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Wednesday Morning Oral Presentations

Introductory Remarks
Mid-Jurassic Shelf-Margin Growth in Neuquen Basin: Coarse-Grained, River-Tide Interaction at the Shelf Edge
R. Steel, C. Olariu, V. M. Rossi, F. Almeida, E. Steel
Ambiguity of GoogleEarth Images as Shallow Marine Reservoir Analogs
B. J. Willis
Variability of Wave-Dominated and Wave-Influenced Coastlines in the Holocene - Lessons for the Subsurface
B. Vakarelov, B. Ainsworth, J. Bourget
Introductory Remarks
Paleogeography of the Arctic – Implications for Mesozoic Sediment Routing and Basin Fill
T. O. Sømme, A. G. Doré, B. Tørudbakken, E. R. Lundin, S. A. Bullimore, A. E. Ryseth
Source to Sink Investigation of the Central Scotian Basin Using Integrated Forward Stratigraphic Modeling Approaches
N. Hawie, C. Sangster, E. A. Marfisi, F. Saint-Ange, G. Pe-Piper, D. Piper, A. MacDonald
Complex Sediment Dispersal in the Campeche Deepwater Province, Offshore Southern Mexico – An Example of a Hybrid Tectonically Active Margin
R. Winter, D. Dailey, S. Wigger, T. Heyn, J. Jaminski, M. Beaman, J. O'Leary
3-D Forward Stratigraphic Modeling of Mixed Carbonate/Siliciclastic Systems in Frontier Deepwater Basins: The East-Mediterranean Levant Basin Case-Study
F. H. Nader, C. Souque, J. Lecomte, R. Deschamps, M. Ducros, B. Chauveau, D. Granjeon, R. Staples, P. Tricker, A. Frascati
Submarine Sediment Routing Systems on the Western Niger Delta Slope: Autogenic and Allogenic Signal Propagation and Preservation
Z. R. Jobe
Introductory Remarks
Gunflint Field: Effective Field Development in a Challenging Subsalt Environment
K. Kuijper, E. Patterson, K. Aleman
Lucius Field, 5 Years From Discovery to First Oil in the US GOM
W. A. Tedesco, S. M. Szabo, J. R. Jacobs, F. D. Meyer, S. Mueller, D. D. Hart, J. B. Leedy, J. D. Skinner, D. K. Wright, L. Dunn, H. Gamblin
Stampede Field, USGOM: An Integrated Approach
S. Jordan, G. Mohapatra
Refreshment Break
Thunder Horse: A Winning Bet in GoM
R. Loveland
Jack and St. Malo, USGOM: Similarities and Differences in Two Co-Developed Deepwater Wilcox Fields
E. L. Washburn, J. Bretches, K. Briggs, J. Randle, B. Wexler, A. Vyssotski
Perdido: A Frontier Paleogene Development - 15 Years Post-Discovery
D. Reid, C. Riley, J. VanBerkel, A. Sullivan
Introductory Remarks
Refreshment Break
Introductory Remarks
Constraining Basin Models Using Fit-for-Purpose Crustal Architecture Workflows
E. Johnson, D. Minguez
The Effect of Large-Scale Tectonic Activity on Rifted Marginal Basin Petroleum Systems
A. Beniest, W. Sassi, X. Guichet, S. Leroy, A. Koptev
Equatorial Atlantic Deep-Water OCT Structure and Crustal Type From Satellite Gravity Inversion
N. J. Kusznir, A. M. Roberts, A. Alvey*
Asymmetrical Conjugate Margins of the South Atlantic: Effects of Variable Basement Architecture and Magmatic Additions on the Continental Rifting Process and Petroleum Systems
K. R. Reuber, P. Mann, J. Pindell
Investigation of Rift Evolution Through Examining Scaling Properties of Fault Populations Within the Central Kenya Rift
A. K. Shmela, D. Paton, R. Collier
The Influence of Pre-Existing Thrust Faults on Normal-Fault Development in Two-Phase Experimental Models
K. Warrell, R. Schlische, M. O. Withjack
