morning presentations

Morning Presentations

Unravelling the Complex Tectonic and Magmatic Evolution of the Eastern Gulf of Mexico
A. Vasileiou, D. A. Paton*, A. Nanfito, D. Lewis, M. Gouiza, P. J. Markwick, J-S. Hall
Constraining Rift-to-Drift Paleo-Topography Using a Deformable Crustal Architecture Workflow in the Gulf of Mexico
E. A. E. Johnson, L. Huebner-Diaz, D. A. Minguez
New Observations Suggest the Need for Revised Tectonic Reconstructions of the Gulf of Mexico
E. Beutel, I. Filina
Pre-Salt Structural Framework and Evolution of the Santos and Campos Basins, Brazil: Insights from Recent Seismic Acquisitions
N. Bartschi, F. Correa, B. David, M. Denis, P. Ball
Tectonic Development and Crustal Stratigraphy of the Offshore Sergipe-Alagoas Basin, Northeast Brazil
G. Karner, C. A. Johnson, J. Lock, S. Jones, P. Figueredo, H. Ren, D. Newkirk, B. Renik, W. Powell
Structural Variation Across a Submarine Fold-and-Thrust Belt, South Falkland Basin
D. McCarthy, T. Dodd
Structural and Sedimentological Controls on Petroleum Systems in Deep-Lacustrine Basins: Examples from the North Falkland Basin
G. E. Plenderleith, D. McCarthy, T. Dodd, T. Randles
Structure and Formation of the Western Graben of the North Falkland Basin: Implications for Petroleum System Development
T. A. Randles, D. McCarthy, T. J. H. Dodd, G. Plenderleith
Regional Deep Seismic Crustal Study Northwest Europe — Transecting the North Sea Rift, the Norwegian Sea Passive Margin and the Barents Sea Platform
J. E. Lie, P. E. Dhelie, V. Danielsen, M. Andersson, J. Masy, R. Sorley, T. Åkermoen, L. I. Leivestad, A. Shulgin
Insights Into Crustal Structure and Rift Basin Development Across the Central Scotian Shelf and Slope, Offshore Nova Scotia: A Reflection Seismic Perspective
M. E. Deptuck, K. L. Kendell
Deep Water Plays and Structural/Sedimentological Interactions in the South Whale Basin, Offshore East Canada
R. Masotti, D. Little*, G. Hudson, J. Crosby, I. Deighton, J. Halliday, A. Birch-Hawkins
A New Insight Into the Tectonostratigraphic Imprints of the Indian Asian Collision in the Rocks of the orthwestern Indian Plate along the Tribal Region of Pakistan
G. Rehman, S. Ahmad, I. Khan
A Revised Structural Elements Map of the Northwest Shelf of Australia
C. F. Elders, C. Nicholson, S. Abbott
Structural Evolution of Gravity-Driven Normal Fault Geometries in Stacked Deltaic Settings. A Case Study of the Ceduna Sub-Basin, Great Australian Bight
M. Jimenez, S. P. Holford, R. King, M. Bunch
Study on Sealing Mechanism of a Clay Smearing Fault and a New Method of Quantitative Evaluation: A Case Study of the Hailar Basin
J. Ziyan, G. Chen, Y. Zhang, H. Dai, X. Xie
An Integrated Analysis of the Potential for Carbon Storage, Utilization, and Risks of Fault Slip in the Cook Inlet Basin of Southcentral Alaska
S. Pantaleone, S. Bhattacharya
Evaluating Seal Integrity Using Dynamic Poisson’s Ratio and Young’s Modulus
Z. Alkhadrawi, M. Alabbad
A New Approach to Fault Seal Analysis and History Matching on Unstructured Grids
S. D. Harris, S. Grenfell, O. Khan
Fault Failure Modes, Deformation Mechanisms, Dilation Tendency, Slip Tendency, and Conduits Versus Seals
D. A. Ferrill, K. J. Smart, A. Morris
