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Wednesday Morning Poster Presentations

Petrophysical Analysis of the 3rd Bone Spring Formation
P. L. Sims, L. Matthews, M. Pippin, I. H. Yeter, H. Tian
Stratigraphic Architecture and Evolution of Submarine Canyons and Other Sediment Conduits in the SE Loppa High, Barents Sea
D. Harishidayat, S. E. Johansen, K. O. Omosanya, S. P. Løseth
Fracture Characterization on Virtual Outcrop Model of Mississippian Boone Formation
L. Sun, S. D. Khan, S. Sarmiento, M. Lakshmikantha
Combining Sequence Stratigraphy with Artificial Neural Networks to Enhance Regional Correlation and Determination of Reservoir Quality in the "Mississippian Limestone" of the Mid-Continent, USA
E. Elium, G. Grammer, M. J. Pranter
Hydrocarbon Generation Potential of Late Eocene Enping Formation Mudstones in the Huilu Area, Northern Pearl River Mouth Basin, South China Sea
J. Peng, X. Pang, X. Ma, H. Shi
Seismic geomorphology and characterization of deep water architectural elements and its applications in 3D modeling. A case of study, North Carnarvon Basin Australia.
J. J. Tellez, R. Slatt
Evaluation of Reservoir Potential of Glaciomarine Sandstones in the Victoria Land Basin, Antarctica: Insights from Diagenesis in Cape Roberts Project Drillcores
M. Yang, T. D. Frank, C. R. Fielding
Assessment of Lithium-Rich Brine From the Smackover Formation by Analyzing Core, Geochemical, Petrophysical, and Productivity Data: Insights From Deep Evaporite-Carbonate Transitions.
T. Palmer, R. Gabitov
Characterization of the Pore System and its Storage Capacity in Devonian Black Shale of Appalachian Basin
L. Song, T. Carr
Petrophysical and Paleo-environmental Assessment of a Mississippian Rock Interval from Central Kansas, (Mid Continent-US) Using Thin Sections
O. A. Ogunsegha, H. Ali
Integrated Basinal-Scale Study on Potential Shale Plays in Abakaliki Fold Belt and Calabar Flank, Nigeria
O. A. Oluwajana, O. A. Ehinola
Morphology, classification and controlling factors of the Late Quaternary submarine canyon system on the northern margin of the South China Sea
X. Wang, Y. Wang, H. Zhuo, W. Chen
3-D Volumetric Interpretation – Advancing the Way We Interpret Seismic Stratigraphy and Geomorphology
L. R. Goggin, T. Sun, A. Dutranois, A. D. Harris
Seismic Stratigraphy of the Toe-Thrust Region of the Niger Delta Slope: Linking Structural Evolution to Basin Fill History
M. Pizzi, M. Mayall, L. Lonergan, A. Whittaker
WheelerLab: An Interactive Program for Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis of Seismic Sections and the Generation of Dynamic Chronostratigraphic Sections
A. Amosu, Y. Sun
FischerLab: An Interactive Program for Generating Dynamic Fischer Plots From Wireline Logs and Stratigraphic Data
A. Amosu, Y. Sun
Stratigraphic Architectures of Deltas Formed During Forced and Normal Regressions, Ferron Sandstone (Turonian), Southeast Utah, USA
J. T. Korus, C. R. Fielding*
3-D Sequence Stratigraphic Modelling of Shallow Marine Systems in Syn- to Post-rift Settings
B. Barrett, D. Hodgson, R. Collier, R. Dorrell
Finding the Sequence Missing Link: Recognition of the RST in Clastics and Carbonates in Outcrop, Borehole and Seismic Stratigraphy
J. D. Pigott, R. Zhai*, K. L. Pigott, Y. Zhou, A. Caf, K. N. Garrett
