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Wednesday Poster Presentations

Temperature From Seismic Data: Application in the Lüderitz Basin, Offshore Namibia
A. Sarkar, M. Huuse, B. Campbell
Penetrative Strain Related Porosity Loss in Clastic Reservoir Units of the Denver-Julesburg Basin
M. E. Hatfield, C. M. Burberry
Discrete-Element Modelling of Diapirism and Sedimentation on Continental Margins: A New Modelling Approach of Salt Deformation
L. M. Pichel, E. Finch*, R. Gawthorpe, M. Huuse, J. Redfern
Assessing Thermal Maturity of Different Oil Shale Samples Using Laser Raman Spectroscopy
M. G. Kibria, S. Das, Q. Hu, A. R. Basu
Facies Architecture and Controls on Reservoir Behavior in the Turonian Wall Creek Member of the Frontier Formation in the Powder River Basin, Wyoming
N. LaFontaine, M. Hofmann, T. T. Le, T. Hoffman
Reconciling Taxonomic Discrepancies in the Globigerinoides Ruber-Elongatus Plexus, and Isotopic Implications in the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Basins
E. A. Brown, M. Pamela, M. F. Weinkauf
Characterization of Lateral and Vertical Trends in Deep Marine Distal Levee Deposits of the Neoproterozoic Isaac Formation, Windermere Supergroup, British Columbia, Canada
C. Cunningham, R. C. Arnott
Deep-Water Sedimentation and Stratigraphic Evolution of the West Xylokastro Fault Block of the Plio-Pleistocene Corinth Rift, Greece: Implications for Syn-Rift Reservoir Distribution
T. Cullen, R. Collier, R. Gawthorpe, D. M. Hodgson
Influence of Bioturbation on the Reservoir Quality of Miocene Slope Carbonates
R. Mustacato, T. D. Frank
Stratigraphy, Sedimentology, and Geochemistry of the East Texas Upper Jurassic Smackover Carbonate Ramp Succession
P. J. Schemper, R. G. Loucks, Q. Fu
Significance of Microbialites in Reservoir Development and Evolution in Silurian Reef Slope Deposits at Pipe Creek Jr. Quarry, Indiana, and the Michigan Basin
A. SantiagoTorres, J. Karsten, G. M. Grammer, D. Prezbindowski, J. Havens, B. Dattilo
Reservoir Characterization and 3-D Modeling of Silurian Reef Slopes: Pipe Creek Jr. Quarry, Grant County, Indiana
J. Karsten, A. SantiagoTorres, G. M. Grammer, D. Prezbindowski, J. Havens, B. Datillo
Fluid Flow Behaviors Under Architectural Controls of the Wall Creek Member in the Frontier Formation: Western Powder River Basin, Wyoming
T. T. Le, T. Hoffman, N. LaFontaine, M. Hofmann
Geostatiscal Analysis of Meandering Processes and Channel Migration: Case Study of Modern Analogues for the Long Nab Member, Scalby Formation, Yorkshire, UK
S. W. Saadi, D. Hodgetts*
It's About to Get a Lot Less Salty – Comparison of a Fluvial Outcrop to Estuarine Outcrops Using UAV-Based Outcrop Modelling in the Lower Cretaceous McMurray Formation, NE Alberta, Canada
D. Hayes, E. Timmer, M. Ranger, M. Gingras
Creating an Initial Exploration Framework for the Berea Sandstone in the Appalachian Basin
S. L. Rice, P. Cullen, B. Currie, J. Miles
Systematic Lithologic Characterization of Neogene Mass-Transport Deposits, Mississippi Canyon of the Northern Gulf of Mexico, U.S.A.
