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Tuesday Morning Oral Presentations

Integration of High Resolution Well Data to Reservoir Models in a Multiuser E&P Collaboration Environment
S. GerbaudoLaronga, G. Murphy
Automated Salt Recognition in 2-D Seismic and Mapping Basin-Wide Salt in the Gulf of Mexico
S. Morris, T. Dupont, S. Li, J. D. Grace*
Photogrammetric 3-D Rock Slope Modeling, Discontinuity Mapping, and Analysis Utilizing an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
E. V. Zorn, J. Wagner, A. Zorn
Metaheuristic Rock Property Determination Driven by Rock Type Constrained Global N-Dimensional Analysis
T. Ramsay, C. Lu, J. He
Deep Learning Used in Permeability Prediction of Channel Sand Bodies With Strong Heterogeneity
G. Zhang, Z. Wang
Core- to Pore-Scale Characterization of Heterogeneous Petroleum Geosystems: Multi-Scale (cm to sub-nm) 2-D and 3-D Imaging of Mancos Shale With Correlative Light, X-Ray, Electron, and Ion Microscopy
J. Goral, A. A. DeReuil, M. Deo, L. Birgenheier, M. Andrew
Hyperspectral Imaging, XRF and High Resolution Scanning: The Key to Quick Accurate Core Analysis
G. Sandon, M. Trobec, S. Stancliffe*
Interaction of Surfactants at Nanoscale With Water-Wet and Oil-Wet Calcite Surfaces at Reservoir Conditions
M. R. Kawelah, S. Alzobaidi, G. Thomas, A. I. Abdel-Fattah, A. Gizzatov*
Experimental and Statistical Investigation of In-House Surfactant Formulations and Their Imbibition Capacity for Selected Core Substrates
T. Khamatnurova, L. Ke, D. Hu, K. Holan
The State of the Art of the Brazilian Pre-Salt Exploration
M. Abelha, E. Petersohn
Understanding the Diversity of Lacustrine Hydrocarbon Reservoirs—The Utility of Outcrop Studies
K. Bohacs, K. Lamb-Wozniak, E. Bowlin, G. Jones, T. M. Demko
The Paleogeography of the Lacustrine Rift System of the Pre-Salt in Santos Basin, Offshore Brazil
M. Fetter, H. Penteado, V. Madrucci, A. Spadini
Characterisation of the Pre-Salt Microbialite in the Kwanza Basin, Angola
N. Rochelle-Bates, S. Schröder, R. Dixon
Facies Association, Depositional Systems, and Paleophysiografic Models of the Barra Velha Formation, Pre-Salt Sequence – Santos Basin, Brazil
L. M. Arienti, R. S. Souza, S. Viana, M. A. Cuglieri, R. P. Silva, S. Tonietto, L. dePaula, J. A. Gil
Libra: A Newborn Giant in the Brazilian Pre-Salt Province
M. A. Carlotto, R. C. daSilva
Carbonates That Are No More: Silicified Pre-Salt Oil Reservoirs in Campos Basin (Brazil)
J. Tritlla, M. Esteban, R. Loma, A. Mattos, V. Sánchez, C. Boix, P. VieriadaLuca, J. Carballo, G. Levresse
Petrology of the Hydrothermal and Evaporitic Continental Cretaceous (Aptian) Pre-Salt Carbonates and Associated Rocks, South Atlantic Santos Basin, Offshore Brazil
R. S. Souza, L. M. Arienti, S. M. Viana, L. C. Falcão, M. A. Cuglieri, R. P. SilvaFilho, C. O. Leite, V. C. Oliveira, D. M. Oliveira, C. Anjos, R. Amora, I. D. Carmo, C. E. Coelho
Diagenesis of Pre-Salt Carbonates, Brazil Margin – Challenging Paradigms of Reservoirs in Evaporite Basins
J. Amthor, C. Taberner, E. Manzo
Hinterland Screening: the First Step Toward a Fully Integrated Source-to-Sink Understanding
G. Nicoll, J. Wilson, F. Kohlmann
Signal Propagation From the Himalayan-Sourced Ganges-Brahmaputra Rivers to the Deep-Sea Bengal Fan From Detrital Zircons
