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Quantifying Heterogeneity Preserved in Inverted Seismic Data: Implications for Reservoir Prediction and Geostatistical Modeling
T. R. Langenkamp, L. Stright, H. Bedle, S. M. Hubbard, B. Romans
Tectonic Setting, Structure, and Hydrocarbon Potential of Pre-Salt, Mesozoic Rift Basins in the Northeastern Gulf of Mexico
M. Storey, P. Mann, M. Liu
Pore Network and Gas Adsorption Potential Evolution of a Marine Shale During Organic Matter Maturation
Y. Wang, Q. Hu, L. Liu
Structure, Stratigraphy, and Recent Hydrocarbon Indicators in the Grenada and Tobago Basins, Southeastern Caribbean Sea
J. F. Miller, P. Mann, J. Masy, R. Sorley
Statistical Shape Characterization of Fluvial Sand Bodies and Implications for Reservoir Models
M. Franzel, S. Jones, M. Allen, K. McCaffrey, I. Jermyn
Explaining Differing Styles of Salt Deformation in the Campeche and Yucatan Salt Basins, Southern Gulf of Mexico
M. N. Hasan, P. Mann, J. Masy, R. Sorley
Integration of Structural Analysis and Gravity Modeling in the Permian Basin, West Texas
H. Zhang, P. Mann, D. E. Bird
Pore Structure Characteristics and Its Role to Shale Gas Storage in Organic-Rich Mudstone of the Wufeng-Longmaxi Formation, Sichuan Basin
Y. Zhang, J. Yan, D. Shao, T. Zhang, L. Zhang
Dynamic Topography Across Overthickened Oceanic Lithosphere from a Gravity-Constrained Crustal Model of the Caribbean
Y-W. Chen, D. E. Bird, L. Colli, J. Wu
Unconventional Reservoir Characterization of the Cretaceous Agrio Formation, Argentina: A Mixed-Carbonate-Siliciclastic Mudstone Hydrocarbon Reservoir
R. I. Ochoa, L. Birgenheier
Regional Extent and Tectonic Origin of the Mesozoic Marginal Rift System of the Deep-Water Gulf of Mexico Basin
M. Liu, P. Mann
Pb Isotope Ratios of Lower Mississippian Boone Formation Chert and Its Potential Relationship to Mississippi Valley-Type Ore Deposits, Southern Midcontinent
J. Cains, A. Potra, S. McKim
Reservoir Architecture Characteristics and their Control on the Remaining Oil of a Shallow Water Delta Plain
M. Li, X. Pang, Z. Bao, D. Zang, B. Niu
Petrographic Examination of Three Forks Formation Reservoir Lithofacies: Implications for Porosity Development
A. Adeyilola, S. H. Nordeng
Paleoenvironmental Indicators of Lower Aptian Organic-Rich Sediments Associated with OAE1a in the Cuchia Section, Basque-Cantabrian, Northern Spain
C. Herdocia, F. J-M. Maurrasse
Demise of OM-Rich Facies and Changing Environmental Conditions Associated with the End of Carbon Isotope Segment C5 Of OAE1a, South-Central Spanish Pyrenees
J. Socorro, F. J-M. Maurrasse
Sedimentology, Chemofacies, and Stratigraphic Architecture of the Lower Cretaceous Burro Canyon Formation, Ninemile Hill- Unaweep Canyon, Colorado
H. Morgan, M. J. Pranter, R. Cole
A Core-Based Synthesis of Litho/Chemofacies, Mineralogy, and Geomechanical Characteristics of the Permian-Aged First Bone Spring Sandstone, Delaware Basin, Eddy Co., New Mexico
H. Rowe, S. Arrington, M. Matheny, J. Grillo, M. Pommer, R. Nikirk, N. Ganser
Image-Based Pore Structure Characterization and Pore-Scale Fluid Flow Simulation of Eocene Beach-Bar Sandstones in the Western Slope of Dongying Depression, Eastern China
Y. Wang, S. Yang, Y. Zhang, Y. Lu
Sequence Stratigraphy and Depositional Environment of Kopili Sediments of Upper Assam South Block, India: Evaluating the Relationship with Diagenetic Events
