Monday Morning Technical Presentations

Introductory Remarks
The Role of Islands in Influencing Carbonate Platform-Top Deposition
P. Harris, S. Purkis
Carbonate Drifts and Contourites and the Underestimated Role of Current Erosion and Winnowing
G. P. Eberli, C. Betzler, T. Lüdmann, T. Correa, A. H. Ling, D. Hebbeln
Channel-Levee Systems in a Tropical Carbonate Slope Environment and the Influence of Syn-Sedimentary Fracturing, Browse Basin, Australian Northwest Shelf
L. Rinke-Hardekopf, S. Back, L. Reuning, J. Bourget
Hydrodynamic Controls on Sedimentology and Geomorphology: A Field and Modeling Analysis of Modern Marine Carbonate Ramp, Northern Yucatan Shelf, Mexico
T. C. Neal, E. C. Rankey, C. M. Appendini
Refreshment Break
Redefining the Stable Oxygen and Carbon Isotopic Composition of the Mixing Zone
P. Swart
Spatial and Temporal Characterization of Mechnical Rock Properties From West Caicos, BWI
A. Nolting, C. Zahm, C. Kerans
Evaporite Deposition in a Dynamic Lacustrine Setting, Green River Formation (Eocene), Piceance Basin, Colorado, USA — Implications for Climate Control
R. Sarg, K. Tanavsuu-Milkeviciene
Allochthonous Paleogene Carbonates of Paxos Island (Ionian Islands, Greece) Reflect a Complex History of Nearby Platform Evolution and Destruction
M. Kati, M. BouDagher-Fadel, P. Scholle*, D. S. Ulmer-Scholle
Quantification and 3-D Modeling of Architectural Variability and Controls in an Eocene — Mid Miocene Carbonate Ramp, Browse Basin, Australia
P. Tesch, M. C. Pope, B. Reece
Introductory Remarks
Deepwater Lobe Complex Characterisation and Evolution Within a Salt-Controlled Mini-Basin
G. L. Doughty-Jones, M. Mayall, L. Lonergan
Eustatic Control on DeepWater Deposition Revealed by Carbon Isotope Stratigraphy: Example of the Ainsa Basin, Lower-Middle Eocene Pyrenean Foreland Basin, Spain
S. Castelltort, L. Honegger, T. Adatte, C. Puigdefabregas, J. Spangenberg, J. Clark, A. Fildani, M. Dykstra
Sea Level Controls on Deepwater Sedimentation: Lessons From the Quaternary of the Indus Canyon
P. Clift, Y. Li, J. Blusztajn, P. Böning
Deepwater Syn-Rift Sedimentation: Tectonic Geomorphology and Sedimentology From the Modern and Plio-Pleistocene of the Corinth Rift, Greece
R. Gawthorpe, M. Leeder, M. Muravchik, H. Kranis, E. Skourtsos, J. Andrews
Refreshment Break
Structural Growth Rate and Impact on Deepwater Depositional Systems in Deepwater Fold Belts: Gulf of Mexico, West Africa and Niger Delta
L. Lonergan, B. Jolly, G. L. Doughty-Jones, M. Mayall, A. Whittaker
Unreciprocated Sedimentation: How Differential Accumulation Decoupled the Shelf and Slope of Offshore Louisiana, Gulf of Mexico, USA
A. Madof, N. Christie-Blick, M. Anders, L. Febo
New Model of Turbidity Current Suggested After Direct Observation of Turbidity Currents in the Congo Canyon
M. Azpiroz, M. Cartigny*, P. J. Talling, M. A. Clare, C. Cooper, D. R. Parsons, E. J. Sumner, S. Simmons, E. Pope
Temporal Evolution of Submarine Channel Trajectory and Mobility: Quantitative Analysis and Comparison to Rivers
Z. R. Jobe, N. C. Auchter, N. Howes
Geomorphic Characteristics of Lofted Turbidity Current Deposits
E. Steel, J. Buttles, A. Simms, D. Mohrig
Introductory Remarks
Integrated Reservoir Characterization of the Duvernay Play (Alberta, Canada): From Nanometer Scale to Regional Basin Scale