M. Blum, K. Rogers, J. Gleason, Y. Najman
Evaluating the Effects of First-Order Climatic State and Climate Transitions on Sediment Dynamics Using Detrital Zircons in the Amazon Source-to-Sink System
C. C. Mason, B. W. Romans, A. Fildani, D. F. Stockli, T. Gerber
Deciphering Tectonic Influence on Sediment Routing System Configuration via Large-n U-Pb Detrital Zircon Geochronology, Cretaceous Magallanes-Austral Basin, Chile and Argentina
B. G. Daniels, S. Hubbard, B. W. Romans, W. A. Matthews
Stirring the Detrital Pot: Intrabasinal Sediment Recycling and Mixing Revealed Through Strontium Isotopes, Cretaceous Magallanes Basin, Chile
N. C. Auchter, B. W. Romans, B. G. Daniels, S. Hubbard
Balancing Sediment Budgets in Deep Time and the Nature of the Stratigraphic Record
J. P. Bhattacharya, A. D. Miall
The Shelf Revisited: Critical Interface on Continental Margins and in Source-to-Sink Systems
O. J. Martinsen
Morphodynamics and Stratigraphic Architecture of Shelf-Edge Deltas Subject to Constant vs. Dynamic Environmental Forcings
K. Straub
What Conditions Are Required for Deltas to Reach the Shelf Edge During Rising Sea Level?
J. Zhang, R. Steel, C. Olariu
Dolomite and Palygorskite: An Alternative Pathway for the Formation of Palygorskite Clay
B. H. Ryan, S. E. Kaczmarek, J. M. Rivers
Modern Analog for Ancient Ooid-Grainstone Diagenesis and Pore Networks; Holocene Cancún Eolianite Ooids, Isla Cancún
R. G. Loucks, K. Patty
Integrating Geological Processes and Petrophysics in Carbonate Reservoir Rock Typing
A. G. Meyer
Hydrothermal Diagenesis and Reservoir Quality in the Pre-Salt Carbonate-Clastic Series of the Kwanza Basin, Offshore Angola
J. Girard, G. SanMiguel
Thermochemical Sulphate Reduction Can Improve Carbonate Reservoir Quality
L. Jiang, R. Worden, C. Yang
Modeling Early Marine CaCO3 Cementation in a Giant Carbonate Reservoir, Saudi Arabia
P. Lu, S. Zhang, R. Zuhlke, D. Cantrell
Comparative Diagenesis of Smackover Formation, Northern U.S. Gulf Coast: Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama
E. Heydari, L. Baria, B. Kirkland
Reservoir Quality in Salt-Encased Microbial-Dominated Carbonates From the Late Neoproterozoic Ara Group (South Oman Salt Basin)
S. Becker, P. A. Kukla*, J. Smodej, L. Reuning
Targeting Mechanical Facies in the Green River Basin to Improve Completions Strategies
J. Havens, J. Mazza, C. Glaser, A. Hildick, C. Coleman
Rock Fabric, Rock Composition, and Reservoir Quality in the Montney Formation, Western Canada
N. Vaisblat, K. Ayranci, N. Harris, R. Chalaturnyk
Petrographic and Micro-FTIR Study of Organic Matter in the Devonian-Mississippian New Albany Shale During Thermal Maturation: Implications for Oil-Prone Kerogen Transformation
B. Liu, M. Mastalerz, J. Schieber
Origins of Quartz in Organic-Rich Shales of Upper Devonian Duvernay Formation, Central Alberta, Canada: Implications for Geomechanical Behavior
T. Dong, N. Harris*, J. McMillan, L. Knapp, C. Debuhr, F. Krause
Shale Porosity Compaction and Gas Leakage During Exhuming: A Case From the Fuling Shale Gas Field, Eastern Sichuan Basin, China
R. Liu, T. Engelder, F. Hao, S. Xu
Factors Influencing the Development of Diagenetic Shrinkage Fracture of Shale in Marine-Continental Transitional Facies
Z. Huo, J. Peng, J. Zhang, P. Li, Z. Dong, J. Ding