Recent High Resolution Seismic, Magnetic and Gravity Data Throws New Light on the Early Development of the Gulf of Mexico
I. C. Deighton, F. Winter, D. Chisari
Exhumation on the Passive Margin of Eastern North America: Results From Sonic Transit-Time and Vitrinite-Reflectance Analyses in the Newark Rift Basin
M. A. Durcanin, M. L. Malinconico, M. O. Withjack
Anomalous Arching During Rifting, Breakup, and Drifting: Evidence on the Passive Margin of Eastern North America for Distal Magmatic Underplating
M. O. Withjack, M. L. Malinconico, M. Durcanin, R. Schlische
Petroleum Systems Modeling Applied to Unconventional Resource Plays
N. B. Schoellkopf, A. MacGregor, R. Salter, R. E. Lewis
Geochemical Characterization of Potential Source Rocks in the Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma
P. Philp
Advanced Pyrolysis Data and Interpretation Methods to Identify Unconventional Reservoir Sweet Spots in Fluid Phase Saturation and Fluid Properties (API Gravity) From Drill Cuttings and Cores
A. Maende, A. Pepper, D. M. Jarvie, W. Weldon
Gas Geochemistry of the Spraberry and Wolfcamp Formations in the Midland Basin
T. Zhang, G. S. Ellis, P. Travers, X. Sun, D. A. Enriquez
Is the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale Self-Sourced? Preliminary Oil-Oil and Oil-Source Rock Correlation Studies in the Upper Cretaceous Tuscaloosa Group, Southern Mississippi, USA
P. Hackley, D. Garza, B. Valentine, C. Enomoto, C. Lohr, J. Hatcherian, F. Dulong, K. Dennen
Fluid Geochemistry Data Providing Key Calibration for Eaglebine Play Maturity and Sweetspot Mapping
C. Gong, A. Hudson
Assessing Oil-In-Place and Oil Mobility in Liquid Rich Unconventional Resource Plays Using Multi-Step Thermal Extraction
M. A. Abrams, C. Gong, C. Garnier, M. Sephton
Derivation of Hydrocarbon Head Potential, a New Workflow for Petroleum System Analysis: Application to the Eagle Ford Formation, SE Texas
C. E. Varady, J. Pantano, U. Hammes
Oil-Cracking Kinetic Parameters Play a Crucial Role in the Assessment of Shale Gas Plays
D. C. Willette
Adding Value to Seismic With Non-Seismic Techniques
F. Gilbert, A. D. Price
Atlantic Margin, Stratigraphic Play: An Integrated CSEM-Seismic Approach to De-Risk Fluids?
D. I. Modin, G. Baudot, A. Peirin, E. Zagotto
Tectonics and Hydrocarbon Prospectivity Through the Integration of Airborne Gravity Gradiometer, Magnetic and 2-D Seismic Data in the Canning Basin, Western Australia
R. Yalamanchili, J. Feijth, C. Cevallos, T. Rudge
Tobago: Implications of 4-D Seismic in an Ultra-Deep Water Setting
C. Goyeneche, J. Mestayer
Changes in Acoustic Properties and Velocity Anisotropy in a Very Organic-Rich Marine Shale With Increasing Temperature
L. Wensaas, M. Sarkar, M. Gading, C. Sondergeld, C. S. Rai, H. Løseth
Gassmann With Texture Dependent Effective Grain Moduli
D. Adams, D. Markus
Mineralogy, Porosity and Water Saturation From Simultaneous Impedance Inversion in a Turbiditic Oil Reservoir
H. S. Arévalo-López, J. P. Dvorkin
Amplitude of Pair Correlation Function to Understand Heterogeneity From Well-Log and Seismic Data
R. Ravindranathan, E. Chesnokov
Seismic Characterization of the Upper Unayzah Fairway in Eastern Saudi Arabia
L. Giroldi, M. Ahmed, A. Suleiman
Africa Exploration - Why Does It Continue to Deliver?
