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GeoGulf 2020 Presentations

Thursday, 1 October 2020, 1:15 p.m.–4:55 p.m.  |  Austin, Texas

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Incorporating the Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies (GCAGS), the ACE 2020 technical program will include a diverse selection of GeoGulf 2020 presentations.

All-Convention Luncheon

  • Welcome and Opening Remarks: James Willis, GeoGulf 2020 General Chair, Travis Helms, GCAGS President, and Rick Fritz, AAPG President
  • E. Berman - Keynote Speaker, Labyrinth Consulting Services

The Business Side

  • Gregory Wrightstone, CO2 Coalition
  • Louisiana Severance Tax Relief Proposal, D. B. Sturlese
  • Louisiana Severance Tax Relief Proposal, F. W. Harrison
  • An Inland Perspective: Drilling on Federal Lands and Why it Matters to the Gulf Coast, P. Obermueller
  • Legacy Lawsuit Forum, M. Miller; Merlin Oil & Gas Inc., LA.
  • Legacy Lawsuit Forum, J. Rhymes; Liskow & Lewis, LA.


J. Willis


GeoGulf 2020 Presentations
Austin, TX
Austin, Texas
United States