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Monday Morning Oral Presentations

Introductory Remarks
Can Sequence Stratigraphic Concepts Be Applied in Mudrock Systems?
S. C. Ruppel
Importance of Outcrop Characterization in the Development of Unconventional Shales
R. Brito, R. Slatt
Influence of Depositional Dynamics on the Internal Architecture and Facies Continuity of the Eagle Ford Formation, TX, USA
G. Frébourg, S. C. Ruppel, H. Rowe
The Effects of Reservoir Heterogeneity on Shale Gas Accumulation and Production – Case Study From Ordovician Wufeng-Silurian Longmaxi Marine Shale in the Sichuan Basin, China
S. Jiang, X. Tang, Z. Jiang, L. Chen, S. Long, Z. He
Refreshment Break
A Conceptual Perspective on Processes That Deposit Mud and Their Impact on Shale Fabrics and Future Pore Systems
J. Schieber
Applicability of Bentonites to Early Development Areas, TOC Prediction and Quantification of Lateral Facies Variation: A Case in Vaca Muerta Formation (Argentina)
D. Minisini
Sedimentology and XRF-Based Elemental Geochemistry of Cores From the Trenton Group and Utica Shale Along the Ordovician Outcrop Belt in Central New York
J. T. Pietras, D. R. Miserendino, E. Spiegel
Redox Conditions During Deposition of the Upper Ordovician Point Pleasant Limestone, Appalachian Basin, USA: Insights Into Organic Matter Production, Preservation, and Reservoir Development
D. Blood
Chronostratigraphy, Correlation, and Depositional History of the Marcellus Shale in the Central Appalachian Basin: A Study of Inorganic Geochemistry, Stable Isotopes, and Magnetic Susceptibility Data From Pennsylvania and West Virginia
N. B. Sullivan, P. Montgomery, E. Mathia, K. Ratcliffe, W. C. Dawson, A. Eakin, B. Carson, R. Chhajlani
Introductory Remarks
Lessons from a Decade of Discovery Thinking Forums
C. A. Sternbach
Discovery of a Bolivian Foothills Giant Gas Field: Incahuasi
P. Mallard
Utica Shale Update, SW Pennsylvania
B. Zagorski
Refreshment Break
Introductory Remarks
Redtail Field, A Thermal Anomaly on the Eastern Extension of the Colorado Mineral Belt, Denver Basin, Colorado
J. R. Forster, M. Odegard, M. Sonnenfeld, M. Williams
A Fresh Look to Exploration and Discoveries in Mississippi Canyon, Northern Gulf of Mexico
E. Zimmerman
Introductory Remarks
The Role of Capitan Research in the Evolution of Carbonate Conceptual Models and Paradigms
P. Harris, C. Kerans
Mixed Carbonate-Siliciclastic Slope Sedimentation in a Foreland Basin (Lower to Middle Permian, Southern Delaware Basin, Texas)
X. Janson, A. Hairabian, G. S. Hurd
Geochemical Drivers in Carbonate Shoreline Settings: Examples From Permian of West Texas and New Mexico
B. P. Smith, C. Kerans
Diagenetic Systematics of Carbonate Associated Sulfate in Carbonate Facies of the Yates, Capitan, and Bell Canyon Formations, Guadalupe Mountains National Park, TX
T. M. Present, J. F. Adkins, J. P. Grotzinger
Refreshment Break
Submarine-Cemented Pennsylvanian to Early Permian ‘Waulsortian’ and Palaeoaplysinid Reefs in the Canadian Arctic
G. R. Davies
Microbially Influenced Waulsortian Mound Reservoirs in the Lower Mississippian (Tournasian) Lodgepole Formation, Dickinson Field Complex, Williston Basin, North Dakota, USA
W. A. Morgan, R. W. Mitchel, III, M. A. Sheedlo, S. W. Young, W. M. Ahr
Integrated Reservoir Characterization of Silurian (Niagaran) “Pinnacle” Reefs in the Michigan Basin – New Insights Into a Mature Reef Play
G. Grammer, J. Wold, A. (Ritter)Varga, H. Qualman
The Impact of Paleotopography on Transport of Reef Carbonates to Basinal Settings: Lessons From the Upper Miocene of SE Spain
E. K. Franseen, R. H. Goldstein
Multi-Scale Pore Network Evaluation of Bimodal Carbonates: Implications for Hydrocarbon Production
T. D. Jobe, S. Zhang, S. Geiger, Z. Jiang
Introductory Remarks
Refreshment Break
Incorporating Layer Thickening and Thinning Into Kinematic Modeling of Fault-Related Folding
C. Connors
Onshore San Joaquin Basin and Temblor Range, California: New Insights Into the Structural Framework of a Complex and Mature Fold and Thrust Belt.