B. Fryklund
The Outstanding Exploration Successes of Rovuma Basin After 60 Years of Disappointing Results in East African Coastal Basins
M. Orsi
50 Years of Conventional Oil and Gas Exploration and Production in the Western Desert (Egypt) and Still Going Strong
W. Bosworth, J. Versfelt, E. Cross, L. Vergara, H. Nasr, A. Ghali, M. Hussein, O. Fouad, G. Spencer, T. Henry, D. Jennette, R. Johnson, B. Steer, P. Sackmann, W. Abdelaziz, S. Guinn, G. Barker, C. Clerk, G. Kokkoros, J. Towart, D. Helgeson
From Stranded Marginal Fields to (Integrated) Medium Sized Assets: Contributions of Indigenous Independents to the Changing E&P Landscape of Nigeria's Petroleum Industry
L. F. Fatona
Why Not Both Conventional and Unconventional Exploration in Sub-Saharan Africa?
J. Granath, W. Dickson
Complexity of the Intra-MIS 5e Stratigraphic Record: Challenge to the One SL Pulse-One Cycle Model, West Caicos, Caicos Platform, BWI
C. Kerans, C. Zahm, S. Bachtel
Sensitivity of Steep-Rimmed Carbonate Platforms to Early Deformation With Respect to Changes in Mechanical Rock Properties, Slope Angle, and Sea Level
A. Nolting, C. Zahm, C. Kerans
Morphometric Comparison of the Pleistocene Miami Oolite and Modern High-Energy Sand Bodies of Great Bahama Bank
S. J. Purkis, P. Harris*
Stable Isotopic and Trace Elemental Composition of Mollusks From the “Inland Sea” Lagoon and Channel System, Southeastern Qatar
J. M. Rivers, R. Yousif, L. Varghese
Introductory Remarks
Complex Interplay Between Depositional and Petrophysical Environments on a Holocene Tidal Flat (Al Ruwais, Qatar)
S. J. Purkis, J. M. Rivers, R. Yousif, C. Warren, C. Strohmenger
Cenozoic Neritic Carbonates in the Maldives Controlled by Sea Level and Ocean Currents
C. Betzler, G. Eberli, D. Kroon, T. Lüdmann, J. Reijmer, P. Swart, J. Wright, C. Alvarez-Zarikian, I. Participants
Current-Related Platform Drowning in the Maldives and the Indo-Pacific Realm
A. Ling, G. Eberli, C. Betzler, T. Lüdmann, C. Alvarez-Zarikian
Tectonostratigraphy of Cretaceous Carbonate Platform and Slope in the Santaren Channel, Bahamas
X. Janson, C. Kerans, C. Zahm, D. Dunlap
Precambrian Carbonate Platforms: A Database Approach to Querying Carbonate Deposition Through Time
K. Bergmann, M. Cantine, A. Knoll
River-Gulf System: The Most Important Place for Global Marine Petroleum Accumulations
Y. Deng, Y. Yang
Formation and Preservation Mechanism of Deep Carbonate Reservoir Under Tectonic-Fluid Coupling Alterations
Y. Ma
Major Control Factors of Hydrocarbon Accumulation and Potential Exploration Targets of the Ultra-Deep Carbonate Sequences in China
Z. He, L. Qi, H. Wu, Y. Wo, H. Li, Z. Bai
The Co-Evolution Process and Mechanism of Shale Hydrocarbon Generation-Reservoir-Preservation: A Case Study of Upper Ordovician Wufeng Formation (O3w) - Lower Silurian Longmaxi Formation (S1l) in the Sichuan Basin and Its Periphery
Z. Jin, H. Nie, Q. Liu
Introductory Remarks
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Introductory Remarks
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Introductory Remarks
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Wednesday Afternoon Oral Presentations

Early Paleozoic to Recent Plate Animation of Gulf of Mexico Evolution as a Framework for Understanding Its Diverse Hydrocarbon Resources
