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Tuesday Morning Poster Presentations

Quantitative Characterization of Submarine Mass Transport Deposit (MTD) Top Surface Topography and Its Influence on “Healing Phase” Post-emplacement Sedimentation
H. Deng, L. J. Wood, W. Zhou
Impact of Petrophysical Properties on Hydraulic Fracture Analysis
K. L. Seals
Digital Outcrop Model of the Eagle Ford Group, Lozier Canyon, Terrell County, West Texas
D. Davis, J. Laya*, M. C. Pope, W. Ayers, B. Hart, A. D. Donovan
Apatite Geochemistry and Detrital Zircon Application in Provenance Studies of the Modern Mississippi
B. Gregory, A. Herrmann, P. D. Clift
Petroleum Correlation in the Tampen Spur Area, North Sea: A New Approach from Molecular and Stable Carbon Isotopic Data of Light Hydrocarbons
W. Murillo, A. Vieth-Hillebrand, B. Horsfield, H. Wilkes
Morphological and Geological Characterization of Mass-Transport Deposits in the Deepwater Fold and Thrust Belt (DWFTB) of Offshore Malaysia
H. Kobayashi, L. J. Wood, A. Aziz
Source Indicators to Unravel Mixtures of Oils in the South Viking Graben, North Sea: A Study Based on d13C of Individual Hydrocarbons, PAHs and Sulfur Aromatic Hydrocarbons
W. Murillo, B. Horsfield, A. Vieth-Hillebrand, H. Wilkes
Determining Paleoenvironmental Conditions of Late-Cambrian to Pennsylvanian Sediments From the Central Kansas Uplift Using Trace Element Analysis
A. Christiano, H. Ali
Fundamentally Different Proximal and Distal Lobe Stacking Styles Within the Same Stratigraphic Interval: Upper Broto System, Jaca Basin, Spain
D. Bell, D. Hodgson, I. Kane, C. Stevenson, M. Poyatos-Moré
Seismic Facies Classification and Characterization of Deep Water Architectural Elements. A Case of Study, North Carnarvon Basin Australia
J. J. Tellez, R. Slatt, K. J. Marfurt
Incised Valleys in the Parkman Sandstone, Wyoming: New Sequence Analysis Opens Up New Exploration and Development Opportunities in the Powder River Basin.
M. Steidtmann, A. Finley, L. J. Wood
Stratal Architecture and Stratigraphic Evolution of Ancient Mixed Siliciclastic-Carbonate Slope Deposits of the First Isaac Carbonate, Neoproterozoic Windermere Supergroup, Southern Canadian Cordillera
L. Navarro, D. Cochrane, B. Arnott
Comparison of Stratigraphic Elements and Their Spatial Distribution in a Mixed Deep-Marine Continental Slope System, Windermere Supergroup, Canadian Cordillera, BC
D. Cochrane, L. Navarro, B. Arnott
Controls on the Distribution of Intra and Post-Volcanic Sediments, West of Shetland
J. Hardman, A. Hartley, N. Schofield, D. Jolley, S. Holford, D. Watson
Correlation of Faunally Poor Clastic Successions Using Heavy Minerals: An Example From the Triassic Skagerrak Formation of the Central North Sea
I. P. Greig, A. Hartley, E. Gray, R. D. Burgess
Cenozoic Evolution of Siliciclastic Sediments and Implications for Hydrocarbon Prospectivity in Southwestern Barents Sea
K. O. Omosanya, S. E. Johansen, D. Harishidayat, L. Samperi, G. Minelli, P. Abrahamson
Mixed Carbonate-Siliciclastic Systems: Dynamics and Controls, Eocene-Oligocene Browse Basin
C. Sanchez, J. A. Covault, X. Janson, D. Dunlap
Depositional Process Controls on Mixed Siliciclastic-Carbonate Deep-Water Reservoirs: Middle Pennsylvanian Cherokee Group, Anadarko Basin, Texas Panhandle
N. Hu, R. G. Loucks, G. Frébourg, J. A. Covault
Arid Continental Rift Systems: Exploration of the Rio Grande Rift Basin Complex
L. Welcome, L. J. Wood
The Link Between Carbonates, Evaporites and Siliciclastics in Arid Rift Basins; El Qaa Fault Block, Suez Rift, Egypt
M. Muravchik, R. Gawthorpe, I. Sharp
Mixed Carbonate and Siliciclastic Deepwater Systems Modified by Large-Scale Inflections in Slope Angle Below the Shelf Break
