Monday All Day Poster Presentations

Southern Gulf of Mexico Paleocene Through Miocene Paleogeography: Investigating Siliciclastic Sedimentation in Mexico Deepwater
L. delaRocha, J. Snedden, S. Tinker
Seismic Characterization of Early Cretaceous Fluvial-Deltaic Sandstones, Middle to Late Cretaceous Turbidites and Late Cretaceous Channelized Features in the Foz do Amazonas Basin, Northern Brazil
L. Torrado, P. Mann
Gravity and Magnetic Investigation of the South-Central Atlantic Margin of the USA (Offshore Florida to South Carolina) and its West African Conjugate Margins (The Gambia to Mauritania)
N. Dowla, P. Mann, D. Bird
The Influence of Intra- and Inter-Channel Architecture in Selecting Optimal Gridding for Field-Scale Reservoir Simulation
C. D. Meirovitz, L. Stright, S. M. Hubbard, B. Romans
3-D Quantification of Carbonate Ramp Architectural Variability and Controls, Last Chance Canyon, NM
P. Tesch, M. C. Pope, B. Reece
Pore Pressure Diffusion Model to Simulate Triggering of Microearthquakes in the Cardium Formation, West-Central Alberta
N. Nazari, B. Cheadle, R. Shcherbakov
3-D Seismic Attribute Expressions of Deep Offshore Niger Delta Basin, Nigeria
U. O. Anyiam, P. Jaiswal, J. C. Pashin, E. Uzuegbu, A. Opara
Integration of Seismic Inversion With Source Rock Evaluation Methods to the Study of the Middle to Late Jurassic Organic Rich Intervals in the Scotian Basin, Nova Scotia, Canada
N. Morrison, R. Silva, F. Richards, G. Wach
Subsurface Mapping of Thin-Sand Reservoirs Using Seismic Texture and Narrow-Band Spectral Analysis Attributes Over “X” Oil Field, Offshore Niger Delta
S. J. Olotu, A. A. Adepelumi, I. Olorunniwo, O. Alao, B. D. Ako, S. B. Ojo, M. A. Olorunniwo
Fault Parameters Controlling Hydrocarbon Accumulation in the Northern North Sea: Insights From 3-D Basin Modelling
S. Andriamihaja, J. Ben-Awuah*, A. Ali
New Insights From Detrital Zircons Into the Northern Provenance of Triassic-Jurassic Strata, Sverdrup Basin, Canadian Arctic Islands
D. Midwinter, T. Hadlari, B. Davis, B. Arnott, K. Dewing
Integrated Basin and Play Assessment of Undiscovered Oil and Gas Resources in the Miskito Platform, Verolania Basin and Los Cayos Basin — Western Caribbean Sea
L. CarvajalArenas, L. Torrado, P. Mann
Microstructural Analysis of Coupled Mechanical and Chemical Diagenetic Processes in Deformation Bands in Sandstone
C. M. O'Brien, P. Eichhubl
Application of Sonic Logs to Estimate the Magnitude of Exhumation in the Foredeep Section of the Western Canada Foreland Basin
M. A. Aviles, B. Cheadle
Deep Crustal Structure and Tectonostratigraphy at the Leading Edge of the Caribbean in Basins Offshore Barbados and Tobago: New Insights From 2-D Gravity Modeling and 2-D Seismic Data
S. Gomez, P. Mann, D. Bird
Development of a Static Reservoir Model for the Niagara-Lower Salina Reef Complex of the Guelph Formation, Michigan Basin
M. Rine, S. E. Kaczmarek, W. Harrison, D. Barnes
Estimation of Source-to-Sink Mass Balance and Depositional Systems Dominated Sediment Budgets by a Fulcrum Approach Assessment Using Channel Paleohydrologic Parameters: Cretaceous Dunvegan Formation
W. Lin, J. P. Bhattacharya
Shale Mechanics of Growth Faults in Deltaic Parasequences of the Cretaceous Ferron Notom Delta of Utah, USA
C. Huang, J. Bhattacharya
A Long-Lived Compound Incised Mega-Valley in the Cretaceous Ferron Sandstone, Utah
S. Kimmerle, D. Kynaston, J. P. Bhattacharya
Chemical Diagenesis in Stratigraphic Context: The Ervay Cycle of the Phosphoria Rock Complex (Permian), Wyoming and Montana