P. Mann, L. Nguyen, M. Kouassi, M. Almatrood
Basement Structure and Jurassic Evolution of the Southern Gulf of Mexico Salt Province
M. Hudec
Implications of Early Gulf of Mexico Tectonic History for Distribution of Upper Jurassic to Mid Cretaceous Source Rocks in Deep Water Exploration Areas of US and Mexico
A. Pepper, J. Pindell*
New Hydrocarbon Plays in the Gulf of Mexico – Potential of Jurassic Clastic Plays on Both the Yucatan and Florida Margins
B. W. Horn, J. Pindell, C. Steffensen, R. Graham
Late Cretaceous-Tertiary Shortening and Uplift History in Southern Mexico, and Implications for Sedimentation in Southern Gulf of Mexico
R. Graham, J. Pindell, M. Sierra, J. Granath, U. Martens
Spatial, Temporal, and Detachment-Level Variations in Thin-Skinned Deformation, Gulf Basin, USA and Mexico
M. G. Rowan
Tectonic Evolution of a Mixed Salt-Shale-Detached Deepwater Fold and Thrust Belt in the Eastern Salina del Bravo Province, Western Gulf of Mexico
H. Gutierrez-Moreno, J. Adam
Late Oligocene Reorganization of the Drainage Divide In Western Gulf of Mexico
C. A. Parsons, M. A. Murphy
Tectonic Controls on the Lower Eocene Upper Wilcox Deepwater Fan System Offshore Northern Mexico: Implications for Reservoir Presence and Quality Prediction
R. Winter, A. S. Afifi, L. Becker, M. Moreno-Vega, J. Jaminski, J. O'Leary, T. Heyn
Structural Domain Mapping in the Mexican Perdido Fold Belt Trend, Deep Water Gulf of Mexico: Description and Characterization
A. S. Afifi, L. Becker, M. Moreno-Vega, D. Dailey, J. Jaminski
Introductory Remarks
Refreshment Break
Introductory Remarks
Global Geomorphological Relationships of Source to Sink Segments and Implications for Predicting Subsurface Reservoir Characteristics
B. Nyberg, W. Helland-Hansen, C. H. Eide
Sediment Dispersal Pattern of the Paleogene Wilcox Formation in the Deep-Water Gulf of Mexico Basin Based on Detrital Zircon Analysis and Forward Modeling
L. Masalimova, O. Falivene, T. Lawler, A. Ichaso, M. Jaminski, A. Ozkan, S. Jackett, M. McDonald, A. Frascati, S. Bergman, A. Morton, F. Dirk
Quantifying Sediment Supply to Continental Margins: Application to Paleogene Wilcox Group Deposition, Gulf of Mexico
J. Zhang, J. A. Covault, M. Pyrcz, C. Carvajal, K. T. Milliken, G. Sharman
Sediment Source of Lower Miocene Strata in the Gulf of Mexico Basin: Insight From Detrital Zircon U–Pb Geochronology and (U–Th)/He Thermochronology
J. Xu, D. F. Stockli, J. W. Snedden
Small Rivers and Big Fans: New Geochonologic Constraints From the Miocene-Pliocene Deep-Water Mexican Continental Margin
J. A. Covault, D. F. Stockli, A. Fildani, G. Sharman, J. W. Snedden
Refreshment Break
Early Cenozoic Drainage Reorganization of the U.S. Western Interior-Gulf of Mexico Sediment Routing System
G. Sharman, J. A. Covault, D. F. Stockli, A. F. Wroblewski, M. A. Bush
Complex Response of Fluvial Systems to Extreme Global Warming at the Paleocene-Eocene Boundary
S. Castelltort, C. Chen, L. Guerit, B. Foreman, T. Adatte
Fluvial Systems: Scaling Relationships, Predictive Facies Models and Subsurface Application
A. Hartley, A. Owen, G. Weissmann, L. Scuderi
Integrating a Turbidity Current Process Model in Source to Sink Analyses: The EuroSEDS Sediment Budget Estimator App
J. Eggenhuisen, G. vanderGrind, M. Tilston, Y. Spychala, J. deLeeuw, F. Pohl, M. Cartigny
