morning presentations

Morning Presentations

Structural Analysis and 3-D Modeling of a Naturally Fractured Field in the Southeast Gulf of Mexico
L. B. Sanchez, S. Mitra, K. J. Marfurt
A Jigsaw of Data that Enhances our Understanding of Fault- and Fracture-Controlled Fluid Flow in the Subsurface
R. C. King, S. P. Holford, N. Debenham, R. Hansberry, D. Lubiniecki, M. Musolino, M. Jimenez-Lloreda, M. Bunch, R. R. Hillis
Characterization of Hydraulic Fractures in Slant Core from the Hydraulic Fracture Test Site (HFTS1) Project in the Wolfcamp Formation, Midland Basin, West Texas
J. F. W. Gale, B. G. Rysak, S. J. Elliott, S. E. Laubach
Damage Away from a Small Fault in the Porous Sandstones of the Satanka Formation, Colorado
C. M. Burberry
Box Fold Shape and Fractures: Differences Observed from Buckling vs. Detachment Folding
C. M. Burberry, A. Eckert, Y. Wu
Exploring in Asia for Oil and Gas in Naturally Fractured and Weathered Basement Reservoirs
T. Koning
Scale Dependent Variations in Fracture Network Properties and Implications for Reservoir Characterization: A Fractured Carbonate Analog Study, Northwest Montana.
A. J. Cawood, C. E. Bond, H. E. Watkins, M. Cooper, M. Warren
Numerical Modeling of Stress Concentration and Fracturing of Carbonate Megaflaps in an Evolving Minibasin
P. Nso, A. Eckert, H. Lebit
The Effect of Diagenetic and Depositional Heterogeneities with High Lateral Continuity in Natural Fractures Segmentation: Implication for DFN Parametrization
A. F. L. D. Araujo, G. Ramos, M. Alencar, O. J. Flho, J. G. Topan, J. A. Barbosa, T. S. Miranda, V. H. Neumann, A. P. Bruno
The Impact of Brittle Reactivation Process of a Basement Fault on an Aptian Carbonate Reservoir Analog: Crato Formation, Northeast Brazil
T. S. Miranda, M. A. Celestino, M. L. Alencar, J. G. Topan, G. Ramos, A. Araujo, J. A. Barbosa, B. R. Carvalho, T. C. Falcao, I. Gomes
Bozhong 19-6 Field, A Fractured Metamorphic Basement Reservoir, Offshore Bohai Bay Basin, China: An Archean Deeply Buried Hill Play
P. Xu, H. Cui, Y. Qie, L. Sun, Q. Liu, H. Li
Revisiting the “Undifferentiated Cretaceous” Petroleum System of South Texas Using Cluster Analysis of Oil Geochemistry, Well-Log Interpretation, and Basin Modeling
W. H. Craddock, C. Lohr, P. J. Botterell, J. Martín-Fernández, R. A. Olea
How Different Solvents Influence Biomarker Source Parameters: An Example Using Extracts Obtained from the Eagle Ford Formation
A. S. Kornacki, A. N. Bishop
The Lone Ranger or a Posse of Prospects? A DeepWater Playground From Guyana to Cape Town
W. G. Dickson, C. F. Schiefelbein, D. Rajmon
Understanding the Origin of Widespread Direct Hydrocarbon Indicators in the Deep-Water Colombia Basin, Western Caribbean Sea
L. C. Carvajal-Arenas, L. Torrado
Fluid Inclusions Analysis to Determine Hydrocarbon Migration Events
S. Patiño, J. Molano
Sergipe-Alagoas Basin: A Potential Supergiant Deep Water Province in Northeastern Brazil
M. R. Mello, S. Rostirolla, W. Peres, V. Elias, T. Nascimento, J. E. Dahl, J. M. Moldowan, O. Pedrosa
Undiscovered Hydrocarbon Resources Potential for the Northern Offshore Guajira Basin, Colombia; A Dormant Giant Hydrocarbon Province
P. Parra, M. Rocha Mello, D. Torres, V. O. Ramirez
Oil Characteristics of Cenomanian Reservoirs Along East Arabia
H. Akbar, A. Al-Khamiss, S. Al-Enezi, M. M. Al-Hajeri, R. Andriany
Geochemistry Characteristics, Genetic Types and Source of Natural Gas of the Sinian Dengying Formation in the Sichuan Basin, China
D. Zheng, X. Pang
