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morning presentations

Morning Presentations

Geothermal Gradients in the Deep-Water Gulf of Mexico and their Relationship to Overpressure: Garden Banks, Green Canyon, Keathley Canyon, and Walker Ridge
S. L. Cornelius, P. A. Emmet
How Important is Microquartz Cement for Reservoir Properties?
R. Weibel, M. T. Nielsen, J. Therkelsen, F. C. Jakobsen, M. Bjerager, F. Mørk, A. Mathiesen, J. Hovikoski, P. Johannessen, K. Dybkjær
Controls on Reservoir Quality and Rock Property Trends in the Mungaroo Formation, Carnarvon Basin, Australia
S. Menacherry
Core to Log Integration in Alaska's North Slope Nanushuk Formation Using High Resolution Petrophysical Profiling
R. Ahmadov, S. Carhart, K. Johnson, L. Louis, G. Boitnott
Assisted Chronostratigraphic Multi-Well Correlation Using Facies, Distality and Depositional Slopes
P. Baville, M. Apel, C. Carpentier, G. Caumon, S. Hoth, D. Knaust, C. Antoine
Constraining Permeability Evolution During and After Natural Fracturing in Overpressured Shales: Implications on Basin-Scale Stress and Pore Pressure
L. Chaipornkaew, M. Kacewicz, P. Lovely
Influence of Multi-Scale Fractures on Tight Oil Production in Tight Oil Sandstones of the Upper Triassic Yanchang Formation in the Southwest Ordos Basin, China
W. Lyu, L. Zeng, H. Chen, R. Li
Evolution of a Deep-Water Fold-Thrust Belt: Use of 3-D Seismic Data, Northwest Borneo
S. Dawing, S. Jones, M. Allen
Exploring in Asia for Oil and Gas in Naturally Fractured and Weathered Basement Reservoirs
T. Koning
Climate Change and the Oil and Gas Industry; The Path to Cooperation
R. Leonard, A. Berman
What Open Source Can Do for Your Well Data — The Dlisio Story
A. Russell, J. Kvalsvik, E. Hårstad, A. Chaikouskaya, J. Halotel, T. Hersum
Industry 4.0: Blockchain — What is it, How Does it Apply to Oil and Gas, Who is Using it and How Can I Apply it to My Workflow
M. Bingle-Davis
Oil Exploration 4.0, Fueled by Earth Observation, Satellite Imagery, and Smart Maps
S. V. C. Dronamraju
Automation of Dip Picking — New Approaches to Dip Evaluation and Interpretation
I. Le Nir, J. Kherroubi, C. J. Maeso, N. Veron
Critical Minerals for Energy Storage: Lessons From Lithium and Electromobility
E. S. Hersh
Nickel is a Critical Material for Lithium Ion Batteries
M. Jarvis
Sources of Rare Earth Elements in the U.S. and the World
M. D. Campbell, R. W. Gregory, S. S. Sibray, J. L. Conca
Critical Minerals, the Petroleum Geoscientist and the Wider Application of Hydrocarbon Exploration and Development Techniques and Business Practices
L. A. Ross, D. Beckett
Graphite: The Other Energy Carbon
J. R. Edmondson
Quantitative Comparative Sedimentology - Value Added for a Refined Interpretation
P. M. Harris, S. J. Purkis
Evolution of a Modern Ooid Sand Island South Joulter Cay, Great Bahama Bank
J. C. Laya, P. M. Harris, M. Frazer
Upper Slope Detailed Modern Reef Morphologies: Unique Archive of a Well-Established High Amplitude Sea Level Transgression, Lighthouse and Central Barrier Reefs (Belize)
T. Baykut, A. W. Droxler, A. Moodie, J. Nittrouer, J. Johnson, D. Parsons
Sediment Production and Transport atop Great Bahama Bank: Insights from Fair and Storm-Weather Conditions on the Andros Platform
C. Lopez-Gamundi, S. Purkis, P. M. Harris, T. Dobbelaere, E. Hanert
Jurassic to Cretaceous Carbonate Margins in the Guyanas Basin: Integrating Regional Well and Seismic Facies to Generate Basin-Wide EOD Maps
M. Lee, M. Thomas, A. Belopolsky, J. Trude, T. Grow
Gas-Water Relative Permeability: Direct Measurements and Implications for Water and Gas Production
S. Peng
Palynofacies for Reservoir Evaluation: Methodology and Applications for Unconventional Plays
K. Ruckwied, B. W. Driskill
An Innovative Machine Learning Approach to Unconventional Production Prediction
S. J. Prochnow, Y. Lin, M. C. Jones, M. J. Richey, P. K. Papazis
Computational Stratigraphy (Compstrat) in Tight Rocks: Building Numerical Relationships of Interbedded Sand and Mud Through Flume Experiments
R. D. Wilson, T. Sun, J. Schieber, Z. Yawar
Upscaling Heterogeneous Shale Porosity from Nanometer- to Millimetre-Scale in 3-D
L. Ma, K. G. Taylor*, P. Lee, P. J. Dowey, A-L. Fauchille, J. Mecklenburgh, E. Rutter
Welcome Remarks
C. A. Yeilding;
BP America Inc, Houston, TX.
Foundation Chair
J. A. Gibbs;
Five States Energy Co., Dallas, TX.
Teacher of the Year
R. Kienenberger;
Arete Preparatory Academy, Mesa, AZ.
Michel T. Halbouty Lecture Business Acumen and Soft Skills in an Everchanging Exploration World
B. C. Duval;
IFP School, Maule, FRANCE.
Closing Remarks
J. Party;
Beryl Oil and Gas, LP, MIDLAND, TX.

