Wednesday All Day Poster Presentations

Distribution of Depositional Environment, Diagenetic Features, and Reservoir Quality of the Middle Bakken Member in the Williston Basin, North Dakota
O. Ayhan, U. Hammes, W. Fisher
How Well Do Asymmetrical Rift Models for the Conjugate Margins of Brazil and Angola Compare to Deep-Penetration Seismic Reflection Data?
P. Loureiro, P. Mann
Evaluation of Carbon Dioxide Sequestration and Enhanced Oil Recovery in the Jacksonburg-Stringtown Oilfields, West Virginia
Z. Zhong, T. Carr
Geochemical Characterization of Source Rock in Lufeng Sag, Pearl Mouth River Basin
Z. Niu, G. Liu, X. Zhang, M. Zhang
Seismic Geomorphology of the Lobed-Channel System of Upper Miocene Huangliu Formation, Yinggehai Basin, Northwestern South China Sea
H. Liu
Thin Section Analysis of a Mississippian Cored Interval for Incorporation to Reservoir and Depositional Models (McPherson County, Kansas, USA)
J. H. Green, H. N. Ali
Let’s Make Outcrops Recover Their Value, Understanding the Rock on the Surface for Predicting Into the Subsurface: Woodford Shale Case Study, Ardmore Basin, Oklahoma
H. A. Galvis-Portilla, D. Becerra-Rondon, R. Slatt
Stable Isotope and Elemental Geochemistry From 1-D Profiles are a Useful Tool for Revealing 3-D Phasing Architecture of Upper Cambrian Microbial Reef Complexes, Wilberns Formation, Mason County, Texas
H. Swartz, C. Kelleher, A. Lhemann, D. J. Lehrmann, M. Suarez, H. H. Hopson, P. Khanna, A. Droxler
Integrated Geologic Analysis From Two Marcellus Shale Science Wells in Northeastern West Virginia
T. J. Paronish, S. Bhattacharya, T. Carr
Organic-Rich Sediments From the Mid-Cretaceous Western Interior Seaway: A High-Resolution, Multi-Proxy Investigation
S. Patel, I. Harding, J. Marshall, J. Eldrett
Regional-Scale Modelling of the Sub-Cretaceous Unconformity Surface in Northern and Central Alberta: Elevation, Subcrop Zero-Edge Delineation, and Paleotopographic Reconstruction
J. Peterson, T. E. Hauck, B. Hathway, K. MacCormack
The Evolution of Deepwater Slope Systems on Retroarc Foreland Basin Margins: Insights From Detrital Zircon Geochronology, Tres Pasos Formation, Magallanes Basin, Chile
B. G. Daniels, N. C. Auchter, W. Matthews, S. M. Hubbard, B. Romans, L. Stright
Timing of Slope System Evolution and Intra-Basinal Sediment Recycling in the Magallanes Retroarc Foreland Basin (Chile) From Detrital Strontium Isotope Stratigraphy
N. C. Auchter, B. G. Daniels, S. M. Hubbard, L. Stright, B. Romans
Fluid Inclusion and Isotope Studies of Calcite Veins in Shizhu Synclinorium, Central China: Record of Origin of Fluids and Diagenetic Conditions
J. Gao, S. He
Carpathian Foredeep Basin (Miocene, Poland and Ukraine): Significance of Evaporite Deposition
T. M. Peryt, D. Peryt
Time-Space Variability of Paralic Strata Deposited in a High Accommodation, High Sediment Supply Setting: Example From the Cretaceous of Utah
J. Mulhern, C. L. Johnson
Stratigraphic Evolution of the Northern Magallanes-Austral Basin, Argentine Patagonia
Z. T. Sickmann, S. A. Graham
Aptian/Albian Sediment Volume and Accumulation Rates, Alaska North Slope and Beaufort Shelf, From Sequence Stratigraphic Interpretation and 3-D Backstripping