A. Pierre, T. Branter, A. Cox, K. R. Mageau, K. Robertson
Depositional Controls on the Distribution and Character of Organic-Rich Mudstones: A Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis of the Duvernay Formation of the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin
L. J. Knapp, J. M. McMillan, N. B. Harris
Bioclastic Reservoirs of the Distal Montney “Shale” Play
T. Moslow, M. Adams, A. Terzuoli
Regional Variations in Woodford Fm Facies and Depositional Environments in the Permian Basin: New Insights From Chemostratigraphic Data
S. C. Ruppel, H. Rowe, R. G. Loucks
Refreshment Break
Origin, Description and Characterization of Upper Cretaceous Eagle Ford Pore Networks, Karnes County, Texas
L. Ko, R. G. Loucks, S. C. Ruppel
Quantitative Facies Analysis: A Tool Kit in the Characterization of Eagle Ford Sequence Stratigraphy and Facies Heterogeneity
A. E. Malicse, E. VanDusen*, B. Neff, D. Hurst, H. McGarity
Resource Play Potential of the Phosphoria Formation in Western Wyoming
R. Fritz
A Diagenetic Study of the Wolfcamp Shale, Permian Basin, West Texas
A. K. Wickard, R. D. Elmore, G. Heij
Unconventional Gas Potential in the Northern Territory, Australia: Exploring the Beetaloo Sub-Basin
D. Close
Introductory Remarks
Bioturbated Inclined Heterolithic Stratification in the McMurray Formation: Origins and Distributions
M. Gingras, M. Ranger
Integrated Stratigraphic Interpretation of the McMurray Formation SAGD Reservoir in Jackfish Area (Jackfish Phases 2 and 3), Alberta
B. L. Varban, J. Guilmette, G. Larson, G. Peters
The Heterolithic Point-Bar of the l’Eyre Estuary (Arcachon Bay, France) — A Partial Analog for McMurray Formation Estuarine Reservoirs, Alberta, Canada
C. C. Chateau, H. Fenies, H. Gillet, D. Leckie
Determining the Time-Averaged Position of the Turbidity Maximum Zone in Major Paleo-Valleys of the McMurray Formation, NE Alberta
A. D. LaCroix, S. E. Dashtgard, J. MacEachern
Refreshment Break
Reservoir Heterogeneity in Marginal Marine Settings of the Athabasca Oil Sands: Apparent Continuity of Mud Laminae Between Closely Spaced Cores
M. Ranger, T. Dufresne, M. Klucker
Characterization, Geo-Modeling, and Reservoir Simulation of the Wabiskaw Member, Athabasca Oil Sands Deposit, Alberta, Canada
E. A. Dembicki
Reservoir Geometry of a Confined Fluvial Meander Belt Deposit, Early Cretaceous Grand Rapids Formation, Alberta
A. B. Coderre, P. K. Pedersen, S. M. Hubbard
Geology of a Carbonate Breccia Reservoir Rock: Grosmont Formation, NE Alberta, Canada
K. R. Barrett
Critical Factors for Optimum SAGD Well Placement and Liner Design in Lithic Sandstones
K. Fraser, D. Nugent, J. C. Russel-Houston, S. Christensen, K. Gray
Introductory Remarks
Sedimentologic and Paleoceanographic Controls of Anoxia in the Holocene Cariaco Basin (Venezuela): Implications for Control of Deposition of Cretaceous (Eagle Ford) and Jurassic (Haynesville) Source Rocks in Texas
U. Hammes, K. Gibson, L. Peterson
Depositional Model for Shale Gas Deposits of the Besa River Formation in Liard Basin, British Columbia
F. Ferri, M. McMechan, R. Creaser, R. Friedman
Basin-Scale Distribution of Organic Matter in Unconventional Plays: Results From 3-D Stratigraphic Modeling of the Montney and Doig Formations (Triassic, Alberta-British Columbia, Canada)
