson, V. Teles, H. Gillet, A. Bouziat, N. Guy, P. Joseph, T. Mulder, J. Borgomano, E. Poli
Integrated Quantitative Seismic Sequence Stratigraphic Characterization of Leonardian Carbonate Depositional Architecture on the Eastern Shelf of Midland Basin, West Texas
R. Zhai, J. D. Pigott, Z. Wang, C. Xu
Controls on Turbidity Current Flow Modes: New Insights From Direct Measurements Worldwide
D. Vendettuoli, M. Clare, P. Talling, M. Cartigny, M. Azpiroz-Zabala, S. Hage, E. Sumner
Deepwater Channel Trajectory Controls on Resultant Reservoir Connectivity
P. D. Morris, J. Covault, R. Sech, Z. Sylvester, Z. Jobe
Morphometric Scaling Relationships in Submarine Channel-Lobe Systems: Implications for Turbidite Depositional Processes and Stratigraphic Architecture
L. Pettinga, Z. Jobe, L. Shumaker, N. Howes
Quantifying Depositional Architecture of Basin-Floor Fan Pinchouts: Implications for Improved Stratigraphic Trap Prediction
L. Hansen, D. M. Hodgson, A. Ponten, C. Thrana, S. Flint
Deepwater Channel-Lobe Transition Zones (CLTZs): Loss of Lateral Flow-Confinement Controls Patterns of Erosion and Deposition
F. Pohl, M. Tilston, J. T. Eggenhuisen, M. Cartigny, Y. Spychala
Recently Revealed Hybrid Turbidite-Contourite Systems of the Tanzanian East Africa Margin
P. Sansom
Turbidite Termination Against Confining Basin Slopes: Implications for Stratigraphic Trapping and Reservoir Heterogeneity
E. Soutter, I. Kane, M. Huuse, K. Helland-Hansen
Tracks, Outrunner Blocks, and Barrier Scours: 3-D Seismic Interpretation of a Mass Transport Deposit in the Deepwater Taranaki Basin of New Zealand
F. J. Rusconi, T. A. McGilvery*, C. L. Liner
Stratigraphic Controls on Connectivity and Flow Performance in Deepwater Lobe-Dominated Reservoirs
F. J. Laugier, M. D. Sullivan, M. Pyrcz
Volcanogenic Resources for a Sustained Human Presence on the Moon
W. Ambrose
Near Earth Objects (NEOs): Population Distributions, Origins, and Implications on Earth Impact Threat and Asteroid Mining Resources
D. Cook
HiRISE Observations of Martian Ground Ice: A Possible Resource for Exploration
C. Dundas, A. Bramson, L. Ojha, J. Wray, M. Mellon, S. Byrne, A. McEwen, N. Putzig, D. Viola, S. Sutton, E. Clark, J. Holt
The Development of Regolith as a Resource for Establishing Quasi-Closed, Agro-Ecological Systems in our Solar System
M. Irons
Seismic Facies Segmentation Using Deep Learning
D. Chevitarese, D. Szwarcman, R. D. Silva, E. VitalBrazil
Attention Models Based on Sparse Autoencoders for Seismic Interpretation
M. Shafiq, M. Prabhushankar, Z. Long, H. Di, G. Alregib
Bootstrapping Machine-Learning Based Seismic Fault Interpretation
S. Purves, B. Alaei, E. Larsen
Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Seismic Salt-Body Delineation
H. Di, Z. Wang, G. Alregib
Texture-Based-Similarity Graph to Aid Seismic Interpretation
R. Ferreira, E. VitalBrazil, R. D. Silva, R. Cerqueira
The Monterey(!) is a Significant Undercharged Petroleum System in the Onshore Santa Maria Basin, California, U.S.A.