D. Bhuyan, L. Phor, B. M. Hazarika, P. Nayak, P. Dutta, B. P. Patra, A. Dutta Borah, T. K. Ghosh, J. K. Basumatary
Interpreting a Complex Subsurface During Drilling Operations Using Nonconductive Mud Systems: Addressing Gulf of Mexico Reservoir Characterization Challenges in Real-Time with an Innovative Dual-Imager Tool
H. Watcharophat, V. Vallega*, C. Maeso, C. Shrivastava
Characterization of Reservoir Quality in Lacustrine Turbidites, Pannonian Basin: A Multidisciplinary Approach
T. Kosanke, J. Greene, P. Linton, V. Abreu, O. Sztano, P. Toth
On the Source-to-Sink Relationships of the Capistrano Formation, Onshore and Offshore Orange County, California
D. E. Schwartz
Sedimentary Characteristics and Forward Stratigraphic Modeling of Traction Flow Driven Fan Delta in Steep Slope Zone
W. Xu, Y. Zhang, K. Chen, L. Fang, J. zou
The Importance of Competing Allogenic Drivers and Implications for Fluvial Architecture on a Regional Scale, Trail Member of the Cretaceous Ericson Sandstone
C. Jolley, S. M. Hudson
Deep-Water Slope Channels in Supply-Dominant Clinoform Systems, Comparing the Jurassic Neuquén Basin and the Cretaceous Washakie Basin
Y. Gan, R. J. Steel, C. Olariu, F. N. de Almeida Junior, C. R. Carvajal
The Sediment Characteristics, Influencing Factors and Favorable Reservoir Distribution of Braided Delta Under Different Slope Gradients: An Example from KL10 Oil Field in Bohai Bay Basin
L. Cui
Quantitative Biofacies Analysis of the Upper Cretaceous (Maastrichtian) Prince Creek Formation, North Slope, Alaska, USA
J. R. Bonelli, P. P. Flaig
Re-Evaluation of a Post-Rift Unconfirmed Play in the Norwegian North Sea for Undiscovered Stratigraphic Traps
A. Al-Janabi, C. C. Knapp
Innovation and Application of Reservoir Geophysics Technology for Mature Oil Fields in the Mangeshlak Basin, Central Asia
C. Xin, F. Xukui, Y. Zhao, X. Wei, S. Tiejun, S. Haishan, W. Wei, Y. Ke, L. Qiang, C. Junxian
Quantitative Characterization of Pore-Throat Structure of the Tight Sand-Conglomerate Condensate Gas Reservoir in Bohai Bay Basin Based on Multi-Scale Digital Core
L. Wan
Seismic Interpretation of Crescent Shaped Bedforms and Cyclic Steps Developed During the Cenomanian Age in the Ceára Basin, Brazilian Equatorial Margin
M. Karam, F. B. Ponte, M. P. Ferreira, A. Souza
Overpressure Generation Mechanisms and Its Distribution in the Paleocene Shahejie Formation in the Linnan Sag, Huimin Depression, Eastern China
C. Li, X. Luo, L. Zhang, L. Yuhong, M. Cheng, L. Hongmei
Tide-Induced Gravity Flows on the Fraser River Delta, British Columbia, Canada
K. Ayranci, S. E. Dashtgard
Temporal Scales of Mass Transport on the Mississippi River Delta Front, from Results of a New Regional Survey
J. E. Duxbury, S. J. Bentley, K. Xu, N. Jafari, I. Georgiou
Seismic Driven Multistage Reservoir Characterization Process of Thinly Sand-Shale Interbedded Deltaic Reservoirs — A Case Study from the Tapti Daman Sector of Mumbai Offshore Basin, India
U. Singh, A. Ghosh, A. Pandey, M. Sarma, H. K. Singh
Major Controlling Factors for the Zhujiang Formation Deposition in the Panyu A Oilfield, Pearl River Mouth Basin as Revealed from Stratigraphic Forward Modelling
Q. Zhang, K. Liu, H. Yang, J. Liu
Potential Cretaceous Petroleum Systems of the Northern Onshore and Offshore Basins of Jamaica
G. H. Blake, R. Thompson, B. Richardson, H. Thompson
