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Tuesday Morning Oral Presentations

Introductory Remarks
US Tight Oil: What’s Behind the Competitive Cost Curve?
R. G. Clarke
Conventional and Unconventional Petroleum Systems of the Delaware Basin, USA
D. M. Jarvie, D. A. Prose, B. M. Jarvie, R. J. Drozd, A. Maende
Optimization of Horizontal Wells Utilizing Multivariate Analytics of Seismic Inversion in the Wolfcamp Formation of the Midland Basin
J. Wicker, J. Courtier, P. Curth, T. Jeffers
Modified Methods of Petrophysical Pore Pressure Prediction and Static Geomodel Integration in the Delaware Basin: Modeling Overpressure Generated by Fluid Expansion
S. C. Rittenhouse, J. Fritz, S. Riley, J. Roberts
Refreshment Break
Permian Stacked-Pay Potential Assessment Using Multi-Disciplinary Analytics
M. Roth, M. Roth
Quantifying Organic Porosity and Predicting Estimated Ultimate Recovery (EUR) in the Eagle Ford Formation
R. Mclean, C. Miller, B. Guzman, J. Walls
Permeability of the Eagle Ford Shale: Organic Matter “Cement,” Matrix Storage, Limestone Fractures and the Importance of Choke Management
T. Kosanke
Organic Facies and Reservoir Characterization of Eagle Ford Shale as Determined by Stratigraphy, Source Rocks, and Oil Geochemistry
M. W. Rahman, D. Hull, P. Chapman, G. Riggs
Eagle Ford Petroleum System as an Exploration Analog
R. Kommaraju
Evolution and Effects of Sequence Stratigraphy
R. M. Mitchum
Advances in Sequence Stratigraphy—Insights From 35 Years of Studying the Other 80% of the Stratal Record: Mudstones
K. Bohacs, J. MacQuaker
A Simplified Guide For Sequence Stratigraphy: Nomenclature, Definitions and Method
V. Abreu, K. Pederson, J. Neal, K. Bohacs
Defining Aquifer Architecture Using Seismic and Sequence Stratigraphy in the Los Angeles Basin, California: A Foundation for Future Assessment and Management of Groundwater Resources
K. D. Ehman, B. D. Edwards
New Time Constraints on the Karoo Deepwater Physical Sequence Hierarchy
S. Flint, D. Hodgson, M. Poyatos-Moré, E. Tohver
Stratal Stacking Patterns of Continental Margin Successions in Low-Accommodation and Low-Sediment-Supply Settings
C. R. Fielding
Sequence Variability in Shallow Marine/Deltaic Syn-Rift Systems: Impact of Fault Network Evolution and Sediment Supply Variations, Plio-Pleistocene of the Corinth Rift
R. Gawthorpe, M. Muravchik, G. A. Henstra, M. R. Leeder, J. Andrews, H. Kranis, E. Skourtsos, R. Collier, M. Ford
Stratigraphic Evolution of the Barrow Group (Northern Carnarvon Basin, North West Shelf, Australia): Controls on the Architecture of a Shelf-Margin During a Syn-Rift to Post-Rift Transition
V. Paumard, J. Bourget, T. Payenberg, B. Ainsworth, S. Lang, H. W. Posamentier, A. George
Deep-Water Turbidites in Not-so-Deep Basins
H. W. Posamentier, K. D. Ehman, A. Teletzke, V. Paumard, J. Bourget, S. Lang, A. Powell
Introductory Remarks
Evolution of E&P Risk Analysis
P. R. Rose
The Future of Total Exploration: One Ambition
K. McLachlan, J. Navarre
The Exploration Dilemma – Threshold for a New Paradigm?
P. H. Stark, L. Smith
Does It Pay to Innovate? An Economic Lookback at the Lifecycle of the Amplitude Play in the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico
N. Shumaker, T. Chapman, K. Anderegg
Refreshment Break
Base Rate Neglect: A Common Logical Fallacy of Oil and Gas Explorers?
A. V. Milkov
The Upstream Sector Adjusts to the New Economics of Exploration
J. Wilson
Future of Energy Exploration
W. V. Maloney
Exploration Assurance Team Best Practices
G. Citron, M. Bond, P. Carragher
Is Hydrocarbon Exploration Running Out of Resources to Find or Ideas to Find It?