M. A. Gutierrez, J. W. Snedden, P. M. Parr
Mass Transport Deposits (MTD) Seismic Facies Control on Topography Creation for Later Turbidite Deposition in Taranaki Basin, Offshore New Zealand
J. Nwoko, M. Huuse, I. Kane
Intracanyon Sands Delivery and Distribution of the Baiyun Submarine Canyon System: An Integrated Study Using Piston Cores, 3-D Seismic Data and Numerical Modeling
S. Gao, Y. Wang, H. Zhuo, X. Wang, W. Li, L. Yang, J. Zhou
Microfacies and Reservoir Heterogeneity and Architecture of the D5 and D6 Members of Middle Jurassic Carbonates Dhruma Formation in Outcrops, Central Saudi Arabia
I. M. Yousif, O. Abdullatif, M. Makkawi, M. Bashri, M. Salih
Stratigraphic sequence and Facies Control on Reservoir Quality and Productivity of Early to Middle Miocene Fluvial-Deltaic Deposits, Formation 2, Gulf of Thailand
P. Henglai, M. Pranter
Pore Characterization of the Organic-Rich Devonian-Mississippian Bakken Shales in the Williston Basin
J. Xu, S. Sonnenberg
Geochemical Characterization of the Eocene Organic-Rich Shales in Dongying Sag, Bohai Bay Basin, China
H. Zhang, H. Huang, H. Lin, L. Ma, Q. Wei, C. Chai
Evidence for East African Orogenic Transpression and Cenozoic Tension in Neoproterozoic Basement Rocks, Northwestern Ethiopian Plateau
S. Bowden, N. Gani, T. Alemu, B. Abebe, K. Tadesse
Seismic Stratigraphy, Facies, and Geomorphology of the Jurassic Legendre Delta, North West Shelf, Australia: Implications for Subaqueous Clinoforms and Sediment Gravity Flow
P. Chen, C. Elders
Allogenic and Autogenic Controls in Appalachian Basin, Middle Pennsylvanian Allegheny Formation, Central – Northern West Virginia
O. Abatan, A. Weislogel, M. Blake
Sequence Stratigraphic Framework for the Upper Devonian Ohio Shale in the Appalachian Basin
P. Cullen, B. Currie
Regional Stratigraphy and Organic Richness of Meramecian and Equivalent Strata, Anadarko Basin, Central Oklahoma
J. Miller, A. Cullen, M. Pranter
Characterization and Origin of Oxfordian Dolomites in the Western High Atlas, Morocco
N. Al-Sinawi, C. Hollis, S. Schröder, J. Redfern
Constraints on Carbonate Platform Geometry as it Relates to the Fabric of the Upper Slope
A. LeBeau, X. Li*, J. Payne
Cross-Stratification in Turbidite Systems
I. S. deCala, L. Amy, M. Patacci, R. M. Dorrell, W. D. McCaffrey
Petroleum System Modeling as an Important Technique for Oil and Gas Search Within the Arctic Shelf
I. A. Sannikova, A. V. Stoupakova, R. S. Sautkin, M. A. Bolshakova, A. A. Suslova
Mesozoic Tectonostratigraphy of the Guinea Plateau, West Africa, Records Successive Rift Phases of the Central and Equatorial Atlantic
B. E. Serrano-Suarez, P. Mann
Study on Sedimentary Microfacies in Bara Area, Muglad Basin, Sudan
W. Yanqi, Z. Guangya, K. Weili, H. Tongfei
Rock Magnetic Cyclostratigraphy of the Pliocene and Quaternary Sediments of the Fisher Valley Basin, Utah
J. M. Stine, J. W. Geissman, D. Sweet
Creatures From the Bakken Lagoons: Palynology Confirms the Brackish Depositional Environment With Implications for Basin Evolution
B. J. Rice, M. diPasquo, P. Doughty, G. W. Grader, P. E. Isaacson
Characteristics of Expert Behavior in Problem Solving and Workflow Strategy in Seimic Interpretation
M. A. Jackson, J. P. Dobbs*, E. M. Riggs
Comparing Aggradation, Superelevation, and Avulsion Frequency of Submarine and Fluvial Channels
Z. Jobe, N. Howes, I. Georgiou, D. Cai, H. Deng, F. J. Laugier, L. Shumaker
Depositional Facies and High-Resolution Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis of a Mixed-Process Influenced Deltaic System in a Stormy Ramp Setting: The Cretaceous Gallup System, New Mexico, U.S.A.