New Insight Into the Late Cretaceous Deformation and Sytectonic Sedimentation in the Songliao Basin, Northeastern China: Implications for Basin Evolution on the Pacific Northwest Continental Margin
Z. Feng, D. Gao, S. Zhang, Z. Feng, T. Duan
Cretaceous Napo U and Napo T Sandstone Channels Accommodation Space Created by Tectonism and Erosion; Exploration and Development Implications on Western Ecuadorian Oriente Basin
F. A. Ramirez
Petrographic Study of the Middle Devonian Portwood Member of the New Albany Shale: Implications for Depositional Processes and Paleoenvironment Interpretations
X. Shao, J. Schieber
Onshore Structural Movement Revealed through the Presence of Volcaniclastic Deposition Offshore — Cholula-1EXP, Miocene Salinas del Istmo Basin, Mexico
D. A. "Stan" Stanbrook, N. Capuzzo, C. R. Farley, M. A. Durcanin, A. M. Seitchik
Sequence Stratigraphy, Facies Architecture, and Petroleum Potential of the Roseneath-Epsilon-Murteree Gas Plays in the Cooper Basin, Australia
F. Guo, P. J. McCabe, Z. Feng, C. Wu, X. Lyu
Tectonostratigraphic Evolution, Paleogeography and Hydrocarbon Plays of the Nuussuaq Basin: An Outcrop Analog to the Huge Frontier Petroleum Basins Offshore West Greenland
G. Dam, M. Sønderholm
Understanding Autogenic Channel Clustering and A/S Ratios in Fluvial Sandstones of the Ericson Sandstone: Implications for Predictability and Reservoir Architecture
S. M. Hudson, C. Jolley, B. Steeves, A. Bertoch, A. Trevino, J. Klimek
Late Pleistocene to Recent Sand Distribution and Composition in the Magdalena Fan, Offshore Colombia
S. Saha, C. Pirmez, C. O’Brien
Integration of Sedimentary Petrology and Elastic Rock Properties for Quantitative Interpretation: An Example from the Gulf of Mexico
S. Saha, R. Sarker, N. Auchter, I. Espejo, S. Gelinsky, O. Rodina, A. Ozkan, C. Goyeneche, M. Ehiwario, A. Babalola
Mineralogical and Geochemical Characteristics of Hydrocarbon-Bleached Rocks in the Baiyanggou Mud Volcano, Xinjiang, Northwest China
W. Xu, G. Zheng, G. Martinelli, X. Ma, Z. Chen
Honeycomb Structures in the North Falkland Basin?
J. Gafeira, D. J. McCarthy*, T. Dodd, G. Plenderleith
Fluid Property Variations and its Relationship with the Geo-History of the Permian Delaware Basin
A. Z. Yu, M. R. Becker, A. S. Baskoro, M. R. Bhatia
Interpreting the Carbon Isotope Record of Canyon Fill Sequences from Eastern Mexico in the Context of Carbonate Sediment Mixing
D. Jana, G. R. Dickens, S. Cossey, M. Bitter
Application of the Wellsite Mass Spectrometer and Fluid Inclusion Stratigraphy in 3-D Resource Development of Rocky Mountain Assets
M. N. Slack, D. A. Wavrek, S. Field, M. Krenek
Production Contribution Analysis by Data Driven Fingerprinting for Unconventional Wells
R. Bisquera, L. Lu, A. C. Sneddon, Y. Tang
The Anthraxolite Evolution and Vanadium Enrichment Mechanism of the Upper Ordovician in the Northern Qaidam Basin, Northwest China
C. Liu
Hydrocarbon Generation and Expulsion Model for Upper Paleozoic Source Rocks in the Hangjinqi Area, Northern Ordos Basin, China
H. Wang, S. Lu, G. Zhao
Workflow for Hydrocarbon Mass-Balance Calculation of Unconventional/Hybrid Systems: Southern Delaware Basin Example
A. S. Baskoro, Z. Yu, M. R. Becker
Biomarkers and Diamondoid Compounds in Crude Oils from the Norwegian Barents Sea
K. Yokota, A. Okui
Integrated Stratigraphic and Thermal/Burial Modeling of the Levant Basin (East-Mediterranean Region): Implications on Thermogenic and Biogenic Petroleum Systems Assessment
F. H. Nader, N. G. Hawie, S. A. Bou Daher, N. Maurand
