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morning presentations

Morning Presentations

Correlation of Organic Carbon Deposition in the Monterey Formation to Miocene Climatic Events Based on an Integrated Multi-Discipline Age Model
G. H. Blake
New Plays in the Himalayan Foreland Revealed by Kinematic Forward Modeling and Structural Restoration: An Example from the Ratana Field, Potwar Plateau, Northern Pakistan
K. Shoaib, N. Eichelberger*, S. M. Tobias, Z. Zafar, S. D. Burley
Sequence Stratigraphic Framework of the Wara Formation, Wafra Field, Partitioned Zone of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait
S. Esmeray-Senlet, K. D. Ehman, P. H. Wilkinson
The Influence of Backwater Morphodynamics on Spatial Variability in Fluvial-Deltaic Reservoir Quality
C. Wu, J. A. Nittrouer, A. J. Moodie, T. Y. Dong, K. Dunne, H. Ma
Introducing the Re-Os-Hg Trio — A Powerful New Combination for Source Rock Characterization and Predicting Hg Levels in Oils
H. J. Stein, J. L. Hannah, S. V. Georgiev, V. Goswami, A. Zimmerman, G. Yang
Improving Thermal Models Using a New Approach to Constrain Paleo Geothermal Gradients and Paleo Water/Rock Ratios with the Geochemical Record of Recrystallized Carbonates
C. M. John, M. Gusarevitch, C. Veillard, R. Parrish, S. Krevor
Geochemical Interpretation on Clumped and Position-Specific Isotopes in Natural Gas
D. Xia, Y. Gao
Nanotech Tagging for Cuttings Depth Identification
M. Antoniv, S. S. Zhu, H. Ow, M. Poitzsch*, N. Al-Jabri, A. Marsala
Managing Data Quality and Trustworthiness Across Different Organizations
P. E. Neri, R. Philo
Strategic Saltwater Disposal Performance Assessments are Improved with Quality Assurance of Texas Regulatory Data
C. R. Lemons
Data Integration for Engineered Completion Design in the Marcellus Shale
L. Li, P. Kavousi, B. Li, B. Carney, T. R. Carr
An Integrated Approach Using Seismic, Well Logs and Cores for Predicting the Depositional Architecture in Jurassic Reservoirs, South Mangyshlak Basin, Western Kazakhstan
M. Morosini, J. D. Sanchez Mendoza, R. Iltukov, M. Mukushev
Impact of Coupled Free Gas Flow and Microbial Methanogenesis on the Formation and Evolution of Concentrated Hydrate Deposits
K. You, M. Santra, L. L. Summa, P. Flemings
Quantifying Gas Hydrate Deposits and Implications for Petroleum Systems and Secondary Target and Seal Assessment in Large Biogenic Gas Plays
D. R. McConnell
The Occurrence and Distribution of Gas Hydrate Controlled by Mixed and Superposed Gas Sources in the Pearl River Mouth Basin, South China Sea
M. He, Y. Li, J. Li
Thermal-Hydraulic-Chemical-Mechanical Coupled Behavior of Hydrate-Bearing Sediments: Pore Scale Investigations and Implications
L. Lei, Y. Seol
Development of a Novel Method for Geochemical Production Allocation and Reservoir Production Monitoring Based on Trace and Ultra-Trace Multi-Element Analyses on Crude Oils
W. Yang, J. F. Casey, Y. Gao, J. Li
Evidence of Ferruginous Redox Conditions in the Water Column of Mississippian Barnett Shale Using the Iron Speciation Method
O. G. Nwaobi
Comparison of Results from Infrared Spectral Imaging of Immature Eagle Ford Shale Cuttings with Bulk Geochemical Characterization
J. E. Birdwell, L. Fonteneau, B. A. Martini, S. T. Paxton
Origin of Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen, and Hydrocarbons in Upper Cretaceous Pab Sandstone Tight-Gas Reservoirs, Middle Indus Basin, Pakistan: Noble Gas and Stable Isotopic Evidence for Crustal and Magmatic Components
C. D. Laughrey, M. Makos, M. Gorniak, I. ul Wahab, M. Shifaat Alum, I. Noor, R. Naeem Kahn
Characterizing Wolfcamp Benches in the Delaware Basin: Do You Know Where Your Laterals Are?