Improving the Accuracy of Vertical Stress Magnitude Determinations in Sedimentary Basins
M. Musolino, R. King, S. P. Holford*, R. R. Hillis
Modeling Factors of Turbidite Pore Pressure Distribution
A. J. Welker, A. Eckert, J. Obrist, C. M. Griffiths
Development of 1-D Mechanical Earth Models for Wells in the Starfish and Dolphin Fields, ECMA, Trinidad
A. M. Harrypersad, H. Hassanali, R. Hosein, T. Gan, O. Blake
The Potential Fault Instability Induced by Pore Pressure Changes Under the Strike-Slip Regime: Implications from 3-D Coupled Reservoir Geomechanical Modeling
E. Konstantinovskaya, Q. Li, J. A. Rivero, M. M. Faskhoodi, B. Campbell
Tectonic Compression Induced Pore Collapse in the Overthrust Wufeng-Longmaxi Shale of the Southern Sichuan Basin, China
R. Liu, Z. Jian, F. Hao, T. Engelder
Experimental Studies of Re-Pressurization and Boundary Conditions Effects on Stress Path Coefficient in Unconsolidated Sands
S. Prakash, G. K. Wong, M. T. Myers, L. A. Hathon
Numerical and Laboratory Analyses on the Role of Borehole Size on Failure Mechanisms in Thick-Walled Cylinder Tests
M. Dessouki, M. Myers, L. Hathon
Mineralogical and Geochemical Characteristics of Hydrocarbon-Bleached Rocks in the Baiyanggou Mud Volcano, Xinjiang, Northwest China
W. Xu, G. Zheng, G. Martinelli, X. Ma, Z. Chen
Honeycomb Structures in the North Falkland Basin?
J. Gafeira, D. J. McCarthy*, T. Dodd, G. Plenderleith
Extrapolation of the Solubility of CH4 in CO2 + Brine Using Molecular Simulation: CO2 EOR and Sequestration
H. Lee, M. Ostadhassan
Relationship Between Uranium Mineralization and Hydrocarbon Fluids Characteristics in Paleo-Channel Uranium Deposits of the Central Erlian Basin, Inner Mongolia
X-Q. Zhao, M-K. Qin, H-H. Fan
Physical Simulation Experiment and Application on Pore Evolution in High-Temperature and Overpressure Reservoirs
Y. Li
The Study of Neogene Hydrocarbon Migration and Inspiration in the Gentle Slope Belt, outhern Bohai Sea: A Case from the Kenli 9 Oilfield Group on the North Tail of KenDong Salient
S. Wen, H. Yang, H. Zhang, X. Ma, L. Wang
Fluid Property Variations and its Relationship with the Geo-History of the Permian Delaware Basin
A. Z. Yu, M. R. Becker, A. S. Baskoro, M. R. Bhatia
Fe-Bearing Clay Minerals and Festr Reduction Implications on Oil Adsorption
N. Apeiranthitis, C. Carteret, A. Neumann, H. C. Greenwell
A Middle to Upper Ordovician Carbonate Shelf from Offshore Labrador, Canada, and its Contribution to the Hydrocarbon Potential of the Margin
N. Bingham-Koslowski
Nature and Evolution of Deep-Water Carbonate Drifts in the Past 3 Million Years, Inner Sea of the Maldives Archipelago, Equatorial Indian Ocean
K. Lopez, A. W. Droxler, T. Luedmann, C. Betzler, S. Lindhorst
Quantifying the Risk on Source Rock Occurrence and Quality with Forward Stratigraphic Modeling — Carson Basin, Canada
A. Thebault, V. Gervais-Coupuet, M. Callies, P. Jermannaud
Implications of Organic Matter Source and Fluid Migration from Geochemical Characteristics of Stylolites and Matrix in Carbonate Rocks: A Case Study from the Carboniferous and the Ordovician in the Sichuan Basin, Southwest China
S. Liu, W. Gang*, G. Gao
Correlating Carbonate Platform Sequences of the Trenton Group to Basinal Mudstones of the Utica Shale.