G. S. Hurd, C. Kerans, N. Frost, T. Simo, X. Janson
Upper Ordovician Incised Valley (Karst) Fill Deposits of Central Missouri: A Reinterpretation of “Pennsylvanian Filled Sinks”
W. W. Little, A. D. Chapman, D. N. Meehan
Seismic Characterisation of “Prospect B”: A Possible Carbonate Build-Up From the Late Syn-Rift (Barremian) of the Lüderitz Basin, Namibia
N. Rochelle-Bates, M. Huuse, S. Schröder, G. Pritchard
Mixed Carbonates and Siliciclastics North of the Mahakam Delta, Offshore East Kalimantan, Indonesia
A. Saller
Geodynamics and Synchronous Filling of Flexural Basins:The Northern Margin of the Levant Basin
N. Papadimitriou, R. Deschamps, F. Nader, C. Gorini, V. Symeou
Element Geochemical Characteristics and Its Paleo-environmental Significance of Permian Carbonate in Khorat Basin, Thailand
G. Du, H. Cang, S. Hu, P. Gao, R. Yu, C. Wu, Q. Cao, Z. Qi, M. Tong
Heterozoan, Biosiliceous and Organic-Rich Deposits of Jurassic (Oxfordian) Hanifa Formation, Saudi Arabia
H. Eltom, E. C. Rankey, S. Hasiotis, L. Gonzalez, D. Cantrell
Identification of OAE1B on the Comanche Shelf, Central Texas, and Implications for the Impacts of OAE on Shallow Water Carbonate Depositional Systems
R. Forkner, C. Kerans, H. Rowe, M. L. Dykstra, A. Bowman, O. Varol
Re-defining Depositional Model of the Buda Formation Utilizing Outcrops From West Texas and Cores From South and Central Texas
X. Zhang, M. C. Pope
The Terrestrial-Marine Transition in the Phosphoria Rock Complex of the Bighorn Basin, Wyoming
E. J. Matheson, T. D. Frank
Sedimentary Dynamics and High-Frequency Sequence Stratigraphy on the Slope of Great Bahama Bank
M. Wunsch, C. Betzler, G. Eberli, S. Lindhorst, T. Lüdmann
Recent Carbonates-Evaporites of Southern Arabian Gulf: An Analogue to the Jurassic Reservoirs Peri-Tidal and Evaporite Cycles of Arabian Basin
A. S. Alsharhan, T. DeKeyser, C. G. Kendall
Gypsum Stromatolites From Sawda Nathil: A Geological Relict From Salinas Along the Fourth Coastline of Qatar
C. J. Strohmenger, J. Jameson
Salina Group Lithofacies in the Michigan Basin: Development of an Improved Depositional Model From Core Analysis
P. J. Voice, W. B. Harrison, A. H. Caruthers
Palaeogeographic Reconstruction and Hydrocarbon Reservoir Prediction Using Sedimentary Architectures of Different Carbonate Platform Margins: A Case Study of Carbonate Platform Margins in Feixianguan Period of the Early Triassic, NE Sichuan Basin, China
F. Xing, Y. Lu, T. Guo, S. Li, S. Jiang, H. Hu
Comparing and Contrasting Controls on Sediment Patterns in Contemporary Isolated Carbonate Platforms as Analogs for Ancient Examples – Case Studies From South East Asia
C. Teoh, G. Warrlich
Determining Lithologic Variations, Provenance, and Depositional Environments of the Del Rio Formation in West Texas
W. Ligon
Depositional Controls and Sequence Stratigraphy of Lacustrine to Marine Transgressive Deposits in an Active Rift Basin, Lower Cretaceous Bluff Mesa, Indio Mountains, West Texas
A. T. Anderson, K. A. Giles, R. Langford
Lithofacies, Sequence Architecture, and Petrophysical Characterization of the Lower Desert Creek Zone (Middle Pennsylvanian, Paradox Formation) in the Greater Aneth Field, Southern Paradox Basin, Utah
C. J. Rinderknecht, S. Ritter, E. Gunnell, P. Nielsen
Grayburg Formation Reservoir-Scale Architecture and Sequence Stratigraphy, Permian Basin
R. Lindsay
Equatorial Atolls of Republic of Kiribati (Equatorial Pacific): Impact of Physical and Chemical Oceanographic Processes on Sedimentology and Geomorphology
E. C. Rankey, T. Uriam
Depositional Setting and Reservoir Quality of the Lockhart Limestone (Lower Paleocene) in the Hazara-Kashmir Basin (NW Lesser Himalayas, Pakistan)
N. Ahsan, M. M. Shah