M. Molinaro, T. Hauge, S. O'Connor, A. Salem, O. V. Kostenko, S. Naruk
Implications of Uplift and Erosion on Pore Pressure, Stress and Seal Integrity
H. M. Bolaas, J. Eide, C. Hermanrud, O. Kløvjan, G. G. Teige
The Role of Evaporites, Foreland Basin Fill, and Inherited Crustal Weaknesses on Structural Styles in the Pamir and Tian Shan Forelands, Western Tarim Basin, NW China
J. A. Thompson, T. Li, J. Chen
The Sub-Andean Fold and Thrust Belt in Southern Bolivia: Integrated Methodology and Regional Structural Implications
P. Griffiths, P. Ellis, T. Jarratt, F. Alegria, A. Arias
Structural Modeling and Its Impact on Development of the Piedemonte Area, Eastern Cordillera Fold and Thrust Belt, Colombia
D. Richards, C. Ceballos
Quantitative Structural Analysis of Newly Acquired Data From Mexican Ridges Fold Belt, Western Gulf of Mexico
N. Eichelberger, A. Nunns, C. O'Reilly, R. Dirkx, I. Yarbuh, D. Bate
Late Cretaceous Inversion of the Polish Basin and How It Influenced Its Petroleum System
P. Krzywiec
Episodic Deformation Rates Recovered From Growth Strata, Pyrenees
D. Anastasio, K. Kodama, J. Parés
Fluvial Channel Belt Reservoir Heterogeneity and Connectivity
B. J. Willis, R. Sech
Modeling Deltaic Stratigraphy Through Superposition of Discrete Networks
D. Cazanacli, A. Cantelli, N. C. Howes, M. Wolinsky, C. Paola
Quantifying Natural Delta Variability Using a Multiple-Point Geostatistics Prior Uncertainty Model: Bridging the Gap Between Quantitative Surface Dynamics and Machine Learning
A. M. Fernandes, C. Scheidt, C. Paola, J. Caers
The Influence of Clay Type and Grain Size on the Bedload Deposition of Muds - An Experimental Perspective
J. Schieber
Does Organic Matter Have an Unacknowledged Influence on the Dynamics and Deposits of Fine-Grained Submarine Sediment Gravity Flows?