V. T. Wala, C. D. Connors, D. W. Houseknecht, L. E. Schultz
Process and Products of Long-Transit Forced Regression Driven by Dynamic Subsidence Migration in the Cordilleran Foreland Basin: Insight From Regional Analysis of the Fox Hills Sandstone From Denver, Colorado to Ft. Peck, Montana
J. L. Aschoff, C. Rust
Cretaceous Strata at the West Edge of the Rockies — A Wedge-Top Remnant of the Western Canada Foreland Basin
M. McMechan, A. Sweet, L. Currie, W. Matthews, J. Reyes
26Al /10Be Cosmogenic Burial Dating and Magnetostratigraphy of Growth Strata in the Western Tarim Foreland Basin, NW China
J. A. Thompson, B. Bookhagen, D. Burbank, J. Chen, T. Li
Cryptic Migrating Depocentres in a Mudstone-Dominated Succession: Coniacian Muskiki and Marshybank Members, Central Alberta Plains and Foothills, Western Canada Foreland Basin
E. Hooper, G. Plint
Drainage Systems in Rift Basins: Implications for Reservoir Quality
S. Schwarz, L. Wood, D. B. Dunlap
Sedimentology and Stratigraphy of the Douglas Creek Member in the Green River Formation, Main Canyon, Uinta Basin, Utah
R. D. Gall, L. Birgenheier
Use of Sequence Boundaries to Map Siliciclastic Depositional Patterns Across North America
T. L. Clarey, A. C. Parkes
Controls on Regional Distribution Patterns in Prolific Western Interior Shelf Sand Reservoirs: Tocito, El Vado and Gallup Sands of the San Juan Basin
A. Cheney, M. Huels, L. Wood, K. Arora
New High-Resolution Geodynamic and Landscape Evolution Models From the Permian to the Present Day for North America
R. Bailiff, L. Raynham, C. Dean, L. Davies, M. Sturla, M. Casson, Z. Cumberpatch, G. Joseph, E. Edgecombe, J. Roland-Warden, L. Wilson, A. Redmile, R. Howe
Late Jurassic and Early Cretaceous Muddy Coastline and Estuarine Bay Deposition in West Central Alberta
S. T. Knopp, F. F. Krause, T. P. Poulton, E. H. Davies
Characterization of the Cretaceous in the Sable Sub-Basin, Offshore Nova Scotia, by Detailed Stratigraphic and Sedimentological Analysis to Determine Source Rock and Correlation to Worldwide Oceanic Anoxic Events
A. C. Hargreaves, N. Watson, G. Wach, R. Silva
Mesozoic Sedimentology, Provenance, and Subcrop Mapping of the Eastern Cordillera and Western Subandean Zone: Insights for the Extensional Record of Southern Bolivia
A. Z. Calle, B. K. Horton
High Resolution Basin Modeling Insight Into Syndepositional Permian Reef Architecture Through Integrated Lidar-XRF Analysis, Slaughter Canyon, New Mexico
K. N. Garrett, J. D. Pigott, K. L. Pigott
Geological Controls on Evaporite — Carbonate Facies Transition in Permian Seven Rivers Formation, SE New Mexico
A. A. Brown
Regional-Scale Modelling of the Paleozoic Succession Beneath the Athabasca and Cold Lake Oil Sands Areas: Devonian Paleogeography, Evaporite Dissolution, and Controls on Cretaceous Depositional Patterns on the Sub-Cretaceous Unconformity
T. E. Hauck, J. Peterson, B. Hathway, M. Grobe, K. MacCormack
Petrophysical, XRF Elemental, and Geomechanical Comparison of the Greenhorn and Niobrara Formations, Wattenberg Field, Denver Basin
S. Sonnenberg, J. D. Humphrey, H. Durkee, K. Nakamura
Geostatistical Modelling of Hydrothermal Dolomite by PluriGaussian Simulation From Digital Outcrop Dataset (Latemar, N-Italy)