Evolution of Halokinetic Sequences Adjacent to the Pine Ridge Salt Diapir, Paradox Basin, SE Utah: Implications for Salt Controlled Development
C. Fountain, B. Trudgill
The Upside Potential of the Early Miocene Kujung-1 Carbonate, Offshore East Java, Indonesia
R. Fifariz, M. Setiawan, X. Janson, C. Kerans, S. Thoha
Upper Permian Reef and Shelf Facies of the Southern Margin of the Yangtze Platform, South China Provide Insight Into Reef Ecology and Environments Prior to the End-Permian Mass Extinction
S. Thorne, D. Liu, E. Hartson, C. Kelleher, X. F. Li, W. Foster, J. L. Payne, D. Lehrmann
Pisolite Facies in the Wuchiapingian Isolated Reefs of Western Poland
T. M. Peryt
Stratigraphic Model for Lower and Upper Cretaceous Strata of the East Texas Basin – Constraints From Core, Wireline-Log, and 2-D Seismic Data
P. Soto-Kerans
A Predictive Model of Dolomitization and Its Control on Reservoir Quality and Seismic Attributes in the Viola Formation, Morrison NE Field, Clark County, Kansas
A. Linares, M. Totten, A. Raef, A. Vohs
Preliminary Chemostratigraphic Record for the Devonian Three Forks Formation and Associated Units, North Dakota
H. Rowe, E. Sivil
Successful Horizontal Well Placement With Limited Data Control in the Deep Toarcian Age Carbonate Reservoir of North Kuwait: A Case Study
C. Pattnaik, V. Kidambi, N. Rao, N. Al-Ajmi, B. Al-Qadeeri, S. Al-Haidar, Q. Dashti
Sediment Transport Controls Ooid Growth
E. Trower, M. P. Lamb, J. P. Grotzinger, M. Cantine, S. O'Reilly, W. W. Fischer
Evaluation of Earthquake Potential Associated With the Injection of Wastewater Disposal Wells in Shale-Gas Resvoirs, Oklahoma, USA
K. F. Umbarger
The Influence of Wastewater Injection Wells on Induced Seismicity in the Denver Basin Combined Disposal Zone, Weld County, Northeast Colorado
M. R. Brown, S. Ge, A. F. Sheehan
Multidisciplinary Characterization of Geomechanical Properties and Flow Behavior of the Coupled Arbuckle-Basement System, Payne County, Northern Oklahoma
G. Machado, G. Hickman, M. Gogri, M. J. Pranter, K. J. Marfurt, Z. A. Reza
Identifying Areas at Risk for Injection-Induced Seismicity Through Subsurface Analysis: An Example From Southern Kansas
J. C. Jennings, T. S. Bidgoli
Properties of High-Pressure Gas Flows Near a Wellbore in a Fractured Well During Well Test
H. Jiang
Fluid Injection and Earthquake Size in Faulted Reservoirs
M. Babazadeh, J. E. Olson, R. A. Schultz
Re-Examination of the Wellbore Mechanics Basis for Interpreting Leak-off Tests – Impacts on Stress State and Pore Pressure Determinations
K. M. Alruwaili, G. D. Couples*, J. Ma
Predicting the Potential for Fluid-Induced Fault Reactivation: An Example From Wellington Field, Sumner County, KS
D. R. Schwab, T. S. Bidgoli*, M. H. Taylor, L. Stearns
Permeability Prediction and Distribution in the Confined South Georgia Rift Red Beds With Implications for CO2 Storage
O. M. Akintunde, C. Knapp, J. H. Knapp
Onshore/Offshore Carbon Sequestration in the Southeastern United States
C. Knapp, J. H. Knapp, O. M. Akintunde, D. Brantley, V. Lakshmi, K. Almutairi, D. Almayahi, A. Alshammari
Offshore CO2 Storage in Continental Shelf Stratigraphy – Global Research Needs, Storage Potential, and Technical Challenges
E. Beckham, R. H. Trevino, T. A. Meckel, S. Hovorka
Experimental Investigation Into Fracture Closure in Caprocks in CO2 Storage Reservoirs
T. O. Lynch, H. Al-Hajri, Q. Fisher
Evidences of Localized CO2-induced Diagenesis in the Cretaceous Quantou Formation, Southern Songliao Basin, China
K. Xi, Y. Cao, H. Hellevang
Earth Stress and Seismic Hazard From the Size-Frequency Distribution of Seismic Events
S. Williams-Stroud, G. Yielding
Bucket Welding: Where Does All That Salt Go?
