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Monday Poster Presentations

Spatial-Temporal Evolution of Channelized Depositional Systems in the Cretaceous McMurray Formation, Alberta, Canada: Implications for Delineation of Oil Sands Reservoirs
S. C. Horner, C. Hagstrom, H. Martin, S. Hubbard
Crustal Structure of Jurassic Oceanic Crust and Thinned Continental Crust Separating the Conjugate, Rifted Margins of Eastern Florida and the Yucatan Peninsula
P. Lin, P. Mann
Controls on Carbonate Platform Growth Within the Lower Carboniferous of the Pennine Basin
L. E. Manifold, C. Hollis, I. Korneva, R. Gawthorpe, A. Rotevatn, P. Burgess, I. Masiero
Application of a Training-Image Library to Fluvial Meandering Facies Models Using Multi-Point Statistics Conditioned on Analog-Based Forward Models
J. M. Montero, L. Colombera, N. P. Mountney, N. Yan
Tectonic Controls on Along-Strike Variations in the Bathymetry, Width, and Structural Style of the Mexican Ridges Deepwater, Fold-Thrust Belt, Western Gulf of Mexico
J. Kenning, P. Mann
A Novel Approach for the Sweet Spots Prediction of Shale Oil – A Case Study on the Es3L Sub-Member of Bonan Sag, Jiyang Depression, China
J. Li, S. Lu, M. Wang, G. Chen, C. Jiao
Re-Evaluating Petroleum Potential of the Birdbear Formation, Williston Basin in McKenzie County, North Dakota
F. C. Nwachukwu, S. H. Nordeng, R. D. LeFever, T. Nesheim
Unraveling the Impact of Sea-Level Changes and Early Diagenesis on the Reservoir Quality of Eocene Carbonates in Qatar
B. H. Ryan, S. E. Kaczmarek, J. M. Rivers
Deep-Marine Reservoir Distribution Against the Flanks of a Syn-Depositionally Active Salt Diapir
Z. A. Cumberpatch, I. Kane, E. Soutter, B. Kilhams, C. Jackson, D. Hodgson, M. Huuse
Establishing a Sequence Stratigraphic Framework for the Hare Indian and Canol Formations (Central Mackenzie Valley, Northwest Territories, Canada) by Integrating High-Resolution Chemostratigraphy With Sedimentological and Ichnological Datasets
M. LaGrangeRao, B. Harris*, S. K. Biddle, K. M. Fiess, M. Gingras
Sedimentology and Palynology of Late Pliocene-Early Pleistocene Syn-Rift Succession, Corinth Rift, Greece
G. T. Eliassen, M. Muravchik, R. Gawthorpe, G. A. Henstra
Laboratory-Based Lithological and Geomechanical Characterization of the Woodford Shale: A Tale of Two Rock Types
D. Becerra, R. Slatt
The Origin of H2S in Lower Cambrian Longwangmiao Dolomites in the Central Sichuan Basin, SW China
P. Zhang, G. Liu, C. Cai, P. Gao
Sediment Routing of Deep-Water Syn-Rift Depositional Systems Across Faulted Terraces: Late Jurassic Lomre-Uer Terraces, North Sea Rift
F. Tillmans, R. Gawthorpe, A. Rotevatn, C. A. Jackson, G. A. Henstra, W. Helland-Hansen
Coeval Structural Evolution of Late Mesozoic Gravity Slides on the Northern Yucatan and Northeast Gulf of Mexico Conjugate Margins With Implications for Late Jurassic Reservoir Distribution
A. Steier, P. Mann
Sedimentologic and Stratigraphic Investigation of Carboniferous Formations in Northern Utah and Central Montana: A Record of Late Paleozoic Climate Change
J. Ahern, C. Fielding
Facies Architecture and Sequence Stratigraphy of the Lower and Middle Triassic of Western Canada Sedimentary Basin
C. M. Furlong, M. Gingras, J. Zonneveld
Influence of Ocean Redox Conditions and Carbonate Saturation State on Carbonate Factories and Platform Architecture: Examples From the Permian and Triassic Nanpanjiang Basin, South China
X. Li, N. Adams, L. Stepchinski, K. Lau, D. Lehrmann, M. Minzoni, M. Yu, J. Payne
High-Resolution Depositional and Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis of the Woodford Shale Combining Sedimentary Facies, Elemental Chemostratigraphy and Organic Contents