N. Brissette
Recent Permian Cube Pilots: Geological Reasons for Successes or Failures
B. Davies, D. Koo, R. Luther, S. Sagriff, R. Fiell
Geologic Modeling of Wolfcamp and Bone Spring Formations, Delaware Basin
B. J. Casey, R. D. Dommisse, D. L. Carr, S. Hamlin, A. Gherabati, L. Horne, I. A. Yurchenko
High-Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy and Seismic Attributes Analysis of the Leonardian Bone Spring Formation, Northern Delaware Basin
R. Zhai, J. D. Pigott, T. Bickley
Sequence Stratigraphy and Exploration Potential of the Upper Cretaceous-Miocene Sections, Deep Water Morondava Basin, Western Madagascar
L. Haas, P. Weimer, G. Tari, K. Hannke, H. Raharisolofo, S. Rahajarivelo
Bed Self-Similarity in Deep Marine Levees: Evidence of Rhythmic Pulsing in Turbidity Currents?
C. M. Cunningham, B. Arnott
Seismic Geomorphology, Sequence Stratigraphy and Application of Self Organizing Maps for Identification of Architectural Elements: A Case Study of the Cenozoic Deep-Water Strata in the North Carnarvon Basin, Australia
L. L. Ortiz Sanguino, J. Tellez, H. Bedle
Does One Model Fit All? Exploring Factors that Influence the Stratigraphic Evolution of a Deep-Water Channel-Levee Complex System
P. E. Fraino, B. Arnott, L. L. Navarro
Continuous Development of Geologic Models for the Wolfcamp and Spraberry Formations, Southern Midland Basin, West Texas
B. J. Casey, S. Hamlin, E. A. Horne, L. Sivila, A. Gherabati
Micropetrography Observations of the Texture, Fabric, TOC, and Pore Types of the Leonardian Third Bone Spring Slope Strata on the Eastern Side of the Delaware Basin
R. G. Loucks, X. Janson, B. J. Price
The Pore Size Distribution and Oil Storage Mechanism in the Wolfcamp Mudstone, Midland Basin
T. Zhang, X. Sun, C. Wu, R. M. Reed, S. Hamlin
Chemical and Carbon Isotopic Gas Compositions from the Wolfcamp in Midland Basin and Their Significance as Geochemical Tracers for Well Completion
T. Zhang, L. Ko, X. Sun, D. Meng, S. Hamlin
Pennsylvanian-Leonardian Stratigraphic Architecture and Deformation History During and Post Late Paleozoic Orogenesis, East Delaware Basin, West Texas
A. Z. Calle, E. A. Horne, B. J. Casey, D. L. Carr, S. Hamlin, J. Tackett
Integrating Petrophysics, Seismic Attributes, and Machine Learning for Shale Facies Identification and Prediction
J. C. Palmer, L. R. Goggin, A. Halpert, C. Skelt, L. Bandura, H. Liu
Tailoring Completions to Geology: A Machine-Learning Driven Approach
K. Sathaye, T. Cross, D. Niederhut, K. Darnell
Prior Well Depletion or Interwell Spacing? Isolating the Causes of Spacing Degradation in the Williston Basin
K. Sathaye, K. Darnell, T. Cross, D. Niederhut
Well Log Uncertainty Analysis and Pre-Drill Information Studies with Geostatistics and Data Analytics for Unconventional Resources
W. Liu, J. J. Salazar, D. M. Ooi, M. J. Pyrcz
Integrated Geostatistical Approach for Trend Modeling of Log Property Derivatives in the Permian Basin
J. J. Salazar, W. Liu, D. M. Ooi, D. Derenthal, M. J. Pyrcz