M. Craig, J. Baas, A. Manning, K. Amos, L. Strachan
The Role of Buoyancy Reversal in Turbidite Deposition and Submarine Fan Morphology: Examples From Flume Experiments, Quaternary Deposits, and the Ancient Rock Record
E. Steel, A. R. Simms, J. Buttles, J. Warrick, D. Mohrig, Y. Yokoyama, R. Steel
Upslope Turbidite Stratigraphic Traps: Understanding Pinchout Development
L. Amy, R. Dorrell, H. Nelson, W. D. McCaffrey
Ripples and Levees – A Match Made in Sedimentological Heaven
B. Arnott, M. Tilston
Spatial Variability in the Velocity and Density Structure of Unconfined Turbidity Currents, and the Implications for Reservoir Quality of Submarine Lobe Deposits
M. Tilston, J. Eggenhuisen, M. Cartigny, F. Pohl, Y. Spychala
Seismic Characterization of Stratigraphic Architecture: Outcrop- and Well-Based Three-Dimensional Forward Seismic Modeling of Permian San Andres-Grayburg Strata
Y. He, C. Kerans, H. Zeng, X. Janson, S. Z. Scott
Reservoir Delineation in Fluvial Architecture via Post-Stack Seismic Attributes
R. Swindeman, S. Misra, R. Orumwense, C. Xu, N. Sabaou, J. Florez
Improving the Compartmentalization Definition of Prospective Areas in the Paleo-Flattened Space – An Eagle Ford Case Study
I. Platunova, B. deRibet, D. Dopkin
Unsupervised Seismic Facies Classifications of the Lower Strawn Fm. Bend Arch-Fort Worth Basin, TX
D. Prado-Barros, R. Slatt, K. J. Marfurt
A Comparison of Popular Neural Network Facies Classification Schemes
C. P. Ross, D. M. Cole
Seismic Attributes for Reservoir Characterization in Deepwater Settings - Offshore Colombia (Guajira Basin)
C. A. Rubio, A. M. Goodliffe, J. C. Llinas, V. O. Ramirez
Seismic Characterization of the Pre-Salt Rifted Section of the Lagoa Feia Group, Campos Basin, Offshore Brazil
D. Iacopini, R. Alvarenga, J. Kuchle, K. Goldberg, B. Kneller
A Royal Flush in the Great Campos (Brazil's Santos-Campos) Basin
C. F. Schiefelbein, W. Dickson
Taking Advantage of RTM Surface Offset Gathers for Iterative Salt Modeling and Subsalt Reservoir Image Enhancement
H. Baudon, E. Maocec, C. Gerea
The Falkland Islands, an Emerging Petroleum Province
D. J. McCarthy, T. J. Dodd
Evidence for a Jurassic Source Rock in the Guiana-Suriname Basin
C. P. Griffith
3-D Seismic Interpretation and Geologic Evolution of an Intraslope Basin, Talara Basin, Deepwater Peru
J. J. Fredricks, P. Weimer, S. P. Cossey, G. Fernandez, E. Rossello, R. Bouroullec, G. Dorn, G. Pech
Giant Gas Fields Offshore Tanzania, Braided Deep Water System Within Extremely Sandy Turbidite Systems Presented by: A. Ponten
S. Henriksen, F. Chuhan, H. GoldsteinSeiertun, S. Solymar
De-Risking One of the Final Passive Margin Hydrocarbon Basins: Insights Into the Evolution and Play Potential of Offshore Somalia
D. Paton, R. Stanca, H. Kearns, N. Hodgson, A. AbiikarHussein
Where Should We Drill in the Deep Waters of the Pelotas Basin, Southern Brazil and Uruguay?
P. V. Zalán
New Oil in an Old Place – Geologic Framework of a Giant Oil Discovery in Arctic Alaska
D. W. Houseknecht
Elephants? In the US Atlantic?
P. J. Post
Seismic Tectono-Stratigraphy Modeling of Deep Marine Oligo-Miocene Siliciclastic Reservoirs in Levant-Cyprus Basin Frontier Zone
M. Bédir
Introductory Remarks
Source to Seep - A Novel Calibration Domain Concept for Petroleum Systems Models
M. C. Daszinnies, J. Knies, A. PlazaFaverola, Ø. Sylta
Advanced Geochemical Technologies Extend Petroleum Systems to Include Previously Missed Sources Revealing New Exploration Plays
J. M. Moldowan, J. Dahl
Geochemical (Rock Eval, d13C and Pyrolysis GC) and Textural Characterization of Amorphous Organic Matter (AOM) in Carboniferous Mudstones From the Pennine Basin (UK)
J. A. Hennissen, E. Hough, C. H. Vane, P. R. Wilby, M. H. Stephenson
The Effect of Oil Based Drilling Mud (OBM) on the Assessment of Hydrocarbon Charge Potential: Are We Underestimating Source Rock Potential?