Cyclic Zoning in Authigenic Ankerite-Dolomite Indicates a Complex Relationship Between Fault-Rupturing and the Silicate, Sulfide, and Carbonate Diagenetic Systems
P. Ma, C. Lin, J. Jahren, C. Dong, L. Ren, H. Hellevang
Petroleum Generation History of the Cretaceous Source Rocks in the Sirt Basin, Libya: Insight From Integrated Geochemical Assessment and Basin Modeling
K. A. M. Albriki, F. Wang, M. Li, R. El Zarog, D. Xi
Study on Oil-Source Correlation Methods of Severely Biodegraded Oils in the Liaodong Bay Sub-basin, Bohai Bay Basin, China
D. Tian, C. Niu, T. Guo, W. Pan
Before the Basin Model: Utilizing Formation Tops and Production Profiles to Understand the Effects of Burial History on Hydrocarbon Production
T. Cross, K. Sathaye, K. Darnell, D. Niederhut
Coupled Stratigraphic, Diagenetic and Basin Modelling for an Ultra-Deep Petroleum System Analysis: A Case Study from the Tarim Basin, China
J. Liu, K. Liu, L. Yang, P. Yang, L. Yu, K. Zhai
Enrichment Patterns of Natural Gas in the Archaeozoic Metamorphic Buried-Hill of Deep Oil-Type Continental Rift Basins in the Bozhong Depression, Offshore Bohai Bay Basin, China
H. Cui, P. Xu, Q. Liu, L. Sun, H. Li
2-D Basin Model Results, Cook Inlet, Alaska, USA
C. Jennings, M. D. Wensrich
Pore Types Modeling Workflow Using Multipoint Statistics for the Build-Up of Isolated Carbonates in the Central Luconia Province
G. P. Jimenez Soto, M. A. Beg, C. M. Poppelreiter, K. Rahmatsyah
Kinetic Evaluation of the Reactivity and Heterogeneities of the Silurian Source Rock
P. Luo, G. J. Port, L. Zhou, Q. Salman
Regional Geochemical Variation as a Function of Competing Drivers — Anoxia, Primary Productivity, Dilution and their Implications for Organofacies Distribution within the Mowry Shale, Wind River Basin, Wyoming
S. M. Hudson, P. VanKatwyk, J. Sevy, S. Richards
Coal Bed Methane Field Delineation and Reservoir Volumetric Estimation for CO2 Storage, Buzzard Bench Field, Emery County, Utah
C. Vega-Ortiz, M. Saunders, M. D. Vanden Berg, O. Omotilewua, J. D. McLennan
A Real-Time Method to Identify Brittle Zones in Carbonate-Rich Shales Using Bulk and Trace Element Geochemistry: A Study in the Eagle Ford and Haynesville Formations
M. Fonseca, L. Hathon, T. Lapen
Three-Dimensional Investigation of Pore Architecture Characteristics and Variation in Carbonate-Rich Mudrocks: Insights into the Controls of Pore Development
I. Y. Bode-Omoleye, J. Vilcaez, M. Grammer
Quantitative Facies Characterization of Mississippian Limestone Outcrop Using Ground-Based Hyperspectral and LiDAR Imaging in Jane, Missouri
A. Shahtakhtinskiy
3-D Petrophysical Modeling and Gas Reserve Estimation of Marcellus Shale, Southwestern Pennsylvania, USA
G. Wang, Q. He
Diagenetic Heterogeneity and Its Effect on Tight Sandstone Reservoir Quality Under Multi-Episode Hydrocarbon and CO2 Entrapment: A Case Study from the Lower Cretaceous Quantou Formation, Southern Songliao Basin, China
C. Guan, L. Zeng
Isotherms, Isobars, Thermodynamics and Kinetics of a Methane-Shale Adsorption Pair Under Supercritical Condition: Implications for Understanding a Shale Gas Storage Mechanism
W. Dang, J. Zhang, H. Nie, X. Tang, F. Wang, N. Wu, Q. Chen, X. Wei, R. Wang
Water Vapor Adsorption Characteristics of Over-Mature Wufeng and Longmaxi Shales, Sichuan Basin
R. Yang, Q. Hu, S. He
Oil Adsorption Capacity of Clay Minerals in Shale: A Molecular Dynamic Simulation Investigation