2-D Petroleum System Modeling in the Deep Water of the Foz do Amazonas Basin, Brazilian Equatorial Margin
D. Canellas, M. Karam*, E. De Mio
The Ranikot Formation as the Potential Unconventional Petroleum System in the Kirthar Foldbelt, Pakistan
R. J. Drozd, M. Makos, I. Noor, Z. Kołodziejczyk, I. ulWahab, M. Górniak, S. A. Muhammad
2020 Vision: The Future for Training and Development in the Energy Industry
G. J. Nichols
An Integrated 1-D Basin Modelling of the Petroleum Systems Offshore Sierra Leone
A. T. Bah, M. Bah, I. Momoh, M. M. Kamara, M. Koroma
Petroleum Generation History of the Cretaceous Source Rocks in the Sirt Basin, Libya: Insight From Integrated Geochemical Assessment and Basin Modeling
K. A. M. Albriki, F. Wang, M. Li, R. El Zarog, D. Xi
Organic Geochemical Characterization of Oils from the Lula Field
B. R. Rodrigues, D. D. A. Azevedo, J. G. Mendonça Filho
Evolution of the Toarcian-Aalenian in the Tampen Spur Area (Norwegian Continental Shelf) in Relation to the North Sea Doming Event
K. J. Gomez, C. Kerans, L. Moscardelli, S. K. Sahoo, T. E. Larson, J. A. Ochoa, A. Folkestad, D. Knaust
Quantitative Geomorphology of a Mixed Carbonate-Siliciclastic Shelf-to-Basin Submarine Drainage System, Miocene, Browse Basin, Northwest Shelf of Australia
L. Zeng, X. Janson
The Birth, Growth, and Demise of Phanerozoic Isolated Carbonate Platforms
E. C. Rankey
Regional Controls on Shallow-Water Heterozoan and Photozoan Facies in a Low-Latitude Carbonate Setting, Mississippian (Osagean-Meramecian), Continental U.S. and Implications for Reservoir Character
D. Ortega-Ariza, E. K. Franseen
Evaluation of Facies Controls on Distal Fine-Grained Chalky Facies in the Miocene Agua Amarga Basin, Southeast Spain: An Analog for Fine-Grained Reservoirs
C. E. Bennett, Jr, E. K. Franseen, R. H. Goldstein
Evolution of the Shallow Pleistocene Carbonates of New Providence Island, Bahamas — Using GPR and Outcrop Data
E. H. Alothman, P. M. Harris*, G. P. Eberli, M. Grasmueck
Controls on Facies and Reservoir Distributions in a Mixed Evaporite, Carbonate, and Siliciclastic System, Charlie Lake Formation, Canada
E. L. Percy, J-P. Zonneveld
Exploration of Back-Stepping and Tempestite Reservoir of the Minagish Formation in North Kuwait
P. K. Nath, S. K. Bhukta, S. K. Singh, E. M. Al-Kandari, S. F. Al-Rashidi, K. Al-Azmi, A. Al-Ajmi, M. Al-Wadi
Modelling Depositional Architecture of the Late Jurassic Hanifa Formation: Outcrop Analog Study Equivalent to a Small Production Cluster of Arab D
P. Khanna, A. Ramdani, V. C. Vahrenkamp, G. S. Gairola, S. Hanafy
Role of Deep-Sourced Fluids on the Initiation and Growth of Isolated Carbonate Build-Ups
D. Oppo, M. Hovland
Incompleteness of the Carbon-Isotope Signal in Shallow Carbonate Platform Deposits
A. Husinec, J. F. Read
The Effects of Continental Collision and Tectonics on Carbonate Depositional Environments
T. Baykut, H. Koral, A. W. Droxler, I. Ö. Öngen
Sediment Production and Transport atop Great Bahama Bank: Insights from Fair and Storm-Weather Conditions on the Andros Platform
C. Lopez-Gamundi, S. Purkis, P. M. Harris, T. Dobbelaere, E. Hanert
Phylloid-Algal Mound Architecture of the Uppermost Pennsylvanian Cisco Group: Wolf Camp Hills, Permian Basin, West Texas
J. K. Sleight, A. D. Donovan, J. C. Laya, M. C. Pope
Subsurface and Outcrop Toe-of-Slope Carbonate-Siliciclastic Transition, Bell Canyon Formation (Guadalupian, Permian) Southeast New Mexico
A. A. Brown