Three-Dimensional Variation in High-Relief Shelf Margin Clinoform Architecture With Implications for Sediment Delivery to the Deep-Sea, Cretaceous Alaskan North Slope
E. Pemberton, S. Hubbard
The Protagonists of Sequence Stratigraphy Caught on Video
D. Minisini
Space, Things, Time, and Events: Horacio Harrington, Derek Ager, and the Dichotomous Future of Sequence Stratigraphy
B. D. Cramer
Bio-Stratigraphy Disproves Eustacy as a Primary Factor in the Accumulation of Middle Paleozoic Rocks Around the Transcontinental Arch of North America
G. D. Couples, M. W. Frye
A Successful Test of the “Standard” Depositional Sequence Model at a Lacustrine-Fluvial Setting and Application to Paleogeographic Reconstruction of Upper-Triassic Zhangjiatan Shale, Ordos Foreland Basin, China
W. Yang, Q. Yu, X. Luo, Y. Lei
Reading the Sedimentary Record: A Multiple-Hypotheses Working Methodology
H. Li
An Integrated Approach to Evaluate Carbonate Pore Structures of Early Triassic Reservoir, Puguang Gas Field
Q. Huang, Q. Dou, Y. Sun
Application of Unconformity Identification and Evaluation in the Optimizing of Offshore Oilfield Development Plan: A Case Study of CFD Oilfield in Bohai Bay Basin
W. Yang
An Integration of Genetic Inversion and Seismic Frequency Attributes to Delineate Reservoir Targets in Offshore Northern Orange Basin, South Africa
C. A. Samakinde
Seismic Texture Analysis Applied to Unconventional Reservoir Characterization and Calibration: A Case Study in Central Pennsylvania, North Central Appalachian Basin
C. J. Gieger, D. Gao
Studying Seismic Signatures of Fluid Substitution in Reservoir Characterization
S. Maity, P. Mishra
Study on Intercalation of Shallow Water Delta by Integration of Logging and Seismic Data
L. Zhang, Q. Wu, Y. Jiang, S. Wang
A New Method of Making the Thickness Map of the Shallow Sand Body Constrained by Seismic Attribute
M. Jun, Z. Xuefeng, L. Xuetong, P. Yong, L. Wenbin
A New Approach to Effectively Identifying Deep Fan-Delta Sandbodies
B. Kang, K. Wu, J. Xu
Efficiency Gains in Inversion-Based Interpretation Through Computer-Driven Classification
D. T. Dewett
Fluvial Reservoir Architecture Characterization of Mature Oilfields With Seismic Sedimentology Method
X. ZHANG, T. Zhang, C. Lin
Integrated Reservoir Characterization of Thin Bed Reservoir in Desert Area
J. Chen, J. Lin, J. Li, Y. Lin, Y. Li, J. Bie, Y. Wang
Lower Triassic Tight Sand Reservoirs Prediction Technology Combined of Post- and Pre-stack Seismic Inversion in MX Area, Junggar Basin
W. Liu
An Effective Thin Reservoir Prediction Method Which Combines Spectral Inversion and Wide-Band Ricker Wavelet Filtering
J. Fan, N. Guo, Z. Zhang, X. Xie
Reservoir Pore Structure Classification of Carbonate Rocks Based on Lithology Analysis and NMR Experiments
F. Tian, W. Wang, Z. Liu, T. Zhu, Y. zhou, N. Liu, T. Fang
Applying PCA in Seismic Attribute Analysis for Interpretation of Evaporite Facies: Lower Triassic Jialingjiang Formation, Sichuan Basin, China
Z. Xu, S. Hu, H. Zeng, Q. Fu, L. Jiang, S. Shi
Induced Earthquakes on Basement Faults Caused by Injection Into Sedimentary Reservoirs
Z. Fan, P. Eichhubl, P. Newell, C. Zhu
Seismic Efficiency vs. Fracability; Effects of Mechanical Properties on Radiated Elastic Waves With Application to Hydraulic-Fracturing-Induced Microseismicity
F. Sheibani, B. H. Hager
Benchmarking and Calibration of 3-D Geomechanical Models