Carbonate Cementation Patterns, Potential Mass Transfer and Implications for Reservoir Heterogeneity in Eocene Tight-Oil Sandstones, Dongying Depression, Bohai Bay Basin, China: Evidence From Petrology, Geochemistry and Numerical Modeling
B. Ma, Y. Cao, K. Eriksson
Carbonate Cementation in Lower Jurassic Jeanne D’Arc Formation, Terra Nova Oil Field, Newfoundland: Implications for Reservoir Quality
B. J. Olanipekun, K. Azmy
Physical, Chemical, and Microbial Controls on Growth and Degradation of Ooids on Ambergris Shoal, Little Ambergris Cay, Turks and Caicos Islands, British Overseas Territories
E. Trower, M. Cantine, M. Gomes, U. F. Lingappa, S. O'Reilly, T. M. Present, N. Stein, J. Strauss, M. Lamb, J. Grotzinger, A. Knoll, W. Fischer
Wings and Wedges: Architecture of a Miocene Carbonate Buildup and Associated Basinal Strata: Central Luconia Province, Offshore Sarawak, Malaysia
E. C. Rankey, M. Schlaich, G. Ghon, S. Mokhtar, S. A. Haroon, M. Poppelreiter
Statistical Pattern Analysis of Dolines in the Pleistocene Miami Oolite of South Florida
S. J. Purkis, P. M. Harris, B. Reyes
Sedimentology and Geochemistry of Ooid Sands Buried Beneath Microbial Mats, Little Ambergris Cay, Turks and Caicos Islands
T. M. Present, E. Trower, M. Gomes, U. F. Lingappa, N. Stein, M. Thorpe, M. Tarika, J. Alleon, A. M. Bahniuk, D. K. Morris, E. Orzechowski, C. Sanders, E. Sibert, W. Fischer, A. Knoll, J. Grotzinger
Capital Markets: Private Equity, Venture Capital, Transformational Finance
S. Ilkay
Being Realistic About Risk
B. Haskett
Growth Through Strategic Acquisitions: How Geology Matters
J. Dumesnil
The Small Company Environment – Business Strategies That Work
S. Matson
Defining Unconventional Sweet Spots
J. R. Davis
Controls on Reservoir Development in the Ordovician Point Pleasant Limestone and Devonian Marcellus Shale: Comparing and Contrasting Two Appalachian Basin Unconventional Reservoirs
D. Blood
Saturation Isn’t What it Used to be: Towards More Realistic Petroleum Fluid Saturations and Produced Fluid Compositions in Organic-Rich Unconventional Reservoirs
A. S. Pepper
Geological Controls on Fluid Distribution in Unconventional Hybrid Plays: Example From the Montney Formation of Western Canada
T. Euzen, A. Mort, J. Chatellier
UK Shale Gas: Using Geochemistry and Biostratigraphy to Correlate Wells in the Upper Bowland Shale Formation
J. Walker, C. vanderLand, M. Jones, C. Vane, T. Wagner, J. A. Hennissen, E. Hough
SCOOP/STACK – Evolving Play Boundaries
D. Yee, G. Johnston, S. Ahmed, J. Wakter, D. Howard
Optimizing Well Engineering for Permian Geology/Fluid Using Model-Based Analytics
M. Roth
Seismic Reservoir Characterization of Utica-Point Pleasant Shale With Efforts at Quantitative Interpretation – A Case Study
S. Chopra, R. Sharma, M. Nemati, J. Keay
A Rock Type Based Evaluation Method for Unconventional Reservoirs
R. Lieber
The Relationship Between the Development of Seaward Dipping Reflectors, Oceanic Crust and the Maldonado Triple Junction During Early Gondwana Break-Up
P. Thompson, G. Badalini, C. Heine*, D. Paton
Influence of Proterozoic Heritage on Development of Rift Segments in the Equatorial Atlantic
A. Krueger, I. Norton, E. Casey, R. D. Matos, M. Murphy
South Atlantic Rift Segmentation From Demerara to Walvis: The Interplay Between Strike Slip Deformation and Rifting
