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morning presentations

Morning Presentations

Influence of Long Term Exposure Surfaces on the Origin, Preservation and Distribution of Microporous Fabrics in Shallow-Water Carbonates: The Barremian-Aptian Platform from Se France
H. Bitault
Sediment Production and Transport Atop Great Bahama Bank: Insights from Fair and Storm-Weather Conditions on the Andros Platform
C. Lopez-Gamundi, S. Purkis, P. M. Harris, T. Dobbelaere, E. Hanert
Burial Diagenesis and Carbonate Reservoir Quality
J. W. Bishop, C. R. Miller, M. Frazer
Pore Pressure Prediction for Unconventional Play Through Basin Modelling
G. De Prisco, O. Lauvrak, M. Erdmann
Deconvoluting Mixed Petroleum and the Effect of Oil and Gas-Condensate Mixtures on Identifying Petroleum Systems
K. E. Peters, A. Murray
The Effect of Dissolved CO2 on Oil Wettability Measured at High Pressures and Temperatures
A. White, A. Luk*, A. Jaiswal, M. Dixon, S. Laurén, E. Järvihaavisto, J. Korpela
Deciphering the Effect of Saturating Fluid Salinity and Compaction on the Electrical Conductivity of Inorganic Shale
J. Krushin
The Brazilian Pre-Salt Petroleum System
E. Petersohn
Regional Characterization of the Woodford Shale Organic Matter Content and Thermal Maturity Variability along the State of Oklahoma, USA — A Look at How Different the Woodford is Between the Oklahoma Petroleum Provinces (STACK-MERGE-SCOOP-ARDMORE-MARIETTA), and the Direct Impact on Exploration and Production of Unconventional Resource Shale
E. J. Torres-Parada, R. M. Slatt, R. P. Philp, D. M. Jarvie
Using Surface Geochemistry to Map Enhanced Reservoir Characteristics and Maximize Production
R. Schrynemeeckers
Paleoceanographic Evolution of the Late Devonian Duvernay Formation: Insights from the Geochemistry of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin
M. M. Wisler, S. I. Dworkin, S. C. Atchley, A. M. Thorson, D. W. Yeates
Results From the World’s First Large Scale Long Offset Deep-Water Multi-Client Node Project
H. Roende, Y. Huang, R. Malik*, C. Udengaard, D. J. Bate
Stampede Field-Reservoir Rock Physics and Seismic Imaging: What We Should See and What We Can See
W. D. O. Martins, G. Mohapatra
Carbonate-Targeted Seismic Imaging — The Beginning Step to Change the Game in Carbonate Plays
F. Xue, D. R. Paddock
Quantitative Prediction of TOC in Deep Marine Source Rocks of Qiongzhusi Fm. in the Central Sichuan Basin, China
Y. Chen, G. Yao, X. Fu, H. Tian
Improving Well Log Data with Machine Learning: An Application from the Powder River Basin
R. Akkurt, T. M. Olson, S. Friedman, C. Will
A New Approach to Automated Well-Log Correlation in Three Dimensions: Examples from the Permian Basin, Texas
Z. Sylvester
A Transfer Learning Approach to Rock Property Estimation Workflows
A. Mustafa, M. Alfarraj, G. Alregib
FaciesNet: Machine Learning Applications for Facies Classification in Well Logs
C. Jaikla, P. Devarakota, N. Auchter, M. Sidahmed, I. S. Espejo
The Characteristics of a Helium-Rich Natural Gas Reservoir in the Guanzhong Basin, China
M. Dong, Z. Wang, H. Dong, L. Ma, L. Zhang
Surface Geochemical Exploration Surveys for Helium and Uranium Deposits
D. M. Seneshen
Recognizing Uranium Source Rocks in the Sedimentary Environment
S. S. Sibray, D. R. Hallum, M. D. Campbell
Coal Fly Ash Characterization for Rare Earth Elements Recovery
S. Gerardo, W. Song
Improving Resolution of a Fault Probability Map by a Deep Learning Generative Adversarial Network
F. Jiang, P. Norlund
Close-the-Loop Log Property Modeling Using Semi-Unsupervised Learning as a Proxy for Facies Classification
S. M. Didi-Ooi, A. D. Derenthal, M. J. Pyrcz, C. A. Noll