N. D. Rodriguez, B. J. Katz
Refreshment Break
Fluid Inclusion Isotope Analysis of Vein Cements as a Tool to Reconstruct Basin-Scale Fluid Circulation
S. DeGraaf, J. Reijmer, G. Bertotti, F. Bezerra, V. Lüders, H. Vonhof
Integrated Geological and Geochemical Constraints for Petroleum Fluid Charge Models in the Circum-Manjiaer Region, Tarim Basin, NW China
M. Li, G. Tao, T. Cao, P. Liu, Q. Jiang, Z. Zhang
A New Look at Inverting Subsidence to Heat Flow in Rift-Related Basins – Deconvolution of Processes and Phases
D. B. Palmowski, T. Fuchs, T. Hantschel
Thermal Cracking of Oil Under Water Pressure Up to 900 Bar at High Thermal Maturities: Implication for Oil Stability in Deep Basin
L. Xie, Y. Sun, C. Uguna, C. Snape, S. Lu
Modified Athy-Law Compaction to Account for Porosity Generation and Preservation From Kerogen Conversion in Terzaghi-Like Models of Petroleum Source Rocks
M. Cremon, A. K. Burnham*, Y. Liu, A. Lapene
Introductory Remarks
Refreshment Break
Introductory Remarks
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Introductory Remarks
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Monday Afternoon Oral Presentations

Introductory Remarks
Definition, Modes of Occurrence and Pitfalls in Understanding the Term ‘Bitumen’ in Conventional and Unconventional Petroleum Systems
A. Pepper
Pores Observed in Organic Matter in Mudrocks: A Ten-Year Retrospective
R. M. Reed, R. G. Loucks, L. T. Ko
Artificially-Induced Changes to Organic Matter Properties as a Consequence of the Act of Observation
I. Arango, B. J. Katz
Multiscale Characterization of Organic Hosted Porosity in Gas Bearing Shales
M. Andrew, S. Bhattiprolu, C. Huynh, B. Goetze
Refreshment Break
Bridging the ‘Gap’ to Unconventional Permeabilitys: Insights to Unconventional Tight Oil Techniques, Advancements and Understandings
S. E. Perry, R. Lopez
HC Migration and Trapping in Unconventional Plays
Z. He, D. Xia
Oil Recovery Potential From Organic Nanopores in Source Rocks
S. Baek, K. Bui, I. Akkutlu
Are You Leaving Liquids Behind? Diamondoid Analysis to the Rescue!
H. LaReau, J. Dahl
Using Produced Oils to Predict Quality of Shale Oil and Gas Petroleum Systems
J. B. Curtis, J. E. Zumberge, S. W. Brown
Introductory Remarks
The Future of Exploration - The Next Decade
B. Fryklund
The Petroleum System of the Mauritania-Senegal Basin
D. McGuinness
Refreshment Break
Opening New Oil Basins: A Pattern of Discoveries
A. McCoss
The Greater Gorgon Area, Northwest Australia: Exploration to Production
M. McLerie, D. Sibley
Introductory Remarks
High Resolution Azimuthal Diffraction Imaging of Natural Fracture Zones in Unconventional Shales
A. M. Popovici, I. Sturzu, T. J. Moser
Integrated Characterization and Multi-Well Flow Simulation of Tight Oil Shale Resources
J. Florez, J. Gilman, D. Bryant, M. Shahvali, R. Michelena, C. Zahm
Improving Horizontal Well Placement and Completion Effectiveness in Deltaic Tight Sands - A Case Study in Anadarko Basin
Y. Chitrala, B. Moon, J. Williams, A. Reyna
Seeing the Forest for the Trees: A Simplified Workflow for Target Optimization Utilizing Correlation Matrices: An Example From the Bakken Formation
M. Millard, M. Dighans, S. Fluckiger
Refreshment Break
Automatic Well Log Correlation