M. E. Pommer
Jurassic Upper Toarcian-Early Aalenian Oncoid and Ooid-Rich Facies of the Adriatic Carbonate Platform, Southern Croatia
W. Moynihan, A. Husinec, B. Prtoljan
Change in Seawater Redox and Carbonate Saturation State: A Mechanism for Basin-Wide Shifts in Carbonate Platform Architecture and Carbonate Factories: Examples From the Permian Triassic Nanpanjiang Basin, South China
N. Adams, X. Li, L. Stepchinski, D. J. Lehrmann, M. Yu, M. Minzoni, J. Payne
Multi-Scale Stratigraphic Heterogeneity Induced by Allocyclic and Autocyclic Factors in a Low Net-to-Gross Fluvial Succession
O. J. Arévalo, L. Colombera, N. P. Mountney
3-D Facies Architectural Study of Channel Belt Deposits in the Ferron Sandstone, Hanksville, Utah
P. Bhattacharyya, J. P. Bhattacharya, S. Khan
Facies and Provenance of Basal Clastics in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico
K. Wiley, A. Weislogel, S. Bowman, S. W. Gomes, D. M. Robinson, D. Barbeau
Early to Middle Eocene Planktonic Foraminifera Biostratigraphy of OPD Site 998 on the Cayman Rise, Caribbean Sea
S. Yager, R. Fluegeman
Combining Ground Penetrating Radar and Outcrop Analysis to Reveal 3-D Sedimentary Architectures and Flow Properties in Deepwater Deposits of the Jackfork Formation, Arkansas
L. M. West
Complex Fluvial-Lacustrine Interactions as Revealed by Outcrop to Subsurface Analysis of the Renegade Tongue, Green River Formation, Uinta Basin, Utah
M. Hodan, J. Wang, P. Plink-Bjorklund
Base Level Control on the Sequence Patterns of Ancient Low-Stand Meandering Valley of Middle Jurassic Shaximiao Formation in the Western Sichuan Depression
L. Junlong, J. Youliang, W. Tianyun, L. Zhicheng
Paleocene-Early Eocene Sedimentation and Depositional Environment in the Washakie Basin, Southwestern Wyoming, USA: Implications for Tectonic Evolution During the Overlapped Sevier and Laramide Orogenies
M. Gao, M. Fan
Hydrodynamics of Fluvial Strata in the Cretaceous Williams Fork Formation, Colorado
B. Campanaro, D. Kamola, M. Blum
Migrating Depozones and Diachronous Hot Shales: Upper Cretaceous (Santonian) Puskwaskau Formation, North-Central Alberta
O. Al-Mufti, G. Plint, B. Cheadle
Soyatal Formation and Related Strata: Onset of Sedimentation in the Cretaceous Foreland-Basin System, Central Mexico
E. Juárez-Arriaga, T. F. Lawton, D. F. Stockli
Preliminary Sedimentology and Provenance Analysis From the Magallanes-Austral Retroarc Foreland Basin: Implications for Miocene Evolution of the Patagonian Fold-and-Thrust Belt
J. S. Leonard, J. Fosdick
Inception of a Continental-Scale River From Segmented Paratethys Basins: Possible Timing and Size of the Danube River Flowing Into the Black Sea
C. Olariu, D. Jipa
Progradation of an Ancient Distributive Fluvial System in a Foreland Basin: The Smoky Hollow Member of the Upper Cretaceous Straight Cliffs Formation
J. W. Primm, C. L. Johnson, L. Stright
The Record of Changing Accommodation and Provenance in Early Cretaceous Fluvial Channel Deposits of the Western Interior Basin: Lower Kootenai Formation, Great Falls, Montana
G. M. Quinn, S. M. Hubbard, W. Matthews
The Late Albian (Joli Fou) Continental Flooding Event: Not a Simple Story
K. Vannelli, G. Plint
Process Regime Change From Wave-Modified and Tidally-Influenced to Wave-Dominated Deltas Across Growth Faults in the Paleogene Lower Wilcox Guadalupe Delta, South Texas Gulf Coast
M. Olariu, H. Zeng, W. Ambrose
Mixed Autogenic and Allogenic Origin of Stratigraphic Complexity in Paralic Environments: Examples From the Neslen Formation, Mesaverde Group, Utah