Weakly Supervised Structural Interpretation Using Projection Matrices for Latent Space Factorization
O. J. Aribido, G. AlRegib
Interactive Deep Learning Assisted Seismic Interpretation Technology Applied to Reservoir Characterization: A Case Study From Offshore Santos Basin in Brazil
A. C. Krueger, B. Omoboya, P. Endresen, B. Lartigue
Automated Well Log Conditioning for Petrophysical Interpretation
M. Yenugu, R. Roundtree
The Diachronous Sequence
J. M. Holbrook, A. van Yperen, J. P. Bhattacharya, A. D. Miall
Kinematic Cyclostratigraphy: An Example from the Ridge Basin, Southern California
M. D. Sullivan, K. D. Ehman
Sequence Stratigraphy of Late Paleozoic Cyclothems; A Signal of Sediment Undersupply, Large-Magnitude Sea-Level Changes and Low Accommodation
C. R. Fielding
Along Depositional Strike Variability in Paralic Systems and Implications for the Construction of Shelf to Slope Margins
C. Olariu, R. J. Steel
Using Lateral Variability of Shelf Margins to Understand the Provenance of Data-Limited Basins
J. Zhang
Controls on Sequence Stratigraphic Architecture of Carbonate Systems: Example from the Pre-Salt Section, Offshore Brazil
M. Minzoni
Asymmetrical, Dual-Clinoform, Wave-Influenced Delta Facies Model
B. J. Willis, T. Sun, B. Ainsworth
Sea Level Modulation of Deltaic Avulsion Processes
A. D. Harris, J. A. Covault, S. Baumgardner, T. Sun, D. Granjeon
Tracer Gas Diffusion in the Eagle Ford Shale, Austin Chalk, and Adjunct Vertical Formations in Southwestern Texas
Q. Wang, Q. Hu, X. Lin
Diagenesis of the Upper Cretaceous Eagle Ford Group in South Texas and Its Relationships to Rock Properties and its Pore Networks
L. T. Ko, R. G. Loucks, R. Adriaens
New Insights into the Mineralogy and Organic Content of the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale
D. M. Borrok, W. Yang, M. Mokhtari, H. Beitel
Introduction to the Micropetrography of the Upper Cretaceous Austin Chalk From the Texas-Mexico Border to Central Louisiana
R. G. Loucks
Breaking Down the Austin Chalk Core
P. Taylor, M. Thoms, H. Leahey
Brazil’s Pre-Salt Lacustrine Reservoirs: Modeling Early Mineral Precipitation
W. L. Esch, T. Simo, R. P. Sekti, J. R. Sitgreaves
Middle Permian Coarse-Crystalline Dolostone Reservoirs in the Northwest Sichuan Basin (Southwest China): Their Formation and Evolution
L. Pan, A. Hu
Influence of Early Diagenetic Chert in the Formation of Mechanical Heterogeneities in a Laminated Limestone Reservoir Analog
G. M. Silva Ramos, A. F. Lima de Araújo, M. Alencar, O. J. Filho, J. A. Barbosa, J. G. de Oliveira Topan, J. G. de Oliveira Topan, V. H. Neumann, A. C. Dantas Antonino, A. P. Bruno
Understanding the Depositional Character of Lunar Ice
D. E. Wyatt
Technical and Economic Restraints on Resource Development on the Moon, Mars, and the Asteroids
W. A. Ambrose, B. L. Cutright, D. K. Beike, D. J. Rich
Milankovic Cycles on Mars and the Impact on Economic Exploration
M. A. Brzostowski
Hydrologic Modeling of Faults in Unconventional, Coal Seam Gas and Mining Projects
T. A. Murray, W. Power

afternoon presentations

Afternoon Presentations

Paleogeographic Reconstruction and Provenance of Oxfordian Aeolian Sandstone Reservoirs in Mexico Offshore Areas; Comparison to the Norphlet Aeolian System of the Northern Gulf of Mexico
J. W. Snedden, D. Stockli, I. Norton
Sorting or Salt Walls? Investigating the Controls on Ancient Fluvial Transport Conditions Using Detrital Zircon Geochronology and Paleohydraulics: Permian Cutler Group, Paradox Basin, Utah and Colorado
C. P. Findlay III, N. D. Perez, R. C. Ewing
Takutu Basin Rift as a Conduit for Continent-Interior Drainage Into the Guyana Basin
R. E. Webster, K. Nibbelink, D. Boyce
Compaction Modelling of the Las Vegas Basin: Implications for Fluid Extraction-Related Subsidence and Fault Development