Sediment Dispersal Patterns in the Denver Basin Foreland: Insights From Detrital Zircon U-Pb Geochronology
G. Sharman, D. F. Stockli, V. Miranda, J. A. Covault
Introductory Remarks
Spatial Risk Analysis of Hydraulic Fracturing Near Abandoned and Converted Oil and Gas Wells
J. W. Brownlow, J. C. Yelderman, Jr. , S. C. James
Geologic Characterization of Johnson County, Texas
H. Eastman, T. Murin
Induced Seismicity in the Denver Basin Prompts Updated Basement Stress and Fault Configuration Model
M. J. Harty, M. W. Bauer
Patterns of Induced Seismicity in Central and Northwest Oklahoma
J. Boak
Operational Practices and Their Influence on Injection-Induced Earthquakes: Lessons Learned From a Statewide Survey of Brine Disposal in Kansas
T. S. Bidgoli, C. Jackson
Introductory Remarks
A Comparison of Options for the US Petroleum Industry in Dealing With Climate Change – Regulations, Carbon Fees, or “Business as Usual”
J. M. Rine
Climate Risk and the Fossil Fuel Industry
J. Krane
Examination of Factors Contributing to the Growth and Loss of Wetlands in Louisiana
R. A. Olea, J. L. Coleman*
Offshore CO2 Storage Resource Assessment of the Northwest Gulf of Mexico Inner Continental Shelf, Upper Texas – Western Louisiana Coast
R. H. Trevino, T. A. Meckel, M. Olariu, D. Dunlap, M. V. Deangelo, J. Lu, R. Sabbagh, A. Klokov, S. Hosseini, A. Goudarzi
Recommended Practices for Baseline Sampling of Water Sources in Areas of Shale Oil and Gas Development
L. Molofsky, S. D. Richardson, A. Gorody, F. Baldassare, J. Kromann, A. Smith, J. Connor, D. Cercone
Introductory Remarks
Brittleness in Siliceous Mudrocks: Part 1 - Origins
C. D. Hall
A Diagenetic and Paleomagnetic Study of the Woodford Shale, Oklahoma
J. Roberts, R. Elmore, G. Heij, R. Brito, S. Dulin, G. Heard, S. J. Pannalal
Advancement in Source Rock Porosity and Fluid Characterization Using Core NMR
M. L. Boyce, K. H. Gawankar
Correlative Study With Raman Microscopy and Optical Petrography for Investigation of Organic Matter Within Mudstones
G. Myers, K. Kehoe, P. Hackley
Comparing and Contrasting Analytically Quantified Porosity and Pore Size Distributions in the Wolfcamp Formation From SEM Imaging, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), and Crushed Rock Core Analysis
S. E. Perry, J. Walls, T. Hintzman
Understanding Controls on EUR in the Haynesville Shale Gas Play: It’s All About the In-situ Density and Pressure of Methane Gas
L. T. Bryndzia, C. Macaulay, A. Litvinchuk
Molecular and Isotopic Compositions and Origins of Sweet and Sour Gases From the Montney and Doig Phosphate Formations, Northeast British Columbia, Canada
C. D. Laughrey, M. G. Adams
Calcite Vein Formation in the Utica-Point Pleasant Formations of the Appalachian Basin: Estimating Methane Density and Pressure Using Micro Laser Raman Spectroscopy, and Timing of Vein Formation Using Fluid Inclusion (FI) Microthermometry
C. Macaulay, L. T. Bryndzia, A. Litvinchuk
Down-Hole Raman Reservoir Spectrometer (DRRS): A Novel New Raman Spectroscopy Logging Technology for the Rapid Appraisal of Shale Gas Resource Potential
L. T. Bryndzia, Q. Morgan
Quantitative Evaluation of Diagenesis and Porosity Evolution of Tight Sandstone Reservoirs: A Case Study of Yanchang Formation in the Ordos Basin, China
B. Li, X. Pang, F. Jiang
