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U-Pitch Technology Showcase

29 September to 1 October 2020
10:00 am–5:00 pm (Sept 29 - Sept 30)
10:00 am–1:00 pm (Oct 1)
Included with Registration
"Live" 15-minute block to discuss your product with attendees; opportunity to upload your pre-recorded narrated PowerPoint which will be available on-demand; dedicated chat box for messages and questions; access to the technical program, exhibit hall, networking events, and other conference-affiliated events.
30 presentation slots

U-Pitch Sign Up

Do you need to build markets for your new technology?

Do you want to speed up adoption?
Find investors?

Join the U-Pitch Technology Showcase where you can pitch to potential customers, commercialization partners, and even sources of capital. You’ll have a 15-minute block for your brief presentation and questions and answers. Your presentation will also be available on our website, and we’ll continue to introduce you to possible partners and customers.

U-Pitch is perfect for your:

  • Your new technology or innovation
  • Finding companies interested in testing your product in the field
  • Finding commercialization partners and investors
  • Your property or project that implements new technology optimizing energy production (all kinds of energy)
  • Your research consortium with new technology and techniques
  • Clean energy, water, and environmental products
  • Surface imaging and analysis (drones, satellite imaging, autonomous vehicles)
  • Robotics and automation
  • Smart systems and sensing / sensors
  • Multi-industry products / analytics (cross-over to other industries or segments, such as supply chain, or imaging)

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Session Chair
S. Nash;
AAPG, Tulsa, OK.
Factor Drive - Continuous, Autonomous, Geosteering Software-as-a-Aervice
H. Winkler;
Factor Technology, Dripping Springs, TX.
Darcy Partners - Innovation Initiatives to Accelerate The Adoption of New Technology
K. Norman;
Darcy Partners, Houston, TX.
DataVedik - Enterprise Data Transformation, Super-Charged
S. Garg1, S. Garg2;
Petrabytes - Data Analytics, Visualization, Prediction, Data Management Platforms
S. Gunturu;
Houston, TX.
Chevron Technology Ventures
T. Hussain;
Engage Mobilize - Digital Field Management Platform That Increases Productivity
R. Miller;
Engage Mobilize, Denver, CO.
Houston Technology Collaboration Center
S. Pai;
Houston, TX.
Imaged Reality - Virtual Reality for Geoscience
C. Ruiz-Graham;
Maxar - New Satellite and Surface Tools to Build Businesses
C. K. Dacre;
Vienna, VA.
Altira Group - Venture Capital for Oil and Gas Technology
S. Ebert;
Altira Group, Houston, TX.


PetroCubic - Connecting Petroleum Projects with Skilled Industry Experts
V. Meyer;
PetroCubic, Houston, TX.
NexGen Training Partners - Developing Next Generation of E&P Professionals
A. Bertagne;
BRT Energy Advisors, LLC, Houston, TX.
Bluware - Interactive AI Deep Learning for Rapid Interpretation of Seismic Data
A. Krueger;
Bluware, Houston, TX.
EPAM Systems - Rapid Full Digital Transformation
R. Clymer;
EPAM Systems, Houston, TX.
DeepTime Digital Earth - Melding Databases for Powerful Deep-Time Big Data Analysis
D. A. Leary;
Leary Geological / CDUT, Sedona, AZ.
Hess Emerging Technology
J. Thurmond;
Hess, Houston, TX.
Tierra 17 Sample Dryer - Preserve Geochemical Information in Samples for Analysis
M. Byrd;
Precision Well Logging, Inc., La Grange, TX.
Tri-D Dynamics - World's First Smart Casing - Bytepipe
D. Atyam;
Tri-D Dynamics, San Francisco, CA.
Shell - New Technologies in Unconventionals
J. Pearce;
Shell, Houston, TX.
E-Sal - Revolutionary Method to Change Reservoir Wettability for Increased Production
G. D. Thyne;
ESal, Laramie, WY.
Ubiterra - M-L Powered Geosteering
P. Flanagan;
Ubiterra CoM-L Powered Geosteering, Houston, TX.
Reservoir Imaging Solutions - New Acoustic Imaging and "Proppant Ramp"
S. Taylor;
Reservoir Imaging Solutions, Highland Ranch, CO.
Eunike Ventures - Hybrid Accelerator
A. Henry;
Eunike Ventures, Inc., Katy, TX.
Energy Opportunities Partnership - Equipment and Technology
P. A. Thomas;
Ledger Petroleum, Abilene, TX.
Free Radical Ventures - Energy Technology Seed Funding
J. Thorson;
Free Radical Ventures, LLC, Denver, CO.
First Genesis Blockchain - Data Security and Interoperability
M. Waddleton;
First Genesis, Inc, Houston, TX.


Running Foxes - New Energy Technologies
S. A. Tedesco;
Running Foxes Petroleum, Centennial, CO.
Climate Impact Capital - Mission-Driven Impact Investing Firm Focused on Climate Mitigation
A. Rozenfeld;
Climate Impact Capital, Houston, TX.
Nesh - AI Assistant for Search and Analytics
B. Chelinsky;
NESH, Houston, TX.
Strategic Piece - Helping Entrepreneurs, Early Stage, and Growth-Stage Businesses Hit Milestones
M. Bell;
Strategic Piece, Houston, TX.
Spot-ShaleWells - Building Value for ESG
P. Ng;
Real Core Energy, Houston, TX.
Hess Emerging Technology
J. Thurmond;
Hess, Houston, TX.
Cold Bore Technology - M/L-Driven Automated Completions and Completion Optimization
B. Chell;
Cold Bore Technology, Calgary, AB, CANADA.
Amplified Geochemical Imaging - Direct HC Indicators and Low-Cost, Accurate Leak Detection
R. Schrynemeeckers;
AGI, The Woodlands, TX.
Free Radical Ventures
J. Thornson;
Free Radical Ventures, LLC, Denver, CO.
DelfinSia - Rapid Data Access Converting from Unstructured to Structured Data
A. Walker;
DelfinSia, Inc., Houston, TX.