S. Abdelhaleem, W. J. Taylor, C. M. dePolo
Proximal to Distal Changes of Thin Lacustrine Deltas in the Ancient and Modern
J. H. Gearon, C. Olariu, R. J. Steel
Hydrocarbon Storage Space, Migration History and Driving Force of the Daanzhai Member of Jurassic in Sichuan Basin
Z. Pang, S. Tao, Q. Zhang
The Contributions of Albert W. Bally to the Knowledge of Fold and Thrust Belts
J. F. Flinch
Sedimentological and Structural Controls on the Pennsylvanian Spiro Sandstone Gas Reservoirs in the Arkoma Foreland Basin, Oklahoma
I. Cemen
A Listric Model of the Naga Thrust and Fold Belt, Assam, India
B. B. Hawkins, P. Jaiswal, J. C. Pashin, C. M. Burberry, R. Dasguta
Inversion Tectonics: Overrated in Exploration and Underreported in Production?
G. C. Tari, Z. Schleder
Cenozoic Structural Evolution and Tectono-Stratigraphic Framework of the Northern Gulf Coast Continental Margin — Revisited After 25 Years
J. F. Karlo, R. C. Shoup
Lean Salt Architecture in the Gulf of Mexico - Where Have all the Diapirs Gone
H. D. Lebit, W. J. Beck, S. Tierrablanca, M. Pila
Multiphase Mesozoic Extension and Sediment Response on the Northwest Shelf of Australia
C. F. Elders, S. Morón, S. Zahirovic
Crustal Structure and its Control on the Petroleum Systems and on Giants/Super-Giant Fields/Prospects in the Pre-Salt of the Santos and Campos Basins
P. V. Zalan, E. J. Newman, M. Saunders
Constraints on the Mesozoic Evolution of the Gulf of Mexico from Seismic Interpretation of Basement, the Pre-Salt Section, and Autochthonous Salt
J. L. Pindell, A. Hartwig, E. Haire, B. W. Horn
Engineered Geologic Heterogeneity for Understanding CO2 Saturation Flow Experiments
T. Meckel, P. Krishnamurthy, D. Dicarlo
Premises and a Road-Map for Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage Projects in Kansas and Mid-Continent Region
E. Holubnyak, J. Hollenbach, F. J. Hasiuk, T. Birdie, C. C. Steincamp
In-Situ HTHP Experiment of CO2-Brine-Rock Interaction and Its Implication for Tight Oil EOR and CCUS
S. Wu, X. Zhai, Z. Yang
Technological Developments Leading to the Petroleum System and Basin Modeling: Implications for Shale Plays
R. B. Sorkhabi
Six Decades of Research Support for Petroleum Science From the American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund
D. A. Dunn, K. A. Giles
The Quest From Shallow Shelf to Deepwater in Latin America - How We Got Where We Are, and Where We Are Going
R. Hardy, J. Peck, G. Fegerson
Seismic Analysis with Wavelets and Deep Learning
S. Rao, A. Mishra*
Seismic Determination of Dolomitization and Associated Reservoir Quality Using Supervised Machine Learning Techniques: Lower-Middle Permian Carbonates of the Midland Basin
A. B. Caf, J. D. Pigott
Low Saturation Gas Reservoir Discrimination Using Self-Organizing Maps, Deep Water Gulf of Mexico
J. Chenin, H. Bedle
Seismic Attribute Optimization for Deep-Water Facies Classification in SOM Analysis
K. La Marca Molina, H. Bedle
Subsalt Hydrocarbon Potential Mesozoic Synrift and Post-Rift Rocks: New York, New Jersey, and U.S. East Coast Offshore
S. A. Epstein
Applications of Vertical Migration Data in Petroleum Geochemical Exploration
G. K. Rice
Hydrocarbon Prospectivity of Offshore El Salvador and Guatemala
T. Phillips
Migration Simulation in Heterogeneous Clastic Carrier Beds and a New Perspective in Petroleum Geology
X. Luo, L. Zhang, L. Zhang, Y. Lei, W. Yang, M. Cheng, H. Shi, B. Cao
Migration Loss, Lag and Fractionation: Implications for Fluid Properties and Charge Risk
Z. He, A. Murray
Depositional and Stratigraphic Architecture of Mixed Siliciclastic and Carbonate Reservoirs in the Lower Carboniferous (Mississippian) System of the Midcontinent, USA.