W. Lin, J. P. Bhattacharya
Leeuwin Current Activity Controls Benthic Foraminifera on the Carnarvon Ramp, Western Australia: From Inception to Flow Optimum
C. Haller, P. Hallock, A. C. Hine, C. G. Smith
A Potential Source For the Early Cretaceous Barents Sea Sink Through Discharge Estimations Of the Fluvial Festningen Sandstone In Svalbard, Norway
C. Myers, J. Holbrook
Effects of Highstand Mud Accumulation on the Evolution of the Central Texas Coast
C. I. Odezulu, T. Swanson, J. B. Anderson
Mapping Fluvial Injection Points and Sediment Provenance in Rifted Basins Using Detrital Zircon U-Pb Geochronology, Paleogene of the Raoyang Sag, Bohai Bay Basin, China
H. Chen, X. Zhu, L. Wood
Origin and Stratigraphic Significance of Phosphatic Beds in Fine-Grained Thin-Bedded Turbidites of Neoproterozoic Upper Kaza Group, Windermere Supergroup: Implications for Source and Sink
L. Navarro, R. C. Arnott
Source-to-Sink at Continental Margins: A Novel Approach to Reservoir Prediction in Offshore Deep-Water Settings
B. H. Lodhia, G. G. Roberts, A. Fraser, J. Jarvis
Sedimentology and Provenance of an Alluvial Fan Progradation, Middle Thumb Member, Horse Spring Formation, Western Lake Mead, Nevada
B. Demircan, P. Umhoefer
Reservoir Geology Aspects of Lula Supergiant Field, Santos Basin – Brazilian Pre-Salt Province
S. Pedrinha, V. Artagão, T. P. Moreira, L. S. Freitas, E. Richter, B. T. Santos
Testing Regional Depositional Models and Capturing Stratigraphic and Diagenetic Heterogeneities in Carbonate Reservoirs Using Forward Numerical Modeling: A Case Study From the Lower Cretaceous of Oman
C. M. John, M. Al-Salmi, N. Hawie
Controls on Carbonate Tidal Grainstones – Examples From the Delaware Basin Outcrop and Midland Basin Reservoirs, Permian Basin
C. Kerans, J. Rush, C. K. Zahm
Effects of Erosional Scours on Reservoir Properties of Thinly Bedded, Distal Lower Shoreface Sandstone Reservoirs
G. Onyenanu, G. Hampson, P. Fitch, M. D. Jackson
Geostatistical Integration of Multiscale Data to Construct a Hunton Group Geocellular Model: Upscaling Logs and Downscaling Seismic Impedance Volumes
B. Milad, R. Slatt, K. Marfurt
Empirical Characterization of the Geometry of Fluvial Channel Deposits: Implications for Object-Based Reservoir Modeling
L. Colombera, N. P. Mountney, G. Medici
Heterogeneity in the Lower Paleozoic Shales From the Peri-Baltic Basin (Central Europe) – How Lithology and Sedimentary Features Affect Geochemical and Mechanical Properties of Rocks
J. Roszkowska-Remin, R. Pachytel
Geologically Realistic Fluvial Point Bar Geocellular Models: Conditioning Algorithms With Outcrop Statistics
A. L. McCarthy, L. Stright, P. R. Durkin, S. Hubbard
Exploring Multi-Scale Heterogeneity of Braided-Fluvial Reservoirs: Implications for Reservoir Performance
J. J. Tellez, K. Lewis, S. Clark, R. Cole, M. Pranter, Z. Reza
Fluvial Architecture of the Burro Canyon Formation Using UAV-Based Photogrammetry: Implications for Reservoir Performance, Rattlesnake Canyon, Colorado
K. Lewis, M. Pranter, Z. Reza, R. Cole
Sedimentation and Diagenesis of a Miocene-Pliocene Narrow, Restricted Shelf Mixed-System: Cibao Basin, Dominican Republic
B. Burke, D. F. McNeill, J. S. Klaus, P. Swart
Mechanical Stratigraphy in Cyclic Platform Carbonates, Arrow Canyon, Nevada
J. Bishop, V. Heesakkers, E. Earnest, S. Banerjee, D. Goff, K. Kelsch, J. Mohan, N. Raterman, A. Whitaker
Are Outcrop Analogues Useful in Reservoir Facies Modelling?
S. Lomas, M. vanCappelle, L. Colombera, A. tenHove, S. Cobain
Detailed Stratigraphy and Hydrocarbon Potential of the Devonian-Mississippian Pilot Shale, Western Utah, U.S.A.