R. Alcalde
Least Principal Stress Prediction Using a Viscoplastic Stress Relaxation Model Applied to Stacked Pay in the Permian Basin
S. Xu, F. Rassouli, M. Zoback
Structural Analysis of Strike-slip Faulting in Ernst Tinaja Canyon, Big Bend National Park, TX
R. R. Silberstorf
Is Siltstone Geomechanics on the Mixing Line Between Sandstone and Shale? Example From the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin Montney Formation
N. Vaisblat, K. Ayranci, N. Harris
Influence of Lithology and Diagenesis on Mechanical and Sealing Properties of the Thirteen Finger Limestone and Upper Morrow Shale, Farnsworth Unit, Texas
N. Trujillo, D. RoseCoss, P. Mozley, J. Heath, M. Cather
Numerical Modeling of the Deformation and Displacement of Salt Bodies With Embedded Carbonate or Anhydrite Stringers
S. Li, G. Zhang, J. L. Urai
High Stress Anisotropy Associated With the Highly Deformed Kohat Basin, NW Himalayas, Pakistan: Its Importance and Implication in the Hydrocarbon Exploration and Developmental Strategies
K. I. Mohammad, H. Rai, A. Sajjad, K. MahmoodulZaffar, U. Muhammad, C. RashidJamil
Induced Seismicity – Implications for Addressing Regulatory Requirements for Design, Analysis, and Monitoring of Underground Injections and Hydraulic Fracturing
M. Hosseini, M. Hosseini, B. Miyazaki, P. Somerville
Coupled Geomechanics-Transient Fluid Flow Model to Predict Intact Zone Failure Mechanism and Sand Production: Case Study in Field X
N. Fitriani, S. Wicaksono, F. Rizaldy*
Integrating Mineralogy, Process Sedimentology and Geomechanics for Development of a Mechanical Stratigraphy Model of the Bakken Formation
A. Charsky, D. Pyles, S. Sonnenberg
An Investigation of Static and Dynamic Data Using Multistage Triaxial Test
A. Bilal, M. Myers, L. Hathon
Source Rock Characteristics and Hydrocarbon Potential of Middle Permian P2p Source Rocks in the Kelameili Area, Eastern Junggar Basin, NW China: Implications for Tight Oil Exploration
H. Bai, X. Pang, L. Kuang, H. Pang, X. Song
Sequence Architecture and Its Controlling Factors of Middle Jurassic Fluvial Successions in Western Sichuan Foreland Basin
J. Liu, Y. Ji
The Relationship Between Tempo-pressure Evolution and Accumulation Process of Deep Carbonate Reservoir in the Central Paleo-uplift, Sichuan Basin, Southwest China
W. Liu, N. Qiu, Y. Liu, Q. Xu
Gas of Biodegradation Origin and Their Pooling Characteristics in Shallow Reservoirs of Langgu Sag
Y. Cao
Charging of Heavy Oil Fields Surrounding the Southern End of Liaoxi Uplift From Multiple Lacustrine Source Rock Intervals and Generative Kitchens, Bohai Bay Basin, China
D. Tian, C. Xu, K. Wu, R. Zhang*, W. Pan
Mechanisms of Petroleum Accumulation in the Liaodong Bay, Bohai Bay Basin, China: Origin and Occurrence of Crude Oils Presented by Rucai Zhang
D. Tian, C. Xu, K. Wu, W. Pan
Hydrocarbon Sources and Charge History in the Ultra-Deep-Buried Cretaceous Sandstone Reservoir, Kuqa Depression, Tarim Basin
X. Song, X. Lv, Y. Shen, S. Guo, H. Bai
Numerical Simulation of Fluid Flow in Fracture-Cave System Dominated Carbonate Reservoirs: Taking Akekule Nosing Structure (North Tarim Basin, China) for Example
H. Chenjun, M. Yongsheng, L. Geyun
Secondary Migration of Petroleum Along Axis of Syncline: A Case Study on Southern Kuqa Foreland Basin
J. Cai, X. Lü