Z. Cao, J. Zeng, H. Jiang*
Water Effect on Methane Adsorption in Shale Through Kerogen by High Pressure Methane Adsorption
W. Li, C. Snape, L. Stevens, L. Tang
Changes in Organic Carbon and Redox Conditions During Deposition of the Hue Shale-Gamma Ray Zone on the North Slope, Alaska
L. Song, S. Bhattacharya, Z. Webb, A. Fowler, V. Lee
Pore Systems and SEM Lithologies for the Permian Wolfcamp Shale From the Delaware Basin, Texas
R. M. Reed, S. Peng, S. C. Ruppel, E. Sivil
Diagenetic Controls on Reservoir Character of the Lower Permian Wolfcamp and Bone Spring Formations in the Delaware Basin, West Texas
A. Dobber, R. H. Goldstein
Excess Pressure Development by Cementation in the Wolfcamp Formation of the Delaware Basin
A. A. Brown
Lacustrine Shale-Oil Accumulations in the Permian Lucaogou Organic-Rich Mudstones Formation, Junggar Basin: A Self-Contained Source-Reservoir System
Y. Liu, J. Zeng, S. Liu, W. Jia
Palynological Analysis of the Late Ordovician To Early Silurian Black Shales in South China Provides New Insights For the Investigation of Pore Systems in Shale Gas Reservoirs
R. Hu, J. Tan, W. Wang
Linking the Pore Characteristics of Graptolite-Bearing Shale to Thermal Maturity in the Wufeng-Longmaxi Formation, Southeast Sichuan Basin, China
J. Song, L. Liu
Structural Reworking Effects and New Exploration Discoveries of Subsalt Ultra-Deep Reservoirs in the Kelasu Tectonic Zone, Tarim Basin, China
J. Wang, L. Zeng, K. Wang
Application of Seismic Characterization for Geological and Engineering Sweet Spots of Shale Oil: A Case Study in the Erdos Basin, China
Y. Zhou, S. Dai, Y. Liu, M. Bi, J. Nie
Pore Structure and Fluid Distribution of Tight Sandstone Using the Combined Application of Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), Mercury Injection Capillary Pressure (MICP) and X-Ray Micro-Computed Tomography (CT)
Y. Su, M. Zha, X. Ding, J. Qu, L. Jiang
New Method for Quantitative Classification of Pore and Porosity of Organic-Rich Shale Using Digital Image Processing
Y. Wang, J. Yang
Gas and Water Distribution in an Over-Mature Shale Reservoir and Its Implication for Gas Production
W. Zhou, H. Xu
Chemofacies and Lithofacies in the Lower Wolfcamp Group, Type Locality in the Glass Mountains, West Texas
M. A. Gutierrez, B. H. Richards, A. D. Donovan, M. C. Pope
Initial Basin Centered-Gas System Conditions in the Cuyo Group, Arroyo La Jardinera Outcrops-Neuquén Basin-Argentina
R. Gutierrez, C. Torres Verdin
Investigating the Role of Mineralogy on Thermal Maturity Anomalies in the Upper Devonian Duvernay Shale Oil and Gas Reservoir, Alberta, Canada
L. J. Knapp, O. Haeri-Ardakani, S. Uchida
Oxic-Seawater-Like REY Features in Cambrian Organic-Rich Black Shale in the Western Hubei Province, South China
H. Luo, B. Qiao, T. Zhang
Experimental Investigation of Oil Generation, Retention, and Expulsion Within Type II Kerogen-Dominated Marine Shales: Insights from Anhydrous Gold-Tube Pyrolysis of Barnett and Woodford Shales Using Miniature Core Plugs
D. Shao, T. Zhang, L. T-W. Ko, Y. Zhang
Controlling Factors on Pressure-Velocity Relations in Shale Gas Reservoirs
J. Guo, A. Amosu, M. Li, Y. Sun
New Insight into the Organic Matter Accumulation of Shale Formations in the Southern Sichuan Basin, Implications from the Volcanic Activities
Q. Li, L. Tang
Integrating Stable Isotope Chemostratigraphy and Detailed Mudstone Lithofacies in Unconventional Reservoirs: An Example From the Ordovician Pt. Pleasant Shale, Appalachian Basin, USA