R. D. Matos, I. Norton, A. Krueger, E. Casey
The East African Transform Margin – From Anza to Madgascar: A Relic and Active 4,000km Intraplate Strike Slip Fault System
A. J. Long
An Integrated Model for the Syn-Rift Structural Evolution of the Santos and the Campos Basins
D. Paul, B. David, S. Lepley, J. Daudt
Tectonics and Depositional Systems of Trinidad and Tobago Deepwater Provinces: Petroleum Systems Implications and Prospectivity
T. Alvarez, A. Thomas, P. Mann, L. Wood
The Role of Oblique Slip in the Eastern Niger Delta Deformation History and Reservoir Development
F. Mondino, J. Caudroit, C. Nwosu
Shearing and Stretching the Porcupine Basin – A Tectonic Model Based on Integrated Geophysical Analysis
T. J. Grow, R. Armstrong, A. Belopolsky, A. Derewetzky, N. Huber, B. Kilsdonk, J. Wolters

supplemental content

Tuesday Afternoon Oral Presentations

Are All Shales Created Equal? A Comparative, Multi-Proxy Geochemical Study of Paleozoic and Mesozoic Shale Basins in North America
S. Ritzer, C. Scott, T. Fraser, C. Henderson, S. Schoepfer, E. Sperling
Unconventional Oil Exploration in Wyoming Using Regional Chronostratigraphic Correlation
R. M. Lynds, J. S. Slattery, R. N. Toner
A Commercial Examination of Canadian Unconventional Play Development
S. Kallir, N. Nemeth
Microstructural Analysis of the Transformation of Organic Macerals During Artificial Thermal Maturation
W. Camp, W. Knowles, K. Hooghan, T. Ruble
Sedimentological Characterization of the Eagle Ford Formation in the Southwest of the Maverick Basin, Coahuila, Mexico
J. M. León-Francisco, G. Abascal-Hernández, R. Torres, D. E. Garduño-Martínez, S. P. Franco-Navarrete, J. Mendez, G. Murillo-Muneton
Depositional Models and Sequence Stratigraphic Framework for the “Upper Devonian” Geneseo Formation in the Northern Appalachian Basin, NY: Implications for Hydrocarbon Play Element Quality and Distribution
R. Wilson, J. Schieber
An Integrated Study of Facies, Depositional Context, and Porosity Development in the Eagle Ford Shale of Southwest Texas
J. Schieber, O. R. Lazar, K. Bohacs
Multiple Generations of Hydrocarbon Charge in the Mississippian Reservoirs of the STACK Play, Central Oklahoma: Evidence From Structural, Production and Geochemical Data
T. C. Peryam, S. Parks, D. Veach, M. Rahman
U.S. EIA Expects Future U.S. Tight Oil and Shale Gas Production to Depend on Resources, Technology, Markets
O. Popova, G. Long, J. Little, N. Davis, S. Grape, E. Panarelli, E. Geary, A. Volke
Geological Characterization and Modeling of an Aptian Carbonate Reservoir in the Santos Basin, Brazil
A. Tanaka, D. Faria*, J. B. Gomes, O. G. deSouzaJr
Petrophysical Challenges in Pre-Salt Carbonate Rocks Requiring Sympathy, Synergy, and Synthesis
P. W. Corbett, L. F. BorghideAlmeida
Chemical Constraints on Carbonate Sedimentation and Fabric Development, Barra Velha Formation, Santos Basin, Brazil
N. J. Tosca, B. Tutolo, R. Wood, N. Huwald
Early Diagenetic Evolution of Fabric in the Barra Velha Formation, Santos Basin, Brazil
R. Wood, N. J. Tosca, N. Huwald, A. Hosa, B. Tutolo, P. W. Corbett, R. S. Souza
Special Executive Forum - Sidney Green
S. Green
Special Executive Form - Allen Gilmer
A. Gilmer
Special Executive Forum - Tom Smith
T. Smith