V. Crombez, S. Rohais, F. Baudin, T. Euzen, B. Chauveau, L. Riquier, D. Granjeon, M. Power, N. Vaisblat, N. B. Harris, E. Bemer
Organic Rich Facies in the Lewis Shale as an Oil and Gas Source Rock, Greater Green River Basin, Wyoming, United States
L. C. Mayorga-Gonzalez, R. Slatt, D. Pyles
Refreshment Break
Stratigraphic Distribution of Source Rock Intervals in the Vaca Muerta Formation
M. Tenaglia, L. RodriguezBlanco, L. E. RuedaSánchez, G. Eberli, R. J. Weger, P. Swart
Seismic Analysis of Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Distribution in the Woodford Shale, Oklahoma, USA
L. Infante, F. Cardona, R. Slatt*, B. McCullogh
U.S. Geological Survey Assessment of Paleozoic Shale Gas Resources in the Sichuan Basin, China
C. J. Potter, R. R. Charpentier, C. J. Schenk
Vitrinite Reflectance Suppression: Fact or Fiction in Low Maturity Paleozoic Shales
P. Hackley, G. Baugher
The Application of d13Corg Stable Isotope Chronostratigraphy to Correlate Upper Palaeozoic Black Shales of the Northwestern Frontier, Yukon Territory, Canada
M. Hutchison, N. Sullivan, T. Fraser, G. V. Hildred*
Introductory Remarks
Genesis and Evolution of the Punta del Este Basin, Offshore Uruguay: Complex Interplay Between Structural Inheritance and Multi-Phase South Atlantic Rifting
P. Thompson, N. Hurst, J. Turner, M. Soto, J. Argent, R. Walker, G. Badalini, S. Wrigley
Temporal and Spatial Evolution of Rifting in the Brazilian Southeastern Passive Margin
P. V. Zalán
Refreshment Break
4-D Evolution of the Hat Creek Fault, Northern California: An Outcrop Analog for Seismic-Scale, Polyphase, Segmented Normal Faults
S. A. Kattenhorn, E. L. Walker, B. Krantz*, M. W. Blakeslee
Experimental Modeling of Orthogonal and Oblique Basin Inversion: Identifying Structures That Reflect the Paleostrain State
M. S. Baum, R. W. Schlische*, M. O. Withjack
Diagenetic Controls on Normal Fault-Zone Architecture Determine the Episodicity of Fault-Zone Fluid Migration
R. T. Williams, L. B. Goodwin, P. Mozley, W. Sharp
Inherited Structural Fabrics and the Impact on Oblique Slip Faults in the South Texas Laramide Foreland
C. Zahm, G. A. Smith, A. Nolting
The Missing Link: The Role of Basement Anisotropies in the Laramide Structural and Tectonic Evolution of the Wyoming Craton
J. W. Bader
Introductory Remarks
Sources and Reservoir History of Mixed Oil and Heavy Oil Determined by Advanced Geochemical Technologies
J. M. Moldowan
Evidence Some Oil Accumulations in the Woodford Formation and the Meramec Formation Received an Additional Charge of Dry Thermal Gas
A. S. Kornacki, J. E. Dahl
Mass Fraction Maturity — Next Generation Geochemical Constraint of Basin Models
H. Huang, J. Ma, R. Algeer, S. Larter
Thermochemical Sulfate Reduction in Upper Devonian Nisku Formation Reservoirs, Alberta: Insights From Molecular Characterization With FTICR-MS and GC×GC Approaches
R. Silva, J. Radovic, C. Jiang, A. Mort, L. Snowdon, T. Oldenburg, S. Larter
Refreshment Break
Re-Evaluation of Thermal Maturity and Stages of Petroleum Formation of the Barnett Shale, Fort Worth Basin, Texas
M. Lewan, M. Pawlewicz
Offshore Morocco Petroleum Systems: Major Revisions to the Prevailing Paradigm
D. A. Wavrek, M. Slack, J. Williams, A. Hansen, C. Barkley
Conodont Thermochronology: Expanding the Utility of the (U-Th)/He Method to Marine Carbonates and Shales