L. B. Magoon, A. HosfordScheirer
In-Situ Chemical Analysis of Hydrocarbons at a Nanopore Scale, Cretaceous Niobrara Formation, Denver Basin, Colorado
R. Simon, O. Khatib, D. A. Budd, M. B. Raschke
Geochemical Characterization of Organic Matter and Depositional Environment of Tuffaceous Source Rocks in the Jimsar Sag of Junggar Basin, NW China
C. Gao, X. Ding, M. Zha, J. Qu, Y. Su*
Primary Migration of Petroleum in Organic Rich Shale: Observations From Eagle Ford Horizontal Core, South-West Texas
X. Sun, T. Zhang, D. A. Enriquez, S. C. Ruppel
Adventures in Programmed Pyrolysis I
R. Drozd, J. Dall, S. Palmer
Calculation of a Rate Index for the Bakken Formation (Devonian-Mississippian) in North Dakota Using Experimentally Determined Kinetics, Current Formation Temperatures, and Total Reactive Kerogen Mass
S. H. Nordeng, C. J. Onwumelu
The Importance of Evaluating Initial Kerogen Potential and Restoring Kinetic Schemes From Mature Samples, Example From Late Jurassic Source Rocks
M. Dubille, G. Maury, E. Marfisi, M. Callies*
Hyperspectral Imaging and Geochemical Characterization of an Eagle Ford Shale Core
J. Birdwell, B. Martini, L. Fonteneau, K. J. Whidden, O. Pearson, S. T. Paxton, T. Hoefen
New Insights of the Cretaceous Source Rock Potential in the Central Atlantic Ocean Using a New End-Member Workflow Based on Palynofacies and Rock Eval Data
A. Chaboureau, S. Garel, Y. Mourlot, F. Behar
Incorporating Erosion Into Structural Forward Models: Reconstructing Burial and Deformational Histories From Angular Unconformities in Growth Strata
N. Eichelberger, A. Nunns, D. Claroni, S. Ball, I. McGregor, R. Liu
Understanding Geomechanical Deformation by Coupling Distinct Element Forward Modeling and Structural Restoration: Insight From Compressional and Extensional Numerical Models
B. P. Chauvin, A. Plesch, J. H. Shaw, P. J. Lovely
Characterizing the Growth of Structures in Three-Dimensions Using Patterns of Deepwater Fan and Channel Systems in Growth Strata
J. Don, J. H. Shaw, A. Plesch, D. Bridgwater, G. Lufadeju
Numerical Modeling of Cenozoic Basin Inversion of the Western Barents Shelf
M. A. Miraj, C. Pascal, R. H. Gabrielsen, J. I. Faleide
Experimental Geomechanics on Heterogeneous Mudstone—Developing Predictive Relationships Between Facies, Reservoir Quality, and Fracture Propagation
A. A. DeReuil, L. Birgenheier, J. McLennan, J. Ammon, S. A. Moore, J. Luna-Gonzalez
Understanding the Structural Evolution of Structurally Complex Areas Through Integration of Data
K. Das
Discrete Element Modeling of Extensional Fault-Related Monocline Formation and Fault Zone Evolution
K. J. Smart, D. A. Ferrill
A Basin-Scale Modelling Methodology to Link the Poro-Mechanics of a Source-Rock Formation and the Tectonic Faulting in Fold-and-Thrust Belts
W. Sassi, J. Berthelon

supplemental content

Wednesday Afternoon Oral Presentations

Permian Basin Regional Burial and Exhumation History: Implications for Source Rock Distribution, Maturity and Charge Access
A. Doebbert, A. S. Pepper
Contrasting Styles of Basin Fill and Shelf Margin Stacking, Wolfcampian-Leonardian-Guadalupian Succession, Eastern Margin of Central Basin Platform and Western Midland Basin, Fasken Ranch Area, West Texas
R. Dommisse, C. Kerans, C. K. Zahm, S. Pollack, R. Bianco, C. Draper, G. Wahlman
Assessment of the Woodford Shale Petroleum System Within a Deep Subbasin on the Central Basin Platform, Permian Basin
W. R. Drake, M. Longman, A. Moses
Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis of Late Cretaceous Tununk Shale Member of the Mancos Shale Formation, South-Central Utah: Parasequence Styles in Shelfal Mudstone Strata
Z. Li, J. Schieber
Multidisciplinary Analytical Approach to Evaluating the Niobrara Formation Within the Wattenberg Field, Denver-Julesburg Basin
A. P. Reimchen, K. Repchuk, D. Gregoris
Slump Structures in the Middle Bakken Member, Williston Basin, North Dakota – In Search of Active Synsedimentary Fault Systems
A. Novak, S. Egenhoff
The Depositional Environment of the Lower Bakken Shale Member in the Williston Basin, Upper Devonian, North Dakota, U.S.A.