Basinwide Subsurface Stratigraphic Architecture and Wireline Facies Distribution of Leonardian Bone Spring Units in the Delaware Basin of New Mexico and Texas
D. L. Carr
Preliminary Analysis of Lower Permian Mixed Carbonate and Siliciclastic Basinal Stratigraphy, Argus Mountains, East-Central California
B. J. Price, X. Janson, C. Kerans, R. Leary
Regional Variation and Stratigraphic Development of the “Atoka” Clastics in the Midland Basin, West Texas
A. S. Douds, D. J. Sivils
Sedimentology of the Eocene Siliciclastic-Carbonate Sequences in the Musawa Formation, Southeastern Oman Mountains
I. Ahmed Abbasi, A. Al Rajhi, M. A. K. A. El-Ghali, A. Al Harthy, E. Özcan
Mixed Carbonate and Clastic Mass Failures: A Study of the Green River, Uinta, and Bone Springs Formations, Uinta, Piceance, and Delaware Basins, Colorado and Texas
F. D. McFarlin, L. J. Wood
Sedimentological and Stratigraphic Analysis of the Marrat Formation, Onshore Kuwait
H. Al-Haggan, K. Karam, N. G. Hawie, R. Richet, G. A. Al-Sahlan, M. Al-Wadi
Carbonate Depositional Patterns and Diagenesis: Implications for Reservoir Quality in the Wolfcamp Formation, Winkler County, Texas
A. Morrell, M. Hemenway, M. Nieto, H. Garza, Y. Faulkner
Sedimentary Characteristics of a Mixed Siliciclastic-Carbonate System and their Controlling Factors in a Rifted Lacustrine Basin: A Case Study from the Oligocene Dongying Depression, Bohai Bay Basin, China
Y. Gao, J. Zhang
Reservoir Quality Characteristics and Controlling Factors of Siliciclastic-Carbonate Rocks: A Case Study on the Early Miocene Jeribe Reservoir in Halfaya Oilfield, Mesopotamian Basin, Southeast Iraq
X. Du, Y. Wang, G. Qin, C. Ning
The Influence of Sea Level and Sediment Gravity Flows on the Sedimentation and Geochemistry of the Wolfcamp Formation B3 and B2 Intervals, Midland Basin, Texas
C. Lopez-Gamundi, R. P. Philp, R. Slatt
Recovery After Ocean Anoxic Events: A Closer Look at the Carbonate Factory Response Preserved in The Pearsall Formation in Central Texas Following OAE 1A
E. Pedersen, C. Kerans, T. E. Larson
Correlations, Ages, and Depositional Environments of the Lower Austin Chalk Group in East Texas: Insights From the USGS GC-1 and GC-2 Cores
C. M. Griffith, J. Sarao, L. Lauckner, M. E. McCreary, B. V. Miller, M. C. Pope, A. D. Donovan
Microbial Biomineralization Processes of Stromatolitic Dolostone from the Ediacaran Period in Sichuan Basin, Southeast China
J. Zhang
Permian-Triassic Boundary Microbialites: Deciphering the Shallow Seawater Redox History After the End-Permian Mass Extinction
H. Tang, S. Kershaw, M. Li, X. Tan
Sedimentary Characteristics of Microbial Carbonates Influenced by Volcanism in the Lower Cretaceous Shipu Group of Zhejiang Province, Eastern China
X. Wang, X. Tan, S. Zhang, A. Shen, C. Li, X. Wang, Z. Chen, L. Pan, J. Zhang, W. Chen
Experimental Simulation of Organic Acids Generation of Microbial Carbonates — Composition, Amounts and Role in Mesogenetic Dissolution
M. She, A. Shen, X. Wang
Explaining Differing Styles of Salt Deformation in the Campeche and Yucatan Salt Basins, Southern Gulf of Mexico
M. N. Hasan, P. Mann, J. Masy, R. Sorley
Preliminary Outcrop Reservoir Characterization and Modeling of the Cretaceous Nanushuk Formation at Slope Mountain, North Slope, Alaska
P. A. Foster, J. Aschoff
Integration of Structural Analysis and Gravity Modeling in the Permian Basin, West Texas
H. Zhang, P. Mann, D. E. Bird
Adopting the Orphan Basin — The Impact of Rift Evolution on the Distribution and Maturity of Jurassic Source Rocks.