J. Bynum, C. Wethington
Regional Tectonic Control on Leonardian Sediment Dispersal and Stratigraphic Patterns in the Permian Basin and Texas Panhandle
L. Liu, S. Hamlin, D. Stockli, T. Lawton, W. Ambrose
Calciclastic and Siliciclastic Submarine Fan Comparison: Classification and Implications for Reservoir Variability, Delaware Basin, Southeast New Mexico and West Texas
B. J. Price, X. Janson, C. Kerans
Derisking Reservoir Quality in Pennsylvanian-Aged Mixed Carbonate Clastic Reservoirs on the Central Basin Platform, Permian Basin
E. R. Jones, R. Aisner-Williams, G. Nunes
Facies Characterization and Chemostratigraphy of Upper Bakken Shale, Williston Basin
D. Nandy, S. A. Sonnenberg, S. Kumar
Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis of the Duvernay Formation Shale, Kaybob Area, Alberta, Canada
D. J. Shaw, N. B. Harris
Turner Halo Play, Crossbow Field Area, Powder River Basin, Wyoming
S. A. Sonnenberg
The Influence of Sea Level and Sediment Gravity Flows on the Sedimentation and Geochemistry of the Wolfcamp Formation B3 and B2 Intervals, Midland Basin, Texas
C. Lopez-Gamundi, R. P. Philp, R. Slatt
Understanding Mass Transport Processes during Geochemical Characterization of Unconventional Plays
D. Xia, C. Gong, L. Rodriguez
A New Tool for Consistent Correlation, Placement of Laterals, and Mapping Richness Zones in Shale Reservoirs Around the World
W. W. Wornardt
Systematic Variations of Stratal Geometry and Rock Properties within Mudstone Parasequences at the Bedset Scale — Insights Into Heterogeneity at the Landing-Zone Scale
K. M. Bohacs
Sequence Stratigraphic Reconstruction of the Late Middle Devonian Geneseo Formation of New York, USA: Developing a Genetic Model for “Upper Devonian” Unconventional Targets in the Northern Appalachian Basin, New York
R. D. Wilson, J. Schieber, K. M. Bohacs
Sedimentologic and Sequence-Stratigraphic Characterization of Salt-Related Basins and Megaflaps at the Aulet and Adons Diapirs, Spanish Pyrenees
C. E. Gannaway Dalton, K. A. Giles, J. A. Munoz, M. G. Rowan
Lessons Learned from Regional Coupled Landscape and Stratigraphic Forward Models on the Role of Dynamic Topography in the Evolution of Drainage and Depositional Patterns and its Implication on the Last 40 Ma Evolution of South Africa
C. A. Mallard, T. Salles, X. Ding
Seismic Stratigraphy and Geomorphology of the Bibiyana Gas Field, Bangladesh: How the Recognition of Sequence Boundaries Impacts the Understanding of Reservoir Architecture and Distribution
K. D. Ehman, A. F. Lisi, R. C. Holmes, J. Dutta, S. Munira, J. W. Turner