S. Bereskin, T. C. Chidsey, J. S. Pratt, D. Taff
Database-Driven Analysis of Geologic Controls on the Geometry of Incised-Valley Fills: Implications for Facies and Sequence Stratigraphic Models
R. Wang, L. Colombera, N. Mountney
Palaeogeographic Evolution of the Andean Cordillera, Associated Drainage Systems and Sediment Supply to Offshore Basins
A. Ashley, J. Harris, S. Otto, J. Watson, S. Agostini, D. Kay, M. Norman, P. Valdes, P. Allison, A. Avdis, E. Santoro
Transgressive Reworking and Its Impact on Sandstone Porosity Improvement: The Vivian Formation, Marañón Basin, Northern Perú
O. Lopez-Gamundi, C. Lopez-Gamundi
Differentiating Stacked Tight Gas Reservoirs of the Spirit River Formation in the Deep Basin of Western Canada Using QEMSCAN Analysis on Cuttings
E. Street, R. Harris, B. Beshry, M. Enter
Intra- and Intersequence Process Changes of Mixed Energy Deltas in Outcrop and Subsurface: Maastrichtian Fox Hills, Washakie Basin, Wyoming
M. Olariu, C. Olariu, R. Steel
Muddy Shorelines of the Paleogene Wilcox Deltas, South Texas Gulf Coast
M. Olariu, H. Zeng
Stratigraphic Architecture and Bayfill Classification in the Upper Cretaceous Neslen Formation, Eastern Book Cliffs, Utah
J. M. Kjærefjord, C. Thrana, S. Bullimore, T. C. Stenbakk
Depositional History and Shoreline Evolution of the Upper Wilcox Group and Lower Reklaw Formation, Northern Bee County, Texas
W. Ambrose, H. Zeng, M. Olariu, J. Zhang
Revised Stratigraphic Synthesis of the Baltimore Canyon Trough: Implications for Reservoir Identification and Analysis
W. J. Schmelz, K. G. Miller, G. S. Mountain, J. V. Browning
Links Between Short-Term Beach Evolution and Resulting Heterogeneities in Wave-Dominated, Upper-Shoreface-Foreshore Sandstone Bodies
E. Schwarz, G. Veiga, M. Isla
Halokinetic Controls on the Evolution of Shallow Marine Facies Architecture: Upper Jurassic Fulmar Formation, UKCS
J. A. Foey, S. Clarke, I. Stimpson, T. Randles
High-Resolution Facies Analysis of the Upper Mancos Shale in the San Juan Basin, New Mexico
M. Leung, J. P. Bhattacharya
Basin Scale Study of a Tight Gas Reservoir: Paleoenviromental Evolution of a Shallow Marine System in the Early-Middle Jurassic, Neuquén Basin, Argentina
G. N. Vocaturo, W. Brinkworth, M. L. Loss, E. M. Mortaloni, D. Giunta, J. L. Massaferro
Incised Valleys and Shoal Water Deltas: Depositional Model for the Middle Jurassic of the Danish Central Graben
J. Andsbjerg
Integration of the Effects of Bioturbation on Reservoir Quality Into Reservoir Modelling of CRAMA Field, Niger Delta Petroleum Province
C. A. Jackson, M. Oti, W. Mode, P. Osterloff, G. Pemberton
Geomorphology, Sedimentology and Architecture of the Ancient Pearl River Delta System, Northern South China Sea
W. Chen
Analysis of Fluvial Facies Variations of the Price River Formation, Mesaverde Group, Book Cliffs, Utah, U.S.A.