N. Maden
Introductory Remarks
The Whys and Wherefores of Geochemistry and Basin Modeling From Exploration to Production
R. Patience, F. Baur
Source Rocks in the Caribbean Plate
L. M. Bernardo, C. Bartolini
Carotenoid-Derived Biomarkers as Geochemical Tools for Petroleum Exploration and Paleoreconstruction
R. E. Summons, D. Rocher, C. Barrie, K. French, J. E. Zumberge
A Comparative Study of the Primary Geological and Geochemical Controls on Coal-Sourced Natural Gas Accumulations in the US and China
G. S. Ellis, D. Xia, J. Dai, Y. Ni, J. Mi, G. Hu, S. Greb, C. Eble, J. Hower, M. McGlue
Refreshment Break
Geochemistry and Origin of Formation Waters From the Lower Eagle Ford Shale, South Central Texas
M. Engle, C. Doolan, M. S. Varonka, W. H. Orem, P. B. McMahon, S. L. Ray
Guidelines for Kinetic Input to Basin and Petroleum System Models
K. E. Peters, A. K. Burnham, C. C. Walters, O. Schenk
San Andres Play in the Northwest Shelf: A New Insight on Its Petroleum Systems From Oil Geochemistry
L. M. Rodriguez, C. Gong
Unravelling Complex Petroleum Filling History of Great White Field by 4-D Integrated Petroleum Systems Approach
S. K. Sahoo, L. Dzou, A. Hospedales, A. S. Afifi, D. Dailey, H. Jin, L. Becker, T. Lapinski, D. Steinhoff, G. Ritter, T. Jia, G. Pfau
Petroleum Systems Modelling of the Perth Basin, Western Australia
K. A. Ghori
Microporosity Quantification Using Confocal Microscopy
N. F. Hurley
Facies Independent Porosity, Permeability, and Production Trends in the Micropore-Dominated Word Field (Edwards Formation), Lavaca County, TX
B. Rendall, S. VanSimaeys, S. M. Fullmer, F. Lucia, C. Kerans
Carbonate Pore System Influence on Displacement Behavior
S. M. Fullmer, A. Buono, H. King, B. Gao, P. Moore, B. Kelley
Synthetic Digital Rock Methods for Exploring the Properties Associated With Complex Rock Textures
Z. Jiang, J. Buckman, H. Lewis, G. D. Couples*, R. vanDijke, S. Geiger
Improved Permeability Assessment Using Directional Rock Fabric Quantification
S. A. Purba, A. P. Garcia, Z. Heidari
Assessing Flow Potential in a Fringing Reef Matrix-Vug Dual Pore System
V. D. Diaz, J. S. Klaus, D. F. McNeill, R. C. Goodin
Scale Dependency of Pore Space and Its Impact on Flow Dynamics Within Carbonate Reservoirs
P. Moore, J. Gulley, S. M. Fullmer, C. I. Bachtel, A. Buono, B. Kelley, B. Rendall, S. VanSimaeys
Digging Beneath the Soil: Examining the Generation of Vuggy Porosity in Eogenetic Limestones by Organic Carbon Oxidation in Vadose Zones and Water Tables
J. Gulley, P. Moore, J. B. Martin, A. Brown, P. Spellman, J. Ezell
Porosity in Vuggy Platform Carbonates Measured Over Six Orders of Magnitude
A. Wahab, P. Enos, R. H. Goldstein*
Clastic Reservoir Quality Prediction Models: Past, Present, and Future
R. Lander, L. Bonnell
Reservoir Quality Prediction in Frontier Basins
A. M. Marchand, J. Koch, S. Paulson, L. Bonnell
Geochemical Evaluation Mitigates Potential Productivity Loss in Gorgon Field, Offshore Western Australia
A. R. Thomas, T. Dunn, W. Williams, A. Morrison, H. Riordan, R. Scheerhorn, J. Rivera, B. Lawrence
Preservation of Reservoir Quality by Chlorite Grain Coats in High-Temperature Wilcox Sandstones, Rio Grande Delta System, Western Gulf of Mexico
S. P. Dutton, W. Ambrose, R. G. Loucks
Porosity Preservation in Deep, Hot Sandstone Reservoirs
M. W. French, R. Worden
Structural and Diagenetic Evolution of Deformation Bands in Contractional and Extensional Tectonic Regimes & Implications for Sandstone Diagenesis
S. J. Elliott, C. O'Brien, P. Eichhubl
Does Vertical Effective Stress Influence Quartz Cementation?