S. Egenhoff, S. Albert
Wolfcamp Facies and Stacking Patterns in the Delaware Basin, West Texas: Insights Into Mechanisms and Patterns of Sediment Delivery and Facies Architecture
S. C. Ruppel, R. Baumgardner
Geology vs. Technology: How Sustainable is Permian Production Growth?
R. G. Clarke, A. Beeker
The Utah FORGE Site: A Laboratory for Enhanced Geothermal System Development
J. Moore, R. Allis, K. Pankow, S. Simmons, J. McLennan, W. Rickard, M. Gwynn, R. Podgorney
Geothermal Exploration in Switzerland for Heat Production and Storage: The Key Role in Knowledge and Technology Transfer From the Hydrocarbon Industry
A. Moscariello, G. UNIGE
Characterizing Deep Basin Siliciclastic Reservoirs for Geothermal Use Near Hinton, Alberta
C. Noyahr, N. Harris, J. Banks
Bottom-Hole Temperatures in Oil and Gas Wells: Window to the Deep Thermal Regime and Geothermal Potential of Sedimentary Basins in the Eastern Great Basin
M. Gwynn, R. Allis, D. Sprinkel, R. Blackett, C. Hardwick
Geothermal Resource Characterization of the Slave Point Formation in Clarke Lake Field, Fort Nelson, British Columbia, Canada
E. Renaud, N. Harris, J. Banks
VSP Survey in the Thonex Geothermal Well - New Characterization of Potential Carbonatic Geothermal Reservoirs
L. Guglielmetti, A. Moscariello, A. Bitri, C. Dezayes, F. Poletto, P. Corubolo, C. Schmelzbach, H. Maurer, F. Reiser, M. Meyer
Geophysical Signatures of the Utah FORGE Site, Northern Milford Basin, Utah
C. Hardwick, W. Hurlbut, M. Gwynn, R. Allis, P. Wannamaker, J. Moore
Geothermal Heat Sources From Oil Wells Using Binary Cycles
S. P. Barredo, H. Wiemer, D. Kuhn, L. Stinco
Re-Evaluation of Bottom-Hole Temperature Corrections: New Insights From Two Hot Wells in West-Central Utah
R. Allis, M. Gwynn
An Experimental Perspective on Co-Deposition of Marine Organic Matter With Clays and Silt
J. Schieber, B. Liu, C. Stewart, A. Schimmelmann
Revisiting the Link Between Curvature and Migration Rate: How Meander Cutoffs Rejuvenate River Migration and Initiate Counter Point Bars
Z. Sylvester, P. R. Durkin, J. Covault, S. Hubbard
Meander-Bend Migration Style Controls Bar Type and Resulting Heterogeneity
P. R. Durkin, Z. Sylvester, S. Hubbard
High-Performance Stratigraphic Modelling of Shelf to Deep-Water Plays
D. Granjeon, P. Have, J. Coatleven, S. Pegaz-Fiornet, B. Chauveau
Spatial and Temporal Evolution of Submarine Lobe Deposits and Their Grain-Fabric
Y. Spychala, J. T. Eggenhuisen, M. Tilston
Slope-Fan Depositional Architecture From High-Resolution Forward Stratigraphic Models
N. Hawie, J. Covault, D. Dunlap, Z. Sylvester, E. Marfisi
Synthesizing Outcrop Data to Develop Vertical Facies Proportion Curves That Capture the Internal Variability of Depositional Elements
L. Stright, P. R. Durkin, S. Southern, B. W. Romans, S. Hubbard
Preservation of Upper-Flow-Regime Bedforms and Their Recognition in the Stratigraphic Record: Comparisons From Modern and Ancient Active Margin Settings