N. Kulyukina, O. Dubrule, C. Jacquemyn*
Facies, Stratigraphy and Lateral Stratigraphic Continuity in Lower Jurassic Reservoir Analogue Outcrops at Wadi Naqab, United Arab Emirates
C. Mircescu, M. Hönig, C. Jacquemyn*, C. M. John
Characterization of Carbonates Through High Definition Borehole Images: Examples from Texas & Oklahoma (presented by D. Andjelkovic and T. Hunt)
T. Hunt, J. Speight, H. Liu, V. Vallega, D. Christensen
Diagenetically Controlled Porosity Modification Within a Sour Gas Reservoir, UAE
C. Hollis, M. DevilledePeriere, D. Lawrence, M. AlMansouri
A Sedimentological Assessment of Dolomitized Bioclastic Accumulations Within the Lower Triassic Montney Fm., Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin
C. McCormick, A. Gegolick, J. Zonneveld
Quantitative Evaluation of Microporosity in Arab D Carbonates of Saudi Arabia: Impact on Reservoir Quality
T. D. Jobe, S. Geiger, Z. Jiang
Investigation of Petrophysical-Properties Heterogeneity for Electrofacies Classification in Carbonate Reservoirs
F. Suriamin, M. J. Pranter
Lateral Lithofacies Variability in the Shublik Formation Across the Triassic Arctic Alaska Basin
K. J. Whidden
Utica Petroleum System Mapping
O. Popova, T. Haegele, G. Long, V. Shapovalov, E. Panarelli
Assessment of Undiscovered Oil and Gas Resources in the Cherokee Platform Province Area of Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri
R. M. Drake
Comparing High Resistivity Zones in Well Logs in Hydrocarbon Producing Intervals in Continuous Resource Plays of the Eagle Ford Shale, Woodbine Formation and Tuscaloosa Marine Shale in the Gulf Coast Region
N. J. Gianoutsos, R. F. Dubiel
Preliminary Evaluation of Source Rock Potential and Burial History of the Upper Cretaceous Tuscaloosa Marine Shale in Mississippi and Louisiana, USA
B. J. Valentine, P. Hackley, C. B. Enomoto, C. Lohr, O. D. Scholl
Updated Resource Assessment of Undiscovered, Technically Recoverable Shale Gas and Shale Oil Within the Mississippian Barnett Shale, North-Central Texas, 2015
K. R. Marra
Chemostratigraphy and Mineral Evolution of the Green River Formation
T. Wu, J. Boak
Stratigraphic Architecture and Facies Distribution Within the Wall Creek Member of the Frontier Formation, Western Powder River Basin, Wyoming
J. Zupanic, M. Hofmann, A. Hennes
Physical and Mechanical Heterogeneity of Reservoir Rocks in the Opal-A to Opal-CT Transition Zone, Monterey Formation, Western San Joaquin Basin, California
R. M. Weller, R. Behl
Factors Limiting Reservoir Quality of Pericratonic Silurian Shales in Poland — New Evidence From Cores in Lublin Basin
A. Buniak, A. Kedzior, M. Paszkowski, S. J. Porebski*, J. Zacharski
Correlation of Fluvio-Lacustrine Strata Using Volcanic Tuffs: New Insights From the Jurassic Walloon Coal Measures, Surat Basin, Australia
C. Wainman, P. J. McCabe
Geochemical Characteristic of Some Oil Shale Deposits of Israel
H. Sanei, O. H. Ardakani, F. Goodarzi, I. Reznik
A Note on Migration of Hydrocarbon Into Oil Shale Related to Tectonics, New Brunswick, Canada
F. Goodarzi, H. Sanei, P. K. Pedersen
Interrelationship Between Coalbed Methane (CBM) and Produced Ground Water in Lephalale Basin, South Africa
Z. I. Gxaba, T. Kanyerere, K. Pietersen