O. J. Oye, A. C. Aplin, S. J. Jones, J. Gluyas
Mechanical Compaction of Sand and Clay: Constraints From Experimental Compaction, Chemical Reactions and Fluid Flow During Burial – An Overview
K. Bjørlykke, J. Jahren, N. Mondol, H. Hellevang, P. Aagaard
Rapid Compactional Progression in Sand and Mud: Data From the Nicobar Fan, Indian Ocean
K. Milliken, S. Bourlange, F. Chemale, T. Colson, M. Frederik, T. Henstock, T. Jeppson, M. Kuranaga, S. Kutterolf, H. Mukoyoshi, N. Nair, K. Pickering, H. Pouderoux, I. Song, I. Expedition362Scientists
Exploration Trends in Latin America
C. E. Macellari
Colombia Caribbean Basin: From a Frontier Area to a New Hydrocarbon Province
M. Torres
The Giant Perla Field: Discovery and Impact in the Western Caribbean
M. ErquiagaAguirre
Peru, A High Potential Hydrocarbon Exploration Opportunity
F. Seminario, P. Alarcon
The Punta del Este Half Grabens, Offshore Uruguay: The Next Exploration Frontier in the South Atlantic
O. R. Lopez-Gamundi, H. DeSantaAna, B. Conti
Pemex and the Energy Reform: Experiences So Far and Perspectives in Exploration
J. Escalera-Alcocer, U. Hernandez-Romano
Digging Old Data to Drill New Wells
M. Carminatti, O. daCruzPessoaNeto*
Exploration and Delineation of the Vaca Muerta Formation: Seven Years Sorting Out the Play
C. Colo, J. L. Massaferro, I. Lanusse, G. Sagasti*
The Libra Block Project: Pre-Salt SE Brazil
S. M. Anjos, K. Lewis, F. Borges
Introductory Remarks
Seismic Stratigraphic and Seismic Geomorphologic Case Study of Deep-Water Slope Deposits: Processes and Products
H. W. Posamentier, T. Clark, J. Farrington
Contourite Terraces: Sedimentary and Conceptual Implications
F. Hernández-Molina, S. Campbell, G. Badalini, P. Thompson, R. Walker, M. Soto, J. Tomasini, A. Creaser, A. Thieblemont, L. Hyslop
Diversity of Large-Scale, Deepwater Bed Forms in Mexico Offshore Areas: Neogene to Modern
J. W. Snedden, J. Decker, E. Arce, D. Bate
Discovery of Coarse-Grained Carbonate Drifts in the Maldives – Implications for Ancient Deposits
T. Lüdmann, G. Eberli*, C. Betzler, B. Nath, O. Bialik, J. Laya, A. HuiMee, J. Reijmer, J. Reolid, A. Slagle, C. R. Sloss, Z. Yao, I. Participants
Refreshment Break
Turbidite-Contourite Interactions on Continental Margins: New Insights From the Cretaceous Uruguayan Margin
A. Creaser, F. Hernández-Molina, G. Badalini, M. Soto, P. Thompson, R. Walker, J. Tomasini
Products of Slope Failure Processes as Potential Petroleum System Elements – Seismic Examples From Offshore Northwest Shelf of Australia
N. Scarselli, K. McClay
Influence of Substrate and Bathymetry on the Emplacement of Mass-Transport Complexes: Insights From the Magdalena Fan, Offshore Colombia
A. Ortiz-Karpf, D. Hodgson, C. A. Jackson, W. D. McCaffrey
Using Ultrahigh-Resolution 3-D Seismic Data to Better Delineate Mass-Flow Deposits Within Complex Salt Structures
D. Dunlap, T. A. Meckel, N. L. Bangs, B. N. Brookshire
Visualizing a Sub-Salt Field With Image Logs: Image Facies, Mass Transport Complexes, and Reservoir Implications From Thunder Horse, Mississippi Canyon, Gulf of Mexico
L. C. Henry, J. A. Wadsworth, B. Hansen
Living on the Moon: Lessons for Mars
W. Ambrose, B. Cutright
Asteroid Mining: The State of the Industry and Our Future in Space
D. J. Cook
Water in the Asteroid Belt: Dawn Mapping of Vesta and Ceres
P. Schenk
OSIRIS-REx Asteroid Sample Return Mission
K. Nakamura-Messenger, H. C. Connolly, S. Messenger, D. Lauretta