M. Shiers, N. P. Mountney, D. Hodgson
Quantitative Characterization of the Sedimentary Architecture of Shallow-Marine and Paralic Reservoir Analogs: A Database Approach
L. Colombera, N. P. Mountney, D. Hodgson, W. D. McCaffrey
Facies and Stratigraphic Architecture of the Fox Hills Sandstone, Eastern Wyoming: Insight Into Depositional Processes During Long-Transit Shoreline Regression
K. L. Butler, J. L. Aschoff
A Process-Based Approach That Integrates Sequence Stratigraphy, Sedimentary Facies and Landform Analysis for the Early Pleistocene Surry Paleoshoreline Complex: An Analog for Potential Reservoirs — Atlantic Continental Margin, North Carolina, USA
K. M. Farrell, W. B. Harris, K. L. Cummings
Three-Dimensional Modeling of a Quarried Deltaic Reservoir System: Atoka Formation, Arkansas
A. R. Reisdorf, P. Hou, L. Wood
Impacts of Depositional Processes on Reservoir Quality in Tidally-Influenced Lithofacies of the Upper Cretaceous John Henry Member, Straight Cliffs Formation, Southern Utah
C. Johnson, L. Stright, C. L. Johnson, J. Comer, T. Vanorio
Multi-Scale Morphodynamic Reconstruction of Cretaceous Linear Dunes in the Neuquén Basin, Argentina: Implications for Reservoir Characterization and Modeling
A. Argüello-Scotti, G. Veiga, E. Morettini, G. Godino
Laboratory Experiments of Incised Valley Systems: Influence of Sediment Concentration and Sea Level Rise
C. Chen, S. Castelltort, C. Paola, L. Guerit, B. Foreman
The Potential Temporal Significance of a High-Abundance, High-Diversity Ichnologic Assemblage in an Otherwise Apparently River-Dominated Deltaic Succession: The Cretaceous Loyd Delta, Rangely, Colorado
T. Prather, P. Flaig, S. Hasiotis
Stratigraphic Architecture, Sedimentology and Ichnology of Late Cretaceous Storm-Flood, River-Dominated Deltas Versus Storm-Dominated Deltas
D. A. vanderKolk, P. P. Flaig, S. Hasiotis
Tectonically Controlled Nearshore Deposition: Cozzette Sandstone, Book Cliffs, Colorado, USA
A. Madof, N. Christie-Blick, M. Anders
Evolution of Prograding Channels and Relation to Splay Deltas: Geomorphology and Reservoir Characteristics From the Red River Delta in Lake Texoma
T. Howe, J. Holbrook
Sequence Stratigraphy of the Inyan Kara Formation, Northwestern North Dakota: Extracting the Maximum from Minimal Core and Outcrop Data
J. W. Bader
Regional Chemostratigraphic Correlation and Interpretation of the Montney Formation: New Insights and Perspectives
T. Playter, H. Corlett, K. Konhauser, K. MacCormack, D. Rokosh, J. Zonneveld, J. Pawlowicz
Mineral Chemical Analysis of Glauconites Within the Upper Cretaceous Karai Shale Formation for Evaluation of Stratigraphic Condensation
S. Banerjee, U. Bansal, K. Pande
Chemofacies Characteristics of Six Bakken Cores From the Northeastern Williston Basin: Insights to Paleodepositional Conditions From Trace Element Variability in Mudrocks
T. Canada, J. Grillo, M. Huber
The Influence of Volcanic Ash Sediments on the Formation of Lacustrine Organic-Rich Shale in Ordos Basin, Central China
W. Yuan, G. Liu, W. Luo, C. Li
Integrating µm-scale d18O and d13C SIMS Data Into Sediment Burial Histories: Diagenetic Records of Temperature and Fluid Composition in Illinois Basin Sandstones
A. C. Denny, K. Kitajima, R. Kozdon, M. Sliwinski, M. Spicuzza, J. W. Valley
Primary and Secondary Controls on Reservoir Quality; Relationships Between Lithofacies and the Development of Deformation Bands
O. Wakefield, E. Hough, K. D. Clark
Effect of Temperature on Brittleness Evaluation of Unconventional Reservoirs