H. A. GalvisPortilla, R. Slatt
Tectonic Uplift of the Wet Mountains and Southern Front Range in the Mesozoic Inferred From Detrital Zircon U-Pb Geochronology of Middle to Upper Jurassic Strata in the Paradox Basin, Western Colorado
J. I. Ejembi, S. L. Potter-McIntyre
Characterization of a Seismic-Scale, Outcropping Channel-Levee Complex, Tres Pasos Formation, Southern Chile
S. A. Kaempfe, B. W. Romans, S. Hubbard, L. Stright, B. G. Daniels, S. Southern
Early-Mid Holocene Cultural and Climate Shifts in NW Africa: Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction Using Stable Isotopes of Land Snail Shells
A. Padgett, Y. Yanes, D. Lubell
Stratigraphic Evolution of a Submarine Slope Channel Complex Set: Implications for Reservoir Connectivity and Reservoir Quality Distribution
D. Bell, I. Kane, A. Ponten, S. Flint, D. M. Hodgson
Climate of Mid-Latitude Northeast Pangea in Early Permian, Southern Bogda Mountains, NW China: Evidence From Sedimentology and Organic Geochemistry
X. Zhan, W. Yang, F. Qiao, H. Lu, Y. Zhang
Detailed Petrographic Studies of the Late Cretaceous Tununk Shale Member of the Mancos Shale Formation: Prevalence and Types of Mud-Dominated Composite Particles in Mudstones
Z. Li, J. Schieber
Squence Stratigraphic Architecture and Favorable Reservoir Sandbodies of the Hanjiang Formation on the Northern Slope of the Baiyun Sag, Pearl River Mouth Basin
J. Zhou, Y. Wang, M. He, W. Chen
Response of Unconfined Turbidity Currents to Complex Bathymetry in Deepwater Fold and Thrust Belts
D. M. Howlett, Z. Ge, R. Gawthorpe, W. Nemec, A. Rotevatn
Comparing Source Rock Maturity With Pore Size Distribution and Fluid Saturation in the Bakken-Three Forks Petroleum System of the Williston Basin
A. Adeyilola, S. H. Nordeng
Paleodischarge and Sediment Budget Analysis of the Late Cretaceous Torrivio Sandstone, San Juan Basin, New Mexico, U.S.A.
S. Sharma, J. P. Bhattacharya
Stratigraphic and Sedimentological Evidence for Accelerated Washover Rates: Case Study of Follets Island, Texas
C. I. Odezulu, J. Lorenzo-Trueba, D. J. Wallace, J. B. Anderson
Water Chemistry Evolution of the Green River Formation, Piceance Basin: A Signal Extracted by Mineral Assemblage in Different Lake Stages
T. Wu, J. Boak
Three-Dimentional Geometry and Reconstruction of a Backwater Trunk-Tributary, in the Cretaceous Ferron Sandstone, Utah
D. Kynaston, J. P. Bhattacharya
Understanding Sediment Supply to the Atlantic Margin (Maryland and Delaware, U.S.A.) During Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum
A. ShamsulAnuar, L. Hajek, S. Trampush
3-D Characterization of Sandy, Upstream Accreting, Slope Turbidites in the Fish Creek-Vallecito Basin (CA, U.S.A.): Antidunes, Cyclic Steps, and More From a Proto-Gulf of California Deepwater Supercritical Fan
2m-thick), and coarser (medium to very-coarse) deposits with deep (m-scale) scours, outsized clasts (50-200 cm in diameter), and soft sediment deformation indicative of rapid deposition at hydraulic jumps of cyclic steps. Ongoing 3D analysis shows beds and bedsets that pinch and swell laterally and along dip with resulting changes in the erosion along bedform bounding surfaces. This work provides the first outcrop-based 3D studies of deepwater supercritical depositional system. Results serve as both a critical analogue for sand-prone reservoirs increasingly targeted for resource exploration and contribute new perspectives for the conceptual models of slope systems and their evolution." data-placement="auto" data-toggle="popover" data-container="body" data-original-title="Abstract" class="popovers">