R. G. Englert, S. Hubbard, D. Coutts, Z. Jobe, M. Cartigny, S. Hage
Quantitative Analysis of the Bed-Scale Facies Architecture of Submarine Lobe Deposits
R. C. Fryer, Z. Jobe, L. Shumaker
A Detailed Study of the Red River Formation (C & D Members) in the U.S.A. Portion of the Williston Basin
R. B. Hill, C. Harman, J. G. Ross
Lithologic and Petrophysical Characterization of the Upper Silurian Interlake Group, Nesson Anticline Area, North Dakota and Eastern Montana
R. F. Inden, A. P. Byrnes, R. M. Cluff, S. G. Cluff
Petrographic and Petrophysical Characteristics of the Upper Devonian Three Forks Formation, Southern Nesson Anticline, North Dakota
M. Longman, R. Johnson, B. Ruskin
Disambiguation of the Knoll Limestone, a Regional Late Devonian Reservoir-Prone Litho- and Allostratigraphic Carbonate Bench That Caps the Three Forks Formation Logan Gulch Member, Western Montana
G. W. Grader, L. Schwab, P. Doughty, J. Hohman, J. Guthrie
Sequence Evolution and Hierarchy Within the Lower Mississippian Madison Limestone of Northwest Wyoming
M. D. Sonnenfeld
Preliminary Sequence Stratigraphic Framework for a Mississippian Madison Group Shelf Margin, South Boulder Canyon, Southwest Montana
M. Gilhooly, J. Weissenberger
Carbonate Slope Detrital Aprons and Fans: A Potential New Play Type in the Pennsylvanian Paradox Formation, Paradox Basin, Southeastern Utah and Southwestern Colorado, U.S.A.
T. C. Chidsey, D. E. Eby, J. Burris
Chemical and Biotic Responses to Mid-Permian Paleo-Environmental Dynamics, Phosphoria Rock Complex (Permian, Kungurian-Wordian), Rocky Mountain Region, U.S.A.
M. Pommer, J. Sarg
Depositional and Stratigraphic Complexities of the Niobrara Formation and the Relationship to Producibility, DJ Basin, Colorado
M. Deacon, K. McDonough
Stratigraphic Architecture and Reservoir Characteristics of Slumped Distributary Mouth Bar Deposits, Cretaceous Ferron Sandstone, Utah: An Analysis of Sedimentary Fabric and Facies Utilizing Outcrop and Core Data
R. Campbell, J. Wagner
Tectonic Forcing, Subsidence, and Sedimentary Cyclicity in the Upper Cretaceous, Western Interior U.S.A.
K. W. Rudolph
Structurally-Enhanced Accommodation and Preservation of Shallow Water Reservoir Units: Brookian Clinoform Succession, North Slope Alaska
E. Pemberton, T. Hearon, J. Moutoux, J. Goyette, L. Unger, A. Berger, T. WagnerIII, D. Hansen
Regressive Tidal Systems: Lessons Learned From Studying the Variability of Holocene Tide-Dominated and Tide-Influenced Deltas
B. K. Vakarelov
No Evidence for Significant Sea Level Fall in the Cretaceous Strata of the Book Cliffs of Eastern Utah
J. A. Howell, C. H. Eide, A. Hartley
Facies Distribution and Stratigraphic Architecture of Continental to Shallow-Marine Deposits on a Lowstand Wedge: Basin-Scale Analysis of the Mulichinco Formation, (Neuquén Basin, Argentina).
