Sunday Afternoon Technical Presentations

Introductory Remarks
A Perfect Play of Salt, Bamboo and Gas: The First Petroleum Well (Breakthrough) in the World
S. Song, J. Hou, Y. Liu, C. Cao
Petro-Tourism: Canada’s First Commercial Use of Natural Gas
A. Fox
John Joyce Carter (1842-1917): Civil War Hero and Petroleum Entrepreneur
G. Pemberton
The History of the Petroleum Industry in Eastern Canada
G. Wach
The Application of Geology in the Founding of Alberta’s Petroleum Industry
W. Langenberg
The Canol Project: Antecedent for Leduc?
G. Pemberton, C. Stelck
Oil Sands Pioneers: How Scientists and Entrepreneurs Made the Unconventional More "Conventional"
F. J. Hein

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