The InSight Mission HP3 Experiment: The First Heat-Flow Determination on Mars and an Opportunity for Collecting Parameters for Use of Heat-Pumps on Mars
P. Morgan
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Tuesday Afternoon Oral Presentations

Introductory Remarks
Identifying Remaining Bakken/Three Forks Prospects Using Geologic, Engineering and Dynamic Well Spacing Data
M. Roth, M. Roth
Source of STACK & SCOOP Fluids: Evidence From Fluid Inclusions
J. Chao, P. Philp, B. Bennett, D. L. Hall*, W. Phiukhao, S. Feiner, R. Lishansky
Depositional Interpretation and Sequence Stratigraphic Control on Reservoir Quality and Distribution in the Meramec STACK Play: Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma
B. Price, A. Pollack, A. Lamb
The Latest Scoop: Investigating the SCOOP/STACK Trend Using Geological, Geochemical, Economic and Financial Analysis
D. Yee, G. Johnston, S. Ahmed, D. Howard
Refreshment Break
Characterization and Correlation of the Kreyenhagen Formation in the Northern San Joaquin Basin, California: A Chemostratigraphic Perspective
N. Martinez-Kulikowski, A. Wright, G. Pyke
Characterization and Integration of the Ellenburger, Viola, and Barnett Sections in the Northern Fort Worth Basin: Thoughts on Flow of Water From the Ellenburger Into Barnett
R. G. Loucks, D. Hull, H. Rowe, R. M. Reed
Compositional and Sedimentary Fabric Control on Hydraulic Fracture Stimulation, Tight Light Oil Sandstone Reservoirs of the Cardium Formation, Western Alberta, Canada
D. W. Hill, P. K. Pedersen*
The Montney Turbidite Complex of Northwest Alberta and Northeast British Columbia: Evolution of an Oil and Gas Play From Conventional to Unconventional
R. Sereda
Carbonate Sequence Stratigraphy – An Historical Perspective
R. Sarg
Carbonate Sequence Stratigraphy – First Principles Accommodate the Unruly Carbonate System
G. Eberli
Build-and-Fill Stratigraphic Sequences in Carbonates
E. K. Franseen, R. H. Goldstein
Chemical Diagenesis and Biota in Stratigraphic Context: The Phosphoria Rock Complex (Permian), Rocky Mountain Region USA
M. Pommer, R. Sarg
Advances in Seismic Stratigraphy of Carbonate Platforms and the Importance of Integrated Interpretation Using Time- / Depth-slice and Well Calibration Data
S. Bachtel
Sequence Stratigraphy and Modelling Carbonate Heterogenity
M. Mutti, F. Amour
Ancient Processes in Modern Data: Quantitative Seismic Geomorphology for Evaluating the Sedimentary Processes That Characterize the Ancient Earth
L. J. Wood
Combining Full-Volume 3-D Seismic Interpretation With Quantitative Seismic Geomorphology and Modern Process-Based Analogue Databases: The Next Generation Tools for Stratigraphic Analysis and Reservoir Characterization
J. Bourget, B. Vakarelov, B. Ainsworth, V. Paumard, S. Lacaze
Predictive Stratigraphic Methods and Their Development: New Global Geological Concepts Driven by Technology Advances
O. J. Martinsen, A. Groth
Introductory Remarks
Refreshment Break
Introductory Remarks
Hydrocarbon Migration Phenomena and Their Relation to Charge Efficiency: A Review
T. Menotti, G. Muscio, Y. Zhao, B. J. Katz
Probabilistic Hydrocarbon Migration Modeling in the Utsira High Area, Norwegian North Sea
D. Mencaroni, A. Tømmerås, Ø. Sylta
Analysis of secondary migration of hydrocarbons in the Ordovician Yingshan Formation in the Tazhong uplift, Tarim Basin, China
Y. Xu, X. Pang, Y. Wang