J. J. Saroni, A. Hartley, A. Owen, J. A. Howell
Tectonomorphic Influence on Late Cretaceous-Paleogene Sediment Provenance and Dispersal Through West and South Texas From Detrital Zircon Geochronology
C. D. Kortyna, J. L. CorchadoAlbelo, D. F. Stockli, G. Sharman, J. Covault
Chronostratigraphic and Architectural Analysis of a Modern Point Bar, Powder River, Montana
B. Warwick, A. Torres, J. Holbrook, J. Moody
Clastic/Evaporitic Interactions in Arid Continental Settings: Implications for Reservoir Characterization and Modelling
R. P. Pettigrew, S. Clarke, P. Richards, A. E. Milodowski
Fluvial-Aeolian Interactions Within Arid Continental Basins: Implications for Reservoir Characterisation and Basin Modelling
C. L. Priddy, S. Clarke, P. Richards, T. Randles
Tide-Modulated Fluvial Sedimentation in a Highly Meandering Channel Near the Dry-Season Tidal Limit of Sittaung River, Myanmar
K. Choi, J. Jo, D. Kim
Scaling of Fluvial Sand Body Lateral Dispersal Patterns From Normal Flow to Backwater Hydraulic Conditions: Implications for the Cretaceous McMurray Formation, Alberta, Canada
A. Wahbi, E. Prokocki, M. Blum
Reconstructing Sedimentary Environments and Biota Within the Nanushuk Formation, Kukpowruk River, Western North Slope, Alaska
P. J. McCarthy, A. R. Fiorillo, G. T. Shimer, E. J. Orphys
Characterization of the Neogene Fluvial Reservoirs in the Qinhuangdao (QHD) 32-6 Field: An Integrated Approach Using Seismic Spectral Deconvolution, Sand-Constrained Seismic Forward Modeling, and Densely-Spaced Well Data
W. Li, D. Yue, S. Wu
Pattern of Dual Sequence Structures and Their Forming Mechanism in A Compressional Basin: A Case Study of the Junggar Basin, West China
X. Du, Y. Lu*, P. Chen
New Ideas in Old Places: Raton Basin Depositional Model as a Distributive Fluvial System (DFS)
S. C. Horne, R. I. Harrison, J. Holbrook, A. Hartley
Regional Fluvial Architecture and Reservoir Modeling of the Trail Member of the Ericson Sandstone, Mesaverde Group in Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado
C. A. Jolley, A. A. Treviño*, S. Hudson
Structural Interpretation, Trapping Styles and Hydrocarbon Potential of Block-X, Northern Depobelt, Onshore Niger Delta
O. C. Adeigbe, O. O. Alo
Applicability of Sequence Stratigraphic Models to Thick Fluvial Successions in Tectonically-Active Basins
W. W. Little
Reservoir Characterization and Comparisons of Permian and Jurassic Eolian Sandstones From Central Utah
D. F. Wheatley, P. A. Steele, S. Hollingworth, M. A. Chan, N. Moodie, B. McPherson
Evaluating the Effects of Fluid Chemistry on Dolomite Stoichiometry and Reaction Rate
H. F. Cohen, S. E. Kaczmarek
The Influence of Fault-Controlled Dolomitization on Porosity Modification in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin
J. E. Stacey, C. Hollis, H. Corlett, A. Koeshidayatullah
Unravelling Reflux Dolomitization: Why Size Matters?
C. Teoh, J. Laya, F. Whitaker, T. Gabellone, M. Tucker, C. Manche, S. E. Kaczmarek, B. Miller
Fluid Histories of Middle Ordovician Fault-Fracture Dolomite Oil Fields of the Southern Michigan Basin
R. F. Dunseith, J. M. Gregg, G. M. Grammer
Genetic Origin and Diagenetic Transformation of LMC Microcrystal Textures in Limestones
M. Hashim, S. E. Kaczmarek
Petrologic Assessment of Diagenetic Evolution in Temporally Equivalent Carbonates of the Marcellus “Shale” From West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New York
J. C. Root, T. E. Jordan
Interpretation of Recrystallization Processes of Sedimentary Dolomites as Deduced From Crystal Structural and Geochemical Data With Implications for Reservoir Characterization
G. Lukoczki, P. Sarin, J. M. Gregg, C. M. John
Effect of Bioturbation on the Porosity and Permeability of Shelf Carbonates: Examples From the Ulayyah Member of the Hanifa Formations, Central Saudi Arabia
H. Eltom, S. T. Hasiotis, E. C. Rankey
Subaerial Exposure and Diagenesis of the Miocene Kardiva Platform, Maldives
K. Prince, J. Laya, C. Betzler, G. Eberli, C. Zarikian, P. Swart, J. Reolid, J. Reijmer
Carbonate Chemostratigraphy Caveat: Micrite Undergoes Diagenesis
F. Hasiuk, S. E. Kaczmarek
Diagenesis of a Lower Cretaceous Limestone Reservoir in a Giant Oilfield, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: Comparison Between the Crest and Flanks
M. Alsuwaidi, S. Morad, H. Mansurbeg, M. Paganoni, D. Morad, S. Ehrenberg, A. AlHarethi, I. Al-Aasm
Diagenesis and Quality of Deep Cambrian Carbonate Reservoirs From the Tarim Basin, Northwestern China
K. Goldberg, B. Li
Reservoir Characterization and Fracture Network Modeling of the Highly Fractured Dolomitized A-2 Carbonate (Silurian) Gas Storage Reservoirs in the Michigan Basin
C. Joupperi, D. Reeves, J. Garrett
Primary Depositional Facies Controls on Diagenetic Susceptibility and Porosity Evolution in Mixed Carbonate and Chert Intervals, Northwest Arkansas and Southwest Missouri, U.S.A.