Multi-Scale Shale Imaging Challenges: Examples From U.S. and European Plays
L. Ma, P. J. Dowey*, L. Courtois, K. G. Taylor, P. D. Lee
Multi-Attribute Seismic Wheeler Volume Workflows, Illuminating Stratigraphy, Geomorphology, and Prospectivity Within a Mezardere Slope Fan Exploration Model, Thrace Basin, Turkey
S. Norgard, G. Focht, V. GeoscienceTeam
Multi-Component Characterization of Carbonate Reservoirs
K. C. Ikwuakor, A. Abdulraheem
Magnetic Bright Spots Can Identify the Most Prospective Deepwater Areas and Prospects
D. Schumacher
De-Risking Jurassic and Cretaceous Leads With the Integrated Interpretation of 3-D EM, 2-D Seismic and Well Data in North Flemish Pass Basin, East Canada
A. OestvedtGhazi, X. Wu, S. Ellingsrud*, W. Spindler
Finding New Oil Fields in a Mature Play: BV Nose Discovery, Upper Miocene Stevens Play, San Joaquin Basin, California: Case Study
M. G. Paz, K. Meyerholtz
Three-Dimensional Computer Modeling of Realistic Marine CSEM Earth Models in the Flemish Pass Basin
M. W. Dunham, S. Ansari, C. G. Farquharson
Mapping Overpressure Features With Broadband Multimeasurement Seismic Data
A. W. Laake, K. Pisaniec, C. Cunnell
Virtual Outcrop Models to Multiple Point Statistics: Improved Reservoir Modeling From Virtual Outcrops Supported by Digital Field Computing
J. R. Mullins, J. Howell, C. Kehl, B. Simon
Time-Depth Modeling in High Pore-Pressure Environment, Offshore East Coast of India
N. JIndal
Evaluating the Thermal History of the Los Angeles Basin Through 3-D Basin and Petroleum System Modeling
L. E. Schultz, A. HosfordScheirer, S. A. Graham
Simulating Geochemical Fluid-Rock Interactions at the Fracture-Fluid Interface for a Shut-In Well
R. Herz-Thyhsen, J. Kaszuba
Development and Calibration of New Natural Gas d13C and ?2H Reference Standards
G. S. Ellis, R. F. Dias, D. D. Coleman
Light Hydrocarbons Geochemistry: Insights Into Analyzing the Mississippian Petroleum Systems in Northern Oklahoma
I. AlAtwah, J. Pantano, S. Sweet
Exploration Risk Assessment Using Forward Stratigraphic Modelling: Flemish Pass Basin, NL, Canada
E. LeGuerroué, J. Pitz, P. Jermannaud, P. Chenet, E. Gillis, J. Carter, I. Atkinson, D. McCallum, R. Wright
XRF Chemostratigraphy for Characterizing a Shale Reservoir Along a Horizontal Well Track
J. Zhang, B. W. Turner, R. Slatt
The Trapping Temperature and Pressure of High Density Methane Inclusions in the Jiaoshiba Shale Gas Field, Sichuan Basin, Central China
J. Gao, S. He
Effect of Precipitation of Asphaltenes on Re-Os Isotopic Ratios
J. M. DiMarzio, S. V. Georgiev, H. Stein, J. Hannah
3D-Basin Modelling of the Lishui Sag: Research of Hydrocarbon Potential, Petroleum Generation and Migration
J. Guo, J. Zhang
Characteristics and Origin of Source Rocks in the Small Faulted Lacustrine Basin
X. Ding, M. Zha, G. Liu, Z. Huang
The Oil Migration Pathway and Hydrocarbon Charging History of Petroleum Systems in Termit Basin, Eastern Niger
J. Zhao, M. Li
Geochemical Characterization and 1D Modeling in the Gulf of Venezuela
N. Acosta, A. Martinez, J. Grobas, I. Berrio
Identifying Causes of Disturbances in the Re-Os Geochronometer in Black Shales: A Case from the Jurassic Agardhfjellet Formation, Svalbard.
