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The Goal: Bring together opportunities and funding sources (investors, partners, etc.), with an emphasis on the development, application, and/or implementation of new technologies

Vision: Converting science and networking into forward-looking opportunities, with innovation and intrinsic

What is Pitchapalooza?

Pitchapalooza is an event where individuals and companies can "pitch" an audience and potentially obtain funding for a project. These can include oil & gas projects that feature a new application of technology, or the development of an innovative (even disruptive) technology. The goal is to help accelerate the productive development and application of innovation as well as ensure potential for a significant return on investment.

Projects can include mature fields that can be revitalized, shale plays that have newly identified sweet spots, new technologies for identifying hydrocarbons (either as reservoirs or as environmental problems), alternative energy solutions, smart systems, sensors, or software.

How will it work?

Presenters will pitch to an audience of financing sources and potential partners. There will also be a panel of judges for a competition within different categories. Most pitches will be between 10 - 15 minutes in length. The full pitch packet will be available for download in January 2017. Some teams may have longer video pitches available after the event.

There will also be opportunities for mini-pitches: "5 for 5" which is a 5-minute pitch for a $5,000 investment.

Sponsorships available. For more information, contact Susan Nash

Who Benefits from Participating?
  • Potential investors, private equity, working interest partners
  • Operators with property needing revitalization, in-field drilling, or even exploration
  • Companies with new technologies / processes
  • Companies wishing to find a partner in order to expand or franchise
  • Individuals with farmouts or options on large blocks of acreage needing geophysics / geochemical / airborne surveys to determine prospectivity and ideal drilling
  • Database developers / Big Data analytics with processes that result in maps that show sweet spots or opportunities
Who is signing up?
  • Companies with wells needing revitalization
  • Companies with shale plays with identified and undrilled sweet spots
  • New technologies
  • New services (drones, sensor implementation, petrophysics, more)
Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Visionary $1,000
  • Shark $500
  • Angel $250

Sponsors will be be acknowledged in multiple places. Your name will appear on our press releases, blog, website, program, and signage.

You may have a table to set out flyers and marketing information. Visionaries will have the change to sponsor the refreshments (cookies, snack items, tea, coffee, bottled water).

Advisory Board Members
Allen J. Bertagne BRT Energy Advisors
Bill DeMis  
Bill Fairhurst RiverFord Resources
Bonnie Milne-Andrews Redlock Exploration
Chris Althoff  
Denise Cox Storm Resources
Evan Anderson Oseberg
Gene Narahara Chevron
Hani Elshahawi Shell
James D. Beavers Pure Play Energy Partners, LLC
Julie Kowan Kowan Consulting
Larry R. Davis, Ph.D. Texas A&M Texarkana
Laura Nofziger Alta Rock Energy
Lucas Evangelista Biotech
Mark Parker Halliburton
Matt Boyce Southwestern
Niven Shumaker Noble Energy
Robert O. Dow Warpaint Resources, LLC
Steven Ilkay Angle Capital
Susan Nash AAPG
Susan Howes SCA
Timothy Smith PetroLucrum
Trey Meckel PlusPetrol
Urvish Vashi Paradigm
Daniel Zweidler DZA
German Oviedo Schlumberger
Rekha Patel Halliburton
Steve Ladner Range Resources
Susan Horvath  
Jim Thorson Catamount Exploration
Lynn Taggart Devon

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