T. S. Bidgoli, J. P. Tyrrell, A. Moeller, B. D. Cramer, J. D. Walker, D. F. Stockli
Re-Os Systematics in Petroleum Systems: What Are We Measuring
J. Hannah, H. Stein
A Novel Model of Brittleness Index for Unconventional Reservoirs: Confining Pressure and Pore Pressure Effect
Y. Hu, Z. Chen
Introductory Remarks
Environmental, Health and Social Issues Raised by Those Opposing the Hydraulic Fracturing Process of Oil and Gas Production
R. Bost
Evaluating Sources of Groundwater Quality Variability in Residential Water Wells for Pre-Drill Sampling
S. D. Richardson, L. J. Molofsky*, J. A. Connor, A. W. Gorody, F. Baldassare
Effect of Ionic Strength (Salinity) and pH (Acidity) on Geochemical Water-Rock Interactions During Hydraulic Fracturing in the Frontier Formation of the Powder River Basin, Wyoming
J. C. Bratcher, R. Herz-Thyhsen, J. Kaszuba
Spatial and Temporal Variability of Methane Emissions Near Coal Seam Gas Fields Associated With Base Level and Anthropogenic Sources
M. J. Kennedy, M. Hamilton, M. Hatch, V. Robert
Refreshment Break
Methane Variations in Groundwater
C. Rivard, G. Bordeleau, D. Lavoie, R. Lefebvre, X. Malet, J. Ahad
Identifying the Sources of Methane in Shallow Groundwaters in South-Central Texas Through Noble Gas Signatures
T. Wen, M. Castro, J. Nicot, C. M. Hall, P. Mickler, R. Darvari
The Importance of Ground Water Aquifer Identification on Well Planning — An Example From the São Sebastião Aquifer, Northeast Brazil
F. S. Moreira, E. Garcias, G. S. Soule
Hydrogeology of the Bakken Formation Across the Williston Basin
D. Skoreyko, B. Rostron
Imaging CO2 Sequestration at an Enhanced Oil Recovery Site Using the Depth-to-Surface Resistivity Method
K. MacLennan, G. Nieuwenhuis*, V. Ramadoss, M. Wilt, M. Wilkinson

Monday Afternoon Technical Presentations

Introductory Remarks
Does Aragonite-Dolomite Sea Exist? Widespread Marine Dolomite Precipitation in Ediacaran Period in China
J. Zhang, B. Jones
Causes of the Worldwide Association Between Salt, Oil and Gas
J. K. Warren
A New Sequence Stratigraphic Model for the Niagara-Lower Salina Reef Complex of the Guelph Formation, Michigan Basin, USA
M. Rine, S. E. Kaczmarek, W. Harrison, D. Barnes
Integrated Structural and Stratigraphic Analysis of the Guadalupian Seven Rivers Formation, McKittrick Canyon, New Mexico
B. P. Smith, C. Kerans
Refreshment Break
A Geochemical Model for the Formation of the Pre-Salt Reservoirs, Santos Basin, Brazil: Implications for Understanding Reservoir Distribution
P. Wright, N. Tosca
Fracture Development Related to Differential Compaction and Mechanical Stratigraphy, Sacramento Mountains, NM
Y. A. Alzayer, C. Zahm, X. Janson
Controls on and Consequences of Upper Permian Carbonate Platform Margin Palaeomorphology in the Southern North Sea
R. J. Grant, J. R. Underhill, R. Jamieson, S. M. Barker
Stratigraphic Modeling of a Mix Siliciclastic-Carbonate System in A Passive Margin Setting: The Hettangian–Cenomanian Interval of the Shelburne Subbasin Area — SW Nova Scotia 2011 PFA Expansion
E. Marfisi, F. Saint-Ange, A. MacDonald, M. Luheshi, L. Cuilhe
Carbonate Buildups in the Post-Rift Sequence of the Pernambuco Basin, NE Brazil: Oil Play Implications
B. V. Buarque, J. Barbosa, J. Oliveira, O. J. Correia, J. R. Magalhães
Introductory Remarks
Discovery to Recovery: Alberta’s Liquids Rich Montney Play — Continued Innovation and Optimization