T. P. Dooley, M. Hudec
The Structural Evolution of Hamilton Creek/Dry Creek Anticline and Its Relationship to the Southeast Termination of Paradox Valley, SW Colorado
E. P. Wilson, B. Trudgill
The Temporal and Lateral Facies Variability and Internal Geometries of Syn-Rift Salt: Insights From the Early Mesozoic Orpheus Rift Basin, Offshore Eastern Canada
B. R. Hanafi, M. O. Withjack, R. Schlische
Stress, Deformation and Failure Associated With Salt-Sheet Emplacement
M. Nikolinakou, M. Heidari, M. Hudec, P. B. Flemings
Forward Hydro-Mechanical Modeling of a Rising Salt Diapir Considering the Effect of Basin Sand Layers
M. Heidari, M. Nikolinakou, M. Hudec, P. B. Flemings
Jurassic Gravitational Shelf Spreading in the Western DeSoto Canyon Salt Basin, Mobile, Viosca Knoll and Destin Dome Areas, East-Central Gulf of Mexico
J. Pashin, G. Jin, D. Hills, J. Meng
The Kuqa Fold-and-Thrust System: Geometry of a Deformed Multilayered System Involving Coal and Salt Décollements
E. Izquierdo, O. Pla, E. Roca*, Y. Neng, J. Muñoz, S. Huang, M. G. Rowan, O. Ferrer
Geomechanical Forward Modeling as a Trap-Seal Risking Tool in Rifted Margin Salt Tectonics: Applications in a Layered Evaporite Sequence (LES), Red Sea
R. Goteti, S. Agar, J. P. Brown, H. J. Sibon, B. M. Tulbah
High-Resolution Multibeam Reveals Surficial Character of the Perdido, Mexican Ridges, and Campeche Fold Belts; Deep Water Mexican Gulf of Mexico
P. Teas, D. Orange, J. Decker, K. Brumley
Role of Supra-Salt Decoupling on Mesozoic Graben Formation in the UK Southern North Sea
R. J. Grant, J. R. Underhill, R. Jamieson, R. M. Williams
Evaluating Exploration Potential of Suture Zones or Encased Minibasins Using an Outcrop Example From the Neoproterozoic Patawarta Salt Canopy, Central Flinders Ranges, South Australia
R. A. Kernen, K. A. Giles, M. P. Fischer, S. Giles, A. Lehrmann, M. G. Rowan
From Outcrop to Reservoir: Improving Exploration in Diapiric Provinces
E. Saura, J. Verges, M. Moragas, E. Casciello, G. Casini, Y. Almar, Y. Poprawski, J. Martín-Martín, G. Méssager, D. Hunt
Raft-Related Structures of the Albian Madiela Formation, Offshore South Gabon
V. M. Moore, R. H. Blanchard
The Origin of Salt-Encased Sediment Packages: Observations From the SE Precaspian Basin (Kazakhstan)
N. Fernandez, O. B. Duffy, M. Hudec, M. Jackson, G. Burg, C. A. Jackson, T. P. Dooley
New Type of Kinematic Indicator in Bedding-Parallel Veins and Vertical Fracture Abundance and Timing in Vaca Muerta Formation, Argentina
E. Ukar, R. G. Lopez, A. Fall, R. Manceda, J. Gale, S. E. Laubach
Distribution of Natural Deformation in Organic-Rich Petroleum Systems: Reservoir Implications From Outcrop Analysis, Turonian Second White Specks Formation, Highwood River, Southwest Alberta
B. Komaromi, P. K. Pedersen, P. MacKay
Direct Computation of the Oda Fractured Rock Mass Permeability Tensor From Digital Outcrop Datasets
T. D. Seers
Modeling the Effect of Borehole Orientation on Stereonets
C. R. Berg
The Impact of Inheritance on the Architecture of Natural Fracture Networks – A Multi-Scale Study From Southeastern Australia
A. Samsu, A. Cruden, M. Hall, S. Micklethwaite
