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Cindy Yeilding
Cindy Yeilding

On behalf of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG), its divisions, and the Society for Sedimentary Geology (SEPM), it is a pleasure to invite you to join us at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas, 7–10 June 2020 for the 104th AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition (ACE).

ACE will provide you with a high-quality program and opportunities to learn, grow, and extend your professional network. AAPG received more than 1,600 abstracts, which underwent a rigorous peer-review and selection process, resulting in the selection of 606 oral and 516 poster presentations coming from industry, academia, government, and other areas.

The heart of ACE lies within the technical program, and this year’s convention will include a diverse program of exciting and informative technical talks and posters covering such topics as the characterization of both siliciclastic and carbonate sedimentary systems, new ideas and innovative workflows, and machine learning and its application to various aspects of our businesses. Unconventional reservoirs in the U.S. and China will be highlighted and ther sessions will focus on carbon capture, as well as induced seismicity. There will be several special sessions honoring Albert Bally and his revolutionary work on structural characterization. A number of interactive sessions, including both panel discussions and “Tackle the Issues” talks, focused on topics ranging from reservoir intelligence to new research on Gulf of Mexico will be featured.

In addition to the technical program, ACE features a range of special sessions featuring current industry themes addressed by leaders in the fields. These sessions range from “Are we done, or do we need to reset Upstream?,” “Where are the Investors?,” and “Gas – The New Oil!” Technical special sessions will focus on E&P opportunities, including Mega-Plays that Changed the World, Brazil Presalt basins — Santos Basin E&P, and Deep-Water Reinvents Itself. Of course, no ACE would be complete without the Discovery Thinking Forum! ACE 2020 field trips and short courses offer opportunities across the U.S. and across a range of modern and ancient depositional environments. Short course topics include sequence stratigraphy, a core workshop, LNG 101, and machine learning. Unconventional reservoirs are featured throughout the education program, with a short course as well as field trips to West Texas and upstate New York offering opportunities to build your understanding of these types of plays.

Carbon capture use and storage will be featured throughout the program in special sessions, the technical program, and a short course. Science education and educators will be celebrated with opportunities for you to interact with and learn from teachers as well as scientists of the future, and a special session on talent and education will be presented. The program will be rounded out with social events including the Icebreaker Reception, Alumni Receptions, Jammin’ Geos, and a movie night that will take on Hollywood geology in “Science vs. Cinema: Geologists Find the Faults.”

If you haven’t visited Houston lately, you haven’t visited Houston! Downtown continues to be renovated and refreshed, and you’ll appreciate the new restaurants and hotels near the Convention Center. Sightseeing opportunities include the NASA Space Center and the Natural History Museum.

Of course, this amazing program doesn’t just manifest itself and we’d like to thank Morgan Sullivan, Pinar Yilmaz, Art Donovan, Steve Sonnenberg, and their amazing leadership teams for their passion and diligence in building this amazing program. We hope you are able to join us in Houston, Texas, to learn, create new ideas and opportunities, see old friends, and meet new ones. We look forward to seeing y’all in the Lone Star State in June!

Cindy Yeilding

Cindy Yeilding
General Chair
AAPG 2020 Annual Convention and Exhibition