R. McTeir, P. Thompson
Approaches to Subsurface Characterization of Sedimentation in Fluvial-to-Marine Transition Zone Settings
B. Alshammari, N. P. Mountney, L. Colombera
Stratigraphic and Structural Controls on Hydrocarbon Production in Paleogene and Cretaceous Plays of Onshore Texas
N. W. Waltrip, J. W. Snedden
Comparison of Different Numerical Approaches and Grid Geometries to Represent Faults in Geomechanical Finite Element Reservoir Models
T. Treffeisen, A. Henk
Integrated Application of Petrophysical and Seismic Inversion Techniques for Reservoir Quality Prediction Based on Sediment Provenance in the Cretaceous Nanushuk and Torok Formations, North Slope, Alaska
J. L. Foreman, S. Bhattacharya
Origin and Diagenetic Pathway of Micro-Porosity in the Peritidal Lower Cretaceous Qishn Formation (Haushi-Huqf High, Oman)
I. Jayachandran, J. C. Laya, T. D. Seers
Pore Structure Characteristics and Its Role to Shale Gas Storage in Organic-Rich Mudstone of the Wufeng-Longmaxi Formation, Sichuan Basin
Y. Zhang, J. Yan, D. Shao, T. Zhang, L. Zhang
Regional Extent and Tectonic Origin of the Mesozoic Marginal Rift System of the Deep-Water Gulf of Mexico Basin
M. Liu, P. Mann
Stratigraphic Variability of Mineralogy, Rock Types, and Porosity of the Wolfcamp Formation Using Multi-Mineral Petrophysical Analysis and Machine Learning, Northwest Shelf, Delaware Basin
L. M. Dingmore, M. J. Pranter, J. D. Pigott, Z. A. Reza
Structural and Geospatial Analysis for Discovering New Geothermal Fields along the Gulf of Suez Rift and Egypt
A. Fahil, E. Ghoneim, M. A. Noweir, A. Masoud
Pb Isotope Ratios of Lower Mississippian Boone Formation Chert and Its Potential Relationship to Mississippi Valley-Type Ore Deposits, Southern Midcontinent
J. Cains, A. Potra, S. McKim
Dynamic Topography Across Overthickened Oceanic Lithosphere from a Gravity-Constrained Crustal Model of the Caribbean
Y-W. Chen, D. E. Bird, L. Colli, J. Wu
Formation of a Large Field of Sub-Circular Depressions Due to Fluid Migration in the Gippsland Basin (Southeast Australia)
J. C. Chapman, D. Oppo, T. M. Alves
Effect of Excess Calcium Content on the Dissolution Rate of Dolomites by HCl Acid
I. B. Ivanishin, H. A. Nasr-El-Din
Unconventional Reservoir Characterization of the Cretaceous Agrio Formation, Argentina: A Mixed-Carbonate-Siliciclastic Mudstone Hydrocarbon Reservoir
R. I. Ochoa, L. Birgenheier
Quantitative Biofacies Analysis of the Upper Cretaceous (Maastrichtian) Prince Creek Formation, North Slope, Alaska, USA
J. R. Bonelli, P. P. Flaig
Prospects, Producing Properties and Leasing Incentives in Louisiana
B. Miller, A. Wiley, S. Roquemore
Re-Evaluation of a Post-Rift Unconfirmed Play in the Norwegian North Sea for Undiscovered Stratigraphic Traps
A. Al-Janabi, C. C. Knapp
Paleosalinity Assessment and its Influence on Source Rock Deposition in the Western Pearl River Mouth Basin, South China Sea
Y. Quan, Q. Fu, F. Hao
Integration Triaxial Induction Logs and High-Resolution Borehole Images: Application for Modeling Mass Transported Deposits
W. W. Xu, A. Kumar, E. A. Ruiz