B. Price, G. M. Grammer, A. ElBelasy, C. M. John
Origin of the "Rim Dolomite" at the Salt-Sediment Interface of Patawarta Allochthonous Salt Sheet, Flinders Ranges, South Australia
R. Kernen, P. L. Poe, K. Giles, C. Fiduk, T. Hearon, M. G. Rowan, B. Brunner, K. Lerer, A. Labrado
A Novel Approach to Productivity Prediction of Carbonate Gas Reservoirs From Electrical Image Logs
D. Wang, B. Xie*, Y. Wu, Q. Lai
Pore Types, Origins and Control on Reservoir Heterogeneity of Carbonate Rocks in Middle Cretaceous Mishrif Formation of West Qurna Oilfield, Iraq
H. Liu, Z. Tian, R. Guo, D. Li, D. Yang
Evidence for Karst Controlled Reservoirs in the Jura-Cretaceous Success Formation and the Mississippian Madison Group of West-Central Saskatchewan
D. Kohlruss
Sulfate Source and Model for Thermochemical Sulfate Reduction in the Triassic Feixianguan Carbonate Gas Reservoirs, Sichuan Basin
G. Wang, F. Hao, H. Zou, P. Li
Diagenesis of the San Andres Formation in the Seminole Unit in the Central Basin Platform, West Texas
L. Jiang, I. J. Duncan
Stratigraphic and Regional Distribution of TOC in the Vaca Muerta Formation
M. Tenaglia, R. J. Weger, G. Eberli, P. Swart
A New Tight Oil Recoverable Resources Assessment Method Based on Multiple Regression Analysis
X. Zhang, H. Wang
Pore Structure Characterization for Organic-Rich Lower Silurian Shale in the Upper Yangtze Platform, South China: A Possible Mechanism for Pore Development
L. Chen, Z. Jiang, K. Liu
Rock Thermo-Acoustic Emission, Laser Raman Spectroscopy and Infrared Spectroscopical Technique Applied to the Study of Organic Matter Maturity of the Lower Paleozoic Marine Shales in Southern China
X. Yuan, F. Wang, W. Yang
Effect of Acidification Pretreatment on the Deep Shale Mechanical Parameters of Longmaxi-Wufeng Formation in China
C. Lu, L. Ma, S. Xiao, J. Guo, Q. Feng
Emerging Proterozoic Unconventional Gas Plays in the Beetaloo Sub-Basin, Northern Territory, Australia
D. Close, E. Baruch, C. Altmann, A. Cote, B. Richards
Relationship Between Pore Characteristics and Occurrence State of Shale Gas: A Case Study of Lower Silurian Longmaxi Shale in the Upper Yangtze Platform, South China
L. Chen, Z. Jiang, K. Liu
Nano-Scale Pore Structure Characteristics of Organic-Rich Longmaxi Shale Using Argon Gas Adsorption
H. Zhu, A. Jia, Y. Wei, J. Xu
Application of Hydrocarbon Gas Abundance Log in the Rolling Exploration and Development of Offshore Extra-low Resistivity Oilfield: A Case Study of CFD Oilfield Group in Bohai Bay Basin
W. Yang
Geomechanics of Unconventional Carbonate Oil Reservoir, North Kuwait
S. Khesroh, A. Ashqar, M. AlAjmi, A. Al-Jasmi, S. AbdulAziz, C. Chao
Laboratory Research and 3-D DEM Investigation on Mechanical Properties of Gas Hydrate Sand Under Different Temperature, Confining Pressure, and Hydrate Saturation
H. Zhu, J. Shen, Q. Gao, Y. Dang
Drilling and Completion System of Shale Gas Based on Drilling Robot With Multi-Branch Micro-Wellbores
H. Zhu, J. Zhao, Q. Liu
Sensitivity Analysis and Optimization of Technological Parameters During Coupled Liquid CO2 Fracturing-Huff and Puff Treatment in Tight Oil Reservoirs
B. Xiao, T. Jiang, B. Lu, S. Zhang, J. Ma
Integrated Assessment of Thermal Maturity of Upper Ordovician–Lower Silurian Wufeng-Longmaxi Shale in Southern Sichuan Basin, China