A. Jacobus
Clinoform Geometry and Sequence Stratigraphic Architecture of Lower and Middle Eocene Carbonate Prograding Sequences, Sirte Basin, North Central Libya
M. Abdalla, W. Yang
An Investigation of Water Production in the Barnett Shale, Fort Worth Basin, Using Multivariate Statistics and Integrated Reservoir Characterization Techniques
J. Saucedo
Petrographic Studies of the Lower Bakken Shale: Insight from Rock-Eval Pyrolysis, Organic Petrology and SEM Characterization
A. Adeyilola, S. H. Nordeng, C. Onwumelu, F. C. Nwachukwu, T. Gentzis
Biostratigraphic Studies and Source Rock Evaluation of Araromi Formation, Eastern Dahomey Basin, Southwestern Nigeria
O. Ogundipe, O. A. Adekeye, S. O. Akande, A. Adeyilola
Pore Structure and Adsorption Capacity of the Lower Carboniferous Dawuba Formation Shale in Southern Guizhou Depression (China)
K. Wan, S. He, J. He
Characterizations of a Nano-Scale Pore System and Petrographic Properties of Shale Using Multiple Techniques and their Implications on Gas Storage Capability
H. Xu, W. Zhou
Raising the Resurrection Plate by Structurally Restoring Subducted Slabs Below the Northwest Cordillera
S. Fuston, J. Wu, Y-A. Lin
How Artificial Fractures and Bedding Planes Influence the Fluid Movement in the Fracture-Matrix Dual-Connectivity System in Barnett Shale
Q. Wang, X. Zhang, Q. Hu, X. Lin
Loss of Paleo-Methane in Central Africa Rift System: A Basin Modelling and Mass Balance Approach
A. M. Morakinyo, S. A. Bowden, A. Y. Mohamed
Where are the Proto-South China Sea Slabs? SoutheastAsia Plate Tectonic and Mantle Flow Insights from TERRA Global Mantle Convection Models
Y-A. Lin, L. Colli, J. Wu
Constructing True Pore Body Size Distributions and Estimating Surface Relaxivity Using Thin Section Image Analysis
J. Roussel, L. Hathon, M. Myers
Reservoir Architecture Characteristics and their Control on the Remaining Oil of a Shallow Water Delta Plain
M. Li, X. Pang, Z. Bao, D. Zang, B. Niu
Hydrocarbon Expulsion Differences and Its Impacts on Gas Content in Lower Silurian and Lower Cambrian Shale Gas Systems
R. Liu, H. Xu, W. Zhou*
Solution-Collapse Breccia Development and Cementation in the Lower Ordovician Upper Knox Group, Central Tennessee
T. R. Quintero, J. R. Kyle, N. Miller, E. Ukar
Occurrence of Clay Minerals in the Taylor Sand of the Lower Cotton Valley Formation, Northern Louisiana Salt Basin, Blackburn Field, Claiborne Parish, Louisiana
K. McClain
Wellington Field — Laboratory in a Field: Lessons Learned
E. Holubnyak, J. Hollenbach, T. Birdie, W. L. Watney
Screening and Identifying High-Suitability Offshore CCUS Storage Areas in the Gulf of Mexico Using a Multi-Criteria Evaluation Approach
A. K. Wendt, A. Sheriff, C-Y. Shih, D. Vikara, T. C. Grant
Theoretical CO2 Storage Efficiencies Determined From CO2-EOR Modeling at the Offshore Petronius and Cognac Oilfields, Gulf of Mexico
R. Ness, D. E. Riestenberg*
Testing of Subsurface Samples for Reactivity with Carbon Dioxide, Kemper County, Mississippi
A. V. Nguyen, L. Beckingham, C. Kyler, B. Kirkland
Structural Controls on Along-Strike Variability of Sequence Stratigraphic Architecture and Depositional Systems: An Example from the Northwest Borneo Margin
A. Gartrell, V. Paumard, S. Lang
Channel Belt Types in a Sequence Stratigraphic Framework — Mungaroo Formation, NWS, Australia
T. Payenberg, B. Ainsworth, A. L. Powell, A. J. Marsh, T. Marsh, B. J. Willis
Insights into the Sea-Level History of the South Shetland Islands from Ground Penetrating Radar on Livingston Island, Antarctica
C. M. Gernant, A. Simms, R. Dewitt, B. Theilen, C. Garcia
Integrated Chronostratigraphic Systems Applied to Conventional and Unconventional Asset Classes
L. A. Febo, A. C. Gary, R. A. Hackworth, A. C. M. Kahn, J. L. Kohn, E. Johnson