Improving Paleohydrologic Source-to-Sink Estimates by Merging Big Data and the Fulcrum Approach
N. Wilson, J. Holbrook
Implication of River Hydrological Regime and Precipitation on Source to Sink Analyses
P. Plink-Bjorklund, E. Jones*, M. Hansford
Source-to-Sink Sediment Routing and Environmental Signal Propagation in an Uplifted Foreland Basin, Lower Cretaceous Alberta Basin, Canada
W. A. Matthews, S. Hubbard, B. G. Daniels, G. Quinn, B. Guest
Locating Reservoir Rock in Powder River Basin Using Sediment Mass Conservation
K. L. Hoppes, B. McElroy
Chronostratigraphic and Paleoenvironmental Re-Evaluation of Wilcox/Carrizo Outcrops, Bastrop County, Texas: Implications for Sediment Bypass to Shelf Edge Delta and Deepwater Plays
C. Denison, T. D. Demchuk*, J. M. O'Keefe
Eocene – Lower Miocene Reservoir Facies Presence and Source to Sink Seismic Evidence, East Mexican Perdido Fold Belt
R. Torres, G. Murillo-Muneton, J. Mendez
Depositional and Geomorphic Characteristics of Ocean Basins at Different Stages of Their Evolution – The Wilson Cycle Revisited
P. T. Harris, M. Macmillan-Lawler
Deep-Water Fan Sedimentation on Mars: An Example From the Murray Formation at Pahrump Hills Locality, Gale Crater
E. Heydari, F. J. CalefIII, J. F. Schroeder, J. VanBeek, S. Rowland, A. G. Fairen, T. J. Parker
Accommodation and Supply Driven Sequences: Insights From Stratigraphic Forward Modeling
J. Zhang, P. Burgess, D. Granjeon, R. Steel
Fake Rocks: How Triassic Carbonate Sediments Converted to Siltstones; An Example From the Montney Formation of Western Canada
R. Wust, S. Tu, B. Nassichuk, A. A. Cui
Diagenesis and Compositional Partitioning of Quaternary Cool-Water Carbonate Aeolianites, Southeastern Australia
N. James
Evaluating Dolomite Stoichiometry as a Proxy for the Chemistry of Dolomitizing Fluids
C. Manche, S. E. Kaczmarek
Centimeter-Scale Early Calcite Cementation Heterogeneity Resulting in Interlaying of Collapsed and Uncollapsed Ooid Layers Producing Intense Variation in Porosity Creation, Destruction, and Preservation; Permian San Andres Formation, West Texas
R. G. Loucks, L. Waite
Temperature of Dolomitization Derived From Clumped Isotopes: A Word of Caution
C. Taberner, P. Ghosh, D. Mishra, L. Kleipool
Depositional and Diagenetic Controls of Flow Properties in Early to Middle Eocene Aquifer Rocks of Qatar
J. M. Rivers, S. Skeat, R. Yousif, E. Stanmore
Increasing Rock Strength and Reservoir Quality With Early Microbial Cements
G. Eberli, M. Diaz, R. J. Weger, E. Karaca
Widespread Dolomitization by Extremely Evaporated Seawater Associated With Late Permian Halite Deposition, Permian Basin
A. Saller
Hybrid Model of Dolomitization, Permian Basin
R. F. Lindsay
Deep Burial Diagenesis and Reservoir Quality Evolution of High-Temperature, High-Pressure Sandstones
J. Lai, G. Wang
Real-Time Advanced Mud Returns Flow Analysis Combined With Advanced Mud Gas and Elemental Analysis on Drill Cuttings Aids Fracture Detection and Interpretation in Unconventional Reservoirs: A Case Study
B. Chiniwala, I. Easow, A. Martocchia, E. Russo
Diagenetic Characteristics and Quantitative Evaluation of the Porosity Evolution of Tight Sandstone Reservoirs: A Case Study of the Yanchang Formation in the Southern Ordos Basin, China
M. Xiao, G. Qiu