M. B. Connors, R. Markey, J. Hannah, H. Stein
Controls on Hydrocarbon Accumulation Model for the Neogene Traps, Bohai Bay Basin, China
H. Liu, D. Zhao, Y. Jiang
Rock-Eval 6/TOC Pyrolysis Results From the Lower Karoo Group Mudstones and Coal Source Rocks, Maamba Basin, Southern Zambia
C. Phiri
A Biomarker Review of the Palaeoecosystem and Palaeodepositional Environment of the Bakken Shales of Saskatchewan
T. Aderoju, S. L. Bend
Comparison of Crude Oils Found in Mississippian Reservoir Rock and Potential Source Rocks in the Black Warrior Basin, Southeastern United States
L. W. Drago, D. M. Robinson, Y. Lu
Effects of Sedimentary Heterogeneity on Hydrocarbon Accumulations in the Permian Ordos Basin, China: Insight From Integrated 3-D Petroleum System and Forward Stratigraphic Modelling
J. Liu, K. Liu, X. Huang
Organic Geochemistry of Triassic Lacustrine Yanchang Formation Shale, The Ordos Basin, North-Central China
X. Sun, X. Wang, T. Zhang, D. Enriquez
Re-Os Geochronometer Constraints on the Timing of Petroleum Generation and Migration in the Northern Longmen Shan Thrust Belt, Southwest China
C. Shen, D. Selby, X. Ge, X. Ruan, S. Hu
The Progress of Reservoir Geochemistry and its Application in Hydrocarbon Exploration: An Example From the Halahatang Oilfield of the Tarim Basin, NW China
M. Li, T. Wang, R. Fang, L. Yang
A New Concept of RMF as Create the Relation Between Facies and Rock Mechanic: A Case Study From Asmari Reservoir
S. Gharechelou, A. Amini, Z. Hosseini
A Novel Model of Brittleness Evaluation for Unconventional Reservoirs Based on Energy Consumption
Y. Hu, Z. Chen
New Approaches on Source Rock Analysis to Improve Hydrocarbon System Analysis — Optical Kerogen Analysis of Organic Rich Mesozoic Shales (Germany, Chile)
S. A. Brysch, H. Jaeger
Applications of Portable XRF Analysis to the Amaranth, Lodgepole and Bakken Formations of South Western Manitoba
M. T. Rogowski
Integrated Petroleum Analysis for the Albertine Graben in East Africa
T. B. Alemu, A. Katumwehe, E. Atekwana, M. Abdelsalam
Bakken Oil-Generation Kinetics by Hydrous Pyrolysis and its Testing in 1-D Model
H. Jin, M. Lewan, S. Sonnenberg
Correlations Between a Mudstone Heterogeneity Index and Micromechanical Properties in the Lower Mancos Shale
A. A. DeReuil, L. Birgenheier, J. McLennan
Geomechanical Analysis of the Three Forks Formation and Implications for Oil Recovery
R. Idzior, U. Hammes, B. Garcia-Fresca, S. Tinker
Impact of Poro-Elastic Coupling and Stress Shadowing on Injection-Induced Microseismicity in Reservoirs Embedded With Discrete Fracture Networks
L. Jin, M. D. Zoback
A Viscoplastic Stress Relaxation Model for Predicting Variations of the Least Principal Stress With Depth in Unconventional Reservoirs
S. Xu, M. D. Zoback
Improved Geology-Based Geomechanical Models Using Drill Cuttings Data for Selective Fracture Stage Placement in the Montney, Duvernay and Beyond
K. Glover, A. Cui, J. Tucker, B. Nassichuk
Structural Styles and Related Accommodation Zones Associated With the Collapse of Salt Anticlines: Implications for Fluid Flow in Salt-Controlled Basins
T. Randles
Testing Models of Caribbean Tectonics in Global and Regional Contexts
P. J. Webb, C. J. Hill, N. G. Henshaw, J. Rodriguez, J. Barraud, E. Sutcliffe
Intra-Formation, “Sub-Seismic Resolution” Deformation in the Lewis Allochthon, Montana, and Arbuckle Anticline, Oklahoma: Preliminary Results and Implications
A. S. Yoshinobu, J. Hessert, K. Soundy
New Insights Into the Early Development of a Volcanic Passive Margin – 3-D Imaging of Seaward Dipping Reflectors and a South Atlantic Transfer Zone