Characterization of Faults on the Flanks of the Llano Uplift for Application to Understanding Seismogenic Faults in the Subsurface of the Fort Worth Basin
P. Hennings, J. L. Osmond, H. DeShon
Toward the Creation of Models to Predict Static and Dynamic Fault Seal Potential in Carbonates
J. Solum, B. Huisman
Using Quantitative Fault Seal Analysis to Reduce Risk in Assessing Prospect Fill Scenarios: A Case Study From the Sole Pit Basin (Southern North Sea)
D. Quinn, B. OSullivan, P. Bretan, G. Yielding
4-D Fault Seal Analysis by Fault Displacement Backstripping
B. Freeman, G. Yielding
Fault History Diagrams: Rapid Analysis of Temporal Variations in Fault Throw and Lithological Juxtaposition
S. Mücklisch, H. Anderson*, C. Reilly
Comparing Shale Gouge Ratio and Juxtaposition Analysis Using Stochastic Trap Analysis: Examples From Gippsland, Taranaki, Malay and Southern North Sea Basins
T. A. Murray, D. Richards, T. Johnson, G. Christie
A Quantitative Model of the Internal Structure of Fault Zones
C. Childs, T. Manzocchi, J. J. Walsh, G. Camanni, V. Roche
The Development and Applications of Elliptical Fault Flow: A New Kinematic Algorithm to Model and Restore Isolated Normal Faults
E. Macaulay, H. Anderson
Investigations Into the Mechanics and Kinematics of Extensional Fault Systems
A. Hughes
Practical and Efficient Three Dimensional Structural Restoration Using “Geological Knowledge-Oriented” Earth Models
D. A. Medwedeff, S. N. Jayr, P. J. Lovely
The R/V Lone Star in Belize: A Strong Showcase of Siliciclastic-Carbonate Co-habitation
A. W. Droxler
Partitioning of Longshore Versus River-derived Mud on the Inner Shelf of the Modern Asymmetric Wave-Influenced Brazos Delta, Texas Gulf Coast, USA
D. Rice, J. S. Wellner*, J. P. Bhattacharya
How to Make a 350-m Thick Lowstand Systems Tract in 17,000 Years: The Late Pleistocene Po River Lowstand Wedge
C. Pellegrini, A. Asioli, K. Bohacs, T. Drexler, F. Gamberi, V. Maselli, M. Rovere, F. Trincardi
From Paleohurricanes Through Source to Sink Research: Highlighting Recent Coastal Geology Contributions From John B. Anderson
D. J. Wallace
Coupled Barrier Island-Bay Collapse During the 8.2 ka Sea-Level Event and Future Implications
S. Warny, S. Ferguson, J. B. Anderson, A. R. Simms
Ecological Evidence of Holocene Flooding and Eutrophication in Texas Bays
R. T. Minzoni, J. B. Anderson, D. J. Wallace, S. Warny, A. R. Simms
Stratigraphic Record of Washover Deposition Shows Rapid Response of Barrier Islands to Sea-Level Rise
A. Rodriguez, E. Theuerkauf, J. Ridge, W. Yu
Bayhead Deltas and Shorelines: Insights From Modern and Ancient Examples
A. R. Simms, A. Rodriguez, J. B. Anderson
Sediment Flux Variations Correlated With Climate Zones of the Gulf of Mexico for the Past 10kyr – Testing the BQART Equation
K. T. Milliken, J. B. Anderson, A. R. Simms, M. Blum
Mechanisms for Formation of “Isolated Shelf Sand Reservoirs”: Synthesis of Insights Gained From 3-D Seismic, Outcrops & Core
L. F. Krystinik, R. S. Martinsen
The Future of Energy and Geoscience Careers
C. Wilhelm
Looking Beyond the Bust: Energy Trends Into the Next 50 Years – Geoscientists Will Continue to Meet the World’s Energy Needs
L. F. Krystinik
Global Implications of the U.S. Shale Scene: Millennials, It’s in Your Hands Now
S. W. Tinker
Professionalism and Ethics in Geology: Use It or Lose It!