G. Nevekshonoff
De-Risking the Duvernay
R. E. Stadlwieser, S. Labonte, M. Hrudy, C. T. Wilhelm
Refreshment Break
Shale Exploration at the Arctic Circle, the Devonian Canol Formation Canada: Exploration Concept to a Drilled Reality
J. Hogg
Planning for Success in Colombia
B. R. Frost
Bay du Nord: A Bold Chase for Oil in a Harsh Frontier Basin
T. Dodson
Introductory Remarks
Dinkum Graben System Beneath the Alaska Beaufort Shelf — Evidence for Mississippian to Early Cretaceous Extension, and Petroleum Systems Implications
D. W. Houseknecht, C. Connors
Ellesmerian Orogenic Structures Beneath Syn-Rift and Post-Rift Strata, Beaufort Shelf and Barrow Arch of Alaska
C. Connors, D. W. Houseknecht
New Insights Into the Volcanic Margin Evolution of Northern Labrador and Hydrocarbon Prospectivity of Offshore Labrador
G. Dinc, K. Reuber, B. W. Horn
Refreshment Break
Structural Impact of the Yarmouth Arch in the Central Atlantic Opening and on the SW Nova Scotian Margin Architecture (SW Nova Scotia 2011 PFA Expansion)
D. Savva, T. Chrest, F. Saint-Ange, A. MacDonald, M. Luheshi, L. Cuilhe
Reflection Seismic Mapping Efforts Along the Scotian Margin: New Results, Challenges, and Enduring Questions
M. E. Deptuck, K. L. Kendell
The Along-Atrike Pattern of Magmatism During Breakup in the Southern South Atlantic: Evidence From Numerical Modelling and Deep Seismic Reflection Data Sets
J. Collier, J. Armitage, L. Lonergan*, C. Taposeea, C. McDermott, P. Bellingham
Onshore Structural and Stratigraphic Study of the Namibe Basin (Angola)
E. Casciello, J. Vergés, I. Cruz, V. Baqués, M. Moragas, I. Sharp, G. Messager, D. Hunt, U. Freitag, H. Ferreira, V. Machado
Magma-Poor and Volcanic Passive Margins — Characterization of the End-Members of Rifted Margins
P. V. Zalán
Introductory Remarks
Structural Evolution of the Firebag Basin and Stratigraphic Architecture of its Cretaceous Fill, Athabasca Oil Sands Region, Alberta, Canada. The Firebag Composite Pull-Apart/Karst Basin
A. Altosaar
Distribution of Bitumen Sand Complexes in the Northern Athabasca Deposit: Spatio-Temporal Impact of Hypogene Salt Karst Collapse on the Overlying Tectono-Stratigraphic Architecture
P. L. Broughton
In Search of a Cordilleran Point Source to the McMurray Sub-Basin
M. A. Basiru, S. E. Dashtgard
Characterising Heavy Oil Systems: Oil-Source and Oil-Oil Correlation in the McMurray Formation
S. J. Porter, R. P. Stancliffe, G. V. Hildred*
Refreshment Break
Geophysics Meets Geology: Chrono-Stratigraphic Interpretation of the McMurray Formation
D. Thenin, D. Gray
Sunnyside Oil Sands at Bruin Point, Southwest Uinta Basin, Utah
S. Schamel
Optimizing Effort in the Oil Sands: An Experiment to Determine the Relative Benefit of Additional Wells in a Seismic Quantitative Interpretation Case Study
L. Bellman, E. Duncan, K. Primrose
Longwave Infrared (8-12 µm) Spectral Imaging for the Automated Mapping of Lithofacies in Athabasca Oil Sands Core
M. Speta, B. Rivard, J. Feng
Evaluating the Effects of Grain Statistics, Porosity and Saturation on Thermal Conductivity of Oil Sands
J. K. Arthur, K. Apostolos
Introductory Remarks
A Bold Proposal for a Manned Deep Space Mission to Rendezvous With and Sample an Asteroid and a Comet
D. J. Cook
Resource-Development and Environmental Challenges for Life on the Space Frontier