Lake Tanganyika Rifting: Facies Distribution and Its Implications for Paleo-Environmental Reconstructions and Hydrocarbons
S. Shaban, C. A. Scholz
Storm-Dominated Diatomite: Transport and Deposition from Micro-Texture
T. Kelln, L. Leggitt, G. Roque-Torres, K. E. Nick
Influencing Factors of Late Activation Fault Development and Its Control Effect on Natural Gas Loss in the Xihu Sag, Southeast China
J. Zhao, Z. L. Huang, J. F. Chen, S. Z. Tan
The Main Controlling Factors of Shale Low Resistivity and Its Influence on Reservoir Capacity: A Case Study of the Longmaxi Formation, South Sichuan Basin
Z. Xue, Z. Jiang, X. Wang, W. Wu, X. Liu
Oxic-Seawater-Like REY Features in Cambrian Organic-Rich Black Shale in the Western Hubei Province, South China
H. Luo, B. Qiao, T. Zhang
Lacustrine Shale-Oil Accumulations in the Permian Lucaogou Organic-Rich Mudstones Formation, Junggar Basin: A Self-Contained Source-Reservoir System
Y. Liu, J. Zeng, S. Liu, W. Jia
Influence of Pyrite on Shale Gas Enrichment: A Case Study of the Longmaxi Formation in Southeastern Sichuan Basin
X. Chen, L. Chen, X. Tan
Palynological Analysis of the Late Ordovician To Early Silurian Black Shales in South China Provides New Insights For the Investigation of Pore Systems in Shale Gas Reservoirs
R. Hu, J. Tan, W. Wang
Fracture Pores Characterization and Their Importance for Shale Gas Production in Sichuan Basin, China
H. Tian, L. Zeng
Stress Distribution and Fracture Characterization of Longmaxi Formation Shale in the Jiaoshiba Area, Southeastern Sichuan Basin, China
H. Tian, L. Zeng
Linking the Pore Characteristics of Graptolite-Bearing Shale to Thermal Maturity in the Wufeng-Longmaxi Formation, Southeast Sichuan Basin, China
J. Song, L. Liu
Fracture Development Patterns and Characteristics of Different Structural Styles in Ultra-Deep Tight Sandstone Gas Reservoirs, Lower Cretaceous, Kuqa Depression Tarim Basin, China
J. Wang, L. Zeng, K. Wang
Application of Seismic Characterization for Geological and Engineering Sweet Spots of Shale Oil: A Case Study in the Erdos Basin, China
Y. Zhou, S. Dai, Y. Liu, M. Bi, J. Nie
New Insight into the Organic Matter Accumulation of Shale Formations in the Southern Sichuan Basin, Implications from the Volcanic Activities
Q. Li, L. Tang
Pore Structure and Fluid Distribution of Tight Sandstone Using the Combined Application of Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), Mercury Injection Capillary Pressure (MICP) and X-Ray Micro-Computed Tomography (CT)
Y. Su, M. Zha, X. Ding, J. Qu, L. Jiang
The Lower Jurassic Continental Shale Facies of the Sichuan Basin and Comparative Analysis of Hydrocarbon Generation, Reservoir and Fracturing Capacity
H. Qiu, Z. Jiang, D. Zhu, L. Chen, X. Cao, W. Li
Main Controlling Factors of Enrichment and High-Yield of Shale Gas in the Da'anzhai Member in Yuanba Area
L. Li, P. Li, Z. Zhang, H. Zou
Emei Taphrogeny and Distribution and Gas-Bearing Properties of Permian Volcanoclastic Rock in Sichuan Basin
D. Ying, G. Li, G. Yang, Y. Fan
Formation Environment of Carboniferous Volcanic Rocks in the Eastern Junggar Basin and its Control on the Reservoir Properties
X. Zhao, Y. Ji, Y. Zhou
Lithofacies Characteristics and Depositional Environments of Mixed Fine - Grained Sedimentary Rocks in the 2nd Member of the Kongdian Formation in the Cangdong Sag, Bohai Bay Basin
Y. Li, K. Liu, C. Liang
New Method for Quantitative Classification of Pore and Porosity of Organic-Rich Shale Using Digital Image Processing
Y. Wang, J. Yang
Factors Controlling Marine Shale Porosity: A Case Study Between the Lower Cambrian and Lower Silurian of the Upper Yangtze Area, South China
X. Li, Z. Jiang
Controlling Factors on Pressure-Velocity Relations in Shale Gas Reservoirs
J. Guo, A. Amosu, M. Li, Y. Sun