Y. Hu, Z. Chen, K. Chen
Petroleum Hydrogeology of Saskatchewan
G. Jensen, B. Rostron
Diagenesis of the Sappington Formation in SW Montana: Implications for Reservoir Quality in the Time-Equivalent Bakken Formation
C. Schultz, M. Hofmann, M. Hendrix, B. Hart
Porosity Preservation in the Lithic Carmópolis Reservoirs, Sergipe-Alagoas Basin, Brazil
A. B. Schrank, S. D. Altenhofen, L. F. DeRos
Fluid Flow and Related Diagenetic Processes in a Rift Basin: Evidence From the Eocene Es4 Interval, Dongying Depression, Bohai Bay Basin, China
Y. Cao, B. Ma, E. Kenneth, Y. Jia, Y. Wang
Structure of Weathered Clastic Crust and its Petroleum Potential
F. Yang, L. Hou
Formation of Secondary Porosity With Implications for Reservoir Quality in Deeply Buried Sandstones: A Case Study From Sublacustrine Fan Deposits in the Eocene Es4 Interval, Dongying Depression, Bohai Bay Basin, Northeastern China
B. Ma, Y. Cao, E. Kenneth, Y. Jia, Y. Wang
Diagenetic and Porosity Evolution of Conglomerate Sandstones in Bayingebi Formation of the Lower Cretaceous, Chagan Sag, Chinae-Mongolia Frontier Area
W. Wei, X. Zhu, G. Garven, M. Tan
Stratigraphic Evolution of an Icehouse Strandplain System — West Caicos, BWI
C. Kerans, C. Zahm, S. Bachtel, J. Lambert, N. Danger, A. Nolting
Erosion and Deposition on the West Florida Shelf Edge
A. H. Ling, G. Eberli, D. Hebbeln, C. Wienberg, L. Beuck, A. Freiwald, N. Nowald, G. Ruhland, P. Wintersteller
The Distribution of Sediments on the Caicos Platform, B.W.I.: A Modern, High-Energy Isolated Carbonate Platform as a Guide to Understanding the Distribution of Enhanced Reservoir and Barrier Facies in Ancient Carbonate Reservoirs
S. Bachtel, C. Kerans, C. Zahm
Miocene-Pliocene Heterozoan-Dominated Systems in the Dominican Republic: Analogs for Neogene Reservoirs in the Caribbean
E. E. Core, W. R. Ramírez, H. Santos, D. Ortega-Ariza, E. K. Franseen
Spatial and Stratigraphic Distribution of Microbialite Facies in the Eocene Green River Formation: Developing an Exploration Analog to the South Atlantic “pre-Salt”
P. Buchheim, S. M. Awramik
Impact of Heterogeneous Storm Event Deposits on Fluid Flow Behaviour of Late Jurassic Arab-D Reservoir, Saudi Arabia
C. Jacquemyn, M. D. Jackson, G. J. Hampson, C. M. John, D. Cantrell, R. Zühlke, A. A. AbuBshait, R. F. Lindsay
Characterization of Microbialites from Antelope Island’s Bridger Bay and Promontory Point, Great Salt Lake, Utah
M. D. VandenBerg, T. C. Chidsey, D. E. Eby
Modeling Controls on the Architecture of Phylloid Algal and Associated Reservoirs from Outcrop Analogs: Lower Ismay Zone (Pennsylvanian), Utah, USA
K. S. Lechtenberg, R. H. Goldstein, E. K. Franseen
Facies and Cycle Architecture in the Gulf PDB-04 Core: Integration of Outcrop Derived Models Into the Subsurface
K. McKenzie, C. Kerans, R. G. Loucks
Stable Carbon and Oxygen Isotope Record and Facies Stacking Pattern of the Subsurface Red River Formation in Eastern North Dakota
A. Husinec
Evolution of Frasnian Mixed Carbonate-Siliclastics Systems: Outcrop-Based Characterization of Sequence Stratigraphy and Architecture, Cline Channel and Jasper Basin Areas, Alberta, Canada
P. Wong, J. Weissenberger, M. Gilhooly
Dolomitization in the Uteland Butte Member of the Eocene Green River Formation, Uinta Basin, Utah: Implications for Petroleum Production Potential
F. Rueda, M. VandenBerg, H. Machel
Quebec's Horizontal New Play for Light Oil in the Gaspe Peninsula: Reprocessed 2-D Seismic Reveals Complex Structures That Could be Significant Fields