H. J. Rowlands, D. Paton, E. Mortimer, J. Turner, P. Thompson, M. Soto, H. deSantaAna
Structural Control on Upper Jurassic Sedimentation South of the Middle Ground Arch, Eastern Gulf of Mexico
C. Taggart, D. M. Robinson, A. Weislogel, C. W. Essex
The Occurrence and Distribution of Polygonal Fault Systems in the Gulf of Mexico
J. A. Palmer
Benguela and Namibe Basins: Syn-Rift Architecture and Sediment Thickness From Integrated Analysis of Aeromagnetic Data
S. Mazur, A. Quallington, S. Parker, M. Stewart, L. Sebastião, B. Cristinia, J. Saweka, J. Constantino, G. Scougal
Rift Basin Characteristics Originating From Antecedent Tectonic Events — Intricacies of the Falkland Plateau
C. M. Fraticelli, D. J. Yezerski, J. A. Mercer, Y. Yusri, S. Salamoff, J. Reece, E. R. Hyde, J. Bova
Low Temperature Paleogene Thermal History of the British Mountains, Yukon, Canada, Quantified by Apatite and Zircon U-Th/He Dating
J. E. Pickering, L. Lane, B. Guest, D. A. Schneider
3-D Thermokinematic Restoration of the Eastern Cordillera and Foothill of Colombia, and Paleogeographies Prediction
D. Costantino, D. Paton, A. Mora
Geologic and Geophysical Evidence for a Pacific Origin for Seawater Filling the Callovian Gulf of Mexico Evaporite Basin
P. Mann, R. Padilla
Post-Rift Faulting Migration, Transition and Dynamics in Zhu 1 Depression, Pearl River Mouth Basin
Q. Ye, L. Mei, Y. Shu, H. Liu, W. Tian, H. Yan
Structural Architecture of the Southern Orange Basin, Block 5/6, Offshore South Africa
S. S. Wela
A Revised Plate Model for the Myanmar and Andaman Sea Regions and its Effects on Petroleum Systems
D. A. Sagi, C. J. Hill, S. M. Masterton, N. G. Henshaw, D. S. Tierney, I. Sevastjanova
The Origin of Complicated Fault System in Beibuwan Basin and the Application for the Evolution of South China Sea
H. Tong
Using Seismic Forward Modelling to Risk Sub-Thrust Plays
S. J. Oldfield, D. Paton, D. Constantino, E. K. Bramham, T. Torvela, A. Mora
The Delineation of Pre-Salt License Blocks in the Deep Offshore Campeche-Yucatan Basin
M. Saunders, P. Hargreaves, G. Paixach
The Statistical Eigenvector Analysis Technique (SEAT) for Image Log-Based Directional Measurements
M. Carter, B. Ruehlicke*
Evaluating a 2-D Structural Restoration: Validating Section Balance
S. Lingrey, O. Vidal-Royo
Fault Interactions in an Experimental Model with Two Phases of Non-Coaxial Extension: Insights From Displacement Profiles
A. A. Henza, M. O. Withjack, R. W. Schlische
The Influence of the Relative Orientation of Multi-Phase Rifting on Fault Growth and Interaction
E. Finch, R. Gawthorpe
Tectonics of a Permo-Carboniferous Trough in the Northern Foreland of the European Alps Inferred From Reprocessed and Densified 2-D Seismic Reflection Data
H. Madritsch, H. Naef, B. Meier, S. Heuberger
Cretaceous Oblique-Slip Reactivation of Late Paleozoic Rift-Related Faults on the Chukchi Platform, Southern Chukchi Shelf, Alaska
E. H. Pritchard, B. T. Odom, A. G. Clements, C. Connors, D. W. Houseknecht
Understanding the Relationship Between Structural Inheritance and Rift Related Magmatism on the Labrador Margin
A. L. Peace, K. McCaffrey, J. Imber, K. Gerdes, J. Phethean, E. Dempsey
Cenozoic Tectonic Evolution of Liaodong Dome, Northeast Liaodong Bay, Bohai, Offshore China, Constraints From Seismic Stratigraphy, Vitrinite Reflectance and Apatite Fission Track Data
Y. Cheng, Z. Wu
Baja-BC Resolved: Detrital Zircons Indicate That Vancouver Island was Adjacent to Southern California in the Late Cretaceous
B. Guest, W. Matthews, D. Coutts, H. Bain, S. Hubbard

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