Pressure Coring a Gulf of Mexico Deep-Water Turbidite Gas Hydrate Reservoir: The UT-GOM2-1 Hydrate Pressure Coring Expedition
P. B. Flemings, S. C. Phillips, K. P. Meazell, M. Santra, R. Boswell, Y. Fang, K. You, C. Thomas, T. S. Collett
High Concentration Methane Hydrate in a Silt Reservoir from the Deep-Water Gulf of Mexico
S. C. Phillips, P. B. Flemings, M. Holland, P. Schultheiss, W. Waite, J. Jang, E. Petrou, H. Hammon
Grain Size, TOC, and TS in Gas Hydrate Bearing Turbidite Facies at Green Canyon Site 955, Gulf of Mexico
J. E. Johnson, D. R. MacLeod, D. L. Divins, S. C. Phillips
Petrophysical Properties of Hydrate-Bearing Siltstone from UT-GOM2-1 Pressure Cores
Y. Fang, P. Flemings, S. C. Phillips, H. Daigle, K. You
Gas Hydrate in a Fault-Compartmentalized Anticline and the Role of Seal, Green Canyon, Abyssal Northern Gulf of Mexico
M. Santra, K. You, L. L. Summa, P. Flemings
A. E. Berman;
Labyrinth Consulting Services, Inc., Sugar Land, TX.
Louisiana Severance Tax Relief Proposal
D. B. Sturlese;
Lafayette, LA.
Louisiana Severance Tax Relief Proposal
F. W. Harrison;
Optimistic Energy, LLC., Lafayette, LA.
An Inland Perspective Drilling on Federal Lands and Why it Matters to the Gulf Coast
P. Obermueller;
Session Chair Legacy Lawsuit Forum
J. Willis;
WSAG, St. Martinville, LA.
Legacy Lawsuit Forum
M. Miller;
Merlin Oil & Gas Inc., LA.
Legacy Lawsuit Forum
J. Rhymes;
Liskow & Lewis, LA.
Gregory Wrightstone, CO2 Coalition
G. R. Wrightstone

afternoon presentations

Afternoon Presentations

Structural Inheritance for the Laramide of Wyoming and Montana Implications for Basement Architecture of the Trans-Hudson Orogen and Development of Foreland Basins
J. W. Bader
Beyond Geometry: 2-D Structural Thermo-Kinematic Models of the Papuan Fold and Thrust Belt
P. A. Restrepo-Pace, M. Callies, J. Lamb
Geometry and Kinematics of Ai-Ka Fold Belt in the West Segment of Southern Junggar Fold-and-Thrust Belt, Northern Tian Shan, China
Z. Peng, X. Wang, R. Gang
Oil and Gas in Fractured Crystalline Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks: Global Overview and Examples from Texas
M. W. Shuster, C. K. Zahm, P. H. Hennings
South Falkland Basin Fold and Thrust Belt
D. McCarthy, T. J. Dodd
Biot-Gassmann Fluid Term Extraction Based on PP-PS Joint Inversion
Q. Q. Ma
High Fidelity Reservoir Model from Integrated 3-D Photogrammetry, Core, and Geophysical Data of the Late Jurassic Hanifa Formation, Saudi Arabia
A. I. Ramdani, P. Khanna, G. Gairola, S. Hanafy, V. C. Vahrenkamp
Seepage Rate of Hydrothermally Generated Petroleum in East African Rift Lakes: An Example From Lake Tanganyika
D. Oppo, A. Hurst
A Proposed Western Extension of the Grisham Fault in the Delaware Basin of West Texas as Interpreted by Full Tensor Gradiometry Data and 3-D Seismic Data
A. Morgan, V. Sudhakar, D. R. Paddock
Representation of Faults in Reservoir-Scale Hydromechanical Finite Element Models — A Comparison Based on Grid Geometry, Fault Geometry and Model Resolution
T. Treffeisen, A. Henk
Mechanical Characterization and Failure Development within Jurassic Sandstones in Proximity to Salt Structures, Paradox Basin, Southern Utah