L. R. Sternbach, C. A. Sternbach, S. Séjourné, J. McCullough
Exshaw Formation Study, Liard Basin, Northwest Territories, Canada
J. Rocheleau, K. M. Fiess
Detailed Lithofacies Analysis and High Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy of the Horn River Group, British Columbia, Canada
K. Ayranci, T. Dong, N. B. Harris
Characterizing the Geomechanical Properties in Middle and Upper Devonian Horn River Shale, Northeast British Columbia, Canada
T. Dong, N. B. Harris, K. Ayranci
Duvernay Middle Carbonate Distribution and Potential Implications to Subsurface Development
S. Walter
Sedimentology, Ichnology and Reservoir Characterization of the Lower Montney D1 and D2 Horizons, Pouce-Coupe-Dawson Area
D. Prenoslo, C. M. Furlong, A. Gegolick, M. Gingras, J. Zonneveld
Distribution of Arenites (Fernie Sand) in the Jurassic Fernie Formation in Northeastern British Columbia, Canada
E. Janicki
Geological Controls on Sweet Spots Within a Laterally Extensive Shoreface Sandstones, Albian Wilrich Member, Spirit River Formation, West-Central Alberta
D. Newitt, P. K. Pedersen
An Overview of the Sappington Project With Implications for Future Generations of Bakken Reservoir Evaluations
R. T. Beaubouef, M. Kloska, J. C. Hohman, J. M. Guthrie, D. A. Palkowsky
Unconventional Resource Potential of Cretaceous Source Rocks in the Onshore Cesar-Rancheria Basin, Northern Colombia
C. J. Sanchez, P. Mann, R. Bernal-Olaya
Stratigraphic Architecture and Reservoir Characteristics of the Desmoinesian Granite Wash (Marmaton Group), Elk City Field, Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma
B. Salantur, M. J. Pranter
Petroleum System Modeling of Devonian Duvernay Formation, Western Canada Sedimentary Basin: Implication for Shale Oil and Gas Resources
P. Wang, Z. Chen, X. Pang, C. Jiang, M. Sun, X. Chen
Stratigraphy, Seismic Characteristics, and Reservoir Properties of the Desmoinesian Granite Wash, Buffalo Wallow Field Area, Anadarko Basin, Texas
D. E. Senoglu, M. J. Pranter, K. J. Marfurt
Stratigraphic Controls on Mississippian Limestone Reservoir Quality Through Integrated Electrofacies Classification and Seismic-Constrained Spatial Statistics, Hardtner Field, South-Central Kansas
N. W. Wethington, M. J. Pranter
Outcrop-based Reservoir Modeling of the Sappington Formation (Montana); Developing Strategies for Reservoir Characterization and Modeling of Middle Bakken Reservoirs (North Dakota)
D. A. Palkowsky, I. Harmawan, R. T. Beaubouef, J. C. Hohman, J. M. Guthrie, A. Rodriguez, K. Sementelli
Including Hydro-Shear in a Practical Reservoir Simulation Model to Improve Well Design in a Fractured Tight Oil Carbonate Resource
G. D. Vassilellis, E. A. Elrafie
Well Placement Matters: Improving Survey Accuracy by Using Continuous Directional Data and Drilling Parameter Settings
E. J. Stockhausen, R. Ball, P. Clark, R. Mongan, P. Rice
The Limitations of Lognormal Distributions: Using Subsurface Data to Make More Accurate Resource Estimations
D. Liner
The Online Mapping Revolution: Using Free and Open-Source Geospatial Workflows to Keep Multidisciplinary Teams Working Together and In-Sync
J. Knapp
Constraining the Dynamic Properties of Faults in Compartmentalized Oligocene Mid-Slope Turbidite Channels
A. Dufournet, N. Lagrilliere*
Remote Well Site Biostratigraphy and Advances in Automated Fossil Analysis
G. Gard, I. Prince, J. A. Crux, B. Lee
Basin “Porosity Floor” — A Valid Rule of Thumb? The Case for Early Numerical Integration
D. Rajmon