A. Pollack, Y. Peng, K. Wang, M. Shih, K. Tracy, J. Lomask
Sonic Properties as a Signature of Overpressure in the Marcellus Gas Shale of the Appalachian Basin
Y. Zhou, S. Nikoosokhan, T. Engelder*
Geostatistical Methods for Unconventional Reservoir Uncertainty Assessments
M. Pyrcz, P. Janele, D. Weaver, S. Strebelle
Performance Prediction and Benchmarking Using FIRM (Forecasting Through Inferred Reservoir Modelling) for Bakken, Wolfcamp and Bone Spring Plays
A. Dabral, P. Gadde*
Introductory Remarks
Playing It Forward – Modelling the Evolution of Deepwater Subsalt Fields on Passive Margins Using 2-D Finite Element Models
C. D. Walker, D. Roberts, A. Bere, R. J. Thigpen, Z. Snow
Elastic Properties of Great Bahama Bank From Platform Top to the Toe-of-Slope
J. Schnyder, G. Eberli, D. McNeill, R. Weger
Geomechanical Modeling of Pennsylvanian Carbonate Mound Complexes: Early Fracturing Related to Differential Compaction and Evolving Rock Properties
Y. A. Alzayer, C. Zahm
Seeing the Big Picture – How to Use Stress Shadowing to Drive Stage Spacing
J. P. McKenna, M. H. Grealy, M. S. Blaz
Oil-Field Structural Analysis Methods Applied to a Geomechanical Model: What Works
R. H. Groshong
Natural Fractures and Their Impact on the Tight Sand Plays of the Ordovician Sarah Formation, Northern Arabia
M. S. Ameen
A Monte Carlo Approach to Calculate Stress Orientations and Differential Stress Ratios From Microseismicity Using Elastic Dislocation Modelling
H. Broichhausen, C. Seiler, E. Macaulay
Fracture Characteristics of the Wolfcamp Formation, Delaware Basin, TX
C. L. Ginn, S. J. Wilkins, X. Liu
Modelling Laramide Deformation to Predict Fracture Orientations in the Big Sand Draw, Wyoming: Part 2 - Fracture Modelling
C. Reilly, E. Macaulay, F. R. Marks, C. Seiler, R. Horine, M. Robinson, K. Swartz, J. Borell, L. Cassel
Effect of Froude Supercritical Flow on Fluvial Facies, Geometries and Architecture
P. Plink-Bjorklund
Spectrum of Fluvial Systems and Depositional History From High-Resolution Study of Seismic Sedimentology (Lithology and Geomorphology), Neogene, SLT Area, Bohai Bay Basin, China
H. Zeng, X. Zhu, H. Li, X. Zhou, D. Zhou, C. Xu, S. Li, Q. LIu
Flow Simulations in a Detailed Facies Model of the Outcropping Pont de Montanyana Point Bar Deposits (Ypresian, Southern Pyrenees)
M. H. MurilloLopez, D. Dominguez, P. Cabello, P. Arbuez
Investigating Controls on Submarine Channel Evolution Through Morphometric Scaling Relationships
L. E. Shumaker, N. C. Howes, L. Pettinga, Z. R. Jobe
Saturations of Migrating Buoyant Fluids From Invasion Percolation Flow Simulation Using Small-Scale, High-Resolution Geologic Models With Realistic Heterogeneity
T. A. Meckel, L. Trevisan, P. Krishnamurthy
Extraction and Analysis of Complex Geobodies in Faulted Deposits Using Relative Geological Time Model Attributes and Spectral Decomposition: Exmouth Sub-Basin, Australia
A. Devilliers, N. Daynac, B. Durot
Prospect Investigation and De-Risking Using Cognitive Interpretation Workflows, Offshore Equatorial Guinea
T. Wooltorton, M. Smith, S. Leslie, R. A. Moore
The Channel-Lobe Transition Zone: A Template for Submarine-Fan and -Channel Evolution
J. A. Covault, S. Kostic, A. Fildani
Imaging the Channel-to-Lobe-Transition Zone With High-Resolution AUV Bathymetry: Navy Fan Offshore Baja California