Integrating 100 Years of Research in the Mesaverde Group, Piceance Basin, Colorado, USA
B. McDowell, P. Plink-Bjorklund
Innovation and Application of Reservoir Geophysics Technology for Mature Oil Fields in the Mangeshlak Basin, Central Asia
C. Xin, F. Xukui, Y. Zhao, X. Wei, S. Tiejun, S. Haishan, W. Wei, Y. Ke, L. Qiang, C. Junxian
Evidence for Cretaceous Sedimentation in a Tertiary Basin; A Structural and Stratigraphic Case Study Evaluation from the Niger Delta Basin
O. Matthew
Identifying Bypassed Paralic Sandstone Reservoirs Using Advanced Mudlogging, Eastern Shelf, Permian Basin, Texas.
K. Zamfes, V. Egorov*, E. T. O. Hasanov
Structural and Stratigraphic Controls on Hydrocarbon Accumulations in the Cretaceous Viking Formation, West-central Saskatchewan, Canada
D. J. Kohlruss
New Paleo-Surface Geology and Paleogeography Model for the Devonian Carboniferous of North America
R. Bailiff, M. Lawson, L. Tierney, T. Wiggins, P. Webb, L. Wilson, A. Galsworthy, L. Raynham, L. Driehaus, A. C. Quallington
Overpressure Generation Mechanisms and Its Distribution in the Paleocene Shahejie Formation in the Linnan Sag, Huimin Depression, Eastern China
C. Li, X. Luo, L. Zhang, L. Yuhong, M. Cheng, L. Hongmei
Restoring “Lost” Gas and Oil Contents in Unconventional Tight Oil Systems
D. M. Jarvie
Nanoporosity of Macerals in Gas-Bearing Shale by Scanning Electronic Microscopy and Reflected Light Petrography
X. Li, Z. Jiang
Gas and Water Distribution in an Over-Mature Shale Reservoir and Its Implication for Gas Production
W. Zhou, H. Xu
The Thermal Evolution of Clay Minerals and Organic Matter in Shales
Y. Gu, X. Li, Q. Wan, S. Yang
Comparative Assessment of Programed Pyrolysis Methods Applied to Geochemical Reference Material: Implications for Unconventional Source Rock Characterization
I. O. McGlynn, J. E. Raines, F. E. Walles
Diagenetic Heterogeneity and Its Effect on Tight Sandstone Reservoir Quality Under Multi-Episode Hydrocarbon and CO2 Entrapment: A Case Study from the Lower Cretaceous Quantou Formation, Southern Songliao Basin, China
C. Guan, L. Zeng
Isotherms, Isobars, Thermodynamics and Kinetics of a Methane-Shale Adsorption Pair Under Supercritical Condition: Implications for Understanding a Shale Gas Storage Mechanism
W. Dang, J. Zhang, H. Nie, X. Tang, F. Wang, N. Wu, Q. Chen, X. Wei, R. Wang
Water Vapor Adsorption Characteristics of Over-Mature Wufeng and Longmaxi Shales, Sichuan Basin
R. Yang, Q. Hu, S. He
Oil Adsorption Capacity of Clay Minerals in Shale: A Molecular Dynamic Simulation Investigation
Z. Cao, J. Zeng, H. Jiang*
Water Effect on Methane Adsorption in Shale Through Kerogen by High Pressure Methane Adsorption
W. Li, C. Snape, L. Stevens, L. Tang
Molecular Simulation of Enhanced Oil Recovery of Shale Oil
M. Kazemi
Changes in Organic Carbon and Redox Conditions During Deposition of the Hue Shale-Gamma Ray Zone on the North Slope, Alaska
L. Song, S. Bhattacharya, Z. Webb, A. Fowler, V. Lee
Pore Systems and SEM Lithologies for the Permian Wolfcamp Shale From the Delaware Basin, Texas
R. M. Reed, S. Peng, S. C. Ruppel, E. Sivil
Chemofacies and Lithofacies in the Lower Wolfcamp Group, Type Locality in the Glass Mountains, West Texas