Generating Value Through New Logging Technology and Analytical Methods — Case Study From Offshore West Africa
I. J. Ayodele, C. Cavalleri, S. Kabon, N. Akpan, T. Olayemi, A. Orimolade, G. Penfield
The (Forgotten?) Art of Geological Field Sketches
J. Noad
Connecting the Dots: Correlating Oil Geochemistries (Points) Along and Across the South Atlantic Margins
W. Dickson, C. Schiefelbein
Using SARA Data to Reduce Uncertainty About the Type of Petroleum Fluid in the Woodford Formation and the Meramec Formation in the Anadarko Basin and the Arkoma Basin
A. S. Kornacki, D. B. Eddins
Integrating Sensitivity Analysis and Igneous Activity Into Basin Modelling, Faroe-Shetland Basin, NE Atlantic
B. S. Allen, D. Paton, D. Cornwell, A. Watkins, P. Z. Palmero
Using Hierarchical Cluster Analysis to Improve Facies Definitions in Permian Mudrocks (Wolfcamp and Lower Leonard), Midland Basin, Texas
R. W. Baumgardner, H. Rowe
MinC(%) Parameter From Rock-Eval 6 Analysis as a Reliable and Cost-Effective Measurement of Carbonate Contents in Shale
C. Jiang, Z. Chen, P. Kabanov, D. Lavoie
A Cross Basin Source Rock Study Investigating the TOC and Biomarker Groups of Potential Source Rocks In Kansas
M. A. Wall, A. McColloch*, M. Totten, D. Evans
Development of the Petroleum System on the South Labrador Slope
E. Tibocha, R. Masotti, K. Hernon, D. Little, R. Mansfield, R. Dale, M. Lemberger
East Shetland Platform Petroleum Geochemistry and Prospectivity
A. Sarkar, J. Armstrong
Petroleum System Insights From the South Florida Basin With Implications to the Southern Gulf of Mexico
D. A. Wavrek, M. Slack, J. Williams, A. Hansen, A. Gupta
Spectral Balancing of Seismic Data Using Spectral Decomposition
S. Chopra, K. J. Marfurt
Improved Satellite Gravity Data: Enhanced Tool for Structural Interpretation
K. Fletcher, C. Green, S. Mazur, J. Rodriguez
Insar Monitoring in Heavy Oil Operations
S. DelConte, A. Tamburini, A. Higgs*, J. Morgan, G. Falorni, M. Banwell
Borehole Informatics: Data Integration Challenges of Scientific Drilling
Y. Yamada, M. K. Thu
A Photon-Counting Approach to Drill Core Chemostratigraphy: Working Without an Empirical Calibration in Mudstones
H. Rowe
New Petroleum Systems Related to the Structuring of Meso-Cenozoic Basins in North African Plate Tunisian Margin
M. Bédir
Acoustic Characterization of Sub-Seismic Scaled Heterogeneities in Carbonate Reservoirs: Example of Barremian Microporous Limestone From SE France: An Analog of Middle East Hydrocarbon Reservoirs
D. Baden, Y. Guglielmi, L. Marié
Distribution and Seismic Characteristics of the Cretaceous-Paleogene Boundary Layer in the Gulf of Mexico, USA, and Mexico Deepwater
C. Lowery, J. W. Snedden
Application of Thin-Bed Indicator and Sweetness Attribute in the Evaluation of Sediment Composition and Depositional Geometry in Coast-Perpendicular Subbasin, South Texas Gulf
O. C. Ogiesoba
Integrated Fracture Characterization of Devonian Carbonate Bank — A 3-D Case Study From Alberta
A. Mustaqeem, V. Baranova
Application of Geophysical Technologies Assemblage in Evaluation of Deepwater Fields in the Northern South China Sea
M. He, J. Shen, M. Zhu, J. Liu
A Sedimentologic-Petrographic Study of Parasequences in the Late Cretaceous Tununk Shale of the Henry Mountain Region of SW Utah – Implications for Shale Deposition in the Western Interior Seaway
B. Rossman, J. Schieber
Tying Core Descriptions and Optical Petrography With XRF Geochemical Data for a Detailed Characterization of the Mississippian Barnett Formation in the Southern Fort Worth Basin of North-Central Texas