C. Carvajal, C. K. Paull, D. W. Caress, A. Fildani, E. Lundsten, K. Anderson, K. Maier, M. McGann, R. Gwiazda, M. L. Dykstra, J. Herguera
The Transfer of Channel-Lobe Transition Zones Into the Stratigraphic Record: A Synthesis of Exhumed Examples From the Karoo Basin, South Africa
D. Hodgson, M. Hofstra, H. L. Brooks, J. Peakall, S. Flint
The Impact of Slope Topography on Sediment Partitioning and Depositional Architecture in a Deepwater Lower Slope Setting
R. J. Wild, R. Healy, D. Hodgson, S. Flint
The Stratigraphic Expression of Slope Channel Evolution: Insights From Qualitative and Quantitative Assessment of Channel Fills From the Cretaceous Tres Pasos Formation, Southern Chile
S. J. Southern, L. Stright, Z. R. Jobe, B. Romans, S. Hubbard
Textural and Compositional Trends in Transitional Flow Deposits of the Proximal Brushy Canyon Formation, Texas
K. Ustipak, D. Mohrig, A. S. Pontén
Acquisition of Mud by Gravity Flows and the Development of Turbidites vs. Hybrid Event Beds: Insights From the Ponded Castagnola System (NW Italy)
M. Patacci, M. Marini, F. Felletti, A. DiGiulio, W. D. McCaffrey
Grain-Size Distribution and Sedimentary Transport Patterns in Deep Water Rift Basins: Plio-Pleistocene Syn-Rift of the Corinth Rift, Greece
M. Muravchik, G. A. Henstra, R. Gawthorpe, G. T. Eliassen, M. R. Leeder, H. Kranis, E. Skourtsos, J. Andrews
Introductory Remarks
Using MBES Backscatter and Bathymetry to Assess the Distribution of Benthic Communities for Piston Coring Operations
R. W. Cash, N. J. Purcell*
Evaluation of Near-Surface Gases in Marine Sediments
M. A. Abrams
The Mexican Gulf of Mexico “Gigante” Seep Hunting Program: Unprecedented Data Quality Underpins Unprecedented Success
D. Orange, P. Teas, J. Decker
From Satellite Images to Reservoired Hydrocarbons: The In-Depth Investigations of the Marco Polo Seeps, Green Canyon, Gulf of Mexico
H. Dembicki
Oil Seep Hunting From Space: The Case of the Lower Congo Basin
D. Dhont, R. Jatiault, L. Loncke, D. Dubucq
Impact of Geologic Description on Pore Pressure and Well Design: Shah Deniz, Offshore Caspian Sea
J. Villinski
Seismic Pore Pressure Prediction Enhanced with Geomechanical Modeling
M. Heidari, M. Nikolinakou, P. B. Flemings
Understanding Uncertainty in Pore Pressure Prediction
S. OConnor, A. Edwards, S. Green, E. Hoskin, J. Heller, G. Markham, A. Ellis, T. Sheehy*
The Influence of Structure on Pore Pressure in Confined Sediments
M. Hauser
New Insight Into the Shark Bay Microbial System, Part 1: Stromatolite Provinces
E. P. Suosaari, R. Reid, P. Playford, C. Steffensen, G. Eberli
Pore-Structure and Petrophysical Characteristics of Hamelin Pool Stromatolites and Associated Cemented Coquina Beds
G. Eberli, E. Karaca, R. Weger, E. P. Suosaari, R. Reid
Fabrics and Interpretations of “Microbialites” Can Both Be Full of Holes
J. P. Grotzinger
A Review of Carbonate Continental Systems in Active Rift Settings (Offshore Angola) – A Combined Subsurface and Outcrop Study for Derisking Reservoir Presence
G. SanMiguel, P. Teboul, A. Virgone, L. Barbat, J. Girard, J. Kenter*
Classifying Reservoir Carbonates When the Status Quo Simply Does Not Work: A Case Study From the Cretaceous of the South Atlantic
P. Wright, A. Barnett