Paleo-Heat Flow Evolution of the Baiyun Sag, the Pearl River
Y. Li, Z. Jiang, S. Jiang, K. Xu
Charging of Oil Fields in Qionghai Uplift: Oil Generated From Multiple Kitchens and Source Rock Intervals
Y. Quan, Y. Hu
Integrating Geophysics With Geology to Predict Sand Body Distribution in Fault Basin
Z. Wei, X. Hua
Determination of Three Tectonic Styles in the Western Margin of Ordos Basin Using HD Seismic
Y. Zhou, C. Jing, D. Wu, W. Li
Scale-Dependent Nature of Porosity and Pore Size Distribution in Lacustrine Shales: An Investigation by BIB-SEM and X-ray CT Methods
J. Li, S. Lu
Overpressure Generation and Evolution in Wufeng-Longmaxi Shales of Jiaoshiba Shale Gas Field, Sichuan Basin, China
J. Gao, S. He
Lithofacies and Deposition Environment of the Fine-grained Depositional Rocks in Saline Lake: A Case Study From the Permian Lucaogou Formation in Jimsar Sag, Junggar, China
L. Qiu
Pore Characterization and Shale Facies Analysis of the Ordovician-Silurian Succession of Northern Guizhou, South China: The Relationship Between Pore Distribution and Shale Facies
Y. Li, J. Schieber, T. Fan
Pore Characteristics of the Organic-Rich Marine Shales With High Thermal Maturity: A Case study of the Lower Silurian Longmaxi Gas Shale Reservoirs in Southern China
M. Shi, B. Yu, J. Zhang
A Combination of N2 and CO2 Adsorption to Characterize Nanopore Structure of Organic-rich Lower Silurian Shale in the Upper Yangtze Platform, South China: Implications for Shale Gas Sorption Capacity
L. Chen, Z. Jiang, K. Liu
3-D Geological Modeling for Tight Sand Gas Reservoir in Braided River Facies
Z. Guo
The Discussion of Mechanism of Tight Sandstone’s Formation by ShanXi Formation of the Eastern Part of the Ordos Basin
J. Liu, Y. Li*
Multiscale Characterization of Shale Oil Reservoirs Using XRF, SEM-EDS, Synchrotron-Based CT Imaging and DCM Modeling
K. Liu, X. Wang, Y. Cao, S. Yang
Source Rock Characteristics and Hydrocarbon Expulsion Potential of Lower Permian Fengcheng Formation in Fengcheng Area, Junggar Basin, Northwest China: Implications for Tight Oil Potential
T. Hu, X. Pang, F. Jiang
Diagenesis and Its Impact on Reservoir Quality of Volcanic Rocks – Carboniferous of the Western Junggar Basin, China
C. Fang, H. Ji, H. Jia, C. Li
Lithofacies and Depositional Environment of the Eocene Kongdian Shale, Cangdong Depression, Bohai Bay Basin, China
Y. Deng, S. Chen, J. Yan
Pores Characteristics and Influencing Factors of Different Types of Shale in China
M. Wang, S. Liu, H. Tian, J. Fan*, Y. Hao
Characterization of Pore-Throat Structure and Prediction of Sweet Spots of the Eocene Low Permeability-Tight Beach-Bar Sandstone Reservoirs in the Dongying Depression, Bohai Bay Basin, China
J. Wang, Y. Cao, K. Liu
Tight Sandstone Gas Reservoir Characterization of Kuqa Depression, Tarim Basin, China
J. Fan, M. Zhao, K. Liu
Characterization of Overall Pore Size Distribution Using N2AD, MICP, NMR: A Case From Chang 7 Tight Sandstone in Ordos Basin, China
C. Li, G. Liu, Z. Cao
The Bright Prospect of Quantitative Grain Fluorescence Technique in Applications in Hydrocarbon Accumulation and a New Case Study of Tight Oil and Gas
Q. Yin
Characteristics of Two Types of Longmaxi Gas-Shale Reservoirs in the Southern Sichuan Basin
Q. Guan, X. Lv, D. Dong, Y. Wang, C. Zhang, S. Hu, S. Jiang