afternoon presentations

Afternoon Presentations

Guyana-Suriname Deep Water Hydrocarbon System, Three Rivers, and Two Source Rocks
K. Nibbelink, R. G. Boyce, M. Nasser, J. Boyce
How to Interpret Turbidites: The Role of Relative Confinement in Understanding Reservoir Architectures
D. A. "Stan" Stanbrook, M. Bentley, E. Stephens
Simulation of Stratal Architecture in Deep Marine Minibasins: Making it Realistic is Easy — Making it Exactly Right is Not
D. N. Christie, F. Peel, E. J. Sumner, G. Apps, D. A. "Stan" Stanbrook
New Technologies for Quantitative Reservoir Characterization in the Absence of Seismic: The Wilcox and Beyond
F. J. Laugier, M. D. Sullivan
Stratigraphic Surface-Based Modeling of Deep-Water Reservoirs: Application to an Ultra-Deep Gulf of Mexico Wilcox Asset
L. M. Murray, F. J. Laugier, J. D. Thompson, R. Kaplan
Hydraulic Jump Controls Deep Water Sandstone Reservoir Quality in the Channel Lobe Transition Zone
K. Ono, H. Naruse, R. Matsui, K. Yamamoto, S. Yamamoto, H. Matsui, K. Ichizawa
A Classification Scheme for Turbidite Fan Systems in Deep-Lacustrine Basins: Examples from the North Falkland Basin
T. J. H. Dodd, D. J. McCarthy, S. M. Clarke, D. J. R. Jones, G. E. Plenderleith, T. A. Randles
Testing the Sequence Stratigraphic Paradigm of Deep-Marine Sedimentation Along an Ancient Upper-Slope to Basin-Floor Transect, Neoproterozoic Windermere Supergroup, Western Canada
B. Arnott
A Characterization of the Smackover Source Rock in the Deep-Water Gulf of Mexico and Derived Parameters for Petroleum Systems Modeling
B. T. Kirkland, J. H. Brand, L-C. Kuo
Geochemical Correlation of Late Mississippian-Sourced Crude Oils from the Western USA
J. E. Zumberge, J. B. Curtis, J. A. Zumberge
Total Organic Carbon Content Prediction From Well Logs via Artificial Neural Network Models
Y. Yang, Z. Wan, P. Luo, A. G. Bhullar
Kinetics of Hydrocarbon Generation from the Marine Ordovician Goldwyer Formation Canning Basin, Western Australia
L. M. Johnson, R. Rezaee, G. C. Smith, N. Mahlstedt, A. Kadkhodaie, H. Yu
Examination of Downward Hydrocarbon Charge within the Bakken — Three Forks Petroleum System, Williston Basin, North America
T. O. Nesheim
Modeling Petroleum Expulsion/Retention from the Vaca Muerta Formation, Argentina
M. Mei, A. K. Burnham, N. B. Schoellkopf, J. Wendebourg, F. Gelin
Timing of the Exhumation Episodes and Burial/Thermal History of Kevin Dome, Northwestern Montana
E. O. Adeniyi, C. A. Shaw, D. W. Bowen, C. W. Calavan, M. S. Hubbard
MAMMA* Project: Basin Mastering in Regional Generative Systems of Sub-Saharan Africa
M. Barroso-Coelho, G. C. Smagghe, V. Delhaye-Prat, I. Billeaud, R. Eschard, J. B. Floodpage, G. Rimmele, B. Ray
Potential Formation Damage: An Integrated Reservoir Characterization Study of the Naturally Fractured Carbonate Middle Duperow Formation at the Kevin Dome, Montana
M. C. Nguyen, M. Dejam, Y. Zhang, D. W. Bowen, M. Fazelalavi, P. H. Stauffer
Structural and Stratigraphic Characterization of X Field Niger Delta: Implication for Carbon Capture and Sequestration
M. Yahaya-Shiru, O. Igwe, T. Omeru, S. Obafemi
Geologic Risk Characterization of a Carbon Storage Complex, an Illinois Basin Example
H. E. Leetaru, S. C. Williams-Stroud, J. McBride, C. Korose
South Atlantic Offshore Geologic Assessment for Carbon Storage in the Southeastern United States Based on Rock Physics and Seismic Analyses