L. M. West, R. Steel, C. Olariu
Experimental Characterization of the Conversion of Dilute Turbidity-Currents Into Transitional-Flows at the Channel to Lobe Transition
E. Prokocki, D. Mohrig, J. Buttles, A. Ponten
Quantitative Prediction of Three-Dimensional Facies Architecture and Heterogeneity in Meandering Fluvial Successions
N. Yan, N. P. Mountney, L. Colombera
Three-Dimensional Modeling of Facies Architecture and Connectivity Variations of Meandering River Successions in Evolving Rift Basins
N. Yan, L. Colombera, N. P. Mountney
Upstream Control in a Coastal-Plain Fluvial Setting: An Architectural and Stratigraphic Analysis of the Campanian Masuk Formation
A. M. Hess, C. Fielding
Sea Level Fluctuations as the Primary Control on the Emplacement of a Deltaic Clinoform Package in an Active Rift Setting
G. A. Henstra, M. Muravchik, R. Gawthorpe, A. Rotevatn, J. M. Munoz-Barrera, S. H. Berg
Quantitative Outcrop Characterization of Incised Valley Fill Combining UAV-Based Photogrammetry and Traditional Geologic Field Methods
C. Meirovitz, L. Stright, C. Johnson
Stratigraphic Evolution of the Eolian Navajo Sandstone, SE Utah
P. Sansom
Studies in Contemporary Sand Seas Inform Better Reservoir Models
C. Hern, D. Tatum, R. Westerman, G. Kocurek, S. Fryberger
Facies Architecture of an Ancient Distributary Channel Complex, Cretaceous Gallup Sandstone, New Mexico
C. Ferron, J. P. Bhattacharya
Quantification and Prediction of Braided Fluvial Systems Using Digital Outcrop Models
D. M. Taylor, D. Hodgetts, J. Redfern, J. Richardson
Quantitative Spatial Variability of Dune and Interdune Facies in the Aeolian Navajo Sandstone, USA: Implications for Reservoir Characterization
D. Cousins, S. Clarke, P. Richards, C. L. Priddy
Outcrop-Based Geological Modelling of Fluvio-Deltaic Successions From the Middle Jurassic Ravenscar Group, Yorkshire, NE England
M. M. Rahman, J. A. Howell, D. Macdonald
Relationships Between Fluvial Architecture and Fault Growth in Continental Rift Settings: A Database Approach
D. J. Somerville, N. P. Mountney, L. Colombera, R. Collier
Reconstructing 3-D Fluvial Channel Belt Stratigraphy Using Time-Lapse Satellite Images
R. Sech
Understanding Fluvial to Shallow Marine Clastic Reservoirs From Modern Analogues Resolved by GPR and Drone Imagery
P. D. Duff
A Two-Dimensional, High-Resolution Model of Submarine Channel Sedimentation: Implications for Heterogeneity
Z. Sylvester, J. Covault, C. Pirmez
What’s That You Splay – A Depositional Model for the Humid Terminal Splay? A Comparative Analysis of the Modern Rio Seco, Argentina and the Cretaceous-Paleocene Raton Formation, Colorado
R. J. Horner, G. McGregor, J. Holbrook
The Impact of Bed-Scale Sedimentary Heterogeneities on Oil Recovery in Basin-Plain Thin-Bedded Turbidite Successions
B. A. Omoniyi, D. Stow
Applications of Virtual and Augmented Reality in the Petroleum Geosciences
D. Hodgetts
Understanding Frequency Decomposition Results Using Forward Modeling to Correlate Geology With Frequency Responses
H. M. Garcia, R. Moore
The Catchment-Integrated Response to Rapid Climatic Warming During the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum: Wilcox and Claiborne Groups, Gulf Coast U.S.A.
G. Sharman, P. Flaig, P. Fussee-Durham, T. Larson, J. Covault*
Scaling Relationships of Channel-Lobe Deposits in Large Fluvial Fan Systems: Implications for Subsurface Reservoir Prediction
J. Wang, P. Plink-Bjorklund, Z. Jobe
Combining Terrestrial Photogrammetry, Applied Sedimentology and Hand-Held Gamma Ray Spectrometry to Characterize the Cretaceous Lower Castlegate Formation, Tuscher Canyon, Utah, U.S.A.