Evolution of Tight Gas Sandstone Reservoir Properties and Driving Force in Eastern Kuqa Depression, Tarim Basin
S. Guo, X. Lü, Y. Wang
Tight Oil Reservoir Characterization of the Lower-Middle Permian Lucaogou Formation, Jimusar Sag, Junggar Basin, Northwest China
Q. Wang, H. Ji, D. Yue, W. Wang, M. Wei, N. Wang
Geological and Microstructural Characterization of the Wufeng-Longmaxi Shale in the Basin-Orogen Transitional Belt of Sichuan Basin, China
A. Zhao, Q. Yu, J. Tan
Defining Lateral Lithostratigraphic and Chemostratigraphic Variability Within a Closely-Spaced Array of Drill Cores, Upper Cretaceous Strata, Austin, Texas
H. Rowe, G. Frébourg, S. C. Ruppel
Authigenic Minerals Formation and Detrital Minerals Accumulation Associated with Tasmanites Cysts, and Initial Depositional Porosity in the New Albany Shale, Illinois Basin
B. Liu, J. Schieber
Chronocorrelation of Eagle Ford-Equivalent Stratigraphy in West Texas Through Integration of Biostratigraphic, Chemostratigraphic and Astrochronologic Data With High Resolution U/Pb Zircon Geochronology of Ash Beds From the Ernst Member (Boquillas Formation: Big Bend National Park) and Eagle Ford Group (Lozier Canyon)
E. J. Peavey, M. J. DeLuca, B. Moore, M. P. Wehner, B. V. Miller, M. C. Pope, A. D. Donovan, T. Staerker
Evaluation Method for Hydrocarbon Cleaning Effect in Kerogen-Rich Gas Shale
X. Dong, J. Sun, C. Xu, P. Y. Zhang
Uniting Petrophysics and Stratigraphy to Decipher Classified Facies From a Pre-Stack 3-D Inversion: Wolfcamp and Spraberry, Howard County, Midland Basin
S. P. Gardner, K. McDonough*, R. Lieber, R. Vogler, S. Cook, M. Pollachek
High-Resolution Reservoir Characterization of the Mixed Carbonate-Siliciclastic Wolfcamp and 3rd Bone Spring Sand of the Delaware Basin, West Texas, Using Combined Chemostratigraphic and Mechanical Hardness Data
S. Mandal, J. Zhou, P. F. Rush, M. Quest, S. McWhorther, T. Duplantis
Using LIDAR Images for Quantitative Analysis of Natural Fractures in Woodford Shale Outcrops Along I-35 in Southern Oklahoma
B. Ginter, I. Cemen
New Method of Defining Net Thickness in the Bone Spring Sandstones to Identify Prospective Reservoirs Using Petrophysical Attributes and Stochastic Simulation Techniques in the Todd/Apache Areas, Delaware Basin, NM
M. V. Baron
Rock-Eval Basic/Bulk-Rock vs. Shale Play Methods for Characterization of Unconventional Shale Resource Systems: Application to the Eagle Ford Shale, Texas
S. Ramiro-Ramirez, M. Romero-Sarmiento
Laboratory Measurement of Mudrock on Porosity, Pore and Pore Throat Size, and Permeability: Learnings From Comparison of Techniques
S. Peng, T. Zhang, L. T. Ko, R. G. Loucks, S. C. Ruppel
Petrophysical Properties From Quantitative Multiscale Pore-Structure Characterization in an Unconventional Carbonate Reservoir: An Example From the Mid-Continent Mississippian Limestones
F. Suriamin, M. J. Pranter
The Impact of Salt Precipitates on the XRF Measurement and the Mitigation Strategy – Case Study of the Wolfcamp Formation, Delaware Basin
J. Zhou, S. Mandal, P. F. Rush
Stratigraphic, Sedimentological, and Geochemical Variability in the Eagle Ford Group Across the Stuart City Paleo-Shelf Margin, South Texas
A. Alnahwi, R. G. Loucks, S. C. Ruppel, H. Rowe, R. W. Scott
Altered Mafic Tuff Mounds From the Upper Cretaceous of Central Texas: The First Economical Unconventional Reservoir?