J. J. Melick, J. T. Koch, T. P. Bulling
Testing the Value of Rebound Hardness in Estimating Petrophysical and Rock Mechanical Properties from Core and Wireline Logs: Examples From the “Mississippian Limestone”/STACK Play (U.S.) and the Vaca Muerta Formation (Argentina)
Y. Wang, G. P. Eberli, R. J. Weger, R. Nygaard, G. M. Grammer
Shale Gas Petrophysical Properties From Imbibition Experiments
C. Palencia, L. Hathon, M. Myers
Stress Distribution and Fracture Characterization of Longmaxi Formation Shale in the Jiaoshiba Area, Southeastern Sichuan Basin, China
H. Tian, L. Zeng
Contact Stiffness in Gas-Bearing Shales Estimated from Velocity Measurements Under Pressure
M. Li, Z. Wei, Z. Chen, Q. Huang, J. Xiao, C. Chen, Y. Sun
Thin Reservoir Characterization in Daqing Saertu Oilfield Using OVT Imaging Data
J. QI, Y. QI, Y. Wang, H. Li, H. Zhou
Reservoir Modeling and Analysis of Niagaran Reefs, Michigan Basin
C. Silver, C. Buist, H. Bedle, M. Rine
Integration of Geology and Geophysics on Sedimentary Sands Prediction in Lithology Strata Traps
Z. Ning, Z. Guangya, H. Jiangqin, C. Zhongmin
Recognition and Application of a Single Channel in a Compound Meandering Channel Based on Small Scale End-Stage Channel Characterization Technology
J. Ma, B. Wang, W. Li, L. Lei
Using Seismogeology Technique to Characterize Superdeep Source Rock: Taking the Yuertusi Formation Source Rock in Tarim Basin, Northwest China as an Example
C. Xiangfei, M. Peiling, L. Yonglei, Z. Chenggang, L. Yongbin, H. Changwei, W. Lei, L. Jun, F. Peng
A New Thin Bedded Reservoir Prediction Method Based on Geological Seismic Conditioning and Waveform Indicated Inversion and Its Application in the Yingmaili Gas Field, Tarim Basin
C. Xiangfei, L. Yonglei, Z. Chenggang, L. Zhenzhou, L. Haifeng, C. Xin, X. Jiang, L. Songyuan, Z. Jun
Predicting the Distribution of Subsurface Sedimentary Facies Using Deep Convolutional Progressive Generative Adversarial Network (Progressive GAN)
S. Song, T. Mukerji, J. Hou
A Convolutional Neural Network for Vuggy Facies Classification from Borehole Images
J. Jiang, D. McAlpin, C. Xu, R. Xu, S. James, W. Li
Enhancement of 3-D Fault Interpretation from Seismic Data Using a Post-Stack Seismic Data Conditioning and Artificial Neural Network Approach in Cai36 3-D Prospect of the Junggar Basin, China
L. Cui, K. Wu, J. Ji
Neural Networks and the Markov Chain Approach for Facies Analysis and Prediction from Well Logs in the Precipice-Evergreen Succession, Surat Basin-Implications for CO2 Storage
J. He, D. L. C. Andrew
GAN-Based Multipoint Geostatistical Inversion Method and Application
P. Xie, J. Hou
Completely Automated Workflow for Sequence Stratigraphy Interpretation of Big Data
A. Mustaqeem, V. V. Baranova, A. Mustaqeem, N. Glisic, A. Falkovsky, Y. Falkovsky
Breaking Open the Bakken: A Data Analytical Approach
E. J. MacDonald
Statistical Pattern Analysis of the Nullarbor Plain (Southern Australia): An Analog for Subsurface Karst
L. Tanh, M. Zeller, F. Lapponi, C. Gram, G. P. Eberli, S. J. Purkis
Reservoir Characterization and Modeling of the Karst Network in the Bassein Pay of Neelam Field, Mumbai Offshore Basin, India
T. K. Mathuria, H. Srivastava, K. Vasudevan
A Complete S2S (Seismic to Simulation) Solution to Modela Late Eocene Karstified Reservoir — A Case Study from the Western Offshore Basin, India