A. J. Mitten, S. Clarke, J. K. Pringle, P. Richards
Three-Dimensional Architecture of Modern Large-Scale Fluvial Systems Incorporating Geological, Geophysical, and Geotechnical Investigations: An Example From Varanasi City, Central Gangetic Basin, India
A. Shaw, O. Wakefield, A. Newell, M. Layek, P. Das, A. Mukherjee, P. Sengupta, A. Finlayson, M. Smith, J. Sen
Controls on Fluvial and Lacustrine Facies and Stacking Patterns of the Paleocene-Eocene Hanna Formation, Hanna Basin, Wyoming
P. Flaig, G. Sharman, A. F. Wroblewski, J. Covault
Estuarine Deposits of the Neslen Formation Near Harley Dome, Book Cliffs, Utah: An Outcrop Analogue for Heterolithic, Tidally Modified Estuarine Channels and Tidal Flats
A. Murphy, P. Flaig*, S. T. Hasiotis
Towards the "Snap-Off" Pressure Ratio – Using 3-D Printed Pore Volumes to Better Understand Residual Seal Capacity in Hydrocarbon Exploration
S. Haines, F. Hasiuk
Simplicity Versus Complexity in Lobes Deposited by Transitional Sediment-Gravity Flows: Results From 3-D Flume Experiments
W. Koo, D. Mohrig, J. Buttles, D. M. Sturmer, A. Ponten
Heterolithic Bedding Formed by Froude Supercritical Flow Bedforms With Broad Grainsize Distributions
K. Ono, M. Cartigny, J. T. Eggenhuisen, P. Plink-Bjorklund, E. Jones
Detrital Zircon Geochronology: A Novel Approach for Stratigraphic Correlation of Late Mississippian-Early Pennsylvanian Strata in Southwestern Kansas and Northwestern Arkansas
T. S. Bidgoli, W. Wang, A. Moeller, D. F. Stockli
Soft-Sediment Deformation Features and Their Influence on Fluid Flow and Reservoir Characteristics: Jurassic Navajo Sandstone, Southeast Utah
M. A. Chan, D. F. Wheatley, S. T. Hasiotis, J. T. Parrish
Reservoir Architecture and Economic Implications of the Trail Member Fluvial Sandstones, Ericson Sandstone, Mesaverde Group
A. D. Bertoch, B. Steeves, S. Hudson, A. A. Treviño, C. A. Jolley
Sedimentology and Stratigraphy of the Middle Jurassic Dhruma Siliciclastic Deposits: Northern Central Arabia, Saudi Arabia
A. Al-Hussaini, R. Steel, J. Melvin, C. Olariu, N. Hooker, K. Ertug
Pore-Filling Clays and Their Impact on Reservoir Quality Parameters in Pennsylvanian Sandstones of the Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma
J. Coe, B. Segvic, G. Zanoni
Coarse-Grained, Jurassic Fluvial-Tidal Deltas in a Tectonically Active Basin: Lajas Formation in Southern Neuquen Basin, Argentina
E. Jung, R. Steel, C. Olariu
Are Bed Thickness Statistics From Well Bores Valuable for Assessing Flow Confinement in Turbidite Basins? Experimental Insights From Tertiary Basins of Apennines (Italy)
M. Marini, F. Felletti, S. Milli, M. Patacci, W. D. McCaffrey
Using UAV Photogrammetry to Quantify Differential Cementation of Turbidite Sandstones: An Example From the Gremiasco System (Upper Oligocene, Tertiary Piedmont Basin of NW Italy)
M. Marini, G. DellaPorta, F. Felletti, V. Casella, M. Franzini
Three-Dimensional Quantitative Characterization of Pore Throat Space of Low and Ultra Low Permeability Sandstone Reservoir in Bohai Bay Basin by Combined Constant Velocity Mercury Injection and X-CT
L. Wan, L. Tian, C. Niu, Q. Wang, X. Liu
Provenance and Porosity of Onshore Reservoir Sandstones of the Anticosti Basin, Western Newfoundland, Canada, Using Scanning Electron Microscopy Combined With Mineral Liberation Analysis (SEM-MLA)
S. Lode, L. Beranek, D. Grant, D. Goudie
Evaluation of Clay Mineral Distribution Within the Bute Inlet Turbidity System, British Columbia, Canada
C. McGhee, S. Acikalin, S. Hage, M. Azpiroz-Zabala, M. Cartigny, J. H. Clarke, J. Hunt, G. Lintern, D. R. Parsons, C. Stacey, E. Sumner, P. Talling
Lithofacies Prediction and 3-D Geological Model in Tight Gas Sandstone Reservoirs by Integration of Well Logs and Geostatistics Modeling
B. Cao, X. Luo, L. Zhang, Y. Lei, B. Qin, Z. Zhang