R. M. Reed, R. G. Loucks
Advanced Analytical and Isotopic Technologies to Enhance Development Efficiency in Unconventional Resources
Y. Tang, L. Gao, S. Wu, A. Sneddon, L. Lu, A. Deev
Decoding Molecular Geochemistry of Kerogen From Marcellus Shale
V. Agrawal, A. Warrier, S. Sharma
An Unconventional Exploration Tool for Unconventional Exploration
L. J. Berent, H. R. Nelson
The Effects of Lamination/Bedding on the Brittleness for the Woodford Shale Silica-Rich Intervals, From the Wyche-1 Core-Well Analysis, Pontotoc County, Oklahoma
C. E. Molinares
Integrated Kerogen Characterization in Terms of Source Rock Evaluation and SCAL - Case Study From North Kuwait
J. D. Rao, S. AlAshwak, M. Al-Dousiri, N. Rao, Q. Dashti, K. Cox
Updated USGS Resource Assessment of the Spraberry Formation, Midland Basin, Texas
K. R. Marra
Storm Bed Sequences and Depositional Environments: Sedimentary Model and Well Correlation for the Utica/Point Pleasant Formations of Eastern Ohio, Appalachian Basin, Ordovician
J. Pelletier, J. Mathieu, J. Leduc, A. Bertoncello, T. J. Lloyd
High-Resolution Architecture of Proximal Basin-Floor Deepwater Clastics: Examples From Outcrop, Permian Upper Brushy Canyon Formation, West Texas
J. J. Melick
Morphodynamic Modeling of Fluvial Channel Fill and Avulsion Timescales During Early Holocene Transgression, as Substantiated by the Incised Valley Stratigraphy of the Trinity River, Texas
J. A. Nittrouer, K. Moran, J. B. Anderson, M. M. Perillo, J. Lorenzo-Trueba
Understanding Estuarine Ravinement Processes at Monthly to Decadal Time Scales Through High-Resolution Geochronologies
E. A. Elliott, A. Rodriguez, B. McKee, H. Seim
What Role Has the Presence of the Deweyville Terraces Played in the Formation of Galveston Island and West Galveston Bay?
L. Breedlove, T. M. Dellapenna
Shoreface Ravinement of Backbarrier Bay Deposits of Follets Island, a Transgressive Island Barrier Island Along the Northern Gulf of Mexico, Cannot Source Sand Needed for Island Growth
T. M. Dellapenna, J. Carlin, J. Williams, L. Breedlove, M. Harb
Ground-Penetrating Radar Study of Gulf of Mexico Holocene Beach Ridges as Sea-Level Indicators
A. Philbin, M. Blum, G. Tsoflias, W. Johnson
Water Depths of the Mississippi River Delta Clinoform Break: Implications for Generating a Global Inventory of Post-LGM Relative Sea Level Rise Estimates
P. J. Bart, S. Ghoshal
Characterizing the Stratigraphy of Wave-Dominated Deltas at the Oxnard Plain, California and the Elwha Delta, Washington Using Insights From Ground-Penetrating Radar
J. Zurbuchen, A. R. Simms
The Continental Shelf as a Conveyor or Filter: Sediment Character Analysis From Coeval Topset, Foreset, and Bottomset Deposits
G. I. Cosgrove, D. Hodgson, N. P. Mountney, W. D. McCaffrey
Establishing Foraminifera Based Biofacies Within Shallow Marine Deposits, Carpinteria Slough, CA: Implications for Southern California Sea-Level Studies
J. M. Bentz, A. R. Simms, M. Buzas, P. Buzas-Stephens
Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis of the Turonian Tununk Shale Member, Henry Mountains Region, Utah: Implications for a Depositional Model of Shelfal Mudstones in Epicontinental Seas
Z. Li, J. Schieber
Defining Chronostratigraphic Framework and Clinothem Evolution Through Seismic Analyses of the Po River Lowstand Wedge (Adriatic Sea): Changes in Sediment Supply and Compartmentalized Basin-Floor Deposits
C. Pellegrini, K. Bohacs, M. L. Sweet, T. Drexler, A. Asioli, V. Maselli, M. Rovere, F. Gamberi, G. DallaValle, F. Trincardi
Calibrating Deposition of a Tropical Mixed System: Cibao Basin, Dominican Republic
B. Burke, D. McNeill, J. S. Klaus, P. Swart, G. Sahwell
Autogenic Response of Shoreline Migration to Sea Level Rise in the Incised Valley Depositional System
C. Chen, S. Castelltort*, C. Paola
Spatial-Temporal Variability in Stratigraphic Architectures of the Pearl River Mouth Continental Shelf, Northern South China Sea: An Interactive Response to Regional and Local Controls
H. Zhuo, Y. Wang, X. Peng, X. Nie, W. Yan, X. Wang, Y. Wang
Abiogenic Carbonate Radial Fans and Spherulites – Important Components of Microbialite Pre-Salt Reservoirs: Insights From the Lower Cretaceous Aptian Yucca Formation, Eastern Margin of the Chihuahua Trough, West Texas, USA
A. Llanos, X. F. Li, B. Brunner, K. A. Giles, R. Langford