Minimize Exploration Risk: The Impact of Hydrocarbon Microseepage Surveys for Distinguishing Hydrocarbon-Charged Traps From Traps Without Hydrocarbons
D. Schumacher
Refreshment Break
H2S Risk Assessment at the Basin Scales
X. Guichet, I. Kowalewski, M. Gasparrini, T. Euzen, P. Bachaud, N. Maurand*
Hydrogen Sulfide in the Permian Basin
D. Xia, Z. He
Application of Oil Gravity and Sulfur Content Relationships to Oil Typing and Source Rock Kinetics
P. G. Lillis
Constraints on Biogenic Gas Generation and Entrapment
B. P. Wygrala, A. Bartha, J. Peng
Risk Analysis in Unexplored Areas: Application of a Response Surface Model Based Tool on the Canadian Offshore
A. Thebault, M. Callies, V. Gervais
Supply Dominated Fluvial Sequences: Implications for Sequence Stratigraphy in Continental Settings
S. Connell, A. S. Madof, A. D. Harris
The Role of Source-Area Climate and Weathering on Sedimentation Along the Paleogene Gulf Coast: Onshore Wilcox Group, Texas, USA
A. Hessler, J. Zhang, J. A. Covault, W. Ambrose
Quantification of the Geometry and Compartmentalization of Fluvial Meander-Belt Reservoirs: Empirical Insight From Ancient and Modern Analogs
L. Colombera, N. P. Mountney, C. E. Russell, M. N. Shiers, N. Yan, J. M. Montero
Fluvial Architecture and the (Mis)use of Lithostatigraphy in Actively Deforming Salt Basins: Chinle Formation, Paradox Basin, Utah
A. Hartley, L. Evenstar
Connecting the Backwater Dynamics of Large Rivers to the Composition and Shapes of Channel Belts in the Coastal Zone
A. M. Fernandes, J. M. Martin
Detrital Zircon U-Pb Geochronology of the Blackhawk-Castlegate Succession, Book Cliffs and Wasatch Plateau, Utah
B. S. Pettit, M. Blum
Facies-Specific Reservoir Rock Properties of a Back-Barrier Lagoon Deposit Interpreted From a Core-to-Outcrop Study in the Kaiparowits Plateau
L. Stright, C. Johnson, W. Gallin, K. Dworsky, C. Johnson, T. Vanorio
Fluvio-aeolian Interactions at a Sand-Sea Margin
S. Fryberger, C. Hern*, K. Glennie
Exceptional Mechanisms for Preservation of Eolian Successions
N. P. Mountney
Expanding the Use of Seismic Amplitude and AVO From Fluid Prediction to Stratigraphic Architecture Definition
D. C. Parada, Y. Yusri, C. M. Fraticelli, S. Salamoff, H. S. Pettingill
Integrated Analysis of Borehole Microseismic, Completion and Production Data to Characterize Reservoir Depletion and Determine Infill Well Spacing in Tight Sands
Y. Chitrala, H. Patel, S. Scheibal, J. Williams
A Multidisciplinary Workflow to Detect Fractures at Multiple Scales by Integrating Borehole Images, Core and Seismic Data, Case Studies From Saudi Arabia
S. Haq, T. DavidP, M. KhalidA, K. OmarW, C. PascalD, L. LaFreniere
Joint Estimation of the Column Height and Reservoir Distribution by Integrating AVO-Inversion and Overpressure-Driven Seismic Velocities
A. J. Velasquez
Extrapolation of Reservoir Properties From Wells Using Depositional Environment Information From 3-D Seismic Data
A. Ø. Madsen, A. W. Laake, N. Cooke
Improving Tight Reservoir Definition Using Seismic Object Detection Within the Woodford Formation
C. P. Ross
Efficiently Integrating Seismic Data Into the Geosteering Process to Accurately Position Wells for Increased Production
H. P. Chambers, K. Ball
Use of Pore Pressure Modeling to Constrain Seismic Velocities
J. Wendebourg, F. Lorant, F. Poeymarie
Through the Seismic Looking Glass: Challenges of Using Reflections as Geomorphic Surfaces