Diagenetic Evolution and Mass Transfer of Deep-Water Mudstones in the Middle of the Third Member of the Shahejie Formation in the Dongying Sag, Jiyang Depression, Eastern China
T. Yang, Y. Cao, K. Liu, Y. Wang
Reservoir Characterization of the Permian White Rim Sandstone: Outcrop and Core Assessment for Carbon Capture and Sequestration
S. Hollingworth, D. F. Wheatley, M. A. Chan, P. A. Steele
How Hard? How Porous? How Permeable? Compositional and Diagenetic Control of Physical Properties in Highly Siliceous Sedimentary Rocks of the Miocene Monterey Formation, California
R. Behl, R. Weller, T. Kassa
SEM Petrography of Organic Matter in the Devonian-Mississippian New Albany Shale and Its Implication for Organic Pore Development With Thermal Maturation
B. Liu, J. Schieber, M. Mastalerz
Natural Microfractures in Quartz Grains: A New Tool to Evaluate Maximum Paleo Effective Stress and Overpressure Onset in Sandstone Reservoirs
K. Mehrkian, J. Girard, O. Chailan, C. Aubourg, G. Hoareau, M. Artzrouni, S. Dossou-Gbete
Multi-Attribute Analysis of Six Upper Cretaceous and Jurassic Structural Closures in Belo Profond, Morondava Basin, Offshore West Madagascar
I. Ayodele, J. E. Smith*, A. Orimolade, G. Penfield, B. Falaye
Depositional Processes and Multi-Scale Variability Within the Mudstone-Dominated Early Jurassic Mudstones, Cleveland Basin, United Kingdom
N. ElSayed, K. Taylor
Diagenetic Sequence, Genetic Mechanism and Hydrocarbon Charge of Silurian Tight Sandstone Reservoirs in the Eastern Tarim Basin, Northwest China
J. Guo, Z. Jiang, W. Wang
Diagenetic Controls on Reservoir-Scale Enhanced Oil Recovery and CO2 Storage: A Case Study of the Morrow Sandstone, Farnsworth Unit, Texas
L. Rasmussen, T. Dewers, J. Heath, A. Luhmann, W. Ampomah, M. Cather, P. Mozley, R. Grigg
Trace Element Geochemistry of Late Pennsylvanian Shales of the Anadarko Basin (OK) – Implications for Sediment Provenance and Shale Diagenesis
G. Zanoni, B. Segvic, A. Moscariello, D. Sweet
Tight-Reservoir Micropore Formation and Evolution in Sedimentary Organic-Matter-Bearing Tuff: A Case Study From the Permian Tiaohu Formation in the Santanghu Basin, NW China
J. Ma, Z. Huang
Mechanism of Hydrocarbon Accumulation and Enrichment of Tuffaceous Tight Oil With Separate Reservoir and Source Rock: A Case Study of Tuff Reservoir From the Permian Tiaohu Formation in the Santanghu Basin, NW China
Z. Huang, J. Ma*
Novel Insights to the Unconventional Reservoir: Unlocking the Mystery of GOR Variations
D. A. Wavrek, S. Field
Evidence the Eagle Ford Reservoir Principally Produces Migrated Oil on the San Marcos Arch
A. S. Kornacki
Searching for Sweet Spot: Multi-Facies and Multi-Scale Approach for Gas Shale Reservoir Characterization
A. Avanzini, P. Balossino, M. Brignoli, E. Spelta, C. Tarchiani
Tight Gas Reservoir in the Upper Triassic Sichuan Basin, Western China
Q. Li
Characteristics of Shale Lithofacies Evolution in the Wufeng-Longmaxi Formation and Its Controls on Shale Gas Productivity
Z. Hu, W. Du, C. Sun, R. Bian, J. Wu, T. Zhu
Predicting Recoverable Liquid-Rich Sweet-Spots With PVT Phase Kinetic Modeling: Vaca Muerta Shale, Neuquén Embayment
G. Pérez-Drago, M. Alvis, P. Chenet, F. Medellin
Acoustic Facies Characterization, Vaca Muerta Formation, Argentina
R. J. Weger, M. Yüksek, P. Swart, G. Eberli
Applications of Diamondoids to Unconventionals
J. E. Dahl, J. Moldowan, D. Koskella, H. LaReau
“Sweet Spot” Identification and Optimization in Unconventional Reservoirs
J. Aldrich, J. Seidle
Biotic and Sedimentological Attributes of the Organic-Rich Shales – Is it a Sufficient Tool for Sweet Spot Identification? An Example From the Polish Ordovician-Silurian Unconventional Petroleum System
T. Podhalanska, J. Roszkowska-Remin, A. Feldman-Olszewska, M. Janas
Evaluation on the Adsorbed and Free Oil in Lacustrine Shales
J. Li, S. Lu