Fracture Systems Prediction for Exploratory Prospects Using Multiscale Data Integration - Application in a Mesozoic Carbonate Reservoir in the Southeastern of Mexico
C. Prieto-Ubaldo, M. Hernandez-Padilla, L. Velazquez-Contreras, R. Sanchez-Arriaga, C. Olivares-Paniagua
Timing of Opening and Cementation of Bedding-Parallel and Vertical Fractures, Vaca Muerta Formation, Argentina
A. Fall, E. Ukar, R. G. Lopez, J. Gale, R. Manceda, S. E. Laubach
Geometries, Structures and Petrography of Tumey Injection Complex, California (USA)
G. Zvirtes, A. Hurst, R. Philipp, G. Palladino, A. Grippa
Mechanical Stratigraphic Controls on Natural Fracture Spacing and Penetration
R. N. McGinnis, D. A. Ferrill, A. Morris, K. Smart, D. Lehrmann
Using Structural Restoration Techniques and Strain Tracking to Predict Fracture Distributions
C. Luneburg
Investigating the Effect of Deformation on Hydrocarbon Retention in Shale Plays
A. Getsinger, S. Naruk
Counter-Regional Detachment Structures in Southwestern Pennsylvania, Central Appalachian Basin: Implications for Marcellus Shale Gas Exploration and Production
D. Gao
Borehole Image Based Aperture Characterization to Identify Primary Versus Secondary Fracture Opening
K. Ghosh, N. Harvey, R. Gales
Mapping Reservoir Stress Conditions Using Hydraulic Fracturing Microseismicity
O. J. Teran
Characterization of Microseismic-Derived Discrete Fracture Networks Through Topological Approaches
A. M. Baig, T. Urbancic, E. P. Ardakani, L. Smith-Boughner
Petroleum Resource Assessment Through Classifying Hydrocarbon Migration Stages and Their Associated Accumulation Types
J. Liu, Y. Zhao, B. J. Katz
Predrill Prediction of Proximal Charge From a Dry Hole: An Example From the Barents Sea
J. Chao, R. Lishansky, S. Feiner, W. Phiukhao, D. L. Hall, B. Bennett, D. Wavrek
The Influence of Regional Uplift and Exhumation Upon Paleo and Active Petroleum Systems, Libya
R. Aboushoug, D. Boote, A. Gudmundsson, A. Dardour
The Helium System: A Modification of the Petroleum System for Inert Gases
B. McDowell, A. V. Milkov, D. S. Anderson
Our Current Working Model for Unconventional Tight Petroleum Systems: Oil and Gas
S. Sonnenberg, L. Meckel
Source Rock of Woodford Tight Oil Play on the Cherokee Platform (Oklahoma)
T. Wang, L. Liu, M. Liu, P. Philp
Petroleum Geochemistry of Woodford-Sourced Oils From the Mid-Continent Region, USA
J. E. Zumberge, J. B. Curtis*
Inorganic Elemental Analysis of Woodford and Mississippian Mudrocks: Implication for Petroleum Systems Analysis
R. Wilcoxson, I. AlAtwah, J. Pantano, F. Marcantonio
Utilizing HHXRF to Assess Variable Bottom Water Anoxia Within the Late Devonian Woodford Shale in the Arkoma Basin, Southern Oklahoma
B. W. Turner, R. Slatt
Fine-Scale Spatial Distribution of Organofacies in the Mowry Shale, Wind River Basin, Lander, WY
T. Tuttle, S. M. Hudson, S. Steed, T. Duncan, N. Shepard, J. Klimek
Deciphering Interplay of Tectonism and Redox Conditions on Temporal Variation in Total Organic Carbon Content in the Marcellus Shale: Evidence From Multiple Geochemical Proxies
R. Chen, S. Sharma
Thermal Maturity Assessment for Source Rock and Producible Fluid in the Eagle Ford Shale
X. Sun, T. Zhang, D. A. Enriquez