M. E. Pascariello, M. F. Rincon, S. M. Arismendi, E. Schwarz
High-Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy and Shoreline Trajectory of the Cretaceous Gallup System, New Mexico, U.S.A.
W. Lin, J. P. Bhattacharya
Stratigraphic and Sedimentary Architecture of Tectonically Influenced Shallow-Water Delta Complexes: An Example From the Lower Cretaceous, Maestrat Basin, Spain
G. Cole, M. Watkinson, R. Jerrett, M. Anderson
Shelf-Margin Architecture and Shoreline Processes at the Shelf-Edge With Controls on Sediment Partitioning and Deep-Water Deposition Style: Insights From 3-D Quantitative Seismic Stratigraphy
V. Paumard, J. Bourget, T. Payenberg, B. Ainsworth, S. Lang, H. Posamentier, A. George
Challenges to the Social Contract for International Funding: New Demands for Public Involvement and Transparency in Oil & Gas International Developments
R. Bost
Monitoring Environments From Space
D. Humphreville
The Unexpected Nature and Extent of Arsenic in Soil, Based on the RCRA Facility Investigation at the Elk Hills Oilfield, Former Naval Petroleum Reserve No. 1, Kern County, California
A. Blake
The Geochemistry of Formation Waters and the Challenges and Opportunities for Re-Use of Produced Water
R. Bost
Raman Spectroscopy for Detection of CO2, SOx and NOx in Precipice Sandstone
G. A. Myers, L. G. Turner, A. Cookman, J. Pearce, S. D. Golden, J. Parkins, P. Christian, B. Wiseman
Documenting Past Oilfield Arsenic Corrosion Inhibitor Usage: A Pit Groundwater Example From Lake St. John Field, LA
M. L. Barrett
Using Thermal/IR and Multispectral Sensors on Drones to Find the Origin of and Extent of Contamination From Saltwater Spills From Producing Wells
S. Nash
Complex Petrophysical Studies to Evaluate the Safety of an Underground Gas Storage in Porous Rocks
C. Dietl, R. Braun, H. Baumgartner, E. Jahns, T. Rudolph
Fault Displacement Hazards at Aliso Canyon and Honor Rancho Natural Gas Storage Fields, Southern California, U.S.A.
T. L. Davis
Big Gas Data: First Insights From a Global Database of >20,000 Natural Gases
A. V. Milkov, G. Etiope
Investigation of the Role of Rock Fabric on Gas Generation and Expulsion During Anhydrous Closed-System Pyrolysis Experiments
G. Ellis, D. Shao, Y. Li, T. Zhang
Relationship of Helium and CO2 to Other Gases in New Mexico Reservoirs
R. F. Broadhead
Comparison of the Origin and Secondary Processes of Natural Gas From the Polish Outer Carpathians and the U.S. Bighorn and Wind River Basins
M. J. Kotarba, P. G. Lillis
Genetic Types and Charging Patterns of Tight Gas in the Upper Paleozoic Formation of Northeastern Ordos Basin, China
X. Shao, X. Pang, F. Jiang
Petrology and Geochemistry of Pb-Zn Mineralization in Upper Sinian Dengying Dolomites in the Central Sichuan Basin, SW China: Implications for the Origin of H2S
P. Zhang, G. Liu, C. Cai, P. Gao
The Surface Geochemical Expression of Some Utah Oil and Helium Fields
D. Seneshen
Helium in Southwestern Saskatchewan: Accumulation and Geological Setting
M. Yurkowski, G. Jensen*
Novel Compact Gas/Gas Isotopes Sensor for Exploration and Reservoir Design
S. Csutak, A. Sampaolo, P. Patimisco, M. Giglio, F. Tittel, V. Spagnolo