C. C. Knapp, J. H. Knapp, K. Almutairi, A. Bean, J. Ollmann
An Integrated Seal Analysis for CO2 Sequestration in Southwest Kansas
J. Meng, Y. I. Holubnyak, J. Hollenbach, F. J. Hasiuk
Fine Prediction of Thin Dolomite Using Multi-Wave Joint Inversion
H. Wang, L. Zhou, Q. Chen, R. Wang
Seismic Reflection Pattern and Recognition of Grain Shoal Reservoirs
R. Dai, Q. Ran, X. Guan
Impact of Pore Types and Mineralogical Composition on Seismic Wave Velocity of Khuff Carbonates, Central Saudi Arabia
M. Salih, J. J. G. Reijmer, A. El-Husseiny, J. Dvorkin, K. A. Al-Ramadan
Lessons Learned During the Horizontal Drilling in Thin-Bedded Reservoir Units: Quifa Southwest Field, Llanos Basin, Colombia
D. Nightingale, L. Castillo*, W. Reinoso, W. Parra, C. Morales, F. Hernandez
Rock Volatiles Reservoir and Fluid Evaluation of STACK-SCOOP-MERGE in Oklahoma and Marcellus in Pennsylvania and West Virginia. New Insights from Gentle, Multi-Pressure, Multi-Extraction, Cryo-Trap Mass Spectrometry of PDC Cuttings and Cores
M. P. Smith
Evaluating Mobile Oil Saturation in Unpreserved Core by Low-Temperature Hydrous Pyrolysis, Wolfbone Field, Permian Basin, Texas
T. E. Ruble, M. D. Lewan, D. R. Whiting, D. G. Bastian
Impact of Kerogen Heterogeneities on Hydrocarbon Production in Unconventional Shale Reservoirs
V. Agrawal, S. Sharma
Restoring “Lost” Gas and Oil Contents in Unconventional Tight Oil Systems
D. M. Jarvie
Investigation and Identification of Pyrolysis Attributes that Can Assist in Predicting Producible Hydrocarbon in the Unconventional Eagle Ford Formation
A. Maende, B. Horsfield, S. Kuske, B. Jarvie, D. M. Jarvie, W. David Weldon
Sequence Stratigraphic Characterization of the Permian in the Delaware Basin: An Improved Model for Predicting Facies Trends
T. Perkes, M. D. Sullivan, R. D. Wilson, E. Campbell, G. S. Hurd
Nano-Petrophysical Studies of Avalon-Bone Spring-Wolfcamp and Dean-Sprayberry-Wolfcamp Shale Systems
Q. Hu, S. Becker, J. Bevers, A. Chang, N. Mzee, B. F. Rogers
Predicting Brittleness for Wolfcamp Shales Using Statistical Rock Physics and Machine Learning
J. Lee, D. Lumley
Modeling Geomechanical Response to Commercial-Scale Carbon Storage in the Mt. Simon Storage Complex, Central Illinois
O. Babarinde, S. C. Williams-Stroud, R. Okwen, L. Swager, S. Whittaker
Sealing Capacity Analysis of the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale at Kemper County Energy Facility in Mississippi for CO2 Sequestration
M. Achang, J. C. Pashin, M. Radonjic
Comparing CO2 Injection Practices to Low-Salinity and High-Salinity Wastewater Injection Practices Into Deep Saline Aquifers in Kansas
E. Ansari, Y. I. Holubnyak, F. J. Hasiuk, J. Hollenbach
Reservoir Characterization Through Attribute-Aided Seismic Interpretation Along with Model Based Inversion for Porosity Computation Over a Gas Producing Pab Sandstone Reservoir Zamzama Field, Southern Indus Basin, Pakistan
M. Asif Khan, T. Khan, A. Ali, M. Zafar, R. Amjad
Seismic Attributes — A Promising Aid for Hydrocarbon Prediction in Deep Water of the Ceará Basin, Brazilian Equatorial Margin
K. M. Leopoldino Oliveira, K. M. La Marca, H. Bedle
Automated Fault Detection from 3-D Seismic Using Artificial Intelligence — Practical Application and Examples from the Gulf of Mexico and North Slope Alaska
H. Garcia, Z. D. Wolfe