M. A. Gutierrez, B. H. Richards, A. D. Donovan, M. C. Pope
What Stinks in the Delaware Basin? Understanding Sources of Sulfur Across the Permian Basin
C. D. Barrie, C. Donohue, J. A. Zumberge, D. Rocher, J. E. Zumberge
Unsupervised Machine Learning Facies Classification in the Delaware Basin and its Comparison with Supervised Bayesian Facies Classification
S. Chopra, K. J. Marfurt, R. K. Sharma
Diagenetic Controls on Reservoir Character of the Lower Permian Wolfcamp and Bone Spring Formations in the Delaware Basin, West Texas
A. Dobber, R. H. Goldstein
Quartz Types in the Upper Pennsylvanian Organic-Rich Cline Shale, Midland Basin, Texas: Implications for Silica Diagenesis and Mechanical Rock Properties
J. Peng, K. L. Milliken, Q. Fu
An Integrated Chemo- and Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis of Core Data from the Wolfcamp Formation, Southern Midland Basin
B. H. Richards, M. C. Pope, A. D. Donovan, M. P. Wehner
An Integrated Chemo- and Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis of Core Data from the Wolfcamp Formation, Southern Midland Basin
B. H. Richards, M. C. Pope, A. D. Donovan, M. P. Wehner
Excess Pressure Development by Cementation in the Wolfcamp Formation of the Delaware Basin
A. A. Brown
Pennsylvanian-Leonardian Stratigraphic Architecture and Deformation History During and Post Late Paleozoic Orogenesis, East Delaware Basin, West Texas
A. Z. Calle, E. A. Horne, B. J. Casey, D. L. Carr, S. Hamlin, J. Tackett
Coal Bed Methane Field Delineation and Reservoir Volumetric Estimation for CO2 Storage, Buzzard Bench Field, Emery County, Utah
C. Vega-Ortiz, M. Saunders, M. D. Vanden Berg, O. Omotilewua, J. D. McLennan
Integrating Stable Isotope Chemostratigraphy and Detailed Mudstone Lithofacies in Unconventional Reservoirs: An Example From the Ordovician Pt. Pleasant Shale, Appalachian Basin, USA
J. J. Melick, J. T. Koch, T. P. Bulling
A Real-Time Method to Identify Brittle Zones in Carbonate-Rich Shales Using Bulk and Trace Element Geochemistry: A Study in the Eagle Ford and Haynesville Formations
M. Fonseca, L. Hathon, T. Lapen
Investigation and Identification of Pyrolysis Attributes that Can Assist in Predicting Producible Hydrocarbon in the Unconventional Eagle Ford Formation
A. Maende, B. Horsfield, S. Kuske, B. Jarvie, D. M. Jarvie, W. David Weldon
Three-Dimensional Investigation of Pore Architecture Characteristics and Variation in Carbonate-Rich Mudrocks: Insights into the Controls of Pore Development
I. Y. Bode-Omoleye, J. Vilcaez, M. Grammer
Quantitative Facies Characterization of Mississippian Limestone Outcrop Using Ground-Based Hyperspectral and LiDAR Imaging in Jane, Missouri
A. Shahtakhtinskiy
3-D Petrophysical Modeling and Gas Reserve Estimation of Marcellus Shale, Southwestern Pennsylvania, USA
G. Wang, Q. He
Organic Matter Accumulation and Thermal Maturation in the Upper Devonian New Albany Shale of the Illinois Basin
B. Liu, M. Mastalerz, J. Schieber
The Behavior of Methane in Nanometer Pores in the Marcellus Shale: Results from Contrast Matching Neutron Scattering