L. J. Reeher, A. N. Hughes, G. H. Davis, D. Streeter, C. Julius
3-D Geomechanical Modeling for Drilling Beyond Simplified Simulation Techniques
H. Al-Hamad, S. A. Azim, A. Sajer, A. Hussein, Q. Ni, S. Subbiah
Flood Mitigation Approaches Using Drone Photogrammetry
G. S. Adcock, M. Allison*
Modeling Hormesis in Rhizoremediation of Petroleum Contaminated Sites
M. O. Eze, S. C. George, G. C. Hose
Looming Crisis for Humanity Not Oil but Water: The Indian Example
N. Kumar
Integration of Induced Seismicity with Subsurface Fault Interpretations at the Illinois Basin — Decatur Project
S. C. Williams-Stroud, H. E. Leetaru, L. Eisner, F. Stanek
Distribution of Sedimentary Heterogeneities in Proterozoic Shale-Plays: Insights from Multi-Realization of Stratigraphic Models of the Velkerri Formation (Beetaloo Basin, Northern Territory, Australia)
V. Crombez, M. Faiz, C. Delle Piane
Emerging Cretaceous Oil and Gas Play, Alberta, Canada — Controls on Productivity
P. Bauman, C. Barton
The Role of Diagenesis in the Unconventional Reservoir Quality of La Luna Formation in the Middle Magdalena Valley Basin (MMVB), Colombia
L. L. Ortiz Sanguino, E. J. Torres Parada, R. D. Elmore, R. M. Slatt, R. Philp
Fracture Development in Unconventional Reservoirs and Its Role in Hydrocarbon Migration and Expulsion
I. S. Abu-Mahfouz, J. A. Cartwright, V. C. Vahrenkamp, T. W. Patzek, R. Littke
Mitigating Kerogen Polymeric Characteristics in Unconventional Operations
K. L. Hull, Y. N. Abousleiman
Role of Modern Analogs in Subsurface Reservoir Modeling
P. M. Harris, S. J. Purkis
Integrating Legacy Core and Cuttings with New Well Data to Identify Lateral Drilling and Vertical Recompletion Potential of a Conventional Carbonate Reservoir, Central Basin Platform, Texas
R. A. Williams, D. Bell, G. Nunes, J. Schulz
Duperow Reservoir Characteristics in the Beaver Lodge Field, North Dakota
D. M. Petty
Ultra-Deep Mesozoic Subsalt Exploration Targets: Dead Sea, Israel Implications from U.S. Successes
S. A. Epstein
Namibia, Will it Be an Oil Province?
W. W. Wornardt
Agrio Formation of Neuquen Basin, Argentina: Delineating Sweet Spots in an Emerging Unconventional Play
L. P. Birgenheier, S. Moore, R. I. Ochoa, R. Fults, C. Valery
Spatial Heterogeneity in Lacustrine and Marine Carbonates of the Yacorite Formation, (Salta Group), Argentina
M. Mutti, W. Schmidt, C. Galli, M. Vallati, G. Winterleitner
Evolution of the Shallow Pleistocene Carbonates of New Providence Island, Bahamas — Using GPR and Outcrop Data
E. H. Alothman, P. M. Harris*, G. P. Eberli, M. Grasmueck
Core and Outcrop Calibration of Upper Cambrian Microbial Textures
H. H. Hopson, A. W. Droxler*, P. M. Harris
The Divergent Evolution of Tropical vs. Subtropical Carbonate Platforms is Related to Their Winter Waters
S. J. Purkis, A. Oehlert, H. Hunter, P. Swart, P. M. Harris
A New Architectural Framework for the Early Cretaceous Sligo/Pettet Formation of East Texas
K. E. Hattori, R. G. Loucks, W. A. Ambrose