The Sources of Quartz Grains Influencing the Quartz Cementation and Reservoir Quality in Ultra-Deeply Buried Sandstones: Examples From Lower Cretaceous Bashijiqike Formation in Keshen-2 Gas Field, Kuqa Depression, Tarim Basin of Northwest China
H. Shi, H. Li
Pore Characteristic Analysis of Deep Tight Sandstone Reservoir in the Dongpu Depression, Bohai Bay Basin, China
K. Wang, X. Pang, Z. Zhao, S. Wang
Non-Destructive Barite Cement in Upper Jurassic Sandstones, Danish Central Graben, North Sea
R. Weibel, M. Whitehouse, M. Olivarius, M. Nielsen, F. Jakobsen, K. Nielsen, H. Midtgaard, M. Larsen
Diagenesis of a Condensed Section Atop a Flexural Arch, Western Canada Foreland Basin
O. Al-Mufti, A. Plint, M. Ibrahim, B. Cheadle
Diagenetic Modification of Glaciomarine Reservoirs: Insights From an Analog From the Cenozoic Succession in the Victoria Land Basin, Antarctica
M. Yang, T. D. Frank, C. Fielding
The Zama Discovery in Salina del Istmo Basin, Offshore Tabasco: “New Dawn” for Offshore Mexico Exploration
D. K. Kosmitis, T. Hall, J. Parker, M. C. Dix, I. Drew, M. G. Rowan
How Surface Information Can Be a Company-Maker: Examples
D. Humphreville
Managing Valuations in Changing Times: Reserves, Planning, PUDs, and More
D. Guzman
Building From Scratch: One Geologist’s Story of Starting a New Company in Partnership With Private Equity
D. Burdick
Tuning Businesses With Innovation: The Story of a Novel Viscosifier for High Temperature Drilling
A. Santra
Updates and Changes to PRMS
A. Szabo
Making Investment Decisions to Achieve Energy Dominance – The DOE's Approach
A. J. Cohen
The Small / Medium-Sized Operator: Geology and Agile Decision-Making
S. Tedesco
Progress and Outlook for the Department of Energy’s Office of Oil and Natural Gas Midstream and Methane Hydrate R&D Activities
T. Reinhardt
Becoming a Registered Professional Geologist and Making Mineral Remoteness Opinions: Another Way for Consulting Geologists to Make a Living
S. Hector
Development of Raman Spectroscopy as a Thermal Maturity Proxy in Unconventional Resource Assessment
G. A. Myers, K. Kehoe, P. Hackley
Geological Controls of the Organic-Inorganic Distributions Within the Woodford Shale in Northern Oklahoma U.S.A: Integrating for Finding the Unconventional Sweet Spots
E. J. Torres-Parada, A. LiboriusParada, L. E. Infante-Paez, J. Zhang, R. Slatt, K. Marfurt, A. Sneddon
Production Metric Analytics in the Wolfcamp Formation
C. P. Ross
Geomechanical Properties of Organic Matter in Fine Grained Source Rocks
T. Fender, C. VanDerLand, M. Rouainia, T. Wagner
Integration of Digital Outcrop and Multisource Subsurface Data for Reservoir Modeling and Sweet Spot Mapping in Unconventional Resource Plays
A. Grechishnikova
Explaining Well Performance Patterns: Application of Scaled Hydrocarbon Head Potential to Permian, Anadarko Basins and Eagle Ford for Better Resource Assessment and Development
C. Varady, J. Pantano
Evaluation of Thinly Laminated Zones From the Granite Wash Using an Integrated Workflow Including Logs, Core Data, and Digital Rock Analysis
J. Walls
Customized Chemistry Design of Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids to Potentially Improve Hydrocarbon Recovery Factors
D. Benoit, K. Holan, A. RecioIII, A. Potty
Integrated Multiscale Research of Fluid Flow in Shale: Molecular-to-Core Scales
F. Javadpour