Identification of Volcanic Ash Beds Using In-Situ Rock Mechanical Properties – A Comparison With Core Data in the Lower Austin Chalk and Eagle Ford Reservoirs
A. Hildick, S. Neale
A New Logging Model for Assessing Adsorbed Gas Content of Continental Shale and its Application
Y. Liu, D. Chen, N. Qiu, J. Fu
Geologic and Well Performance Analysis of the Haynesville Shale in East Texas and North Louisiana
B. Johnston
Improved Geomechanical and Hydraulic Fracture Calibration Workflow for Unconventional Wells
P. Pankaj, P. Shukla
Characteristics and Influencing Factors of Shale Gas Performance in Weiyuan Gas Field, China
Y. Wan, X. Li, Y. Su, X. Zhang, F. Liang
Characterization of Limestone Interlayers in Marcellus Shale and its Effect on Production in Southwestern PA
G. Wang, A. Shahkarami, Q. He
Redefining the STACK Play From Sub-Surface to Commercialization: Identifying Stacked Pay Sweet Spots in the Northern Anadarko Basin
L. Droege, H. Vick
Finding the Sweet Spot Unconventional Resorces Using Onsite Isotope Analysis and Tight Oil Analysis During Drilling in the Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma
A. C. Sneddon, S. Wu
Investigation of Oil-Bearing Pore Size Distribution—Take Damintun Sag for Example
G. Chen, S. Lu, M. Wang
Determination of Source Rock Kinetic Parameters for Petroleum Systems Modeling of the Mexican Perdido Fold Belt
S. Ortega-Lucach, G. Murillo-Muneton, R. diPrimio
Regional Paleoenvironmental Influence on OM Sequestration and Carbon Isotope Segment C5 in the Hemipelagic Sequence at the EL Pujal Section, Organyà Basin, Northeast Spain
J. Socorro, F. J. Maurrasse
Effect of Pore Fluids on Methane Adsorption in the Lower Bakken Shales, Williston Basin, U.S.A.
X. Tang, T. Zhang, X. Sun, C. Wu
Using XRF Data to Estimate XRD Mineralogy and TOC as an Exploration Tool
A. Thapalia, M. Tobey, R. Newhart
Methodology and Interpretation for Rare Earth Elements (REE) in Various Hydrocarbons
V. M. Stevanovic, D. Patrick
The Geochemical Origin, Hydrocarbon Accumulation and Fluids Prediction of Multiple-Phase Reservoirs in the East Tabei Uplift, Tarim Basin, China
Z. Zhang, G. Zhu
Subsurface Structure in Southeastern Gulf of Mexico From Integrative Geophysical Analysis
L. R. Hartford, I. Filina
Reconstruction of a Holocene Carbonate Strand Plain From Integration of High-Resolution GPR and Carbon-14 Dating
K. Markert, J. McBride, S. M. Ritter, D. Tingey
Potential Fields Modelling in the Northeastern Gulf of Mexico
M. Liu, I. Filina
Detection and Avoidance of Karst Related Shallow Geohazards Using Ultra High Resolution Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometry in the Delaware Basin, Texas
R. A. Morgan, G. Jorgensen, S. Payton, K. W. Stafford
Unconventional Geophysics for Hydrocarbon Exploration: An Example From the Michigan Basin
R. Hearst
Seismically Guided Inversion of Magnetotelluric, Gravity, and Magnetic Data in Yamagawa Geothermal Area, Japan
M. Endo, A. Gribenko, D. Sunwall, M. S. Zhdanov, T. Miura, H. Mochinaga, N. Aoki, T. Mouri
Mapping Subsurface Faults With Lightning and Resistivity
L. J. Berent
Multi-Point Statistics Inversion: The Test and Evaluation of a New Approach
Y. Yin, W. Feng, L. Zhao, S. Liu, J. Huang
Integration With Non-Seismic Methods: An Example From the Northern Gulf of Mexico
I. Filina
Using Surface-Based Electromagnetic Imaging to Identify Geologic Controls on the Extent of Fluid Emplacement During Hydraulic Fracturing Operations
M. S. Hickey, S. Treviño, K. Elsbury
Integrated EM Technologies Map Contamination Plumes, Seeps, Geohazards – Faults and Possible Migration Pathways – at Barite Hills/Nevada Gold Fields EPA Superfund Site in South Carolina, U.S.A.
K. S. Haggar, H. R. Nelson, L. J. Berent
Three-Dimensional Inversion of Airborne Time-Domain Electromagnetic Data for the Exploration of Geothermal Resources
M. Endo, L. Cox, M. S. Zhdanov, A. Johmori, Y. Sasaki, T. Mouri, S. AirborneGeophysicsResearchCommittee