W. Ambrose, B. Cutright
Methane Recycled as Hydrate in Deep-Water Settings
A. Li, R. J. Davies, S. Mathias
Producing Practical and Useful State Geothermal Maps
P. Morgan
Introductory Remarks
Novel Data From a Routine Analysis: Determining Pore Compressibility From Mercury Injection Capillary Pressure Analyses of Fine-Grained Reservoir Rocks
E. Munson, R. Bustin
Impact of Multiscale Characteristics of Heterogeneous Pore Structure and Mineralogy on Mechanical Properties of Shale
H. Yoon, J. Grigg, T. Dewers, P. Mozley*, A. Rinehart, J. Heath, M. Ingraham
Some Thoughts on Existence and Importance of Natural Microfractures in Unconventional Shale-Oil and Gas Systems
R. G. Loucks, R. M. Reed
Not all Shales are Created Equal — Obscure Fine Grained Intraclasts and Lithics and Possible Consequences for Reservoir Quality in Dunvegan Mudstones
J. Schieber, P. K. Pedersen
Pore Throat Size of Canadian Tight Oil and Liquid-Rich Gas Reservoirs: Implications for Hydrocarbon Transport
A. Ghanizadeh, C. R. Clarkson, S. Aquino, H. Deglint, C. Debuhr, A. Vahedian, F. F. Krause
Introductory Remarks
Lobe Sub-Structure in Deep-Sea Fan Systems — The Distinction Between Accommodation-Limited and Compensational-Stacking Patterns
P. Haughton, C. Pierce, P. Shannon, A. Pulham, S. Barker, O. J. Martinsen
Down-Dip Termination of Sandy Fan Systems — New Insight From the Pennsylvanian Ross Sandstone Formation, Western Ireland
A. ObradorsLatre, C. Pierce, P. Haughton, P. Shannon, A. Pulham, A. Lacchia, S. Barker, O. J. Martinsen
The Importance of Density Structure on Vertical Momentum Exchange and its Implication for Turbidity Current Run-out Distances and Depositional Geometry
M. Tilston, B. Arnott, C. Rennie
Bed Thickness Statistics in Hybrid Event Bed Prone Ponded Minibasins, Castagnola System, Early Miocene, NW Italy
M. Patacci, M. Marini, F. Felletti, W. D. McCaffrey
Refreshment Break
Logical Rules for Sketch-Based Computer Modeling of Reservoir Stratigraphy: Application to Deepwater Siliciclastic Systems
M. P. Rood, M. D. Jackson, G. J. Hampson, E. VitalBrazil, F. deCarvalho, C. CodaMarques, M. CostaSousa, Z. Zhang, S. Geiger
Improving Stratigraphic Models of Outcropping Slope Channel Fills Using Morphometrics From the Lucia Chica Channel System, Offshore Central California
A. P. Reimchen, S. M. Hubbard, L. Stright, B. Romans
Mixed Carbonate-Siliciclastic Systems: Implications for the Development of Deepwater Turbidites in the Nova Scotian Margin
L. Moscardelli, J. Ochoa, L. Zahm, I. Lunt
Enigmatic Beds of the Deep-Marine: A Depositional Continuum to Explain the Origin and Spatial Variability of Matrix-Rich Sandstones, Neoproterozoic Windermere Supergroup, Western Canada
K. M. Angus, B. Arnott
Giant Cretaceous Mixed Contouritic-Turbiditic Systems, Offshore Uruguay: The Interaction Between Rift-Related Basin Morphology, Contour Currents and Downslope Sedimentation
G. Badalini, P. Thompson, S. Wrigley, R. Walker, J. Argent, J. Hernandez-Molina, M. Soto, H. deSantaAna
Introductory Remarks
Reservoir Modelling Insights From Experimental Stratigraphic Analogs
S. Connell, V. Pusca, R. Sech, A. Madof
Using Outcrop, Subsurface and Modern Day Analogues to Predict Basin-Scale Alluvial Architecture for a Range of Tectonic and Climatic Settings
A. Hartley, A. Owen, G. Weissmann
The Valuation of Unconformities