Methane Re-Saturation in Barnett Shale Core Plugs and Determination of Post-Coring Gas Loss
D. A. Enriquez, T. Zhang
Lead Isotope Analyses of Crude Oils and Their Source Shale Beds Could Prove Useful in Determining the Time of Formation of Oil
S. Chaudhuri, D. Ramirez-Caro, M. Totten, H. Alvarez, G. Riepl, J. Miesse, S. Kirkwood, G. Sandlin, M. Granet, B. Reitz, M. Spaid-Reitz
Integrated Multidisciplinary Workflow for Shale Play Characterization: Towards Selecting Best Landing Points in the Vaca Muerta Formation, Neuquen Basin, Argentina
J. Mathieu, J. Leduc, J. Pelletier, S. Vidal-Gilbert, K. Su, M. Raverta
Pore Systems in a Volcanogenic-Grain-Bearing Mudrock: The Jurassic-Cretaceous Vaca Muerta Shale of Argentina
R. M. Reed, K. Milliken, C. J. Lipinski, J. W. Bishop
Advanced Mud Gas and Fluid Inclusion Analysis—Vaca Muerta Horizontal, Argentina
D. L. Hall, M. Fasola, D. Strapoc
Hydraulically Induced Fracturing Response of the Vaca Muerta Formation From Borehole-Based Microseismic Monitoring and Subsequent Single-Well Moment Tensor Analysis
S. Hanson-Hedgecock, J. Rutledge, J. LeCalvez, R. Sarmiento
Comparison of the La Luna Formation Unconventional Resource Shale in Middle Magdalena Basin, Colombia and Lago de Maracaibo Basin, Venezuela
E. J. Torres, A. Liborius, R. Slatt, P. Philp
An Emerging Vaca Muerta Formation Unconventional Development, Sierras Blancas and Cruz de Lorena Blocks, Neuquen Basin, Argentina
M. A. Thomas, B. Williams, E. Kruijs, V. Jain, T. Chen, O. Davogustto, J. Kato
Chemostratigraphic Characterization of the Vaca Muerta Formation in the Neuquén Basin, Argentina: Implications for Depositional Environment and Stratigraphic Distribution of Hydrocarbon Play Elements
R. D. Wilson, R. Locklair, E. G. Pelegri, H. M. Reijenstein, C. J. Lipinski, I. N. Noguera, M. Fantin, C. N. Larriestra
Investigating the Effect of Thermal Maturity on Geomechanical Properties in Shale Reservoirs: An Example in Upper Devonian Duvernay Formation, Western Canada Sedimentary Basin
T. Dong, N. Harris
Mineralogical and Petrophysical Characterization of the Reservoir Facies of Doig Formation in British Columbia, Triassic of Western Canada Sedimentary Basin
P. LacerdaSilva, M. Bustin
Regional Scale Reservoir Characterization and Thermal History of Upper Devonian Organic-Rich Shales in the Horn River and Liard Basins, and Adjacent Western Alberta
T. Wilson, R. Bustin
Experimental Workflow Applied to Marine Source Rocks Sampled in the Montney-Doig Formations of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin
W. Sassi, E. Bemer, M. Fleury, G. Berthe, M. Romero-Sarmiento, T. Euzen
High Resolution Stratigraphic Variability in Black Shale Geochemistry: Horn River Group, British Columbia
N. Harris, T. Dong, K. Ayranci
TOC Distribution and Prediction in the Vaca Muerta Formation, Neuquén Basin, Argentina
M. Tenaglia, R. Weger, G. Eberli, L. E. RuedaSánchez, L. RodriguezBlanco, P. Swart
Subsalt Imaging: An Integrated Approach to Image Improvement of Vintage Data
E. Owah, C. Rivera, M. Lahmi, M. Courbe
Subsalt 3-D Modelling and HC Reservoir Prediction With Scarce 2-D Seismic Datasets: Can We Obtain Reliable Results?